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Hero of War by Sirius Black Dog
Chapter 46 : A Family Full Of Surprises
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Chapter 46

Harry woke up to the cries of his twins siblings the day after the wedding. He got out of bed and walked into the room next to AJ’s and pulled the edge of his sister’s cot down and pulled Claudia into his arms.

‘Where’s mum, hey? Let’s change you and then we’ll go find her,’ Harry said as he laid her on the change table. He changed her nappy and dressed her in a set of little purple shorts and a light pink singlet. Harry picked her up and started to make his way down the stairs. He heard another cry and again wondered where his parents were. He placed Claudia into her bouncer and stroked her head before making his way up the stairs. Claudia had green eyes and darkening red hair, she opened and closed her mouth chewing on her tongue. Harry quickly ran up stairs not wanting to leave Claudia on her own for to long.

He took Myles from his crib and changed his nappy before pulling on a blue singlet and a pair of green shorts. Harry slipped his hands under his arms and moved him towards his body and held his bottom with his right forearm. He walked down the stairs and managed to pick Claudia up with his other arm so they were sort of sitting on his arms. He walked out the backdoor and headed next door. He opened the back door carefully making sure he had a firm grip on his siblings.

‘Mum, I was wondering where you had gone’ Harry said as Lily took Myles and kissed his little lips before placing him the playpen that Georgia had slept in last night. Harry kept his little sister in his arms for a bit longer before Lily handed him a bottle and he sat down to feed her while Lily fed Myles.

‘I knew you would wake if they cried but they had a late night last night so I thought I’d let them sleep while I helped out cleaning up.’ Harry nodded at his mother.

‘So where’s dad?’

‘He had to go out with Sirius and Remus this morning to double check a few things.’

‘A few things on what?’

‘It’s a surprise for Mattie.’

‘Mum!’ AJ yelled as he came barrelling into the kitchen followed quickly by Jonah
and Georgia who was toddling as quickly as she could towards them.

‘Georgia keeps following us,’ Jonah said looking from his mum to Tonks.

‘She’s just playing, Jonah.’ Terra said.

‘Come here, sweetie,’ Tonks said pulling her daughter onto her lap. ‘Oh by the way I have some news.’

‘What’s that, Dora?’ Lily asked distractedly.

‘I have news.’ They all looked over at the pink haired witch who was trying to get her fidgeting child into the high chair. ‘Remus and I wanted to wait until everyone was together and after the wedding but I can’t wait any longer. I’m pregnant!’


‘Remus and I are having another baby,’

‘Woohoo!’ Lily yelled beaming as she placed Myles into the cot before hugging

‘Congratulations,’ Harry said, honestly happy for Remus and Tonks.

‘How many weeks?’ Terra asked.

‘About 8 weeks,’

‘Wow! Everything’s happening isn’t it?’ Terra said as she took Claudia from Harry and placed her in the portable cot.

‘Yeah, weddings, babies and wars, such fun,’ Tonks said sarcastically. They started cooking up lunch as Mattie and Fred were meant to come home for lunch before they showed Mathilda her surprise. James, Sirius and Remus came back just before they heard Mattie’s voice.

‘Hey!’ Mattie said walking in holding Fred’s hand. Her hair had been scrapped back into a ponytail and she wore a pair of mini shorts and a red singlet. They all sat down and Tonks told Mattie the news of her pregnancy as they ate. They finished up and everyone quickly got up. Lily pulled on a twin baby carrier and James helped slip Claudia and Myles into the slits. Remus picked up Georgia and they all headed out, Mathilda holding Fred’s hand looking thoroughly confused.

They walked to the front of the house and Mattie watched as her father disapparated with Jonah and James and Remus disappearing also each holding Georgia and AJ. Lily smiled at her before she turned on the spot her arms around her twins while Harry held Tonks arm as she disapparated followed by Terra. Fred turned to his wife.

‘You ready?’

‘Ready for what?’

‘This,’ Fred whispered as he turned on the spot his arms firmly around Mattie. When they arrived Mattie looked lost until she was led out of an alley and down a street. He stopped her in the middle of the road and made her turn. She spotted her family standing at the front of a house, smiling and turned back to Fred.

‘What’s all this?’ Mattie said feeling as if an elephant was sitting on her chest. Sirius stepped forward, looking at his daughter.

‘We thought that you deserved something really special so James, Remus and I chipped in to buy you and Fred a house, it’s not huge but it’s nice and cosy. Fred knew about it and helped purchase all the new furniture with us.’ Mattie was speechless, breathing.

‘You didn’t have to,’

‘It was never a case of whether we had to or not, Matt,’ James said. ‘We wanted to.’

‘You’ve had to deal with heaps in your life and we’ve watched you grow up and learn and kick ass when need be and we wanted to show you that no matter what we’ll always be there for you,’ Remus said. Mattie looked from her husband to the three Marauders before her. She let go of Fred’s hand and ran forward, stretching her arms to go around all three of them.

‘Thank you,’ Mattie said grinning. Sirius then held out his hand and in it was a little gold key.

‘Now we know magic is easier and better but the novelty of a key is still there, so go unlock your door.’ Mattie took the key and hugged her father again before she hugged James and Remus each separately. She took Fred’s open hand and walked up to her door with her family following.

She unlocked the door and walked into a hall and on her right was a large living room. On her left was what appeared to be a study or library. As she walked further down the hall she past a toilet room on her left and a staircase. Opposite the stairs was the master bedroom door. Mattie was opened mouthed as she walked through her bedroom into a large wardrobe and ensuite. Further down the hall on her left after the staircase was a dining room and at the very end of the hall was the kitchen that led out onto a little patio area that led onto a large grassed area. She turned around and headed for the stairs with her family following happily at the reaction she was giving them. As she came off the stairs she entered a recreation room or another living room. Straight ahead was another bedroom and on her right was another one, each with a door leading to a bathroom that stood in the corner between the two rooms.

‘This is amazing,’ Mattie said as she faced her family. ‘Thank you so much.’

‘It was our pleasure,’ Lily said sweetly as she helped Tonks steady herself.

Everyone returned to their homes not much later with Mattie going with them to get her things. Fred however had already got his things from the flat above the shop and decided to wait in the new house for his wife. Mattie grabbed most of her clothes, leaving some just in case. She took all her books and photo albums and the special stuff she needed like her mother’s old diaries that were in a wooden box full of all of Ruby’s things. Mattie had decided to leave the photos that were stuck to her doors and the posters in their place, instead only taking the framed ones by her bed. When she was done the room looked almost the same as she had chosen to leave a lot of her things in her old room.

‘Thanks again dad,’ Mattie said as she shrunk her boxes smallest to fit into her pocket so she could floo to 113 Archer Way. Mattie hugged him and Sirius stroked her hair before he watched her disappear in a burst of green flames, feeling a pang of loss as he watched his fully grown baby girl leave the 'nest'.

Mathilda arrived in her new home not long after and walked around investigating the rooms until she found a large, white grand piano. She ran her finger along the cover that protected the ivory keys and sat down opening it and laying two fingers on the keys. She started to play softly, increasing her speed as she went into playing a song she had learnt out of the music book Fred had brought her back in May; Dare You to Move by Switchfoot which was in the movie A Walk to Remember. She finished the song and started just playing on instinct.

Fred came up behind her and slipped his hand around her waist kissing her neck. Mattie closed the cover on the keys and turned to face him. She looked up into his face, her blue eyes looking beautifully at her new husband.

‘Wanna Christian our new house?’ Fred asked raising his eyebrows at her. She pursed her lips at him, smirking as he picked her up, one arm under her knees the other on her back. She put her arms around his neck as he made his way to their new bedroom.


It was Harry’s seventeenth birthday and the party had begun. It lasted a long time with James and Lily giving Harry a watch that had been James’ and before him had been Robert’s and before him William and before him John and the very first Potter who owned the watch was Joseph Potter. On the inside of the watch the initials of each Potter were engraved there; JP, JP, WP, RP, JP, HP; past down from father to son for generations. The party ended when the Minister of Magic showed up.

‘Get away from my son!’ James yelled as he came into the living room after loud bangs could be heard from outside. The minster stepped back looking at James and Lily Potter both of whom had their wands drawn.

‘I regret your attitude and choice, Potter,’ Scrimgeour said sharply as he started towards the front door. ‘Good evening, James, Lily,’ and with that he was gone. Lily rushed forward.

‘Harry, are you ok?’

‘Yeah I’m fine, mum.’ They all went back into the backyard and looked over the objects Dumbledore had left them, marvelling in Harry’s strange new possession. The rest of the evening past quickly and everyone went home ready for the wedding of Bill and Fleur that was the next day.

Mattie got dressed the next morning in a simple red formal dress that had a tight bodice and a loose flowing skirt that went to her knee with a silver brooch that was on the right side of her waist. The back of her dress was a low V-cut. Mattie pulled the side of her hair back clipping them at the back of her head, while she left the rest of her curls falling around her shoulders. Her hair was longer than ever, it reached her lower waist and yet stilled looked beautiful and healthy. Mattie pulled on her red high heels and twirled in front of the mirror before she walked out of her wardrobe.

‘You look stunning,’

‘You don’t look so bad yourself,’ Mattie said before she took his hand and left the room, heading out of their home, magically locking it before they made their way down the street and to the apparition point. They arrived at the Burrow instantly and made their way to their seats towards the front.

Before anyone knew it the ceremony was over and the reception had begun. Mattie walked incredibly quickly over to Harry and grabbed him roughly by the shoulder.

‘I have just been talking to Ginny. What are you stupid?’

‘Matt, stop!’

‘No Harry you love her, you have for ages so why the hell did you tell her you couldn’t stay with her?’

‘Mattie, I will not let Voldemort use her to get to me!’

‘That’s a crap reason, Harry and you know it. Harry love is the only reason to fight for something. There are so many kinds of love, but there’s one worth fighting for more than anything. The kind of love that takes your breath away and warms your heart. The kind of love hits you like a bolt of lightning. The kind of love that changes you and reforms you. The kind of love that makes you who you are at the end of the day, the kind of love that never dies, and you Harry Potter cannot give up on the love that you found in Ginny. Ask your parents about it if you don’t believe in it yourself. Ask my dad, he never stopped loving my mother and would do anything for her still. Don’t you dare take the easy way out because at the end of the day it would be worse to lose her from pushing her away, than to lose her because she’s willing to sacrifice herself for you.’ Mattie said quickly, and powerfully.

‘But Matt…’

‘No buts, if you don’t fight for love what the hell do you fight for then?’ Harry looked at Mathilda and he realised that she was right. He loved his parents and the people who were around him and they were the people he would fight for and it was because he loved them or knew that someone else did. Harry realised in that moment that he fought because everyone needed someone to love and he didn’t want anyone to suffer because of him. Harry nodded softly before Mattie looked at him.

‘I don’t want to lose her, Matt, anyone but especially her.’

‘I know so go find her and tell her that. Go,’ Mattie said simply as she smiled softly at him watching him walk towards the dance floor, towards Ginny who was dancing solemnly with Luna. Harry slipped his hand into hers and looked at her hopefully. She didn’t smile but her eyes were desperate. She followed him just outside the covered area.

‘I can’t lose you Ginny. I won’t but I know that when I’m with you there’s such a strong reason to stop all this madness, to make the world better.’

‘Harry you’re not going to lose me any time soon. You know I don’t want to lose you either and I’m the one who’ll have to stay behind while you go out and risk your life.’ Harry just looked at her as she moved closer to him hugging him. Ginny moved her hand to his and held it as they made their way back into the party. Harry paused clutching Ginny’s hand as a graceful, silver lynx landed lightly in the centre of the canopy over the dance floor. Harry moved forward slightly still holding his girlfriend’s hand as heads turned towards the Patronus as it opened its mouth wide and spoke in the loud, deep, slow voice of Kingsley Shacklebolt.

‘The Ministry has fallen. Scrimgeour is dead. They are coming.’

Harry turned quickly and looked at Ginny, fear filling the air as they drew their wands. Harry was shoved forward and lost his grasp on Ginny’s hand. Harry looked around desperately but was pushed forward; he ducked and reached for Hermione who was calling for him and Ron.

Mattie looked around just before the Death Eaters arrived, grabbing Jonah and AJ’s hands pushing them slightly as she pushed Georgia forward before grabbing Claudia and Myles from Lily. She moved them quickly away from the canopy. She pushed Jonah and AJ into a gap between the bricks of the Burrow, they sat down looking terrified. She passed a twin to each of them and they held them tightly as Georgia was wedged in between them.

‘Stay here, don’t move!’ Mattie yelled as she cast a strong protection bubble around them and also casting an invisibility shield over them before turning and running into the mess. She flicked her wand at a hooded Death Eater Ginny was trying desperately to beat. Wizards and witch’s were running and duelling as hard as they could.

Mattie pushed Ginny down just in time as a green spell flew over her head. Mattie turned and saw that a few guests were on the ground either dead or unconscious.

Sirius Black looked at his godson who was looking from Ron who was running towards Hermione and him and his girlfriend who had just started duelling another Death Eater.

‘Get out of here!’ Sirius yelled. ‘As my godson I’m telling you to get out! They’re here for you, get out! Now!’ Sirius said pushing him away from Ginny and towards Ron. Sirius watched for a moment as the threesome disapparated before turning to help Ginny.

‘Hear you’re no longer a Black!’ A masked Death Eater hissed at Mathilda. She pointed her wand at the Death Eater.

‘I will always be a Black.’ Mattie said smirking as she hit him with spell after spell testing their ability to deflect them and still throw spells of his own at her.

‘Expelliamus!’ Mattie felt her wand fly out of her hand and glared at the Death Eater who looked pleased with himself.

‘Petrificus Totalus!’ Mathilda screamed and watched as her wandless spell caused him to fall back, stiff. ‘Not so clever are you, I don’t need a wand, moron.’ Mattie laughed as she was about to hit him with another spell when she was knocked off her feet. She hit the ground and felt pain erupt along her left arm. She turned slightly and looked up and took the hand offered to her and realised it was George. He handed her her wand before smirking at her and turning to duel another Death Eater. Sirius came closer to his daughter having seen her fall, the need to protect her forcing him to kill the Death Eater he had been duelling and turningready to rush over to her. 

And then the Death Eaters disapparated leaving the guests confused to where they had gone and why.

‘What the hell?’ Mattie heard someone ask as the canopy and all the furniture under it caught fire and exploded the windows of the Burrow shattering. The debris rained down on those left standing, Mattie crouched down, but was pushed down further down and felt someone lying over her. When the rain of debris appeared to have stopped the person on Mattie moved off her. Mattie opened her eyes and rolled over to find George Weasley looking incredibly pale.

‘Are you ok?’ she asked quickly as she saw that he was lying on his stomach still a large piece of glass sticking out of his back. ‘Shit,’ Mattie said to herself as she leant down. ‘Fred!’

Fred turned and ran over watching as Mattie gently pulled it out of his back. Mattie jumped up leaving Fred by his twin’s side as she quickly ran to where she had left the younger kids. She held her hand out flat over where they were meant to be, waving it in a circle to remove the invisibility.

‘Mattie,’ Jonah said relieved to find his big sister in front of him, with a long, deep cut to her upper arm and smaller cuts covering her body. Mattie bent down and hugged Georgia and her brother who was holding Myles. She stood up taking the white dressed twins and walking out towards the other guests. Lily took Claudia and hugged AJ while James hugged Myles to him. Jonah stayed by Mattie’s side, holding her hand as she held Georgia. Mattie looked around for Tonks or Remus and couldn’t find them. Mattie felt incredibly worried as she walked over to where George lay with his family around them.

George had been healed but still looked weak.

‘It hit your spine, George,’ Molly said as she moved back.

‘Why did you do that?’ Mattie asked.

‘It was heading straight for you head.’


‘I was asked to protect you whenever I could and I was bloody well going to do,’ George said eyeing his brother. Mattie looked at Fred before turning back to George leaning down and kissing his cheek.

‘Well thank you,’

‘Georgia!’ Remus yelled running up to Mattie. It had never been her job to take the kids and protect them but when danger came Mattie felt this need to make sure the small children she loved so much were safe. ‘Thank you,’ Remus said as he hugged his daughter to him. Georgia hadn’t changed her appearance in about six months, preferring to look like her father. Tonks limped forward, she had a large gash along her face and her hair was a light shade of pink.

Sirius came over to the group that was left, many of the guests outside the family and Order of the Phoenix had already disapparated as soon as it was humanly possible.

‘Harry escaped with Ron and Hermione, but we should go I think we’re been watched,’ Sirius said softly, looking at his daughter's large cut. He stroked the skin just below it and pulled back as she winced. Everyone nodded to what Sirius had said, making to leave. Lily held Claudia to her looking petrified as she put an arm around her son and turned on the spot, heading for home. James nodded towards the others before disapparating with Myles trying to pull his glasses off. The Weasley’s and Delacour’s and the closer friends that had remained behind made their way inside the Burrow while Terra and Sirius held Jonah who looked like he wanted nothing more than to stay with his sister, disappeared. Remus held his daughter and wife and turned on the spot holding them tightly as not to splinch either of them.

‘Come on,’ Fred said helping his brother up and nodding to Mattie who took Angelina’s arm and disapparating home. They all sat down in the living room when they arrived and Mattie had reapplied the protective charms, hoping they would hold.

‘We’ve actually been meaning to talk to you two about something,’ Mattie said sitting down next to Fred and relaxing into his side.

‘What about?’ George asked holding Angelina’s hand.

‘Coming for dinner at least once a week at a minimum,’ Mattie said and grinned as they agreed. The couple stayed the night and returned to the flat above the shop the next day leaving Fred and Mattie alone again. Fred held his wife running a finger over the light scar that was above her left eyebrow.

‘Why did you ask George to protect me?’

‘Because if for some reason I was unable to get to you and he was I needed to know that you were ok.’

‘Even if it cost him his life?’

‘He knows that if something ever happens to you then I probably wouldn’t be the same, besides you’re his best mate too,’ Mattie nodded before she rested her head against her husband’s shoulder.

‘Matt, I couldn’t bare it if something happened to you. I won’t let anyone hurt you again, I promise,’ Fred said as he stroked the scar along her neck. Fred thought of what he’d felt the day he’d found out Jason had bashed her, thought of the moment he watched her die after Bellatrix cursed her, thought of the moment he knew she had been kidnapped and had been tortured. It wasn’t long until Mattie had fallen asleep and Fred hoisted her up into his arms as he walked to their bedroom. Fred Weasley loved his brother more than anything, they were closer than close but what he felt for the woman in his arms was unexplainable. He knew how close she was to her father and how protective he was of her. Though he knew that somewhere inside of him, that without her, his soul would be in shreads, his heart belonged to her, and only her and Fred had a feeling it always had.


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Hero of War: A Family Full Of Surprises


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