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Nothing was moving in the immediate area as Ron scanned the hillside around Stonehenge. Muggles assumed that the Celtic tribes that once roamed this land built Stonehenge, but Ron knew better. Wizards were responsible for the stone structure, as it was an Ancient Magical site. No one knew what it stood for, or why it was built, but the magical signature was unmistakable. It was a great meeting place for the middle of the night because you can see anything approaching well before it gets to you.

Ron stood in his normal spot leaning up against one of the huge stone columns. He didn’t bother with a disillusionment charm or any other concealment, as he didn’t expect any trouble.

A noise off to his right caught his attention and he turned just in time to see a large black wolf walk out from behind a stone pillar. The wolf moved slowly, his bright green eyes scanning the area as he approached Ron.

“Hey mate,” Ron said to the wolf.

The wolf grinned and with a fluid motion, transformed into Harry Potter. Pulling his black cloak up over his head, he walked toward Ron, extending his hand in greeting.

“It’s good to see you, Ron,” Harry said shaking his best friend’s hand. “Sorry to keep you up so late.”

“It’s part of the job, and I wouldn’t pass up a chance to see ya. So tell me, what brings you here in the middle of the night.”

“Dedrich is dead,” Harry told his best friend. With a thud, he leaned back into the pillar next to Ron.

“What happened?”

“We had a good lead on the location of the book and we decided to go check it out,” Harry told him. “The ADK was waiting for us. Ginny thinks the information was bad and they set a trap for us.”

“Where did Dedrich get the information,” Ron asked hoping that it wasn’t connected with his leak.

“I don’t know, he never told us. It was a large deserted castle in Poland.”

“I heard there was a large battle in Poland a few days ago, I assumed it was you guys,” Ron's mind was now racing. “Harry, do they know who you are?”

“No, I don’t think so, they have seen us, but they would have no way of knowing our names. Unless someone told them, wait, your leak?”

“Merlin, I hope not,” Ron sighed. “I have Seamus and Susan working on it, but I don’t expect a solution anytime soon. If it wasn’t the Wizengamot, I would just arrest them all and interrogate them till they broke…”

“But politically, you can’t risk that,” Harry finished for him.

“Yeah, Kingsley would be crucified,” Ron smiled. “It’s funny to watch him do his political dance.”

“I bet,” Harry shook his head. “There is another problem. It’s Ginny, she wants to move home.”

Ron was expecting this talk and was ready for it. He wanted nothing more than for his sister to come home, but there was more at stake than just his feelings for his family.

“I only see one problem with that,” Ron began. “If they find out who you are, they’re gonna come after you. They know that you know about the book, you’re a threat.”

“Yeah we know, but with Dedrich gone we have no support system.”

“Well you know Kingsley has been preparing a plan for just this problem. For the past five years, he has kept the Defense Against the Dark Arts position open for you, with the hope that when you came back you would take it,” Ron told him.

“Yeah, I know, did you know Madam Pomfrey retired,” he asked.


“Ginny wants the job,” Harry told him. “If we do come back and get jobs at Hogwarts it will keep us from being too exposed. Hogwarts is still relatively secure.”

Ron knew Kingsley was working on a plan that would go along with the two of them getting teaching jobs. He planned to put a task force together and have Harry and Ginny give them special training. The threat of another war was looming heavily on the Minister, and he was going to use Harry and Ginny to prevent one.

“I can propose that to Kingsley,’ Ron hedged. “I'm sure he’ll go for it.”

“Good cause we plan on moving back tonight,” Harry told him. “We will be at the Burrow around six.”

“Wow, she’s really serious about this. Losing Dedrich must have been hard on her.”

“You have no idea, bro, no idea. I can feel her pain now,” Harry said before thinking about what he was saying. Ron looked at him, confused.

“You can feel her?”

“Through Legilimency and Telepathy, yes,” Harry told his shocked friend. “I rather not get into it now. I can tell you later.”

“If you say so,” Ron said shaking his head. He knew Harry and Ginny's training was intense, but he didn’t know to what degree.

“We will be there, tonight at the Burrow. Mum’s gonna flip, you know,” Ron told him.

“Yeah, I know. Listen, I need your help with a lead,” Harry told him peaking his interest. “I need to know where Durmstrang is located and I need to get inside.”

“Merlin, Harry I have no idea where it is, but Kingsley might. I’ll talk to him later today.”

A sound off to the east made them both turn and pull their wands. Not seeing anything, they relaxed. This meeting spot was secluded, but the threat of attack was always in the back of Harry’s mind.

“I need to get back to Ginny and you should probably go home and get some sleep,” Harry told his friend. “I will see you tonight, but please talk to Kingsley. We would like head to Durmstrang as soon as possible.”

“Right,” Ron nodded and offered his hand to Harry again.

After shaking hands Harry walked away, but before he made it to the edge of the stone ring, he disappeared in a flash of fire. Ron shook his head and laughed to himself. He constantly had to remind himself that Harry and Ginny were a few levels above him now, at least magically. He had no idea what kind of apparition made you disappear in a ball of fire, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to know.

“Expecto Patronum,” Ron said producing a silvery terrier that sat in front of him awaiting instructions. “Tell Kingsley the ball is rolling, and I will be in at noon.”

The terrier nodded and disappeared into the night. Ron turned his thought to his bed and curling up behind his beautiful wife. With a small pop, he was gone.




Minerva McGonagall sat in her office in the early evening. Though it was mid July, she was already at work preparing for the next school year. She knew Kingsley would send her another Auror to fill in as Defense Professor, but she had another post to fill. Healer was an important part of the school. She was debating either putting an announcement in the Prophet or talking to St. Mungos.

Since the fall of Voldemort five years ago, the school had taken great strides to rebuild and move on. The castle was repaired and the students kept coming, but it seemed the staff just couldn’t find that old balance. She wasn’t sure if it was her leadership that was lacking or if they didn’t have the right people.

Hermione Weasley had taken over the Transfiguration post and Neville Longbottom now taught Herbology, but the influx of a new teacher every year was hard on staff moral. Now she had to fill the Healer position as well. It was not something she was looking forward to doing.

“Headmistress,” the portrait to her left called. “Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley are on the grounds.”

She lifted her head up and looked at the portrait of Severus Snape that hung on the wall near the window. After the Wizengamot cleared him of all charges, Minerva had made sure his portrait went up where it belonged.

“Make sure they find their way to this office, Severus,” she told the portrait.

“They seem to be heading this way.”

She nodded and began cleaning the piles of paper off her desk. She didn’t want to give the impression that they interrupted her work. She was unsure why the castle was the first place they decided to come after being gone for five years. Minerva knew they were doing something important, but wasn’t quite sure what it all entailed. There was a soft knock that the door.

“Enter,” she called as she sat back down at her desk.

The door opened and two cloaked figures walked in, their hoods pulled over their heads and for a brief second she flashed back to the Death Eaters and the fear that gripped the countryside for years.

“I assure you, we’re not Death Eaters,” Harry said, pulling the cloak back over his head. Ginny did the same and Minerva was taken aback, before her stood not the kids she remembered, but the man and woman they had become. They both came forward and offered their hands in greeting. She shook them both and offered them to sit down.

“Harry, Ginny, to what do I owe this pleasure,” she asked once they all took a seat.

She carefully studied the couple across from her. Harry had grown not only in height but also in bulk. She ventured to say he was a lot stronger than when she saw him last. His raven black hair was pulled back behind his head and his green eyes sparkled with amusement as he took in the office around him.

Ginny’s body had finally caught up with her. Her long red hair flowed over her shoulders and down her back. Her body had filled out in all the right places and she looked like some kind of Goddess of legend. If she didn’t know any better, she could have mistaken the couple before her for royalty.

“I was under the impression you needed a Healer,” Ginny said with a smile. “And my husband wanted to speak with you about your Defense Against the Dark Arts position.”

“Husband?” She watched as Harry lifted Ginny's hand out of his lap and kissed the finger that held their wedding ring. She always knew they would end up together, as it was just a matter of time.

“Congratulations,” she exclaimed. “I'm so happy for both of you. As to your statement, yes I am looking for both positions, but what makes you think you are qualified.”

Harry smiled and pulled his wand from under his cloak. Both he and Ginny had decided that they would use wands in front of people, for now. Running his wand down his exposed arm, he created a very deep gash. Blood began to run down his arm towards his hand. Taking her wand and running over the cut, Ginny healed it without as much as a drop of blood remaining.

“On top of my training as a Healer, I have also studied under Master Hubei in China. I can make any potion needed and do not require assistance from the Potions Master,” she told the Headmistress.

“You studied under Master Hubei,” Minerva asked, surprised. “He only takes on one student a year.”

“He taught us both at the same time.”

McGonagall sat back in her chair. If that was true then Harry and Ginny were more qualified to teach potions then Horace could ever dream to be. Just what had these two been up to for five years, she wondered.

“Harry, I assume you had some advanced training in Defense as well,” McGonagall asked, not sure if she wanted to know the answer.

“You could say that. We both have had extensive training and practical application of the subject,” Harry said. “We have studied all over the world.”

“Why do you want to teach?”

“When we left England, five years ago, we did so knowing we both wanted to somehow be connected with this school,” Ginny said. “Until recently we have been preoccupied and though our task is not complete, we need a cover and we want to pass on some of the knowledge we have learned over the years.”

“What exactly was the task you set out to complete,” Minerva asked, looking carefully at the couple in front of her.

“Now Minerva, it’s not polite to probe too deeply,” the portrait of Albus Dumbledore said, no longer able to keep quiet.

“Hello Professor,” Harry said to the painting behind the desk.

“Harry, it is good to see you,” Albus said graciously. “I take since you are back in England that Dedrich is no longer with us?”

“He was killed two nights ago,” Ginny said the sadness in her voice evident.

“Mrs. Potter, I assure you that Dedrich loved you both very much and did everything he could to make sure you were prepared for this eventuality. He came to see me here in this office often.”

Harry looked to Ginny in shock and then back to Minerva. “You knew?”

“Yes, I knew. Dedrich was an old friend,” Minerva said. “I knew that he asked you two to help him complete a task Dumbledore left him, but I am unaware of what that task is or what you two have been up to. Only that you were with Dedrich and working towards something.”

“Minerva, he was looking for the Book of Grindelwald,” the portrait told her.

“I thought that book was destroyed,” Minerva said in shock. Harry saw she obviously knew what the book was.

“So did we, until a high level ADK member defected and told us that the book survived. I asked Gillert many times before I died, but he always told me it would never be found.” Ginny couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Even in death, Dumbledore knew more about what was happening than anyone else.

“Professor, why did Dedrich ask us to help find it,” she asked the portrait, she could tell Harry wanted to ask the question, but he was too deep in thought.

“Dedrich asked me if you two would be up to the task. I assured him you would. You may not know it now, but you two are destined to do great things. The love and power between the two of you is something that does not come along very often,’ he told them.

“The Chamber of Love,” Harry said looking strait at the portrait. “We are supposed to enter it, aren’t we?”

“Yes, you are,” Dumbledore said. For a second Harry thought he saw a twinkle in the eye of the portrait. There was a long silence in the room as they digested the information.

“Well, I'm not sure what you two are doing, but I do know I need a Teacher and a Healer. It will be nice to have you both in the castle again,” she told them snapping them from their thoughts.

“Minerva, until our task is complete we may have to leave on a moments notice, and if I'm not mistaken we may also have to train a few Aurors here,” Harry told her. He could see the pieces falling into place.

“The Minister flooed me earlier to ask me if I had room for an advanced Auror training class,” she told him. “How did you know?”

“It all fits,” Ginny said for her husband.

“This problem is going to reach a head in the next year or so, and when it does the Ministry is going to need their Aurors trained to a level they have never seen,” Harry told her. “You were around for the terror of the ADK and you know what they are capable of. When the Death Eaters took control of England the Aurors were caught with their pants down, that’s not gonna happen again.”

“So that’s what Kingsley meant,” McGonagall said knowingly. “Well just know that we are behind you, and yes I still want you to teach here. Welcome back to Hogwarts.”

Harry and Ginny both rose from their chairs and shook her hand again. Coming around the side of the desk, she pulled them both into a hug. She may have been their teacher, but to her they were much more than just students.

“I will need to speak with Dumbledore again at a later date,” Harry told her.

“This office is always open to you,” she assured him.

“I will be waiting for that conversation, Harry,” Dumbledore said with a smile. To Harry it seemed that though it was only a portrait, the true spirit of Dumbledore lived on in the painting.

“Now, have you been to see Molly,” Minerva asked. They both shook their heads. “Then I implore you to go visit her, she misses you both dearly.”

“That’s our next stop,” Ginny assured her. “We are heading there now.”

“I'm sure you will see more of us in the coming days,” Harry told her. “If my guess is correct, Kingsley will not want to wait.”

“I think your right.”

Harry held out his hand for Ginny and she took it ever so gently. With a nod of his head, they both disappeared in a flash of fire.

“What in Merlin’s name was that,” Minerva asked as she stared blankly at the spot they left.

“That, my dear Minerva, is but a taste of the power those two hold in their bodies. I believe it was a Phoenix flash if I am not mistaken. Dedrich told me Harry could transform into a phoenix, but I was unaware he could use its powers while not transformed.”

“Amazing,” she muttered as she sat back down in her chair. “Albus, Severus, I have a feeling this is going to be a very eventful year.’

“Of course it is,” Snape chimed in. “Potter’s back in the castle, Merlin help us all.”




Harry was nervous for the first time in years. He could feel the energy radiating off his wife as she prepared herself for an emotional reunion with her family. Though the Weasleys’ knew what they were up to, there was no contact between them. Ginny felt that the less contact she had with her family the easier being apart from them would be.

“Are you ready for this, my love,” Harry asked her as they approached the backdoor.

“As ready as I’m ever gonna be,” she whispered.

As they walked in the door, they found Arthur, Ron and Emily sitting at the kitchen table, while Molly and Hermione were doing dishes. It was obvious to Harry they had missed dinner, but he knew that the next few hours were going to be so hectic that they wouldn’t be hungry. The sound of a plate hitting the floor caused everyone in the room to stop and stare at Molly.

“Ginny, what…” Molly couldn’t even speak. Harry could feel the emotions begin to spill out of her.

“Hi, Mum,” was all that Ginny could get out as the tears began to well in her eyes.

Harry took a step back. He understood this was between his wife and her family. Molly crossed the room quickly and pulled her daughter into a huge hug. The tears broke loose and both women began sobbing into each other. Arthur was now standing and moving towards his daughter as well, while Ron picked up Emily and went to stand by Hermione. It was a very touching moment.

“Harry, son, welcome home,” Arthur said offering his hand to his son in law. Harry took it and smiled.

“It’s good to be back,” Harry said turning his attention back to his wife, who was still in the midst of a tearful hug.

“Harry James Potter,” Molly said looking in his direction. Harry winced at the use of his full name. “You get over here right now and give your mother a hug.”

Harry smiled and walked towards her. Molly pulled him into the hug and the crying started again.

“It’s so good to see you both,” Molly said releasing the couple. Ginny immediately turned to her father and fell into his arms. “I was beginning to wonder if I would ever see you again.”

“We were always close,” Harry told her as he walked over to the younger Weasley couple.

“Harry,” Hermione said throwing her arms around him. She pulled back and looked to her husband and daughter. “This is Emily. Emily, this is your Uncle Harry.”

The three year old looked at the man before her. “Hi,” she said.

“Hi, Emily,” he could tell she was apprehensive, so he didn’t push.

They said their greetings and the adults took a seat at the kitchen table, while Emily played on the floor with a few of her toys. Watching her, Harry decided he was going to spoil her rotten. He could also see the look of longing in Ginny’s eyes, she wanted a child and he knew the time was soon approaching that they would discuss it.

“Ron told us about Dedrich,” Molly said. “He seemed like such a nice man.”

“He was,” Ginny said. “He taught us a lot, not only about magic, but about life.’

“He was a good friend,” Harry confirmed. Learning earlier that Dedrich had kept Dumbledore in the loop, made him appreciate the man even more.

“So now that you are home I want to hear everything,” Molly told the couple. “Starting off with where you lived, and why I don’t have more grandchildren yet.”

The reunited family talked at the table for hours. Not just covering Harry and Ginny, but also what was happening in England. The Potters left out nothing, except for their current lead, and told their family of their travels, training and their current situation.

“So starting September first, you are looking at the new Healer and Defense teacher at Hogwarts,” Ginny told them.

“It will be so nice to have you both in the castle,” Hermione told her.

“I'm so proud of both of you,” Molly said smiling at her kids.

A flash of fire and the rushing air in the room interrupted the conversation suddenly, as Celeynn appeared and landed on Harry’s chair. There was a gasp in the room, as the family was suddenly confronted with the beautiful bird.

“Everyone I would like you to meet Celeynn,” Ginny said as the magnificent bird nuzzled its head into her hair. “Celeynn, this is my family. Arthur, Molly, Ron, Hermione and that beautiful little girl is my niece Emily.”

Celeynn moved down to the floor next to Emily, who stepped back quickly. Emily cocked her head and looked oddly at the bird and then to her mother. Then without saying a word, she moved forward and placed her hand on the birds head. Celeynn let out a short thrill as the three year old ran her fingers through the feathers on her head.

“Mommy, the bird talks,” Emily said, looking up to her mother. Hermione looked at her in confusion and then to Harry.

“Celeynn speaks to Ginny and I using telepathy,” Harry told them. “She must have spoken with Emily as well.”

‘I did, this little one has a great deal of potential,’ Harry heard in his mind.

“She did,” Harry told everyone else. “She also says Emily has a great deal of potential. Phoenixes don’t generally speak with humans they are not bound with.”

‘One day, this little one will have a Phoenix of her own to speak with.’

That made Harry look at Ginny, but she just smiled at him. He decided not to pass on that last bit of information. One thing Harry learned over the years, was knowing too much could be a bad thing. Dumbledore taught him that sometimes knowing the future would cause you to make the wrong decisions.

“Thank you,” Emily said suddenly to Celeynn. The Phoenix bowed before rising back into the air and resuming her perch on Harry’s chair.

“Mommy,” Emily said turning to Hermione. “I want a birdie.”

Laughter broke out around the table as Hermione explained to Emily that they were too expensive. That seemed to satisfy her and she went back to playing with her toys.

“Harry, I need to speak with you in private,” Ron said motioning towards the back door. Harry nodded and got up.

“Don’t be too long, my love, its getting late,” Ginny said to Harry as he made his way to the back door. He smiled and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“Celeynn,” Harry said turning to the bird. “Could you come outside with us, this may concern you.”

The bird nodded and disappeared with a flash of fire. Harry knew she would be outside circling above the Burrow, as long as she was there, she could hear. Harry walked out the door with his brother in law and they made their way down the path.

“I spoke with Kingsley,” Ron began as they walked towards the lake. “He wanted to see you, but he told me to get in contact with Viktor Krum. Viktor’s wife is a teacher at Durmstrang.”

“Will he help us?”

“Yes, he often passes information to us,” Ron confided. No more than five people in the world knew that information. “He will meet you tomorrow night in Sarov, Russia. I have a map for you. There is an old muggle missile base on the north side of town. He will be there at midnight.”

“Do you work often with Viktor,” Harry inquired, hoping to get a rise out of his friend.

“No, Hermione is his handler,” Ron told him. “Never repeat any of this, except to Ginny.”

“Of course not,” Harry said. He was very surprised at Ron’s demeanor. He reminded himself that Ron was not only Head Auror, but also the head of the Ministry’s Intelligence Division.

It was a little known fact that Wizarding governments, not unlike Muggle governments, had an Intelligence Service. Covering foreign and domestic intelligence, it was run out of the Aurors office. It occurred to Harry that other than Kingsley, Ron was the best-informed person in England.

“Ok, we will be there. What do you know about Kingsley’s plans,” Harry asked. He could just read his mind, but he rather have a normal relationship with his best friend.

“Kingsley wants to see you in the morning, but he’s gonna propose a special unit to deal with the ADK threat,” Ron told him. He knew Harry could just read his mind if he wanted the information. He was glad that he refrained. It showed that Harry still trusted him.

“I figured as much.”

The both turned at the sound of a loud popping noise behind them and were shocked to see Draco Malfoy and Luna Lovegood near the Burrow. Draco looked around and saw Ron and Harry standing not twenty feet away. Grabbing Luna’s hand, he walked briskly in their direction.

“Draco, what’s going on,” Ron asked shocked to see his partner and Draco together and holding hands.

“There was an attack,” he told his boss as he came to a halt when he noticed Harry.

“Draco,” Harry said nodding his head. Harry was well aware of the things Draco had done in the past five years, but they still had not spoken since the day of the final battle at Hogwarts.

“Harry, it’s good to see you,” Draco offered. “Ron, Allison’s dead.”

The shock of the statement hit Ron like a ton of bricks. One of his Aurors was dead. His first instinct was to be angry, but it quickly subsided, replaced by sadness.

“What happened,” he asked. “You can speak freely in front of Harry.”

“She was going to do her sweep of Hogwarts when I left her this afternoon, I needed to go home and get dressed. Luna and I had a dinner date,” he told them. Luna blushed at the revelation. “My coin went off while we were at dinner, the location said Hogwarts, and so we went and found her near the lake.”

“How was she killed,” Harry asked. He didn’t know Allison, but the thought of someone dying at Hogwarts concerned him greatly.

“I'm not expert on the subject, but I think she was killed by a vampire,” Luna said. Harry could feel her fright at the thought of someone sucking the blood out of her body.

“Shit, I was at Hogwarts earlier,” Harry said. Waving his hand, he produced a patronus to the shock of everyone standing by him. The Stag stood and awaited orders. “Tell Ginny, Chopsticks.”

The Stag nodded and disappeared. Before anyone could say a word there was a flash of light and a rush of air as Celeynn came to his side. She perched herself on the fence post next to Ron.

“Celeynn, I need you to find out if Zenzi is in England,” Harry said to the bird. With a nod, the bird disappeared in a flash of fire.

“What’s going on,” Draco blurted out, unable to contain his feeling any longer.

“Ron,” Harry asked looking questioningly at his best friend. Ron nodded so Harry continued. “I think Allison, I believe you said her name was, was attacked and killed by a member of the ADK.”

“The ADK has not been seen since the mid 40’s,” Draco countered. “My uncle was a member.”

“I know,” Harry said. Draco’s uncle had been a member of the ADK back then. He died in prison for his crimes during that war. “They are back, well at least the main Council is, and Ginny and I have been working for five years to make sure they don’t come to power.”

“Merlin,” Draco said thinking of the ramifications. “If they gain power we are going to have a war on our hands.”

“This information does not leave this circle,” Ron said quickly. It was time to start damage control. “Harry, where is the Burrow.”

Draco and Luna turned around and to their amazement the house that was there five minutes ago was now gone. Replaced by a large tree surrounded by lilies, which Harry was sure Ginny did for her niece.

“Ginny sealed it,” Harry told them. “Until I know where Zenzi is, the house will stay on lockdown. Zenzi is very evil, think of Voldemort as a vampire.”

Draco whistled. “That is a scary thought.”

The sound of movement to the right drew the attention of the Aurors. With a swift motion, Draco and Luna pulled their wands and pointed them in the direction of the sound. Before they could bring their wands to bear on the threat, their wands flew into Harry's hand.

A large black panther approached them, its eyes darting from side to side, checking out their surroundings. Luna, who was now defenseless moved to stand behind Draco. The panther seemed satisfied that there was no immediate threat, and moved to Harry's side. Draco and Luna were staring at the panther and to their surprise, it transformed into Ginny before their eyes.

“Sorry,” Ginny said after she gained her composure. “I didn’t know if the threat was out here.”

“You’re an Animagus,” Luna asked still in shock.

“We both are,” Harry told her, handing them back their wands. “Gin, Zenzi might be around.”

“Merlin, that woman gives me the creeps,” Ginny said. “What happened?”

They brought her up to speed on the situation. Harry told her that he sent Celeynn out to look for Zenzi, but he didn’t want to take any unnecessary risks. He explained to Luna and Draco that the ADK was active again and attempting to raise Grindelwald from the dead.

“Why would Zenzi be at Hogwarts,” Ron asked refocusing the conversation.

“My guess is they are trying to figure out who we are,” Ginny said. “Now that Dedrich is dead, Harry and I are the biggest threat to their plans.”

“Ok, this is what were gonna do,” Ron told the group. He had a dead Auror to deal with and the threat of a crazy vampire loose in the countryside. “Draco, Luna, I want you two to go back to Hogwarts and gather as much information as you can, but be careful. If you see anyone out of the ordinary, I want you to fall back and report. Understood?”

“Yes,” Luna said for both of them. “Let’s go, Draco. Harry, it was very nice to see you again, you too Ginny.”

“Wait,” Draco said before Luna could walk away. “Harry, Ginny, I have said this to everyone else, but you weren’t around at the time. I'm sorry for everything that happened between us in the past.”

“Draco, we are both aware of what you have done to atone for your mistakes,” Harry said placing his hand on Ginny's shoulder. “We both look forward to working with you.”

Ginny nodded her head in agreement and Draco smiled the tension between them now broken. Draco turned and grabbed Luna’s hand and with a pop, they disappeared.

“You two stay here and protect my family,” Ron told them. “I need to go see Kingsley at home and then talk to Allison’s parents. Tell Hermione I will be back, but late.”

“I'm coming with you,” Harry told his friend. “I need to see Kingsley and no one should go out alone till I hear back from Celeynn.”

“I will stay here,” Ginny said turning on her husband. “If you need me for anything, you call me. You know the password to enter the house.”

Harry nodded and kissed his wife passionately on the lips. Ron was impressed. There was no bickering between them, no disagreements. They both knew their role and they played it to the best of their ability. Ron could tell he had yet to scratch the surface of their new demeanor, but he also knew in due time he would see it in full force. Ginny turned on the spot and was gone, with only a wisp of white smoke where she stood.

“How many different apparations do you two use,” Ron asked Harry with a laugh. Harry just smiled.

“Where to first,” he asked pulling his cloak over his head.

“Ministry atrium,” Ron said.

With a flash of fire and a small pop, they both disappeared.

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