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Chapter 12

Hermione woke up with a headache, the side effect of gurdy-root. Fortunately it was Sunday so she could stay in bed as long as she wanted.

She recalled the night, Halloween’s night… Dancing with Jasper cheek to cheek, the hungry crowd of vampires, running through the dark and cold forest, Malfoy’s warm and deep kiss… Or had it been just a dream?

She switched on her muggle radio and someone sang the words ’everybody needs someone to love’ from a corny love song. She switched it off. She didn’t want to think of her love life. She wanted to concentrate on the mystery of the missing Horcrux.

But she couldn’t get the words out of her head. Everybody needs someone to love… Everybody. Even Malfoy. Even…

She sat up and gasped. She had an idea. She forgot about the headache immediately. She jumped out of bed, quickly dressed up and stormed out of her room.


Malfoy was having breakfast sadly in the Great Hall. He couldn’t see Hermione and that made him feel worse. The only thing that comforted him was to see Jasper Hale talking to Neville Longbottom. At least Hermione was not with him.

’Oh, Professor Malfoy, what a beautiful ring…’ He heard Luna Lovegood’s dreamy voice. ’I wonder what it feels like to wear it…’

Malfoy was surprised. He hadn’t been on speaking terms with Professor Lovegood.

’Yeah, it’s family heirloom…’ He answered embarrassed and had a glance at Luna’s ring with a huge, heart-shaped ruby.

’I know,’ she smiled at him.

’Sorry, I must be going,’ Malfoy stammered and stormed out to find Professor Granger.


’Voldemort’s love life?!’ McGonagall stared at Hermione in disbelief. ’Do you really think, Professor Granger, that there might be any connection between his love life and Professor Trelawney’s murder?!’

Hermione nodded. She tried to look determined though she knew the idea sounded crazy.

’We… Professor Malfoy and me… We are searching for a missing Horcrux and it might be helpful to know if Voldemort had ever been in love with someone… If it ever happened to him to fall in love.’ Hermione felt like a schoolgirl again, trying to explain something to McGonagall, like in the good old days, after some mischief of the trio.

The Headmistress was quiet for some seconds, deep in thought, then she sighed and started to talk.

’I trust you, Professor Granger. So I’ll answer your question. Voldemort was in love with a beautiful, young woman once… Back in the 1980s.’

Hermione got excited. ’I must find her,’ she thought.

’But… she died,’ McGonagall went on. ’She died in St Mungo’s… I don’t know what caused her death.’

Hermione looked disappointed.

’That’s all I know, Professor Granger. Dumbledore told me about it… I don’t think there’s anybody you could ask for more information.’

’Thank you, Professor… I think you could help…’ Hermione bit her lower lip and nodded. She knew it was almost impossible to find someone, someone who still remembered that woman… But she would try.


’I’m so sorry. A thousand times sorry. I lost my self control,’ Malfoy begged to Hermione who did not seem too impressed. ’It will never happen again,’ he promised, having regretted that kiss of the previous night.

Hermione nodded and looked into the blond professor’s eyes strictly.

’That’s right. Promise me to kiss me only if I ask you to,’ she said dryly.

’Promise’, he sighed reluctantly.


After dinner Luna Lovegood stopped Malfoy in the corridor with a sweet smile.

’Professor Malfoy…’

Malfoy looked at her suspiciously. He was still grumpy because of Hermione’s refusal.


’Could you come into my room for a minute?’

Malfoy raised his eyebrows but followed the blond girl.

It was dark in the room, Luna lit some candles.

’Could you get to the point, Professor Lovegood?’ Malfoy asked impatiently.

Luna took off her cape and started to unbutton her blouse.

’Of course,’ she smiled seductively and Malfoy didn’t believe his eyes. ’I can get to the point…’

’Looney… Professor Lovegood…’ Malfoy stammered and tried not to look at her bra. ’I don’t think…’

’But I do,’ she whispered and snaked her arms around Malfoy’s neck. ’You are lonely, I am lonely… Why to overcomplicate things?’

’Because,’ he moved away, ’I’m a complicated guy.’ He knew it sounded stupid but his mind went blank. He and Luna Lovegood… No way.

He was thinking for some more seconds what else to say, then he left the room embarrassed, leaving a disappointed Luna Lovegood standing in the middle of the room in pink underwear.

End of Chapter 12


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