Hermione set the grocery bags on the kitchen counter and sighed in relief. She had just finished settling herself into her new apartment and she deserved some time to relax.

She had been too preoccupied with her training at the Department of Muggle and Wizards Relation at the Ministry and moving into her apartment. She didn't even have the time to think about the kiss on the cheek from a certain Slytherin. Hermione blushed as she thought about the kiss.

She hasn't seen him for a few months since their departure from Hogwarts. She visited the Weasleys and Harry at the Burrow and bumped into a few of her former schoolmates at Diagon Alley but not Draco.

'Maybe I should visit him and see how he is" she said thoughtfully while examining the ring he gave her at the station . It DID keep her nightmares away and she liked the fact that she could wake up in the morning without being covered in cold sweats.

Leaving the unpacked grocery bags, she apparated herself to a certain Manor.

Hermione was flabberghast to watch the scene before her. She did not prepare herself to see house elves crying their eyes out at the entrance of the Manor.

She felt a flash of anger before stopping herself "Draco wouldn't mistreat house elves even if he was the bugger he used to be" she told herself, knowing that it was true.

Hermione hesitated before coming closer to one of the house elves.

"Er...is everything alright?" she asked

The house elf looked at her for a moment and continued to wail, only louder this time.

"Jinky was never asked about her wellbeing before...Jinky is honoured but is too upset!" She sobbed

Hermione tried again. "Jinky" she said gently "What happened" but received another loud wail from the other house elves.

"M-Master Malfoy gave us clothes and sold the Manor!...CLOTHES! CLOTHES" Jinky screeched at the pile of clothes at the doorstep. "He even gave up the family fortune..OH DEAR! OH DEAR!"

The door suddenly opened and out walked the young Malfoy,his luggage hovering on thin air behind him. He looked shocked but pleased when he saw Hermione.

"Hermione" he smiled and frowned when he saw the other house elves,

"Didn't I set you free?" he groaned at the sobbing creatures.

"But we don't want to go! We don't like being free" one of the said.

Draco gave Hermione an exasperated look. HELP his eyes pleaded.

Hermione was still supporting S.P.E.W but knew that these elves won't take any of the freedom nonsense.

"Why don't you all work at Hogwarts?" she suggested kindly. That was the only safe solution that she could think of. The house elves stopped bawling and perked up at the idea.

"That not bad idea..that not bad idea..Master gave up fortune for Hogwarts so it must be precious to him. " Jinky thought outloud.

Hermione choked "You gave up your fortune to Hogwarts?"

Draco shrugged "It was too much money for me to handle."

"And the Manor?"

"I'm lending it to the Ministry to be used as a museum"

Hermione was speechless (which made him smirk).

"Er..ehem" she cleared her throat "Where are you going to live? How on EARTH are you going to survive without money. Oh my god! I'll lend you some-"

Draco cut her off "I have a handsome amount of savings Granger " he said ,rolling his eyes at her (it seems that rolling their eyes have become a habit when being friends with eachother)"And I'll just stay at some Inn or something"

Hermione opened her mouth to say something before she noticed the house elves were still there, waiting for his command. Draco noticed this too and rubbed his temples. He clearly had a long day.

"You don't work for me anymore so go to Hogwarts" he said flatly.

Thrilled to receive an order, the house elves bowed to them and apparated to Hogswart.

Hermione turned her attention back to the man before her. She remembered what she was going to ask.

"I have an extra room. Why don't you stay with me? "

He smirked but his eyes twinkled "I'm flattered. If you wanted me to move in with you so much ,all you had to do was ask me Granger."

Hermione shoved his arm as he broke into guffaws.

"Do you want to or not?" she glared,her hands on her hips while Draco slowly stopped laughing.

Draco's heart softened and smiled as he saw that she was still wearing the ring he gave her . He realized that he had been staring at her hand when she cleared her throat awkwardly.

He looked back at her. His grey eyes meeting her brown ones.

"I'd love to BUT" he put one hand up to stop her protests "under one condition"

Draco grinned as he said two words "I cook "

I know Draco is kinda OOC in the story but I DON'T CARE! :P Everything is owned by JK Rowling but the plot is MINE! And o you know what else is mine, the reviews!

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