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Chapter 13

It was a foggy and chilly November morning, Hermione was sitting on her favourite bench in the rose garden, studying the list in her pocket book.

Suddenly someone sat next to her on the bench. It was Jasper Hale, in a sexy white cardigan, smiling at Hermione kindly.

’You forgot to warn me about that girl in the bathroom,’ he complained.

’What girl?!’ Hermione was so absorbed in watching Jasper’s golden, wavy hair that she didn’t realise who he was talking of.

’A pale girl with dark brown hair and huge glasses. She was sobbing quietly but when she saw me in the tub she got happier.’

’Ah, Moaning Myrtle,’ Hermione nodded and thought that seeing Jasper taking a bubble bath would have made her happier, too.

Jasper looked at her curiously.

’She’s a ghost… One of the ghosts of Hogwarts. She usually haunts the second floor bathroom but she likes to visit other ones… occasionally,’ Hermione avoided Jasper’s eyes, remembering how enthusiastically Myrtle kept both Cedric and Harry company while they were having a bath.

’She’s a bit like you,’ she added.

’Like me?!’

’Yeah. She must be in her seventies but she doesn’t look her age… Just like you. Your look will never change… You’ll always be young and handsome…’

Jasper sighed.

’It sounds great, doesn’t it? But I’d rather be a human, a man of flesh and blood, with wildly beating heart and warm lips…’ His darkening eyes bore into Hermione’s intensely.

She gulped and and looked away embarrassed.

’Look, there’s a blooming rose over there!’ she exclaimed, pointing at a rose bush.

Jasper stood up, walked there and plucked the rose from the bush. Then he walked back to Hermione with the flower and gave it to her with his most charming smile.

’His my Prince Charming,’ Hermione thought and didn’t notice that she got pricked by a rose thorn and her hand started bleeding.

Jasper had never been able to resist the smell of fresh blood. He couldn’t control himself now, either. Purple shadows appeared under his darkened eyes, he snarled and growled at Hermione threateningly and a moment later he was about to bite her neck.

Everything happened so quickly that Hermione didn’t have time to get her wand.

Someone else did.

’Stupefy,’ Hermione heard and saw Jasper fall to the ground unconscious.

She turned back to see Draco Malfoy’s angry face.

Hermione sat back on the bench, her legs like jelly.

’Thank you,’ she whispered, trying to pull herself together.

’When will you learn not to keep flirting with vampires?’ Malfoy sat next to her. ’Especially with this one,’ he added and had a disgusted look at the body on the ground.

’I didn’t flirt with him…’ Hermione rolled her eyes. ’We just had a… chat.’

’Chat. About what? The weather?’ Malfoy inquired.

 ’About Moaning Myrtle and…’ She gasped. ’Malfoy, I have an idea,’ she looked at him excitedly. ’I know how to go on.’

’With Hale?’ Malfoy raised his eyebrows.

’With the investigation.’ She got more enthusiastic. ’We need information about Voldemort’s girlfriend who died in St Mungo’s in the 80s.’

’I don’t think Moaning Myrtle could help us. She’s never been to St Mungo’s.’

’Moaning Myrtle can’t help us but someone else might… Another ghost or someone from a painting…’

Malfoy tried to follow her train of thought.

’Someone who used to work in St Mungo’s?’

Hermione nodded.

’There was a Healer who became Headmistress of Hogwarts… A silver haired witch. I’ve seen her portrait in Dumbledore’s Office,’ Malfoy recalled.

’Dilys Derwent!’ Hermione exclaimed. ’The only problem is that she lived in the eighteenth century…’ She added sadly.

’Her portrait might hang in St Mungo’s, too,’ Malfoy was optimistic. ’And then she can travel to the hospital and get the information.’

A wide smile appeared on Hermione’s face.

’I love you, Malfoy,’ she stood up and headed for the castle. ’You’re cleverer than I thought.’

Malfoy followed the girl, very, very satisfied with himself.

’You love me so much that you will show me your pink underwear?’

’Malfoy, I’ll never show you my pink underwear,’ she declared.

’Why not? Lovegood did.’ He remarked.

’What?!’ Hermione stopped and looked into Malfoy’s eyes surprised.

’Are you jealous?’ He asked with his trademark sneer.

’You wish,’ she spat and made her way up the stairs. She wondered if she was jealous. She definitely felt annoyed.

’Shall I tell you the story?’ she heard Malfoy.

 ’About you, Luna and her pink lingerie? No, thanks.’ She frowned.

’So you are jealous,’ Malfoy enjoyed himself but Hermione didn’t have time to reply, they were standing in front of the door of Dumbledore’s Office.

End of Chapter 13


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