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“Come on, Juliette, try it. It wont hurt,” Draco said, grinning. His smile had been widened to the point where the ends of his grin reached his ears. His teeth were gleaming white and sharp. He was holding his wand, levitating my brother in the air.

Max was squirming and yelling with pain. His skin was stark white, and his eyes were shut tightly as he tried to endure the obvious agonizing pain Draco was inflicting on him.

“STOP IT!” I cried, tears streaming down my hot cheeks. “PUT HIM DOWN! PLEASE!”

Draco’s grin grew wider and he cackled with manic laughter. “But why would I do that?”


I tried to run to my brother, but I was stuck in my spot. Something fell on my foot, and I screamed to see that it was my cousin, James. His eyes were open in shock, but he wasn’t breathing. I bent down to feel his neck for the pulse I knew in my heart was not there.

“Ah,” Draco smiled. His mouth was back to normal. “I see you found your cousin.” I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out. “I didn’t want to do that to him, but he just wouldn’t stop trying to save the others.” He motioned to something behind me with his free hand as Max let out another wail of pain, and a plead to put him down.

I cringed at the sound of Max’s voice, but turned around anyway. I almost threw up at the sight. There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do to keep what had happened from happening.

There was a pile almost to the ceiling of the large dark room we were in. Bodies. They were all bodies. They were piled in such a fashion that it could have been right out of a book on the Holocaust.

With flooded eyes, I focused in on the faces, and let out a scream. The cold, lifeless faces of my family and friends and teachers and people I had met randomly were all staring back at me.

I turned back to Draco to try and attack him, but I couldn’t even speak from the shock of what I was to see next. My mother, my step father, my step brothers, my real father, and my best friends, Lily and Maya were all in the air, screaming and squirming with the same pain that Max was experiencing.

Underneath them stood tall, pale and beautiful wizards and witches, with dark eyes and demonic smiles, pointing their wands at them, and laughing at their pain.

I screamed and cried and pleaded, but all I could see was them becoming larger, and me becoming smaller and smaller.


The beautiful wizards and witches simply smiled at me and waved their free hands.

Draco laughed. “Nothing can be done now. They will soon all be like your cousin, and all of those muggles over there.”

“DON’T YOU DARE CALL THEM MUGGLES, YOU FILTHY BASTARD!” I screamed. I was shaking from head to toe, drenched from my own tears.

Draco smiled. “Now now, Juliette. Please don’t get testy with me. I may not be able to stop myself from doing something rash...”

“FUCK YOU! YOU’RE A HORRIBLE EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING!” I was pointing my finger at him, wishing that some random burst of power could kill him right there.

His eyes darkened, and his smile vanished. He released Max, who fell on to the floor with a lifeless thump, and turned on me. “What did you say?”


He raised his wand and sneered, “You’ll pay, you-”

Crack! I shot up out of bed, my eyes opened wide, but I could hardly see anything. There were tears streaming endlessly down my face, and I couldn’t keep from shaking and letting out sobs.

Lumos,” I heard someone mutter, and a ball of warm light suddenly appeared. “Good morning-”

I let out a stifled scream when I saw him holding his glowing wand, and pulled the covers up over my nose. I scooted to the far corner of my bed, furthest from him.

“Juliette, what’s wrong?” he asked, his voice full of concern. He moved towards me, but stopped when he realized I was moving away from him. “Whatever you dreamt... Whatever happened... I would never ever do something like that.”

“You killed my family!” I sobbed, trying to keep quiet.

He turned to the door and pointed his wand at it. “Muffliato.” He turned back to me. “I would never do that.”

“I don’t know that,” I choked. “You tortured people! You said so yourself!”

Disappointment and shame and even fear showed on his face. “I was forced.”

“You still did it!” I cried, recognizing that he wasn’t speaking softly anymore. Muffliato must be something to make us silent. I had taken the sheet down so it rested on my chin.

“I thought you understood!” he said in an exasperated voice. “I had no other choice. They would have killed me.”

“Then you should have died,” I said quietly. “That’s what I would have done. I’d rather die standing up for what was right than be a coward and hurt innocent people.” My voice was so full of venom. I didn’t know why this hadn’t hit me last might.

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