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Not that it really mattered in the whole scheme of things, but Ron was getting tired of being the first one in and the last one to leave. He knew that being Head Auror came with a lot of responsibility and enjoyed the position, but it was about time to start relegating. Hermione was starting to show signs of wanting another child and if they decided to go that route, Ron was going to need some family time built into his schedule.

This morning, like every other one for the past six months, found Ron at his desk going over nightly reports. He had a good force of Aurors, most of them held over after the war, but the real talent in his department was from the new classes coming from Hogwarts. Ron had led a class of five into the program after the war and that class was now in charge of the department.

It took some getting used to for the older Aurors, but they managed. Gawain Robards was now the Head of Magical Law Enforcement and being the ex- Head Auror, he kept Ron in line. Working at the Ministry was nothing like he thought. Basically he kept his head down and focused on his missions, the rest of it seemed to fall into place.

“Morning Ron,” Luna Lovegood said as she walked into the office and set her bag on the table.

“Morning Luna, hear anything from Seamus,” he asked her.

“I met Seamus and Susan for drinks last night, and I really think they may be starting to make way on the leak. According to Seamus it has to be in the Wizengamot,” she told her boss as she pulled up her chair.

Great, more good news, Ron thought. Seamus and Susan Finnigan were Ron’s best husband and wife team. Married for almost two years now, there was nothing that they could not uncover. If Ron needed a job done quickly and quietly, he chose the Finnigans.

“Well, I guess we tell them to proceed with caution, but I don’t like it. If the leak is in the court we are in for a bumpy ride,” he told her.

“I agree.”

Luna on the other hand was everything Susan and Seamus were not. She was kind and upfront, yet the innocent little girl they all knew at Hogwarts died in the Malfoy basement. Luna was ruthless in her pursuit of justice and stopped at nothing to get her man. Never married, but heavy on the dating scene, Luna was a force to be reckoned with and that was exactly why Ron made her his partner.

Her only downfall was her love for the one man that seemed oblivious to her beauty, Draco Malfoy. Draco had entered the Auror program a year after everyone else, but he asserted himself better than any other Auror on the force. He is smart, objective and a wiz with a wand. Not only that, but the man funded a charity while living in an apartment in downtown London.

“I got a message from Harry,” Ron said causing Luna’s head to jerk. Aside from the Weasley family and Kingsley, she was the only one who knew about Harry and Ginny.

“Oh yeah, what did the crazy bugger have to say?”

“I'm meeting him tonight, so I’ll be going home early to get some rest,” he warned her.

“Noted. Come on we’re going to be late,” Luna told him.

They both made their way down the hall and into the Auror Situation Room, the ASR. Entering the room, Ron noted that his three teams for the day were in and his special protection detail had arrived back from Azkaban. When he entered the room, the rest of the Aurors took their seats at the table.

“Alright you lot, we have a few things to discuss this wonderful morning. Finnigan’s, I want you on the same project, you have an official green light. If you need any help send me a patronus.”

Seamus and Susan both nodded their heads. Not everyone in the department knew of their investigation only the Inner Circle, as Ron liked to call them. The Inner Circle consisted of Seamus, Susan, Luna and Draco.

“Malfoy, Allison,” Ron continued taking his seat at the head of the table. “I want you two do assist the MLE squads today. Gawain tells me they are going to raid the apartment of a suspected robbery ring. I want you there as back up.”

“Sure thing, Weasley,” Draco said with a smile. Draco and his partner Allison White would be assisting the MLE squads, a boring, but necessary task.

“Why do we always get the shit details,’ Allison wondered out loud.

“Cause Weasley loves me,” Draco told her, before a section of the Daily Prophet hit him upside the head.

“Pay attention, Draco,” Luna said with a sideways smile. Ron laughed and continued.

“Myers, Franks, you two can take the rest of the day,” Ron said. They both nodded. Seeing as they were on prison transfer duty since two in the morning, Ron could not justify keeping them in the office all day.

“And last but not least, I would like you all too welcome Masters and Ryan to their first official day as Aurors,” Ron said pointing at the obviously new kids, fresh out of Auror training. There was a quick round of applause. “Today you two will be with Minister Shaklebolt as he makes his rounds.”

Paddy Ryan looked as if he wanted to cry. On his first day, he was tasked with guarding the Minister of Magic, one of the most important men in England. Little did he know that Kingsley made it a tradition that any new Auror spent their first day with him, and he always a trick up his sleeve.

“Ok, that’s all I have for you, dismissed.”

Masters, Ryan, Myers and Franks made their way out of the room, leaving the Inner Circle and Allison. Allison White was one of the youngest Aurors left after the war and fit in nicely with the members of the DA that were now Aurors. She was tall with fiery red hair that reminded Ron of Ginny. Very easy on the eyes, Ron was sure she was a catch for any of the single guys in the department, but she had her eye on a Professional Quidditch player and that was that.

“You know, Ron, if I didn’t know any better I would say you enjoy giving Draco and I the crappy assignments,” Allison said after the door closed. “Good thing I know you secretly adore me and would never want me to suffer.”

“Watch it, White,” Draco warned. “I’ve seen his wife use a wand, it’s scary.”

“Good point. Ok let’s go,” she said to her partner as she stood from her seat.

Draco followed his partner out the door, but before turning the corner, he turned back and caught Luna staring directly at him. With a huge smile and a wink, he was gone, causing Luna to let out an audible sigh.

“Merlin, you have it bad,” Susan said, causing Ron and Seamus to break out in fits of laughter and Luna to blush.

“I do not.”

“Yes Luna, you do,” Ron said through his laughter.

“Don’t you two have somewhere to be,” Luna snapped glaring at the Finnigans. This only made them all laugh harder.

“Actually we do,” Susan said laughing and rising out of her chair. She grabbed her husband by the shoulder and led him from the room.

“Stop laughing, Ron,” Luna said as Susan and Seamus left the room. “You know as well as I do that it’s not funny when you love someone and they don’t know it.”

“Oh, low blow,” Ron said gaining his composure. “Ok let’s get out of here, I want to head over to the Minister’s office and then we need to head out and look at that site in Edinburgh.”





Susan Finnigan accompanied her husband into the courtroom for the morning session. They were the Aurors on duty for the Wizengamot meeting today, but it also worked as decent cover for their real objective.

Susan had known Seamus most of her adult life, but never really gave any thought to the way she felt about him. That was until three years ago when they both finished their first year on the force. Seamus always flirted with her, but he did the same with most of the women in the office. One day he caught her as she tripped over a stool and since then they had been inseparable.

“You take the floor and I’ll take the Wizengamot,” Seamus told her.

She nodded and kissed him on the cheek before walking towards the rows of seating reserved for spectators. Seamus on the other hand would be in charge of keeping an eye on the members of the court. There were not many people in the stands today, just the normal cadre of reporters.

Seamus took his place below, and to the left of the Chief Warlock’s stand, waiting for the members to enter the courtroom. Over the past three months, his wife narrowed the source of the leak down to three members. The intelligence came from a source that was above Seamus’ pay grade and he knew better than to ask. All he knew was that sensitive information leaked to a group of old Grindelwald supporters, known as the ADK.

The first suspect was from an old wizarding family that had suspected ties to the Death Eaters, though they couldn’t prove it. Darwin Greengrass was old enough to have been around in the time of Grindelwald and had a few friends in Germany. He could easily pass on information without anyone knowing. He lived alone, but had an extensive extended family. The Greengrass fortune was huge, so if he was the mole, he did not do it for money. Therefore, the only reason he could have to support the ADK would be ideology.

The second suspect was Keyton Macmillan the grandfather of their friend Ernie from Hogwarts. There was only one reason Keyton was a suspect and that was ego. He often bragged about the things he knew, to people he barely knew. Even if Keyton was not the leak to the ADK, Seamus thought they could build a general case against him. Some of the women he met on a regular basis knew more about the way the Ministry worked than Seamus did.

The last suspect was one that really didn’t make any sense. Frederick Stevens was the second oldest member, behind Darwin Greengrass. He led a simple life after the death of his wife twenty years ago and had no known associates in Germany. He was too clean and Susan just had a feeling about him. Seamus learned to trust his wife’s intuition and put Frederick on the list. After a very careful look into his past it was found he immigrated to England in the 1930’s, after a hour of Susan saying I told you so, Seamus put his house under surveillance.

Now they played the waiting game, eventually someone would make a mistake and the Finnigans would be there to make the arrest. Ron trusted them with this sensitive case and they were determined to see it through. The sound of the members filing into the courtroom broke his concentration. It was time to get back to work.




As expected the book collection didn’t yield any clues or results. Ginny was getting restless so Harry flashed them to one of her favorite spots. They stood together in silence on the hill overlooking the Burrow. The lights were on in the house, but they were not ready to go inside just yet. Ginny could stand there for hours, just watching.

“Harry,” Ginny said leaning her head back into his chest. “I'm ready to come back home.”

“I know, my love, I know.”

Earlier that day they went by a few houses in the area that were for sale. Both of them currently occupied by muggles, but Harry was sure with a little work they could bring the house up to par. Ginny really liked one of them, but Harry was unsure on the price. It was the kind of house to raise a family in and he knew that was on her mind.

“I'm gonna flash you home before I go see Ron,” he told her. She just nodded and continued to soak in the area.

“Gin, by this time next week we will be back.”

“I know, my love. What is our cover gonna be,” she asked.

“Well, I don’t know yet, that’s one of the things I need to talk to Ron about. We can’t just come back and have no job. We need to get back into the swing of life.”

“You know, I got a copy of the Prophet the other day,” she told him. “Madam Pomfrey retired. Maybe I can look into taking over.”

That wasn’t a bad idea, Harry thought. The safety of the school would be almost as good as living in California. If Ginny worked at Hogwarts that meant they would have their own quarters. That was when it hit him.

“Ginny, if you wanted to hide something, where would you put it?”

“I had a few spots in the Burrow,” she reminded him. “Why?”

“Outside of the Burrow,” he asked.

“The safest place I can think of is Hogwarts,” she told him. The look on his face told her that he was on to something. “What is it, Harry?”

“That’s it, if I wanted to hide something somewhere I knew it would be safe forever, I would choose Hogwarts,” he said smiling. “If I were Grindelwald…”

“I would choose Durmstrang. That’s it, my love,” she turned and looked at him. “Why didn’t we ever think of that?”

“Well, for one we don’t know where it is. I assume Russia, but I don’t know for sure,” he told her. “And two, we were thinking someone knew about it, but what if he told no one.”

“If we can get into Durmstrang, where do we look,” she asked. “Wait, what about the story of the graffiti he put on the wall. Wasn’t there a story that said they couldn’t remove it?”

She was right. In the halls of Durmstrang, Grindelwald put some graffiti on the wall that the school couldn’t remove. The sign of the Deathly Hallows, his obsession, etched into the wall. It had to be there.

“We need to go to Russia,” Harry told his wife. “But were gonna need the Ministry’s help on this one. Cause I have no idea where to even start looking for Durmstrang.”

“Looks like you have more than one thing to talk to Ron about,” Ginny said with a smile on her face. Finally, a lead that sounded promising.

“Let’s go home.”

Ginny nodded and put her arms around her husband, and with a flash of fire, they were gone.






Harringay Arms was a small pub on the outskirts on London and a quiet place where the Aurors liked to grab a drink after work. Small and busy it allowed them to drink and have a good time with relative anonymity. The owner was a wizard who ran his quiet muggle bar without incident. Most of the staff were wizards as well and enjoyed having the Aurors around.

“You know, I'm not sure what your problem is, Draco,” Allison said to her partner. They were in a booth in the north corner of the pub. “You could have any girl in this place. Hell, you could probably have me if you tried.”

“It’s not about that, Allison, and you know it,” Draco said putting his beer down on the table. “I'm just not comfortable getting involved.”

Since the death of his wife two years ago, Draco had not so much as dated another woman, yet he flirted like crazy with everyone from co-workers to suspects. He was a very handsome man and would have no problem finding a woman.

“I know, I know, what about Luna,” Allison asked, afraid of the eruption she knew was coming.

“Luna is beautiful and I know she likes me, but I can’t get involved with another Auror,” Draco said before taking a drink of his beer.

“Why in Merlin’s name, not?”

“Well for one we would have to work together...”

“Ok, Seamus and Susan do that every day. Please continue,” she said shaking her head.

“That and well, I don’t think I can lose another wife,” Draco said putting his head down on the table.

“Draco, I'm sorry, I…”

“It’s not your fault, Allison,” he whispered.

There was a long silence as the two partners sat in deep thought. The server came by and they ordered another round. It was going to be one of those nights.

“I wasn’t talking about you getting married again, Draco. I'm talking about love,” Allison said breaking the silence. “You have gone long enough without love. Listen, I know your upbringing was not exactly stellar and you don’t want to talk about it, but I know.”

“Know what?”

“I know that it wasn’t great, but that’s no reason to shut love out of your life. Losing Heather to a freak accident is no reason to shut love out of your life. She would want you to be happy,” Allison reasoned. As much as he tried to play it off, Draco was still deeply hurt over the loss of his wife.

“I know, Al, I know.”

“I'm tired of this, I know, crap. You need to do something about it. Now tell me, what’s wrong with Luna again?”

Draco stared at his cup. The truth was that there is nothing wrong with Luna at all. The chemistry between them was amazing and they were both obviously attracted to each other. She was beautiful with her long legs and golden blonde hair. Draco was sure that if she wanted to, she could be a model. But, Luna wasn’t the problem, he was.

“I'm waiting…”

“There’s nothing wrong with her…” Draco began, but what cut off by the sight of Luna Lovegood walking towards their table. “Allison, what did you do?”

“Oh nothing,’ Allison said after turning around and seeing Luna. “I need to get going anyways.”

Allison got up from the table just as Luna arrived carrying her glass of red wine. She shot a knowing smile at Draco, even though he was scowling at her.

“Luna, good to see you,” she said giving the confused blonde-haired woman a hug. “I need to run, but Draco was gonna stay for a few drinks, see ya.”

She briskly walked off not turning around to see the confused look on Luna's face or the daggers in Draco's eyes.

“What her deal,” Luna asked as she took the now unoccupied seat across from Draco.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, she asked me to meet you two here and when I show up, she leaves,” Luna said taking a sip of her wine.

Draco looked the woman across from him over. She was wearing tight jeans that made her hips and butt look amazing, and a close fitting muggle top. The light of the bar seemed to sparkle around her eyes. He didn’t care if it was a trick with her make-up or what, because she looked absolutely stunning.

“I think something came up,” Draco said, downplaying the situation. “So how are you, Luna? We don’t get a chance to talk, just one on one.”

“I'm good,” she replied, her cheeks turning the color of her wine. “Just trying to relax a little, I have tomorrow off so I wanted to unwind.”

“Yeah, I have tomorrow off too,” he told her. “Poor Finnigans, what will they do without us?”

His smile made her melt. She always thought Draco was handsome, but now he was just sexy. He had long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail and the hint of facial hair playing around the edges of his jaw line. His deep blue eyes seemed to look right into her and it made her shiver.

“Allison called me here to get us alone didn’t she,” Luna said, an understanding smile playing at her lips

“Um, yeah,” Draco replied laughing to break the tension. “I was hoping you wouldn’t notice, but I should have remembered you’re much smarter than I am.”

“I wouldn’t go that far,” Luna replied, blushing.

“She thinks that we would make a great couple…”

“And what do you think,” Luna said a little too quickly.

“I umm, well, I think that I like you,’ Draco staggered out.


“Well, its just I haven’t dated since my wife died,” he said.

There was silence at the table as they both tried to think of a way out of the awkward situation. Finally, Luna decided to take a chance.

“Well, I like you Draco, and we don’t have to date at all. Maybe we can just hang out,” she offered as the butterflies in her stomach tied themselves in knots.

“No, that’s not fair to you,” Draco said causing Luna's heart to drop in her chest. “I think its time I took a chance. I rather date you. We can start right now by taking a walk around London, if you would like to accompany me.”

“I would love to,” she said smiling from ear to ear.

Draco paid the bill and the duo headed for the door. The night was brisk as they walked from street to street talking about their lives. It seemed hours went by, but they kept walking, oblivious to the world around them. They talked about their hopes and dreams, their fears and worries. Before they knew it, the sun was coming up in the east, heralding a new day.

“We should probably be getting home, we have both been up for at least twenty four hours,” Draco told her as they walked hand in hand on the banks of the Thames River.

“Yeah, I just don’t want this to end,” Luna said dreamily.

“How about tonight, I take you out on a real date,” Draco offered. “I know a great place.”

“I would like that,” Luna said leaning her body into his shoulder. “But I can assure this was the best first date I have had in a long time.”

“Me too,” he replied. “I’ll pick you up around six?”

“Sounds good to me,” Luna told him.

He picked up her hand with his and lightly kissed the backside as the shivers ran wild down her spine. Smiling up at her, he released his grip, and with a soft popping noise he apparated away.

Looking up at the sun cresting over the building in the distance, Luna decided today was going to be a good day.





The woods around the massive concrete structure were quiet as she waited for her companions. The meeting place was carefully selected as a place muggles would never dare enter at night. In the muggle world, this place was known for its ghost activity and its evil vibe. The Wolf’s Lair, once known as the headquarters for what the muggles considered the evilest man who ever lived, was actually the meeting place between Adolf Hitler and Grindelwald. Hitler was nothing more than a means to an end, to bring the muggle population under one rule.

World War Two, the muggles called it, was actually the work of the ADK, Anhänger der Dunkelsten Kunst, led by Gillert Grindelwald. The only thing that stood in their way was Albus Dumbledore, but since his death and the death of her Master, Koree Fett had been searching for the book that would bring him back to life. The only problem was Grindelwald told no one where he put it, not even her.

The ADK used to be a massive organization, but after the war, most of them disappeared. Koree and a few others stayed in contact over the years, and after their Master’s death, began the process of bring him back to life. They assumed no one else knew of the book, that was until they ran into their old enemy Dedrich and the two kids he had with him.

The sound of approaching footsteps announced the arrival of her companions, the last remaining members of Grindelwald’s Council. The ADK was small now, but Koree knew as soon as they declared themselves, their old army would rise again.

“Allego,” Koree said in greeting to the hooded man approaching.

Allego Smith and his wife, the ever-dangerous Zenzi, were the oddest couple. He was an older man whose years showed on his body. Zenzi on the other hand was a vampire and looked as young as she did the day she was turned. In the old days the husband and wife team were Grindelwald’s best assassins. They killed for fun, as well as for food.

Gregge Levitche came in behind the couple and completed the circle for the night. He was old, around a hundred, and one of the greatest potion masters of all time. After Grindelwald’s fall, Gregge went into hiding, but kept in touch with Koree. Two nights ago, Gregge killed Dedrich and ended an age-old feud between the two. Dedrich killed Gregge’s wife over fifty years ago in a raid of ADK headquarters, the night Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald and their world came crashing down around them.

When she called for them, all of her old comrades came to her side. Koree was determined to bring the ADK into their old glory, and now with Dedrich out of the way the road was clear. The two kids, even though she didn’t know who they were, didn’t stand a chance without his help.

“Welcome, my friends,” Koree said once they all said their greetings. “Tonight we make decisions that will lead to the glory of the ADK and the greater good of Wizarding kind.”

Zenzi shifted and smiled. Technically, she was a magical creature, but before she was turned, she was a witch. Her husband was her boyfriend at Durmstrang and instead of turning on her, he accepted her for who she became.

“The book is still a mystery,” Koree continued. “But I don’t want you worry about that. The book is my responsibility. We need to have complete control over the German and Polish Ministries. How are we coming along?”

“I have control of the German Ministry as you know,” Allego reminded her. “And I am well on my way to controlling the Polish Ministry. Next month the Polish Minister is going to have an accident. The replacement is a good friend of mine from the old days.”

“Who,” Koree asked.

“I will hold that card close for now, my friend,” Allego told her.

That was the problem with the current situation. No one would dare speak to Grindelwald that way, but until he returned, it was rule by committee.

“Very well,” Koree said. There was no point in pushing the matter any further. “Zenzi, I have a special mission for you. We need to know who those kids are that were with Dedrich.”

“They were magically formidable,” Zenzi agreed. “But without Dedrich to assist them, I hardly think they’re a threat.”

“If they’re searching for the book as well then they’re a threat,” Koree reminded her.

“What do you want me to do?”

“I would like for you to find out who they are, and if at all possible take them out,” she told her. “Hopefully our source can give us some information.”

“You want me to start in England,” she asked.

“Yes, I have a feeling that the late Albus Dumbledore is still meddling in our affairs,” she told the group. “If you start at Hogwarts, I'm sure you will find them.”

Zenzi nodded, and thought of the fun she was going to have when she found them.

“Now as we all know, Yo’see is working on gaining access to the Russian Ministry, and once we have the book and most of Eastern Europe under our control we can begin to break the spell of the Statute of Secrecy,” Koree told them.

Allego smiled to himself thinking of the return of his old friend. Koree had her reasons for wanting Grindelwald to return, everyone knew they were a couple under the surface. However, to Allego, Grindelwald was the means he needed to see the muggle population of the earth suffer for the great injustice they brought upon his family, and his wife.

“I say we go public now and stamp out the threat against us,” Allego offered. “There is no threat facing us like Dumbledore, nothing to stand in our way.”

“I caution you against making a move to quickly,” Gregge, countered. “It would benefit us to consolidate our power in secrecy. They can’t oppose us if they don’t know what we are doing.”

“I agree,” Koree said. “Don’t worry Allego, the time will come for all out war, but until then and until Grindelwald is back, we need to be careful.”

Koree was well aware of the Minister of Magic in England and the threat he posed. Kingsley Shaklebolt was highly regarded and their mole had warned her numerous times, not to take him lightly.

“As soon as there is a hint of our return, the English Minister will try and hunt us down,” Koree told them.

“Then what is our move?” Zenzi was growing tired of all the bickering in the group.

“I plan on entering Versteckt Berg and reestablishing the seat of power that Grindelwald left empty. When the rumor of our return reaches the ears of our army, they will come looking for us,” Koree told them.

Versteckt Berg was Grindelwald’s old fortress deep in the Swiss Alps. Just the mention of its name used to strike fear in the hearts of wizard and muggle alike. Koree planned to draw Werewolves, Giants and other magical creatures back into the fold as well. This time she planned on doing it right and having all the pieces in place for Grindelwald’s return.

“We will meet again in three weeks at the Berg,” Koree told the quiet group. “We will have a full meeting of the Council, as Yo’see will be able to join us. Until then work your angles.”

They all nodded and made to leave. Koree watched the group leave one at a time. She realized that it felt the same as it did last time. Their rise to power in the 1920’s was so fast and unchecked that no one knew how to stop them. This time, with Dumbledore dead, there was nothing standing in their way.

Smiling, Koree pulled her hood over her head and walked into the woods. If all went according to plan in three weeks, the ADK would begin to take Europe by the throat. If she could get her hands on Gillert’s book, the world would tremble beneath their feet.

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