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How September Started

Scorpius sighed, setting his trunk down on the floor of his new bedroom.  He was Head Boy this year, and so he would be staying with Rose, who was now Head Girl, in the Heads’ dorm.  He smiled as he looked around at it, his dad’s voice echoing in his head.

It’s so Slytherin, at least, it will be.  Everything is black and green and silver.  It’s beautiful, though.  Your mother and I spent so many nights in that room.  It was bliss.

And he was so right.  The silk sheets and pillows were black along with the curtains, and a dark green shag rug covered the hardwood floor.  Other accents of green and silver caught his attention, and he smiled appreciatively.  He liked this room, liked the large bay window with the cushioned sill seat, liked how open and big it was, liked the large desk where he could work and write.  He liked everything about this room.

He heard the portrait hole slam, and he sighed, rubbing his brow.  It was going to be hard rooming with Rose.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” he commented as he went back to his open doorway and leaned against the frame.

She didn’t respond, but simply stormed past him, up her stairs, and slammed her door behind her.  He hated this, hated the way she refused to look at him, hated the way she despised him for no reason at all, hated the way her father had poisoned her against his family.  Even after making up and moving on, Ron would still never forgive Hermione for not accepting his love and instead continuing her life with Draco.  One would think, years upon years later, when they were both married and had kids, that he would forgive and forget, but he still held a grudge.

Scorpius sighed again before softly closing his door; he would unpack later.  He jogged up the stairs, slipped through the tunnel and out the portrait hole, and he made his way silently through the halls down into the dungeons where the Slytherin House was.  He went through the common room and up the boys’ stairs, heading straight for his old room where his two best friends resided.  He found it odd sometimes that his father had passed on his friendships so fluidly, though it also amused him that his closest friends were all of his father’s closest friends.

There were the Zabini triplets, daughters of Blaise and Emily, and they were Hailey, Chloe, and Molly.  Then there was Emily’s twin sister, Hilary, who married and then divorced someone we never met, though he provided her with a son, Corvus, and a daughter, Lyra.  And, Theodore Nott’s only son, Adrian; the triplets, Corvus, and Adrian were all seventh years and all Slytherin while Lyra was a sixth year.

“You’re here already,” Adrian laughed, shaking his head.

Adrian Nott had been a heartthrob since his second year with his crew cut brown hair and his dark, searching brown eyes.  He was tall and handsomely built, was Quidditch captain and a Chaser, and was dating Chloe.

“She’s already slammed two doors,” Scorpius grumbled, going to sit on Corvus’ bed.

Corvus Johnson was uncannily like his sister.  He had shaggy brown hair that was always hanging at different lengths and angles around his face and these not-quite-brown-almost-grey eyes that made every girl shake at the knees.  He was quiet and kept to himself, though he was dating probably the most outgoing and loud person in the school: Hailey.

“It’s going to be a nightmare rooming with her,” Scorpius sighed, shoulders slumped, “I don’t even know how to talk to her without making her mad.”

“Did we ever figure out why she hates you?” Adrian asked curiously, arching an eyebrow over at his friend before turning back to his dresser.

“Everytime one of us asks, it’s the same response,” he muttered, falling onto his back, “Because.  Have you met the boy?” he mimicked, rolling his eyes, “I don’t know what I did, besides having parents that love each other.”

“You’re still on that?”

“Her father is in love with my mother,” Scorpius reminded, “Always has been, always will be, as he always puts it.”

Then there was Albus, the only person outside of Slytherin that Scorpius really associated with.  He liked to keep to himself, too, and, though he knew it meant a close-minded perspective, he mostly stuck to his house.  Albus, however, was in Gryffindor, much like the rest of his family, was dating Molly, and was the informer of all things Rose and dear old Ronald when need be.  He’d, on more than one occasion, puffed out his chest and spoke in a very good Ron-impression and talked about Hermione.

“How is Albus?” Adrian continued Scorpius’ train of thought.

“Haven’t seen him yet.  Caught up with him a few times over the summer, but you know how much Lily just loves having me over.”

Lily Potter, Albus’ younger sister by two years, was madly in love with Scorpius, a crush that seriously scared him at times.

There was a knock on the door that Scorpius hopped off of Corvus’ bed to get, opening it to reveal the triplets and Lyra.

“Is it nearly Hogsmeade time yet?” Hailey sighed heavily, rolling her eyes.

Scorpius smiled, looking back over at his friends.

“It’s your turn,” Adrian said, nodding at Corvus, who just stuck his tongue out, closed one of his drawers, and shuffled out of the room, pecking Hailey on the cheek as he went.

Hailey was gorgeous, in a very dangerous way.  She had wild blonde hair the fell in crazy curls and long bangs that swung across her face.  Her hair fell down her back, and her eyes were a greyish blue color.  She was tall and thin, and she was already ready to party.  Her younger sister by two minutes was Chloe, who had equally long hair, though she was a brunette, and her curls were a little tamer.  They were soft and she parted her hair down the middle, letting her “bangs” sweep out on either side.  She had beautiful blue green eyes, ones that Adrian claimed he could stare into for hours.  And then there was Molly, younger than Chloe by three minutes, and she was blonde with bottle-black showing through on the underside.  Her hair was board straight, though she chose to curl it occasionally, and she wore heavy makeup around light blue eyes.

Lyra, much like her brother, was quiet and stood out from the triplets with her sometimes short, sometimes long usually blonde hair, her grey green eyes, and her frail, thin appearance.  She always looked breakable and delicate, though she was certainly the darkest of the four girls in regards to her thoughts and actions.  Lyra, who claimed she didn’t like boys all that much because they had cooties, though she’d had her fair share (and then some) of boyfriends throughout the years.  She always just smirked and said she was looking for her own personal Sirius Black.  How she knew about him baffled all around her, but, when asked, she would just shrug and laugh, “Have you seen the boy?  He’s beautifully sad.”  And that was the end of that conversation, everytime.

They hung out in the boys’ room while they waited for Corvus, and Lyra quickly took to putting the rest of his clothes away.  Sometimes, it shocked people that they weren’t twins.  They did nearly everything together and for each other.  After a half hour of small chatter and conversations about summer, Corvus finally returned, looking put-off.

“Did you get caught?” Adrian laughed as he let the door close heavily before crossing his arms.

“McGonagall was in the common room, already reprimanding Hugo,” Corvus muttered darkly, “But Albus is waiting outside.  Are we all ready?”

Scorpius just laughed before going to exit.  Everyone followed behind him, and, soon, they were all meandering through the corridors until they reached the corner near the witch’s hump.  Albus, Corvus, and Lyra went first, under the cover of the invisibility cloak that James II had happily passed down to his younger brother.  Adrian went next, whistling and with his hands stuffed in his pockets.  He bent by the witch’s hump to tie his shoes, and, when he stood, he was gone, the cloak draped over him.  He returned to collect the triplets, and Scorpius waited until the hump had closed again before picking up the cloak from the floor and throwing it over himself.  They’d done this plenty of times that there executions were flawless, and, soon, he was sliding down the tunnel to meet his friends in the cellar of Honeydukes.  And that was how September started.


“Oh, Rose!” Chloe crooned before falling into the seat next to her friend.

The redhead was on a bench outside due to the uncommonly nice weather, a book open in her lap.

“I haven’t seen you in forever!” Rose exclaimed, nearly dropping her book as she went to hug Chloe, “How are you?  Where are your sisters?”

“Wandering about.  Or snogging,” she added, nodding toward the lip-locked Albus and Molly.

“Ugh,” Rose pretended to gag, “How was your summer?”

“Fantastic.  I spent a lot of it with Adrian and the boys, as per usual.  And yours?”

“Alright.  Nothing special.  Spent a lot of it with my books.”

Chloe just laughed, nodding.  They continued on like this, moving onto the classes they had this year and whether or not they’d be taking any together.  They were only distracted when Corvus sat down with his guitar, a piece of toast hanging from his mouth.  He ate it without his hands, strumming instead on his guitar skillfully, and the two girls just smiled in appreciation.  Music was one of the few ways he expressed himself.  Lyra found him before long, her black box of paper cranes preceding her, and she sat with her back to him, setting her box down and pulling out a piece of shimmery pink paper.

They watched as first year girls giggled over Corvus, as third years sat to watch him, and as sixth years lingered by, waiting for him to finish so they could ask him on the next Hogsmeade trip or flirt and coo over him.  He noticed this, almost instantly, and his eyes lingered over to where Hailey sat, braiding her long hair over her shoulder across the courtyard from him.  She winked, and he just smiled, looking back down at his guitar and finishing the last of his toast.

Lyra moved away from his back and instead sat cross-legged a few paces away from him.  Some seventh year boy sat next to her, and she just rolled her eyes and snapped at him to go away.  He politely refused and instead leaned back on his hands, relishing in the sun.  Chloe and Rose laughed.  He was handsome, though certainly not Lyra’s type.

“I don’t know why everyone feels so drawn to her,” Chloe murmured, shrugging, “It’s just Lyra.”

“Yea, but you guys know her.  You know who she is, how she is.  Everyone else sees this broken little girl that they want to fix.”

“Broken,” Chloe scoffed, “Too bad they’re right.”

“Yea,” Rose sighed.

They all knew the Johnson’s tale, and it was one that scared them.  Their parents split up the beginning of Lyra’s fifth year and Corvus’ sixth.  Up until then, Corvus had been the life of the party.  He was very talkative, and he was a perfect fit for Hailey.  They threw every party, they attended every one, and they were some of the best students.  Lyra was much the same.  She wore beautiful clothes, smiled at every boy that gave her a look, and she was the highest in her class.  And then the split-up happened, and Hogwarts had never seen such a reversal.

Corvus instantly shut down.  They only ones that could get through to him were his sister, Hailey, and Scorpius for a long time.  It wasn’t until the beginning of sixth year that he started talking to his friends again.  Lyra fell away from eating, let her grades slip, and attached herself to her brother.  They hung onto each other for support, and, if forced apart, they were miserable.  It was a sad sight to see, even now, two years later, but it was still affecting them, the way their father threw his life away and spiraled out of control in a world of drugs and hatred.  He never spoke to them anymore, a man that had been their hero, the first person they always went to.  They’d always been unnaturally close to their parents, and everyone attributed that factor to why they took the break-up so harshly.

“Hey, stop it,” Rose said, nudging Chloe, “You’re doing that staring off, thinking about the past thing again.”

“I just worry about them sometimes.  Did you see how he immediately looked for Hailey when those sixth year girls started watching him?  He’s so insecure.”

“Or afraid,” Molly mumbled, appearing suddenly at Chloe’s side as she sat down, “I heard he’s been having nightmares again.  Rose, how are you?”

“I’m well, dear, and yourself?”

“I heard you were slamming doors already.”

Rose rolled her eyes, shaking her head, “He’s impossible.”

“Did he even say anything?” Chloe asked.

“His presence, Chloe, don’t be silly,” Molly mocked before getting up and walking away.

“She’s just upset because Scorpius is kind of down in the dumps, and you know how Albus gets when you’re mean to him.  He talks about all of it to Molly, and then she gets so warped about it.”

“I’m not mean to him,” Rose tried to defend, but Chloe just shrugged.

Corvus finished his song as Hailey tied her long braid, stepped away from her seat, and one of the sixth year girls got the nerve to approach.  Hailey beat her to the punch, putting one finger under Corvus’ chin and pulling him into a shockingly passionate kiss that he, just as surprisingly, responded to.

“Hey,” he said as she stood up, “I love you.”

She just smiled, the largest sparkle in her eye ever, “And I love you right back.”

And then he kept playing, and she went back to her seat.  A demonstration, one they pulled almost every year since they’d gotten together in fourth year.  Rose just smiled and went back to her book.  She had missed being back.


Okay!  So, I’m happy.  I thought this was going to be a struggle to write, but I actually really love how this is going so far.  It’s going to be slow for a little bit just because I want to really introduce all the couples as they come before we really get into the real Scorpius/Rose stuff, but don’t worry!  That’s coming soon.

Now, for all of you who read Unforgivable, yes, this is its’ sequel.  You don’t necessarily need to have read that, and, so, if you’re finding this and didn’t read that, I’ll give you a super quick lowdown.

It was a Draco/Hermione.

There you go, basically.  Other than that, Blaise Zabini married a girl that you met in Unforgivable named Emily Johnson.  Emily had a twin sister, Hilary, who married and divorced an unknown OC that we never hear about because their marriage was never really spectacular.  Blaise and Emily had triplets: Hailey, Chloe, and Molly.  Hilary and “guy” had two kids: Corvus and Lyra.  They’ll be going by their mother’s maiden name, Johnson.  Then, Theodore Nott married another unknown OC that I won’t be going into, but they had one son: Adrian.  Other than that, it’s pretty self-explanatory.  I kept to all of the cannon next generation kids.  As you can see, Albus, Lily, and Hugo are still there as Harry and Ginny’s kids, Rose is still there are Ron and, well, Lavender’s daughter.  Don’t shoot me.  Draco married Hermione, and they had Scorpius.  The end.  That’s basically all of Unforgivable.  Though, if you’d like a more in-depth explanation, be my guest and go read it.  I hear it’s pretty good, :)

Other than that, thank you so much for reading, and don’t forget to leave a review!

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