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Rose gathered her things to go, Chloe doing the same, and they headed off to Potions together.  As per usual, they picked up people on the way.  Adrian detached himself from Molly long enough to step into place beside Chloe, instantly picking up on the ongoing conversation, and they found Scorpius not long after, leaning against a wall and unsuccessfully trying to ignore the girl leaning next to him.  She was petting his arm and twirling her hair, and he almost sprang at his friends.

“Thank God,” he muttered, clapping Adrian on the back, “I thought she was going to drag me into the broom closet.”

“She looks like she still wants to,” Adrian laughed, nudging him and nodding at the blonde.

She blew a kiss at Scorpius, who rolled his eyes and looked away.

“Save me sooner next time, please.”

“You could just walk away,” Rose snapped, and Scorpius shut up.

He tried not to talk when around her, tried to not instigate her constant bad mood toward him, but he usually wasn’t successful.  Adrian and Scorpius found a seat in the middle while Rose and Chloe took the seat in front of them.  Molly strolled in a few minutes later with Hailey, chattering quickly and furiously.  She barely paused to lean down to kiss Adrian’s cheek.  Chloe looked desperately between her sisters and Rose before finally sighing.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled before getting up and going to the back table where they’d sat down.

Rose just shook her head and opened her book.  It was hard to be in the same class as the triplets.  They always worked together, and Rose usually felt left out.

A few more students trickled in here and there, and Scorpius and Adrian hardly noticed Corvus sit down at the end of their table.

“Dude, where do you come from?” Adrian muttered, giving him a shocked look.

Corvus just smirked before leaning his guitar next to him and dumping his backpack on the table.  He brushed his hair back away from his face before going back to his bag and rifling through it until he found sheet music and a dull pencil.  He worked for the next ten minutes chewing on the eraser and scribbling down all of four notes before the professor walked in.

There was some long speech about it being their seventh and most important year, one in which Scorpius spent making little paper stick figures dance around on his desk, Adrian slept, and Corvus continued to work on his song.  Two girls had joined Rose at the table in front of them, and Scorpius looked up at her every once in a while, purely out of habit.

Finally, they were let out and Adrian left with Molly to go to Divination.  Hailey caught up with them, slipping her hand through Corvus’, a silent motion of love, and they made their way to Transfiguration.

“So, what was up with Molly?” Corvus asked halfway there.

Hailey waved it away, rolling her eyes, “Stupid things.  Scorp, darling, you look terribly distraught.”

Scorpius laughed, shrugging, “Just can’t seem to get it right.”

“She’ll come around, I’m sure,” Hailey said with a firm nod, “Right, Rose?”

Scorpius stiffened as they all stopped and he turned slowly, letting out a breath of relief when he realized she was too far away to have heard him.

“Right, what?” Rose grumbled, coming up next to Hailey, “Malfoy, we need to speak to McGonagall about Head duties after dinner.  Please be on time.”

“Always am,” he shot back.

“Of course.  Is everything alright with Molly?”

“Yes, yes, she’s fine.  Trying being a little nicer, yea?”

“You’re the second person to tell me that today.  Gee, thanks.”

And then Rose fell silent.  Scorpius opened his mouth to say something to Corvus, though Rose took it as a retort, and instantly jumped to her defense.

“Oh, shove it, Malfoy.  No one cares.”

And then she stalked off, leaving Scorpius to sigh.

“I honestly don’t know what you see in her,” Corvus muttered, “She’s vial.”

“She’s been tainted by history, actually,” Hailey sang before they went through the open doorway into Transfiguration.

Hailey went to sit with a fuming Rose while Scorpius and Corvus took a less dangerous route in the back of the class.  McGonagall didn’t waste a second welcoming them back, and they were working on small introductory things within ten minutes.  Classes continued on similarly for the rest of the day until lunch arrived, and the boys hungrily hurried down to the hall.

“Oi, Malfoy!” a familiar voice caused Scorpius to turn, and he smiled when Albus caught up with them, “Word is you’ve got the hots for Kara.”

Adrian howled with laughter from next to Scorpius, and the blonde just rolled his eyes, “She attacked me, actually.  You sitting with us, Albus?”

“Wouldn’t dare dream differently,” he chided, making a face.

When they found seats with the girls, Albus spoke up again, “So, Gryffindor Quidditch try-outs this Saturday.  I saw you booked the afternoon slot, Adrian.”

“Both Saturday and Sunday, the same as you.  Got any hopefuls?”

“A few.  Hugo’s trying out.”

There was a collective groan, to which Albus shrugged, “He’s family.  I’ll get over it.  What about you?”

“Uh, unless my old team suddenly decides not to play, I’ve already got a pretty full roster.”

“I’m in,” Scorpius nodded.

“As am I,” Corvus promised, winking.

“I’m trying out,” Lyra said as she slipped into the seat next to her brother, “Is that okay?”

“’Course, Lyra,” Adrian said with a nod, “Can’t promise you a position just because your brother happens to be beautiful and a great Seeker, though.”

“I’m handsome, actually,” Corvus retorted.

“Either way,” a voice said from behind him, “you’re hot.”

He shelled up, a transformation that still caught his friends off guard.  His expression went immediately blank, and he turned slowly, dead eyes looking up at the girl.

“I’m taken, actually.  And you’re ugly,” came his soft response.

Hailey bit her lip, holding in her laugh as the girl’s eyes went wide and her mouth agape.

“How could—”

“I’d walk away very fast,” Lyra defended, standing up, “Please.”

The girl looked like she wanted to retort, but, instead, turned up her nose and stalked off.  And, for the rest of lunch, Corvus remained silent.

Scorpius continued through his day, unaffected by much until Charms class.  He was almost running late due to this girl that just would not take a hint, and so, when he hurried in, their professor just looking up from his desk, the only seat open was next to Rose.  He considered turning right back out and skipping, but, it being the first day of class and the fact that the professor had just spotted him, he had no choice but to follow through and walk over, eyes averted.  Rose quickly came to the same conclusion and looked around helplessly.

“What are you doing?” she hissed, and he chose not to respond as he sat.

“Alright, class, I’m going to start off with our seating arrangement.  So, whomever you are sitting with, that’s who will be your neighbor and partner for the rest of the year.  I hope none of you have any aversions to this.”

Rose immediately raised her hand.

“Miss Weasley?”

“I refuse to work with him.”

“Well, then it’ll be your grade that suffers.”

And Rose shut right up.  The rest of the class consisted of introductions and expectations, but it was the end that really riled Scorpius.

“You’re a disgusting and horrible person, Scorpius Malfoy,” Rose grumbled a little too loudly as she angrily shoved her books in her bag, “And I hate you.”

“Why?” he asked her, calmly, as he stood and watched her get ready.

“Because,” she snapped.

“Fucking tell me why.”

She looked up, shocked, and he was standing right in front of her, dangerously close and furious.  She gulped, tried to step back, and was met with a desk, which she almost fell over.  He advanced on her again, rage pumping through his veins.

“You hate me.  You tell me that every godforsaken day, and you never have a good reason other than because!” he shouted as Rose looked around for help, but no one was there; the class had emptied out quickly for dinner, “You’re a selfish bitch, Rose.”

She straightened at this, opened her mouth to retort, and then closed it again, heart pounding.  Why did she hate Scorpius?

What?” he yelled, stepping closer again, “Say something!  Tell me why you ha—”

And Rose kissed Scorpius.  She launched forward, grabbed his face, and pushed her mouth onto his.  He didn’t kiss back, too shocked to really understand what was going on.  She was kissing him.  Was he dreaming?

And then Rose pulled away, out of breath and eyes wild.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled, and tried to push around him.

His brain suddenly kicked on, and he grabbed her arm, turned her right around, and kissed her.  He laced his fingers in her hair, and she actually responded, and Scorpius felt like he would never breathe right again.  He was really kissing Rose, he really was.

She glued herself to him, holding onto his forearms, and they broke for air.  Scorpius nudged her head back with his nose on her chin and attacked her neck, hungry to taste her, to feel her.

“Scorpius,” she whispered, melting under his touch.

She’d always heard the talk, always known how everyone felt about him.  He was flawless, a true figure of perfection.  He was tall and handsome, chiseled and incredibly attractive.  Why did Rose hate him?  Because everyone else loved him, and so did she, and she didn’t want to be just another girl.  Of course, he’d never shown that attribute; every relationship he had lasted almost always over half a year, and he always was crazily chivalrous and sweet.  Though, he never was in love, he never returned any proclamations of such a thing, and he played along until the girls got fed up with him staring at her, at Rose.  Why did he love her so much?  She couldn’t understand it.

But they were kissing.

Again.  They were kissing.  Rose couldn’t comprehend this.  She’d always wanted it, sure, but for it to be really happening, Rose wasn’t sure it was real.

“Scorpius,” she said again, and this time she was pushing away from him, “Woah.”

She found her head, coming up from the fog that was him.  His chest was rising and falling too quickly, his cheeks were flushed, and his eyes were alive with a fire she’d never seen before.  He didn’t say anything as she took another step back, but she watched the fear start to infect him as she re-shouldered her bag.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered again, but for a different reason, and then she was gone.

Scorpius stood there for a second, catching his breath and trying to reason with his brain.  He wasn’t sure what had just happened.


They were in the middle of a conversation when Corvus suddenly stood up.  Lyra started to follow, but he put up a hand.

“Scorpius just walked by,” he explained before leaving the table.

They’d watched Rose hurry in not ten minutes ago, flushed and looking like she’d been bitten on her neck a few times.  Her hair was tousled, and she was out of breath.  She was fine now, sitting with her friends, but she still looked frazzled and confused.

“Hey,” Corvus said as he found Scorpius standing by the lake, a lit cigarette balanced between his fingers.

“She kissed me.”



Corvus wasn’t sure what to say next.  He’d dealt with plenty of girls and relationships when it came to his best friend, but Rose.  This was an entirely different animal, one he didn’t know how to attack.

“Are you sure?”

Scorpius laughed, and so Corvus congratulated himself on a good response.

“I don’t even really know.  She kind of just threw herself at me.”

“Mate,” Corvus said slowly, “Really?  Rose Weasley?”


“Well, how’d you manage that?”

“I yelled at her.  I asked her why she hated me.  She was grumbling about me, and so I called her out on it as class was letting out.”

“And she kissed you?”

“Uh huh.”

“That one’s fucked, Scorp.”

“Yea, so I’m realizing.  I’m going to pretend that didn’t happen, okay?  Unless she comes up to me, I’m just going to pretend I was dreaming.  Can you keep it a secret?”

“Yea, of course.  Can I bum one?”

Scorpius just smiled before holding out his pack.


Well, I’m excited about this story.  It’s pretty much writing itself, which is really nice, so I hope you’re all enjoying it, too!

Also, someone pointed this out to me, and I feel like a total dolt for not realizing it.  Uh, since Hilary and Emily are twins, that makes Corvus and Hailey first cousins...  Yea, you see my little dilemma here.  Granted, that isn't too unusual when it comes to purebloods, though it does prove, well, awkward.  So.  What I'm going to ask is that you just ignore that fact and pretend that they're not related as such, and I only ask this because, honestly, I've already written the entire story, they work together, and I really, really do not want to go back and figure out how to change that and still make it work.  I hope none of you are turned away by this.  Sorry for my goof!

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