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Picking Up The Pieces by TheGoldenKneazle
Chapter 4 : The White Fog of Healing
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Chapter 4 – The white fog of healing

After waking up a few hours later, the first thing I noticed was all the birds and insects around my bed. They were all pretty and colourful, but really loud. They were also sitting mostly on my head or in the tree right beside me, so it was kinda scary waking up with a blue bird screeching in your face.

I carefully sat up, then regretted it because a load of chicks (baby birds, not girls, in case you were weird enough to think otherwise) fell down the back of me, as they had been leaning against the back of the frame but on me. Sighing, I attempted to shuffle them along with my hands and to GET OUT OF MY BED, when Madame Beauvoir arrived.

I looked up and found that the pocket garden had grown massively in a few short hours, and I was surrounded by a thick forest.

Fortunately, when I flicked my wand crossly at it, everything receded fast, into what Edie had set it to be. Gah. I hadn’t wanted a flipping jungle, just a few pretty flowers!


As I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed, Madame Beauvoir decided it was safe to come over now. Frowning at the garden, she said “You should be all healed now – no pain, or movement problems, no fatigue or sudden hunger loss. If you DO receive any of those symptoms, come back to the hospital wing to be treated” she listed in a bored voice.


“And on a different note…” she beamed, “the healer is here! I don’t know how long they’ll be with you, or if they’ll come again and see you lots, but your parents will know, don’t worry. And after that, you can go!” She smiled again, and bustled off down the ward, to see a couple of hexed and bruised Slytherins.


I could actually… go? After this meeting thingy?




Finally! I could go up to my dorm and see if I had been clever enough to keep a diary, talk to my friends and find out what I’d missed!! FREEDOM!!!!


I was unwontedly pulled back down to earth when a rather flaky-looking, wrinkly old woman cleared her throat from beside me. I slowly looked up at her sheepishly, but she just smiled patiently.


“Yes, it’ll be nice to get out for you, although I do like your little forest. Very good for the mind! Now…” she glanced around. “Will it be ok if we do the following exercises in the middle of the floor? We need a big space in case you remember something too vividly, or receive too much of a shock.”


I was starting to worry about this now. Why would I need that much space for remembering, and why would I be getting shock not from the memory?!


I clambered through the flowerbed and into the middle of the floor, yellow pyjamas and all. Megan was watching with amusement, her skin almost not-green any more, and she was lying on her stomach with her head propped up on her hands, at the end of her bed. She was grinning in an amused kind of way, but when I shot her a nervous look, she just laughed in a friendly way.


I wasn’t feeling very encouraged here, especially when the healer pulled out a battered but large red carpet bag.


Madame Beauvoir seemed quite happy with us being in the middle of the floor, and just carried on brewing a remedial stock potion for flu, after conjuring a rug in the middle for me, with a few cushions for comfiness.


As I just stood there, feeling stupid, the woman was just rummaging around in her carpet bag, for like five minutes! I was just standing there, bored and a little weary, and sick of the Slytherins’ sniggers, when the most awful sounds started coming from the bag: holwing, and smashing glass, and the horrible clashing of metal and stone. All the healer did was pull out a few things and place them behind her back, before extracting her arm.


I nearly fell over I was hyperventilating so much. WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE GONNA DO TO ME!!!! Shit, I wanted my memory back, but I wanted to keep my limbs too!!!


Turning back around to see me literally shaking, the healer was pretty surprised, but got me to sit down, and was just saying, “There, honey, just sit down and relax. It’s all gonna be fine”, when I finally managed to spit out, “What are you gonna do to me?” I was pretty fearful at this point.


She looked surprised that I was worried about that. “Just some breathing and relaxing exercises, dreaming skills, and so on. Nothing to get worried about, certainly not as worried as you just were!” She chuckled, and I relaxed somewhat. My face must’ve been quite funny for them all, before I understood.


For the next hour and a half, she showed me ‘the best relaxing, mind-channelling and memory-recalling yoga poses ever’. They were quite funny to do, and there were some weird ones (hello? balancing your entire weight on one hand with your foot above your ear sounds like hell, but it is actually very calming. Try it! Now you look stupid too, lolz).


I did them all lots, and once I had learnt them all, their properties etc, and a nice little routine for them, Mrs. Smethwyck (the healer) produced dinner. It wasn’t very substantial, and it seemed a rather odd assortment to me, but she said this would optimise my brainpower and concentration for the work tonight. 

At this point, Madame B was giving the other patients their tea too. Only Megan had still been watching us by now (although a lot less attentively), the Slytherin boys had gone and a Ravenclaw third-year who was blistered all over was taking potions from Madame B (with a constant shower over his head, conjured to keep him cool), watching me work, and shovelling his food down.


I had to drink an over-caffeinated coffee and a herbal tea with my fizzing white liquid, banoffee pie, curly kale, peas, entire lemon, and spicy curry-and-tomato sauce. It tasted ok, but really odd, and I had a feeling that I would be throwing it up at some point. Not nice imagining that.


After tea, I went to the loo, and came back to find that Healer Smethwyck had brought over some flowers from beside my bed. Quickly, she shoved them into my hands, which was kind of surprising coz I had no idea what she was doing (duh).


“Now, deep-breathe with these for five minutes”, she instructed me, and we carried on.


I was made to do a few forward-rolls (why?), before humming the same long-note order she told me too, with my eyes closed, for a good ten minutes. 

Then, I was still sitting on my cushion and unable to see, when I could hear my healer turning around and rustling behind her, along with a few rather suspicious noises. I didn’t want to interrupt her ‘vibes’ , as she made me call them, but I was a little bit worried.


“Uh… healer Smethwyck? Uh… what are you doing?”, I stuttered, eyes resolutely closed, but fluttering. I shifted around in my zen pose but couldn’t resist opening one eye to see what she was doing. 

Fortunately, it was only steaming water, into some kind of bowl. All I concentrated on, straight away, was the feel of the steam on my face, and the smell of it (ie. Pure and nonexistent). Whoa, I was getting good at this relaxing thing, and knowing what to do. If I never recover my memory, maybe I should go into this!


“Right. Roxanne, get into your best pose, and I will hold this under your face while you deep-breathe, close your eyes, relax and channel”.


So, I quickly pulled my leg across my body, leaned backwards, and stretched out my other leg with both hands. I’d forgotten the name already, like with most things, but this was a way cool one. It was starting to get weird, though, when the steam rushed onto my face, which of course I couldn’t see. All I could hear was the gushing of more water into the bowl, and those stupid notes I’d hummed for ages before, resounded through my head. Somewhere to the side of me, a relaxing voice whispered “Relax… go deep inside… deep down… relax… search…” and so on.


I suddenly saw, in my mind’s eye, white fog clearing, and a river slowly emerging… I felt a quick jab in my arm then, on my surface, and this would have brought me back up, but the fog was turning a delicate pink.


I was a bird, swooping down through the fog, to the water’s surface, where I could see my own face approaching me… Suddenly, I didn’t want to land anymore, and I tried back-flapping (huh), but I just dunked into the river anyway.


All was silent and still for a moment, lost in bubbles. I tried to struggle, but with the first wing-flap, sweet water filled my mouth.

I was in the Gryffindor common room, shaking Fred and crying from disbelief and internal anger.


My grandmother was in a hospital bed, staring at me intently and drawing Devils’ Snare on a piece of paper repeatedly for me.


Fred was standing over me in the hospital wing, wearing a long cloak and a face etched with sorrow, talking, explaining.

 I was snapping a picture of the sea with my new camera, as it was my ninth birthday. Mum and Dad had come, and Fred, so I wanted pictures before he left for Hogwarts.

I was collecting money behind a desk, while standing in front of masses of suitcases.


Hagrid was giving me full points at my Care of Magical Creatures exam, third year, as I discussed dragons and chimeras with him. 


Dominique was casting a burning curse at my face, and I never felt so much pain in my life… it was so unlike her… we were only playing at war!


Aidrian Finch-Fletchley’s face was drawing right up next to mine, but then it morphed again and again, so fast I couldn’t see who, except a flash of blonde hair.


Isabella was making me over, and Harriet was picking out clothes while Edie showered, sending smells of lavender through the room, overpowering us. We were laughing hard, and Iz nearly sent a bottle of perfume off the dresser.


I stared at the cloudy sky above the frosty lake, as my mind debated whether or not ‘this was odd or not’ (an outside motive, not the conversation, I gathered, while it took odd twists and turns I couldn’t understand any more.) I longed to interpret it, to move, to get away, but I couldn’t and my limbs just got colder and colder.


I was in the mud on top of Dominique, her pretty strawberry hair turned the same muddy brown as everything else. She scratched her nails all down my legs, and I smacked her across the head as hard as I could, punching her in the stomach, before she Chinese burned my wrist. I flipped her over, she headlocked me, and I sank my teeth into her wrist, drawing blood, before she yelped, drew back, and I carried on kicking her down, as I tripped over her and we were down again, still fighting, and –


I seemed to hear a loud sploosh, before I was drawn out of the water, back through the fog and back to the present day, in mega-fast rewind motion.

I was a video layer now? Fantastic.

Cracking open my eyes, I scared-ly saw a freaky metal band thing around my head with a phial strapped on top (in the mirror lying in the floor), a pink-and-blue gas tube just pulled from my chest and a yellow-filled needle lying on the floor next to my arm, where a small spot of blood was.


So that was what had kept me in that foggy-river-place when I had almost pulled out… presumably injected me with a semi-hallucagenic substance, to keep me where I was and expand on my current state of mind.


WHOA. It was a very clever state of mind I was in… unfortunately, it would probably wear off soon.


Looking around, and feeling like a scared rabbit trapped in the headlights, I noticed an amount of damage near to where I was: beds had been smashed around, the rug has been ripped, and many flowers and bushes had been trashed in some way.


I froze, not wanting to be pulled back to reality.


I had done this?

 How? Why?


There was a loud popping from behind me, and a weight was lifted off my head, along with the band obscuring most of my vision. “There you are honey! First lot of memories for you, although not as many as you would’ve had, if we hadn’t needed to stop you because of the ruckus… you caused yourself quite some damage.” Mrs. Smethwyck’s lumbering shape came into view, and she carefully sat down in front of me, making full eye contact.


“The memories had just started to get longer!” I blurted out. I was pretty pissed at having been stopped from knowing more about me. I mean, hello? I don’t have much to work on here. I need AS MANY PIECES AS POSSIBLE so I can FIT ME BACK TOGETHER!!!

“Yes… I would hope so too! Now, I’ve given all the instructions and gear to Madame B, so you can repeat this every other night. She knows how to do it, but you’ll have to work out your own routine for getting into that mind… Are there any other, previous memories you’d like to store?”


Fearfully, I nodded. “Yes, but… I was fighting after quidditch in that last one… that’s why I was hurting myself. And-"

 “Aw now, come on sweetie. Don’t worry, this can all be fixed in an instant. Now, let’s get you into bed, then that memory! You need a good night’s sleep after this, as it is half eleven now, and then you can go tomorrow, Sunday, ok?”


She tucked me into my newly un-trashed bed, and I quickly thought of all my dreams and vague déjà vus before she extracted them and put them in a separate phial, labelled differently.


I closed my eyes, weary to the core. I was desperate for sleep, and desperate to start dreaming about my memories, from now.



Roxanne’s Memory Book

Well, there’s not been any weird dreams, and all my memories for today have been most vividly recorded. Well, if this is a book to remember stuff: so’s I don’t forget, this is my little routine for relaxing before memory-retrieving:
                - Eat appropriate meal beforehand

- Drink water to purify and relax

                - Sun salute

                - Water bend

                - Deep breathing in Red Jackal pose

                - Meditating in Lying Starfish

                - Flowers

                - Water Breathing

                - Breathe and relax as Golden Dragon, add bowl and dive down… 


*A/N: Thankyou for sticking by Roxanne in this crazy chapter! I’m sorry it’s slightly odd, but… she’s not exactly sane at the minute either!


And if you’re wondering why the daughter of George is not more of a prankster, don’t worry: things will all pick up by next chapter. She just needs to get to her stocks of WWW ;) 


Please, leave a review. It makes my day as an entrepreneur author, coz you guys have all been there, right? I sincerely love each single person who drops me a line! :D *


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