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 "I don't know, Lorcan," Dominique Weasley lamented to her friend, "I just might give up on all of it. Who needs to be able to apparate anyways? It's not all that big of a deal."

"Dominique, you and I both know that apparition is a big deal. It's a rite of passage."

"But I'm hopeless at it!"

"You'll get the hang of it," Lorcan assured her, "just remember the three D's; Destination, Determination, and Deliberation."

"Oh please, don't go off like that Ministry official," Dominique muttered, rolling her eyes.

Lorcan chuckled, "We both know I don't give a damn about the Ministry, but you do."

She raised her eyebrow, "So?"

"If you believe it to begin with, then my repeating it will reaffirm your beliefs and you'll be back to being optimistic in no time!"

Dominique shrugged, "I guess. It's easy for you to be positive! You got the hang of it the first time you tried!"

Lorcan sighed, "Okay, fine then, try it my way."

"You're way?"

"Yeah. I don't use the stuffy Ministry way of thinking. I use my mum's way of thinking."

Dominique thought of Lorcan's mum who liked to cook something she called Plimpy Soup made out of fish that she called Plimpies. There was a reason why Rolf Scamander was the cook of the family. Dominique wasn't all that sure she wanted to use Luna Lovegood-Scamander's way of thinking.

"I think I'm good," she said awkwardly.

"I insist. It's a good technique really," Lorcan said earnestly.

Dominique hesitated, "What is it?"

"I guess it sort of goes back to the three D's. Destination-think of the place you want to be, and all. Determination, the biggest one in my opinion-think of a reason you want to be in that place, something that you would do anything for. Deliberation-think of the reason you're determined to disapparate, then imagine it at your destination, once the picture's clear in your mind, turn on your heel, and you know the rest."

Dominique looked up at him curiously, "For once, the three D's are more than words spluttered out by some chubby under-paid guy going though his mid-life crisis."

Lorcan laughed heartily, "I'd hope I don't resemble some chubby under-paid guy going through his mid-life crisis."

Dominique laughed with him, "Thanks, Lorcan. It actually makes sense now. But," she paused, "what is your determination? Just so I have an example and all..."

Lorcan rubbed the back of his head and turned away, "It's some girl..."

"Samantha?" Dominique asked sympathetically.

Lorcan just nodded sadly at the mention of his ex-girlfriend.

Dominique smiled sadly at him, “Don’t worry, you’ll get over her soon enough.”

Hopefully soon. She thought.

Lorcan just shrugged.

Dominique walked alone to the Common Room by herself. She wasn't all that sure how she felt about Lorcan, especially after what had happened in Hogsmeade. He'd been drunk though, and he didn't seem to remember.


It had been a Saturday.

Lorcan and Samantha's breakup had reached everyone's ears by dinner and no one had seen him since the event. Dominique had been indifferent to the news, but then again, she hadn’t liked Lorcan back then.

However, when he had yet to appear in the Great Hall for breakfast the next day, she got worried. He and his brother had been there for her when her Pygmy Puff had died after all, so she set off to find him

It had been assumed that he was holed up in the boys’ dormitory in the Ravenclaw Tower, but Dominique couldn’t be sure as a member of the Gryffindor House. She held a reluctance to ask anyone, as she wasn’t on the friendliest terms with the students of Ravenclaw. She would’ve asked his brother, Lysander, but she felt like he had been avoiding her lately.

She first checked to see if the room on the third floor that cropped up whenever someone needed it-the “Room of Requirement,” as some of her cousins called it, was in use. It hadn’t been.

Then she checked all the hidey-holes the entire Potter-Weasley clan knew of, even the ones that she’d never shown the Scamander twins. Lorcan was nowhere to be found.

A thought finally occurred to her, he could be in Hogsmeade! It wasn’t like Lorcan to sneak out of the school, no matter how accessible the passageways were and how easily persuaded the shopkeepers were into not ratting them out. It was more like Lysander, but she’d seen Lysander at breakfast.

She went to the fourth floor when noone was looking and opened a mirror. It led down a passageway that had been originally blocked when they’d started Hogwarts. However, with much work, they’d moved the stones farther back into the tunnel and revealed the corner of an opening. It was neatly located on the dip of a hillside, hardly a hundred meters from the edge of the village.

Dominique had clambered out and into the fresh air, only to see the subject of her searching. The gravel crunched loudly as she stepped toward the figure. Lorcan had turned around lazily.

“’Ello there, Dominique!” he chirped.

Dominique observed a bottle of firewhiskey next to him. Lorcan Scamander had been utterly pissed out of his mind.

“Don’t ‘Hello’ me. I’m not in the mood to be trifled with, Scamander,” she’d said, using his surname to convey her anger, “Where have you been?”

“Here, there, everywhere if that’s possible,” he giggled.

Dominique groaned, shaking her head. She’d always tried to avoid people when they were drunk, they were always horribly difficult to work with.

She sat down next to the boy, “So, what’ve you been up to?”

“Drinking away my sorrows. What does it look like?” he retorted.

“You shouldn’t be upset over her. She’s a right slag to do that to you.”

“Language!” Lorcan exclaimed, before laughing wickedly, “I know she’s a bitch. That’s why I broke up with her, isn’t it?”

“I thought she broke up with you?” Dominique frowned.

Lorcan shook his head violently, “Nope!” he paused in reflection, “Well, she might’ve thought she did. But I drove her away, I did! I didn’t love her anymore!”

“Then why are you drinking away your bloody sorrow?” she asked, impatient to hear the fabulously drunken answer that would ensue.

“I thought I loved her. I put so much into that relationship. I really thought I loved her. Then, of course, you have to come along and mess it all up!” Lorcan ranted in a thick voice.

“What was that? You’re sloshing drunk, it’s a bit hard to understand you,” Dominique was quite tired of the whole situation, tired of her friend’s drunkenness, she was not really listening as she laid her head back on the hillside.

“I bloody had to go and fall in love with you! It’s ridiculous!” he continued with his previous statement.

“You what?” Dominique snapped up from her previous position.

“You heard me. I’m bloody in love with you. It’s a bit of a sticky situation really, but not a hard one to understand. You’re bloody beautiful, that comes with the part Veela mother and all, you’re bloody witty, you’re bloody hilarious, you’re bloody fun to be with, you’re bloody everything I’ve ever looked for in a bird!” Lorcan ranted on.

Dominique tried to decipher what he’d said, his usage of the word “bloody” had made his speech clumsy in her ears. She was surprised Lorcan even used the word once, it was out of character for him to curse.

Looking inside Lorcan’s eyes, Dominique contemplated him for a bit. They were a deep sort of blue, not crystalline or like diamonds, they were like those turquoise rocks on the jewelry her mum sometimes wore.

“Okay, Scamander, I’ll just be leaving you and your drunken ass until you can recuperate from whatever concussion you must’ve had,” Dominique got up, tired of Lorcan’s alcohol-induced fabrications.

“No!” he exclaimed, getting up, “I’m not lying!”

“You’re wasted, completely intoxicated. Please sit down, and try not to die,” she said, eyeing the sharp boulders at the bottom of the hillside.

He shook his head furiously, back and forth. “Not until you sit down and listen to me.”

Dominique sighed, giving in to appeasing her friend. “Alright then,” she sat back down.

“I’ve been thinking about this for ages. I haven’t been able to stand close to you without wanting to just admit that I love you, never her. Ever since we were children, I guess. You would come with us on adventures, looking for Moon Frogs in the dark and climbing trees to find Wrackspurts. I know you’re a horrid liar and loyal as Hufflepuff, but you’re in Gryffindor for a reason, you’re one of the gutsiest people I know. You took risks where my brother and I hung back. You would climb the tree before we did. You would wander into the tall grass in the dark before we did. We followed you because you can lead, and you have pluck.”

“Why should I trust you? Especially when you’re drunk as hell.”

“You always trust me, Dom. Why else would you have told me all those little secrets? Like that time you stole your sister’s beauty products, or the times you snuck out or your dorm, or…”

Dominique allowed Lorcan to ramble on. She never remembered telling him all those things. She told that sort of stuff to Lysander. Had Lysander betrayed her and told his brother?

Her thoughts were cut off as she sensed the uncanny silence. Looking over at the boy, she saw him passed out.

“Bloody hell,” she muttered.

She turned him over, so his belly was on the ground. “Don’t want him to get alcohol poisoning and suffocate on his own vomit and I sure as hell can’t bring him back like this.”

Looking at the boy curiously, she thought of all he’d said. She always fancied herself to like his brother, but after everything he’d said, he’d shown himself to be everything she always imagined his brother to be. It was a bit weird, the switch in position they had in her mind that night. There was a little bounce in her step as she went back, thinking of all the possibilities.



Dominique reached her common room, sinking into an armchair. Lorcan was right, she just needed to imagine a reason she needed to be in that hoop, and maybe the willpower would see her through.

“Dominique,” Roxanne called out from where she was seated with a group of friends.

Dominique looked up, “Yes?”

“Scamander told me to tell you to meet him by the Black Lake.”

“Which one?”

“How should I know?” and Roxanne turned back towards her conversation.

Dominique reasoned that it must be Lysander, she had just been with Lorcan after all. She reluctantly pulled herself out of the armchair and through the portrait hole. She reminisced a bit again as she walked. She and Lysander talked much more than she and Lorcan did. She hadn’t really started spending time with Lorcan without Lysander until after that day on the hillside.

However, Lysander was still avoiding her like before. Sometimes, it felt like even more than before, it was painfully obvious now.

She saw his figure sitting by the Black Lake, “Hey Lysander!” she called out.

He smiled, “Hey.”

“Haven’t seen much of you lately, eh?” she said.

He looked down at the ground between his knees. “Yeah, I’ve been a bit here and there, a little bit of everywhere.”

“Well, what do you need that couldn’t wait till dinner?”

“I don’t really like going up to you at dinner. I feel like my entire table is glaring at me,” Lysander explained.

Dominique laughed at this, “That’s because they are glaring at you! When will they accept that it was my cousins, not me, who made it rain in the library! I was just congratulating them on their expert use of the weather charm!”

Lysander laughed along with her, “And for that, they’ll never forgive you, Dom.”

Dominique sombered up quickly, lost in though. Suddenly remembering something Lorcan had said to her on the hillside, she asked, “Did you tell your brother all those things I did? Like when I stole Victoire’s beauty cream?”

He looked confused at the question, “No.”

“Oh, okay,” maybe I told him myself, she thought. “So, how are you and your girlfriend?”

“Didn’t I tell you?” Lysander frowned, “I got rid of her ages ago.”

Dominique shrugged, not really caring, “Oh, really? I hadn’t heard.”

“She was a Hufflepuff, it didn’t really get out past her house. But she was bragging about how she gave me a good talking to then left me. She said I didn’t love her anymore. I told her I never did,” Lysander laughed wryly, “Thank Merlin that’s over.”

Dominique played with her hair, “Hmm,” she was distracted, “that’s funny.”

Lysander looked disconcerted by her attitude, “Is something wrong?”

Looking up, she said, “No. I’m just thinking.”

Giving a little smile, Lysander spoke, “I’ve been thinking a lot lately too.”

Dominique pushed him over playfully, “Well, maybe, you should get out of your little thinking place a bit and come hang with me and Lorcan for a bit!”

Dominique immediately regretted her words, she didn’t really want Lysander to intrude on her and Lorcan, not that the two talked about much; school, Quidditch, normal everyday things. But Dominique was working on it, prodding him to admit his love for her.

Looking around her, she noticed that it was now twilight, the sun was no longer visible, but a little light still illuminated the sky.

“We should go in now,” she said.

Lysander looked at her, examining her.

“What?” she aked, “Did I grow some big, ugly wart in the past few minutes?”

“No, just something. I don’t know.”

They got up, walking to the castle together.

“You know, my mother told me that there’s a legend about moon frogs in France,” Dominique said, as they walked along.

“Oh, really?” Lysander asked, moon frogs had been a conversation topic of theirs since they were little.

“Uhuh, a load of stuff that ultimately ends with the frog being sacrificed in a feasting ceremony.”

“That’s a bit grotesque.”

“Yeah, well you see…”



The next day, Dominique attended the Apparition lessons with a bit more confidence.

“1, 2, 3, now!” the instructor told them. The entire room turned on their feet, a discordant series of cracks could be heard.

Dominique opened her eyes and was shocked. She'd actually apparated! She looked around her, but the people surrounding her hoop were different. Well, who cared? She’d apparated! That’s all that mattered.

"What the hell?" she heard a cold voice say from somewhere else.

Lorcan stood, squished together, in the destination hoop of Samantha Galvin. His face was redder than a Weasley's, and she would know.

"I-I," she heard him stutter, before he settled for, "I'll just go back to my spot now."

As he exited the hoop, Samantha made a big show of huffing about and dusting herself off. Lorcan made his way through the crowd and back to his hoop. Dominique realized too late that his hoop was the one she was occupying.

"Dominique?" he asked, confused.

It was her turn to stutter.

His face softened as he realized what was going on, "I'm sorry, Dominique. I think you're beautiful, but I don't think of you as more than a friend."

She nodded disjointedly.

Dominique looked into Lorcan's eyes, sure there had to be some recognition of all that he'd once said to her. His eyes were brown and clueless as to what to do in the situation.


Dominique whipped her head to where Lysander's hoop was, but found it empty. She turned to where her hoop was located and a boy stood there seething. Upon seeing the recognition upon Dominique's face, Lysander froze. An audible sibilance echoed off the statuesque walls. It was followed by the sound of a person striding out of the Great Hall.

Dominique's face changed. Puzzle pieces shuffled around in her mind, finally interlinking with one another. A picture, of great revelation, came to her. But, that’s impossible, she thought. The thought of such possibility taunted her. Then find out for sure, A voice told her.

"Why are your eyes brown?" she asked, turning back to Lorcan.

Lorcan looked even more surprised, he was taken aback by such a random question, "What?"

"I thought they were blue."

Lorcan rolled his eyes, "Honestly, Dominique, you call yourself our best friend and you can't even tell me and Lysander apart!"

"But-but you two are identical!" she exclaimed.

"Except for our eyes! Mine are brown and his are blue!"

"So we didn’t have that talk on the hillside? You didn't tell me that you loved me?" Dominique exclaimed.

Lorcan's face scrunched up, "That's disgusting! Of course not!"

The insult didn't hurt Dominique's ego, she was part Veela after all, and her mind was racing like a centaur going after a kill.

"But, didn’t you got drunk after Samantha broke up with you?"

"I stayed in bed all day after Samantha broke up with me," Lorcan corrected.

Dominique thought back to that night. He'd never said that he'd been talking about Samantha. He’d never actually said that he’d been Lysander. Could've it been Lysander?

"Lorcan, I got you two mixed up, I don't really like you after all," and Dominique took off.

Dominique ran to the fourth floor, sure that Lysander had returned to the hillside. She took the steps two at a time, ignoring the staircases’ fickle changing. She thanked Merlin when she arrived at the mirror and sprinted down the tunnel. Her face was flushed with exercise by the time she struggled out of the opening.

"'Ello Lorcan," Lysander said to a figure he expected to be his brother, "This is all a bit like that muggle play, the one with the character I'm named after, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.' Except this isn't a dream, those characters got their happy ending, it's more of a nightmare. I like Dominique, she likes you, you like Samantha, and Samantha's repulsed by you and getting on with that Slytherin. It's all just a fairy tale gone wrong."

"'A Midsummer Night's Dream' isn't an accurate reference."

Lysander's chuckled dryly before saying, "Leave."


He pinched the bridge of his nose, "Alright then, why isn't it a proper reference?"

"In 'A Midsummer Night's Dream,' there's three stages of loving. Stage 1, Demetrius and Lysander both love Hermia, Hermia loves Lysander, Helena loves Demetrius, but her love is unrequited. Stage 2, under a faerie's influence, Demetrius and Lysander both love Helena. Helena loves Demetrius, but thinks he's just joking. Hermia loves Lysander and is now estranged. Stage 3, Lysander and Hermia live happily ever after. Demetrius and Helena live happily ever after. The end."

He was silent for a moment, "Why would you know that?"

Dominique shrugged, "Aunt Hermione told us the story one day, after I had asked about it." She paused. "I asked because of you."

"Dominique..." Lysander said, letting the syllables roll off his tongue with ease. "Don't do this to me."

"Don't do what?"

"Don't come here and fuck with my mind," Lysander said harshly.

"I'm not attempting to."

He looked at her suddenly, "What are you doing here?"

"I...I like you."

"My brother and I are not interchangeable toys that you can play around as you like. Just because we're twins doesn't make us the same person."

Dominique sat down, "I know."

"Then why are you here? This situation is confusing enough, as is."

"Lysander, this isn't as mind-boggling as that play. We're not under some spell. This is no bad dream."

"The play had a happy ending, at least. We don't need a spell to mess us up, reality is worse than any bad dream because you never wake up."

Dominique sighed.

"You like Lorcan, that's that. I can't change that, and I beg Merlin that you won't try to change that and just switch affections."

"I don't like him."

"Your face in the Great Hall said differently."

"I only liked him because of that day on this hillside!" Dominique exclaimed. "And it wasn't even him. It was you."

“How the hell do you mix the two of us up? We’ve all been friends since the first year, since before that, even,” he looked at her judgementally.

“You guys are fucking identical!”

“Not our eyes!”

“I didn’t know about the eyes! I never paid much attention to them before!”

“Yeah, but I was talking to you about my life, not his!”

“You were talking about your girlfriend, and I didn’t even know you and your girlfriend split! I thought Lorcan and Samantha were the only ones with problems!”

“I told you about those secrets you told me!”

“Those aren’t exactly my deepest, darkest secrets, Lysander. I don’t really keep track of who’s in the know of them. For all I know, I talked about it in front of your brother!” Dominique was getting quite exasperated of the entire argument.

“It was a stupid mistake, okay, Lysander?” she yelled. “Forgive, forget, and can we please move on? I thought you were your brother, and as a result I thought that your brother had your personality. That part’s been remediated. Now, get over it, so we can just move past it and get to what we’re going to do with this.”

“Well, what are we going to do with this? As you so nicely phrased it,” Lysander said sarcastically.

Dominique groaned loudly. “I could just murder you.”

“That comment doesn’t really help your case much.”

Turning towards the boy, Dominique took his cheek in her hand and brought his lips crashing down to hers.

Withdrawing, she said, “Now shut up already, I need to think about what we’re going to do about this.”

“Didn’t that kiss just answer the question?” Lysander said, a hint of a smile just showing on his face.

Dominique looked down in shame. “Yes, yes it did.” Looking at Lysander, “Well, how’s that for a nightmare?”

He cocked a grin, “It’s no bad dream now, is it?”

“More like a dream, whimsical and comical.”

“I’m not quite convinced this is reality.”

“Oh, really?” she said, a knowing tone in her voice.

“Really?” he said, emphasizing the point.

She kissed him again, “How ‘bout now?”

“Hmm, no,” he said, smiling.

She moved in to kiss him again, waiting until his eyes closed to say, “No way I’m giving it to you easy another time,” and she ran off into the tunnel towards Hogwarts laughing.

Lysander laughed along with her too as his feet pounded against the cobblestoned passage.

It was no bad dream after all.

Author’s Note: So I wrote this for Fleur Delacour Potter’s Rare Ship and Foreign Title Challenge. My title was L’Apparition which means “the apparition” in French. My pairing was Lysander and Dominique. Obviously, I played off the fact that he was a twin. Sorry if you don't get the whole concept I played with regarding Apparition. Sorry if this wasn’t what you expected! I hope you enjoyed reading it! Please review!

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