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“Ahem….Class! CLASS! Please pay attention!” squeaked tiny Professor Flitwick, speaking to the class at large from atop his usual pile of textbooks. The Gryffindors calmed down and stopped their chatter.

“That’s better. Now, today we will be learning a most highly potent and particular charm, so you’ll need to be very attentive,” he said. Hermione straightened, and leaned in toward the tiny teacher so as not to miss a word.

“This charm is called the Time Charm. Can any of you tell me…Ah, yes, Miss Granger?”

“The Time Charm is simply a charm that enables the caster to travel back in time. This charm, when used properly, transports the caster back to the time that they wish. However, the charm can only transport back through time in the place were the spell is being cast. For example, any of these charms cast at Hogwarts will send the subject back through Hogwarts’ history only.” Hermione said clearly. Ron rolled his eyes.

“She sounds like she ate the textbook or something!” he murmured into Harry’s ear.

“Very good, Miss Granger, take ten points. Now, today we will be practicing with SMALL OBJECTS ONLY. We will most definitely not ever be attempting to send students back in time, as it is a highly dangerous maneuver. Only a very powerful wizard can accurately send himself to the time he had in mind.” Professor Flitwick told them. “Now, let’s try it!”

Very soon, the class was busy trying out the incantation and wand movements, pointing at various tiny objects that Professor Flitwick had provided. Relatively quickly, Hermione let out a squeal of triumph.

“Ooooh, Professor! My teaspoons disappeared, look! Do you suppose it worked?” asked Hermione excitedly. The little man beamed at his star student.

“Very likely, Hermione, jolly good!”

Meanwhile, in the far corner of the classroom, Draco Malfoy was being a spectacular jerk.

“Oi! Potter! Bet you wish you could do this charm properly, eh? Bet you wish you could go back in time and visit your poor old Mudblood of a Mum!” sneered Malfoy. Harry felt his face redden.

“Shut up, Malfoy.”

“Or is it your dad you want to see? That good for nothing, poor excuse for a man? Sure, he was pureblood, but that doesn’t account for much, does it, if you marry a Mudblood?”

“I said, shut UP!” Harry yelled, and in an instant, both he and Malfoy’s wands were drawn.

“How about I send you back to see your poor, muggle loving parents?” whispered Malfoy maliciously.

“How about I send YOU back to when your mum was pregnant with you? If she sees you, she’ll die of shame when she sees how her son turned out!” snarled Harry.

“Why, you little-

“HARRY! Don’t!” shrieked Hermione, running over. She threw herself between the two of them, but it was too late…the words were already out of their mouths….

“TRANSPORTIS!” they shouted together. There was a blinding flash of blue light, and a puff of yellow smoke. When the smoke cleared, all they saw between their wands was a blank space where Hermione should have been standing.



Hermione screamed as she felt herself hit water. She struggled up to the surface, her school robes weighing her down. She dragged herself to land, and lay panting, her mind a confused buzz of voices. The only thought on her mind was that she’d been sent back in time. Fighting down panic, she glanced around.

She was lying on a bank of the lake at Hogwarts. Hermione glanced around, trying to determine how far into the past she’d been sent. The Whomping Willow was still there, as was Hagrid’s hut. In fact, she couldn’t find anything at all different. She allowed herself to breathe a bit slower. Maybe she hadn’t gone back in time at all. Maybe the combination of Malfoy and Harry’s spells had only made her move places, but not time. All of the sudden, she heard a yell.

“OI! What are you doing in the lake? Are you alright?” came a male voice. Hermione whirled around. Striding towards her was a young man with disheveled black hair, round spectacles and Gryffindor robes. She breathed a sigh of relief.

“Harry!” she called out happily.

“Who are you calling Harry?” the man asked. Hermione frowned. No, she thought, as the man came closer, it was clear he wasn’t Harry. This man had brown eyes, and his forehead was clear and unscarred. But they looked so alike! All the sudden, Hermione jumped with a revelation. This wasn’t Harry, it was…

“James is the name. James Potter. And, if you don’t mind me asking, who the bloody hell are you?” he asked, one eyebrow raised as he regarded her sitting in the sand. James Potter? Thought Hermione.

“Oh….my…god…”she whispered, and the world went black.

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