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 We were making our way to the Great Hall and looking around us. It felt weird and awkward to pass these halls and be met by unknown faces. Butterflies started to form in my stomach as we approached the Great Hall. I was nervous and wasn't the only once. Glancing at Hermione, I noticed how her hands were shaking slightly and I grabbed it. She gave me a small smile.

"Calm down, they won't know who we are. Your parents never went here and my mother went to Beauxbatons and my father to Durmstrang. They're still in their home country, I think. No one will suspect a thing." I said trying to make her relax and less worried.

"But what if they ask questions? For example how did we get here? We weren't here yesterday." She made a good point.

"We'll just make up a story. It's simple. We were unable to come yesterday because we missed the train." I said and we had stopped walking because we reached the doors and not ready to enter.

"Right, and we were able to come today with Dumbledore's help." Hermione continued the idea with a smile. "I really think we should talk to Dumbledore, maybe he could help us."

"Hermione, he doesn't know who we are. We weren't even born in this time!" I whispered not wanting for anyone who passed by us to hear.

"He'll believe us once we tell him the whole story." Hermione said trying to convince me, but I shook my head.

"I don't know, Herms. I'm scared." I was worried again. Being stuck in the past wasn't one of my favorite things.

"Let's go have some breakfast and before classes start, we'll talk to him. I'll do most of the talking if you want."

I just nodded and took a deep breath before entering the Great Hall. The place was full of students from every house. In some ways it was the Hogwarts we all knew, only the time and people were different. Glancing around, I found the Gryffindor table and Lily's red hair that no one would miss from a mile.

Before we reached her, Hermione pulled me back and whispered in my ear. "I'm a bad liar so you answer the questions."

I nodded as we walked up to Lily Evans. She was sitting next to a boy with light brown hair and blue eyes. He looked familiar and glanced at Hermione to see if she knew who it was. She shrugged and tapped Lily's shoulder lightly.

"Oh hello! Er..." Lily started to say then stopped while trying to remember our names.

"Sorry, um I'm Diana Livingston and this is my friend Hermione Granger." I introduced us with a small smile.

"Pleasure to meet you. I'm Lily Evans and my friend Remus Lupin."

My heart started to beat faster hearing his name. 'That's why he looked familiar.' We just stood there not moving from shock and surprise. It took us a while to snap out of it.

"It's a pleasure." We shook Remus's extended hand and I sat down next to Lily and Hermione next to me.

We filled our plate with some toast and eggs and dug in. 'Well the food's the same, delicious as always.' Remus opened his mouth to speak to us, but was stopped by three boys sitting in front of us. I studied each of their features: in front of Remus sat a chubby boy with dark hair, facing Lily was a boy also with dark hair and eyes with rounded glasses he was quite handsome and reminded me of someone, Lily seemed to be annoyed by his presence and lastly across from me sat a boy with semi-long hair, dark hair and gray eyes. Again they all looked familiar but I couldn't quite put it.

"Remus, Lily! Early as usual." The boy with the glasses said. He glanced at us confused "And who might you two be?"

Before I could respond, Remus did for us. "They're new students, Diana and next to her Hermione. I'm guessing they're in our year?" The question was directed to us and we nodded.

"Well then, I'm James Potter. This is Peter Pettigrew and..." He was caught off by the boy next to him whom I guessed, after knowing who the two were, would be...

"And I'm Sirius Black." He said with a smirk.

My heart again started to beat faster and got butterflies in my stomach. Was it excitement? nervousness? I wasn't sure but it was mostly nervousness. I squeezed Hermione's hand under the table to try and calm us both.

"It's nice meeting you." I said trying not to stutter and I managed to do that.

They were looking weirdly at Hermione. "Is your friend mute or something?" Sirius joked and I didn't find that a bit funny as James and Peter laughed.

"James!" Lily yelled at him with a glare.

"I'll have you know I'm no mute, excuse me for I don't talk to jerks such as yourselves." I almost choked on my pumpkin juice and started wide eyed at Hermione.

I had no idea what triggered her to speak that way. She had only met the, well not really but you get my point. Maybe she was still mad for being here.

Silence fell as we carried on eating the food on our plates and once we were done Hermione cleared her throat getting up. "Come on, Diana we have to go." I nodded slowly getting up. "Well see you guys later." I said before leaving and waved at them.

Once we were out of there, I grabbed Hermione's arm. "What was that back there? You didn't have to be rude and just ignored it. They're not jerks and you know it."

"Yes they're not when they're in their thirties! We're dealing with the teenage Marauders here. I'm sure you know all about their adventures and pranks and bullying."

"Of course I know, but I never knew you would say such a thing. Forget about it, we'll clear that up later for now we have to go see Dumbledore." I said and she agreed as we made our way to his office.

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