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'Hermione, my love, wake up.' Edmund said, kissing the top of my head.


I rolled over and groaned, 'Five more minutes.'


'No, now, we're leaving for Hogwarts in an hour or so.'


I shut my eyes tighter against reality. I didn't want to wake up and have to go to war. To possibly loose those I love, to possibly loose Edmund.


'Peter, come on get up. Why am I the only one that is up? Not even Harry and Luna are up!' Edmund said. See, usually Edmund was the one to sleep in late – I'd soon realize that he was the kind that when he was nervous or worried that he'd be getting up early and expect everyone else to be up as well.


''s sort of understandable why Harry and Luna would sleep in—' Peter said with a joking grin as he sat up. His hair was practically standing on end in a tousled mess – he must have been pretty restless last night.


My hair couldn't have looked any better. All of us were restless for what May 2, 1998 would bring.


'Breakfast!' I heard Luna's Da call from downstairs.


We all pulled ourselves out of bed and headed towards the kitchen.


Harry sat at the table, his hair a mess and his eyes sleepy, Luna looked perfect however. Her normal daydreamer self like always.


'So, how are we going to get to Hogwarts?' I asked, taking a small bite of toast.


'Through Hogsmeade.' Harry said, pushing his glasses up as he rubbed his eyes, 'I think there is a way in through The Hogs Head Inn.'


I scrunched my nose, I had hated that place back in fifth year and I wasn't looking forward to returning to it.


'Let's be ready to go in half an hour. I'm ready for all of this just to be done.' Harry stood from the table and walked back towards the stairs.


'Harry...' Luna's voice was sad but her smile never left. She was going to be the brave one, the light to each of our dark worlds no matter what she was going through. She was good at that.


'I'll be right back.' Luna said in her light voice and headed up after Harry.


Edmund wrapped his arm around me and kissed me on the head, 'Everything will be alright love. I promise.'


'Yeah, I guess.' I said, staring at the place Harry and Luna had just been.


But no, nothing was going to be alright.


Harry was the chosen one. And that meant him having to give up his life so that all of us could live.




We each POPPED! as we entered Hogsmeade.


'We need to be very quiet.' Harry said. He threw his invisible cloak over Luna and him and gestured for me to come under with them.


I shook my head, 'I have my cloak, I'll be fine. Besides, Edmund and Peter need to be able to follow someone that they can actually see.'


Harry gave one nod before disappearing completely.


The Hog's Head was easy to fine, what was harder was finding the owner.


'Hello?' Harry called, pulling the cloak off of him but leaving it partially on Luna.


I couldn't help but smile, he was so protective over her and she of him. That was why they were perfect together – you couldn't have one without the other. The one who hopes and the one who doubts, the one who loves and the one who fights.


'Aye, what is all the racket?' A gruff voice called.


A very old man came out, his hair was white and long but his eyes were youthful and sad.


'What do ye want?' He asked. Clearly we weren't wanted here.


'Please, Alberforth?' Harry asked, testing to make sure the name was right for the man.


The guy nodded, 'Aye, who be asking?'


'I saw your eye in my mirror.' Harry said, holding up a piece of glass for the mirror Sirius had given him back in fifth year, 'I know you can help us. We need to get to Hogwarts.'


The man's eyes grew wide with understanding and he walked over to a portrait of a young girl. He whispered something to her and she disappeared, in almost a blink of an eye she was back.


'He is coming Alberforth.' The girl said in a small voice.


Alberforth nodded and proceeded to open the frame. Inside lay a passage way with a dark silhouette walking down it towards us.


'Neville?' Harry said in disbelieve.


'Neville!' Luna called and rushed forward to give him a hug.


It was understandable that the old Neville was unrecognizable considering his face was very much swollen and bruised.


'Aye, it's good to see you too Luna! But what's this on your finger?' Neville said, holding up her left hand.


Luna smiled and turned to Harry, who looked back with so much love in his eyes no explanation was needed for Neville.


'Congrats! Congrats!' Neville said, moving to shake Harry's hand.


'Thanks Neville.' Harry said but he turned to gesture to Edmund and I – who stood holding hands a bit sheepishly, 'But congrats should go to these to as well!!'


Neville's face brightened even more, 'I'm so happy for you all!'


'Thanks.' I said.


'Might I require as to who he is though?' Neville said, his smile never once leaving his face. I was surprised at how much he could smile considering all the horror that was around us.


'Edmund Pevensie. I believe we met at Bill and Fleur's wedding.' Edmund stepped forward and shook hands with Neville.


'Congrats! Congrats!' Neville said, 'This is the best news I had heard in a while. Especially for you Harry, we all thought you were dead!'


Harry shook his head but his expression grew more serious, 'No, but I am ready for this all to be over.'


'Aye, me too, me too. So follow me. The quicker we get to Hogwarts the sooner this hell will be over!' Neville said.


Edmund took my hand before I could start down the passage and he pulled me into a quick kiss, 'I love you, you know that, right?'


I nodded and gave him a sweet kiss back, 'And I love you. But let's not say good bye.'


Edmund nodded and took my hand – he stepped first into the tunnel. I could see his Narnian side starting to come out. It was sappy but it was almost as if I was his Queen and he would do anything to keep me safe.


I could feel Edmund tense even though he only held my hand. He was on his guard and he was being protective over his Queen. I smiled, if only I could find a way to make him feel as protective and as loved as he made me feel right now.


I made a promise right then and there that I would find a way to show him how much I love him – no matter the price.



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