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Victoire Weasley
A story of: Love

Victoire would never be as beautiful as her mother. This was a fact she had long since accepted. Despite having inherited Fleur's blonde hair, she would always look more like her father. Her face was in constant comparison to her gorgeous younger sister and there were even times she was told her commonplace beauty was far out-shined by her younger brother. As a child, this hurt the girl; to be told pretty-enough was nothing compared to the rampant Veela genes that coursed through her siblings.

There was always one person she could count on to lift her spirits after such times: Teddy Lupin. He would twist his face into the most outrageous of forms and make various animal sounds at the girl until she would fall over into a fit of giggles. “You're prettiest to me,” he would tell her.

The boy had always been her side as they grew up. He started off as an annoying brat who liked to push her in the mud when the adults weren't looking. But as they grew older and their attention was stripped for the 'new arrivals' to the Weasley clan, the two stopped being at odds. They leaned on each other for company and support. Soon enough, they were best friends. And as their teen years came to the ends, they became more.

Teddy Lupin had been the only boy Victoire ever had eyes for. True, she dated a few guys during her fifth and sixth years at school, but they never measured up to Teddy. She kept her feelings hidden until one day, the summer before her final year at Hogwarts, things just spilled out.

“I'm not being stubborn,” she hissed during a nonsensical argument over whether or not they should share an ice cream. “You always eat way more than your share.”

“You know I'll just eat off yours when I finish mine anyways. We might as well share a bowl,” Teddy quipped, shooting the blonde a playful wink.

Victoire rolled her eyes and nodded in defeat. “You're lucky I love you so much, otherwise I'd slap your hand for touching my ice cream.” She smirked back at the boy, having only been teasing, but the look on his face was pure shock. “What's wrong?”

“Do you mean that?” he whispered, his eyes widening slightly. “Do you really love me?”

The girl opened her mouth in surprise and flushed red. “I just...I just meant that-that I um...yes.”

And before Victoire could consider the situation, she was kissed.

It was hard, having to go back to school when the boy she loved wasn't there. But they wrote and Winter Holiday was spent curled up with each other by a roaring fire. “So sweet you could get a cavity,” her father teased, though the man couldn't have been happier about the relationship.

Their relationship grew as the months passed and stretched into years. Teddy, fresh off receiving his Healer's license, wanted his lovely girlfriend to accompany him to a celebratory dinner. He arrived at her home, her parents' home technically, around five, a bunch of wildflowers clasped in his hand. He never brought her roses. “Roses,” he would say, “are just overrated. True, they are beautiful, but when you look at a wildflower, it's breathtaking. They're simple and unique and they hold the kind of beauty that touches your heart, rather than just your eyes.”

Victoire was in no state for dinner.

Stressed and a mess, the young woman was frantically searching for a missing shoe while her sister, Dominique badgered her about wearing more make up. “I hate that stuff,” the blonde argued. “It feels fake and gross.”

Dominique rolled her eyes and tossed the missing shoe to her sister. “I'm just trying to help,” she mused as she headed out of the room.

Victoire collapsed onto the end of her bed and hung her head in defeat. She'd been convinced to wear a dress that was at least a size too small and a pair of heels that made her feel like she was going to fall over with every step. “I'm not going,” she snapped the moment Teddy appeared in her doorway.

“What?” the man whispered as he walked into her room. He laid the flowers on the girl's dresser and knelt down in front of her. “But I made reservations. Why don't you wanna go?”

“I look awful,” she said, the threat of tears in her voice.

Teddy leaned back and raised his eyebrows at the girl's appearance. “ be honest, yes you do.” When the girl's head flew up and her eyes looked positively ready to bulge, he held up his hands. “You misunderstood!” he said quickly. “I just mean this,” he told her, tugging at the hem of the dress. “Why are you wearing something so...I don't wanna sound mean, but it looks like Dominique's.”

“It is,” Victoire sighed as she kicked the heels off her feet and dragged her hand back through her hair.

“Why are you wearing it?” he sighed as he crossed over to the girl's closet and flicked through it. “Here, just wear some jeans or something.”

“I can't wear jeans to dinner. Don't they have some kinda dress code?”

“Yeah, but we'll go somewhere else then. I figured you'd have a dress of your own. We can go to that bakery on the corner of Brighton. You love that place,” Teddy rambled as he pulled out a light blue sweater from the girl's closet. “Wear this one? It's my favorite.”

“But I -”

“No buts. I'll meet you in the living room in five minutes.” Teddy turned on his heel and marched out of the room, not giving her a chance to argue.

Victoire sighed in defeat and quickly changed into the requested sweater and her best jeans. She peeked around the corner into the living room and smirked at what she saw. Teddy sat beside her father on the sofa, engaged in the most heated game of rock-paper-scissors she'd ever witnessed. She stepped into the room and Teddy's eyes jumped to her.

“You look gorgeous,” he said as he got up from his place and rushed to her.

Victoire didn't feel gorgeous, especially with her mother and sister in the room, but when Teddy said it, she believed it. She smiled up at the man and laced her fingers with his. “I don't really wanna go out,” she whispered, giving the man a defeated look.

“But....” Teddy glanced back to Victoire's father and let out a heavy sigh. “You're very stubborn, you know that?” he asked with a half-smirk.

“I've been told,” she answered in a giggle.

“Fine, fine, my beautiful, wonderful, stubborn girl, I'll just have to propose to you here then,” Teddy said in a comical tone as he shoved his hand into his pocket.

“What?” Victoire asked, her eyes wide and her mouth dry.

“Oh, you heard me,” Teddy laughed. From his pocket, he pulled out a tiny silver ring embedded with diamonds. Slowly, the man sunk down onto one knee and stared up at Victoire with adoring eyes. “Victoire, I love you. And I'm not good with long sappy speeches, but I can promise that I'll be a wonderful husband to you. Will you marry me?”

Victoire slapped her hand over her mouth and gave a nod. “Yes,” she squeaked form behind her hand. She dropped onto her knees and wrapped her arms tightly around Teddy's neck. She smiled as she felt him cradle her back. It was an amazing force, she thought, true love.

A Note From the Author: Thank you for reading. :) Lorcan is next up with his story about Loss. Leave me some thoughts please. --Jenna

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