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It had been five years since the night her life changed forever, the night the life she had fought for came crashing down around her. Today was the fifth anniversary of Fred’s funeral, a day that she didn’t want to remember, yet she often found herself reliving in her dreams. True, she had a very nice house and the man of her dreams, but the one thing she wanted and always seemed to elude her was peace. Not to have to worry about the next day and sit on the patio with the man she loved. The thought seemed like a dream to Ginny, but it was a dream she worked towards everyday of her life.

Sitting on the couch in her living room, she watched her husband sleep and thought of the past five years. She had seen things and done things she didn’t know were possible. Been to places she had only seen in books or read about in the paper. The story seemed like a bad joke now that she looked back on it, but it was all too real.

Walking near the lake at the Burrow, they had been approached by a man named Dedrich. He said he was a good friend of Albus Dumbledore and asked to speak privately with them. Dedrich told them of a mistake that Voldemort made, a mistake that would have consequences that Voldemort would never understand. He told them of the Dark magic that protected Grindelwald in the case of his death at the hands of wizards. If he died of natural causes, he would be lost to time forever, but if he was murdered, he left an escape clause. A spell he created that would raise his body from the grave the same way a horcrux would.

The tome that contained this spell had been lost to time and Dedrich had been searching for it for the last fifty years with no results, but he had a few new leads. Like Dumbledore, Dedrich was growing weak and tired, but upon Grindelwald’s death, his followers, the ADK began actively pursuing the book and its Dark spell. Knowing that Harry had already rid the world of the threat posed by Voldemort, Dedrich asked for Harry’s assistance. If he were to die of old age or at the hands of the now active ADK, he wanted Harry to carry on the search. After speaking with Kingsley, they decided Harry would leave England and join Dedrich in his hunt for the book, but Ginny had no intention of letting Harry run off alone.

They became agents of the Ministry, Untouchables, which was basically the wizard equivalent of a spy. They had contact with the Ministry, but it was very limited and only with the Minister himself and the Head Auror. For a long time that meant they only spoke with Kingsley and Gawain Robards, but since Ron’s promotion to Head Auror six months ago, he was their main contact. They passed on information they stumbled upon in their travels and kept him up to date on their progress.

The training they received under Dedrich was the most challenging thing she had ever had to do. The first thing he instructed them in was Legilimency and Occlumency, he taught them to close their minds to the world around them and to attack the minds of their opponents. Harry was unusually good at the Magic of the Mind, as they called it. He could read thoughts without having to see his opponent and force out a full attack on his mind. It was hard for Ginny to keep any secret from him and sometimes she was sure he was in her mind while he was hundreds of miles away. Not that she really cared, as she had no secrets from him.

Wandless magic, non-verbal magic and sword training filled their days and nights. They learned to cast spells with speed that would amaze their friends at home, at times their speed amazed Dedrich himself. They also trained to become Animagi and with Dedrich’s help found out they could each become two animals. Harry could become a large black wolf and to Dedrich’s surprise a phoenix. Ginny found she could transform into a black panther and a redtailed hawk. Transforming was a lot harder than they expected and it took them the better part of a year to learn.

After a year of training they could cast any spell without making a sound and without the assistance of their wands and after a while they found their spells to be more powerful than if they casted them with wands. Then the travel began. Dedrich taught them a spell that allowed them to understand all languages and anyone they spoke to would hear them in their native tongue. It was a spell that Albus Dumbledore taught him years before and it aided him greatly in his travels. Their first stop was Peru to learn Advanced Defense and Ancient Magic from the Urarina Tribe in the Amazon. Next, they traveled to China to learn Advanced Potions from Xi Hubei in the Gansu Province, but before leaving, they met Celeynn. Celeynn is the younger sister of Fawkes and sent by him to take care of Harry and Ginny, and they were happy to have her.

After learning Advanced Charms and Transfiguration in Chile, they made one last stop in Russia to learn at the hands of one of the darkest wizards alive. Oleg Dvorzhetskii the Headmaster of Durmstrang knew and used some of the darkest magic known to man, he taught them to use their hate, and emotions to perform some of the craziest magic Ginny had ever seen. Dedrich told them to defeat something you must first understand it. They learned to use their emotions to destroy things around them, to maim life and destroy hope. After three months, Harry had enough and in the middle of the night, he decided they were going home.

Home was a small cottage in the middle of the Inyo National Forest in California. The seclusion of the area provided security on top of the normal wards and the advanced ones they learned in Chile. The house consisted of a small living room with a couch in front of a fireplace. There was a small kitchen and dining room and two bedrooms. The master bedroom was almost as large as the rest of the house and was where Harry and Ginny spent most of their time between training and searching.

The last year of their lives was spent looking for the book. They searched bookstores in the muggle world as well as private collections from the time of Grindelwald’s capture. Finally Harry and Ginny reasserted themselves into the Wizarding community and began searching around the world from Hong Kong to Alaska, but came up empty. Then the ADK began attacking them at every turn and fierce battles erupted as the trio searched, but none as deadly as last night.

“What are you thinking about, my love,” Harry asked breaking the silence of the room.

Ginny refocused and looked down on the man whose head was in her lap. He still had his striking green eyes that pierced her soul and the same smile that made her weak at the knees. After the first six months of training, Harry had proposed. It had been a short ceremony on the peak of the highest mountain in California on a beautiful summer day. It had also been the last time she saw her mother and father. Ron, Hermione, Molly and Arthur joined them and Dedrich performed the ceremony. It was the happiest day of her life and she had her man, her Harry. They had a short honeymoon on the beaches of Mexico before resuming their training with Dedrich.


“I miss him too. He died fighting for us and I won’t forget it” Harry sat up and pulled his glasses on. He could see the thoughts running through her eyes and had no need of searching her mind. “Gin, I know what your thinking, but I think it would be a good idea to take a few days before making any decisions.”

“Baby, I'm tired of hiding. We know what were looking for, but we have no idea where it is. Dedrich left us with one more lead and after that, we are on our own. Are we going to stay secluded from the rest of the world or are we going to live our lives?”

The passion in her eyes was amazing he had to admit.

“We need to move back to the ones we love. Our magic is weaker when we are apart. Every time you go and see Ron, you come back and blow me away in duels, because you are stronger from the bond and its renewal.”

“I know I'm just afraid we will bring unnecessary hurt into their lives," Harry told her.

“Harry, Dumbledore told you not to let Voldemort get in the way of your love, but you made that mistake and it damn near killed you.” She took his hand in her own bringing it to her lips and brushing it softly. “We need our family, my love, our training is over. Plus we will be closer to the Chamber.”

The Chamber of Love was an area of discontent between the couple. Ginny thought they were ready to know its power and use it for the good of the world, while Harry thought it was still too soon to risk having the Chamber tear them apart. When training Charms in Chile they learned that there were two chambers in the world that held the true meaning of love. However, these chambers were perilous if entered by someone who did not know the secrets of Ancient Magic, which they learned in Peru, or were not grounded in their own hearts. Only ten people in recorded history had entered the chambers and survived. Four in the chamber residing in London and six in the chamber residing in Chile, but many had died thinking they could handle the knowledge and power held within.

“Gin, lets not argue. I think were not ready and you think we are. I don’t want to enter the Chamber until we have had a chance to speak with Dumbledore's portrait.”

“Then let’s go.”

“Gin, what was the number on thing Dedrich told you, you needed to work on?” Passion or not she was getting to a point where it was tough for even Harry to hold her back.

“Patience,” she said dropping her head to her chest.

Harry picked it back up with his hand on her chin. The tears were beginning to well in her eyes and he could tell that she felt strongly about needing to see her family. It had been three years since she saw her mother and father and longer for her brothers. The only family member she saw on a regular basis was Ron and that was about once or twice a year. They returned to England for Ron and Hermione’s wedding, but stayed only until the end of the ceremony before rejoining Dedrich in Holland. Again, they returned for the birth of Emily, Ron and Hermione’s daughter, but had only stayed for a day.

“Listen, I know our training is over and I know you need your family. After we head to Scotland, we can move back to England. I miss them too, you know.”

“You promise?” The thought of moving back to her family made her spirits instantly rise.

“I have talked with Ron before about moving back closer to home, but we always thought the presence of Dedrich would attract too much undue attention. Now that Dedrich is gone, I see no reason we can’t move closer to the ones we love.”

Her reaction was instantaneous. Before he could react she had him pinned on the couch beneath her and was kissing him fiercely on the lips. The passion between them was nothing new, but this was a mixture of relief and love. There were days that their love for one another was unbearable and they spent the entire day in bed, not willing to leave each other’s touch. Their love was something that knew no boundaries and demolished all opposition. Dedrich used to say that there was nothing they couldn’t conquer together and no darkness would ever stand in their way.

“Thank you, my Love,” Ginny said after breaking the kiss and planting her head down on his chest.

They lay there in each other’s arms and just enjoyed the soft light and the sound of the fire dancing in the fireplace. Harry looked to the window startled by a noise until he saw Celeynn enter the room and take her spot on the perch in the corner.

Celeynn was part of their family and taught Harry a lot about using his phoenix form. She taught him how to flash from one place to another, but Harry figured out a way to use this ability without transforming. Now instead of appariting, Harry would just flash around. The good part was flashing ignored all wards and boundaries, so there was nowhere Harry couldn’t flash to or from.

“Harry, I was talking with Celeynn this morning and she agrees that we need to move closer to our family,” Ginny told him causing the bird to let out a short thrill of agreement.

Harry and Ginny were the only people that Celeynn communicated with through telepathy. She would tell them stories from years past as she was over seven hundred years old. Able to speak with them both at the same time, they could hold a conversation like any normal family.

“Oh, so you’re taking her side?” Harry asked the bird as she looked at them with a cocked head.

Yes, I am. You know as well as I do you could both use a recharge of your magic. All this running around and getting into trouble is wearing you out.’ Harry heard in his mind. Celeynn was a good friend. In the past year alone, she saved Ginny's life with a teardrop and took a Killing Curse for Harry.

“See, my Love, us women stick together,” Ginny said with a smile and a peck on his cheek. Celeynn let out a short thrill that sounded like laughter to the couple.

‘You two will be the death of me, I swear. I believe the ADK will ease the pressure off you now that Dedrich is gone. Also the location of interest in Scotland is completely open, but I must warn you Harry, it’s very close to Hogwarts.’

“It’s settled then, after we check the place in Scotland we will just stay. I will sell this house to Gringotts and we can buy a place near the Burrow,” Harry offered his wife. Ginny threw her arms around him and kissed him on the lips again. Celeynn rolled her eyes, and began to clean her feathers.

They both loved the area and wanted to live close to her parents not only so they could easily visit, but for security reasons as well. Arthur retired from the Ministry and took up a much higher profile job as Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot. The title came with prestige for the Weasley family, but in the event of a conflict, it would make Arthur a high profile target. They were both licensed Aurors with the Ministry and truth be told were twenty times better trained than any wizard the Ministry had to protect the Weasley household.

Years ago, Kingsley told Dedrich that once Harry and Ginny were trained to Auror standards to come back and get them licensed. After a year of training, they received their licenses from the Ministry along with a letter from Kingsley authorizing them to use any spell they deemed necessary in their pursuit of the book. Ginny often laughed and called Harry, James Bond, because he had a license to kill.

Over the years, the duo had branched off into different areas of specialization. Ginny liked to focus on the sneaky parts of their missions, as she excelled in getting information and making herself disappear. She also learned the Art of Healing and often mused that once this crap, as she called it was over, she would like to be a Healer.

Harry tended to use his magical skill to defend them and he became a keen investigator. He was a very experienced dueler between Mind Magic and his knowledge in Charms and Defense. Together as a unit, they were nearly unstoppable, as they never made a sound, but read each other minds and moved fluidly as one unit. A Dark Wizard who had the misfortune to come across their path in South Africa told them that he was not aware that Love Magic could be so powerful.

“Let’s go to bed, my Love,” Ginny told him as she watched his green eyes wonder. “We need to head to Scotland in two days and you need to go see Ron tomorrow.”

Harry nodded and allowed his wife to lead him down the hallway and into their bedroom. She was painfully aware that they next year would define the fate of their lives. She was often amazed at how precarious the balance of power was in the world. One moment you think everything is going exactly according to plan and the next minute you are dead. Dedrich learned that lesson the hard way, and she was determined that Harry would not. She would make sure that he stayed focused on the task in front of him, or she would die trying.

“I love you, Harry James Potter,” she told him as she laid her head down on the pillow next to his.

“I love you, Ginevra Molly Potter,” was the last thing she heard before sleep overtook her.

Celeynn heard them say goodnight before she decided to go out and hunt for some food. It was a cold night in the mountains of California, which made for good hunting. There was always a good amount of rodents around for her to feast on and she was sure that tonight would be the same.

While circling high above the tree tops she reflected on the situation Harry and Ginny found themselves in. When she was asked to look over the couple by her brother, she rejected the assignment at first. She knew it was too soon for Fawkes to take on a new master, if he ever did, but she had never been bound to a human and did not want to be. She deemed them weak and frail, and wanted no part in the cycle of life that would eventually lead to their deaths.

That was before she began watching Harry and Ginny Potter. After watching them for a few months, she saw the love and kindness in their hearts. She saw the love they had for each other and the steadfast determination to do what is right. It was then she decided to bind herself not only to Harry, but to Ginny as well.

She could see that Fawkes was right, they had the potential to be the most powerful Witch and Wizard the world had ever seen. They did things with their magic that Celeynn thought was only the stuff of legend. Fawkes had been around for the life of Merlin and the life of Dumbledore, as he was bound to both, and he was convinced that Harry could be more powerful than either one.

A hard and long road lay ahead of them and the trials that the world would throw at their feet would be massive, but if they stuck it out, nothing could stand in their way. About a year ago, she began speaking with them about the Chamber of Love and the powers it held. She knew they were both destined to enter the Chamber, but after that, their path became dark and she could not see the road, only the outcomes. Destiny was a double-edged sword in that regard. You had to make the choice, but the choice could bring about your demise. One thing was for certain, no matter the outcome, Celeynn would stand beside them for the entire journey.





There was no reason for her to be up this early, she thought as she walked towards her daughter’s room. Ron had to be at work early for a prisoner transfer from France and in the process, she had woken up.

Slowly opening the door to Emily’s room, Hermione slid her head in. Her daughter was fast asleep on her small four-poster bed. She was growing up way to fast for Hermione's liking. It seemed only yesterday she was born, or took her first step. However, after three and a half years, she thought it was time to give Emily a little brother or sister. The problem was convincing Ron that they were ready again.

Their work and home situation had changed so much in the past three years. When Emily was born, it had been easy. They were both Aurors and could make their schedule work or just have Molly babysit, but now that Ron was Head Auror and she had taken the Transfiguration post at Hogwarts, it was hard to spend time as a family. It was times like these that she missed her best friend. The last time she saw Ginny was over three years ago at the birth of Emily. There were times that she was not sure if she would ever see them again, but Harry and Ginny left them subtle hints.

At the beginning of every school year, there was a fresh bloom of lilies at the front gates of Hogwarts. Hermione was sure they were Ginny's handiwork as she had seen her create them at the Burrow for Harry. On the anniversary of the final battle there were always two Phoenixes circling the school singing a soft tune. It was very uplifting and became a staple of the school year, as teachers would bring their students out on the grounds to witness the sight. There was something odd about one of the birds that made Hermione think it had something to do it Harry.

The most impressive display of their continuing love for Dumbledore came every year on the anniversary of his death. The first day Hermione saw it, she cried for hours and every year since she went to witness the impressive magical display. Guarding the tomb of marble on the grounds were the images of a Stag and Horse. They stood their vigil for twenty-four hours and were able to interact with people that approached. It was the number one way that Hermione knew that Ginny and Harry were still alive. She just wished they would come home soon.

Leaving her daughter asleep, Hermione walked into the kitchen and joined her husband. He was at the table with his copy of the Daily Prophet open and a cup of coffee in his hand. She was amazed at the change in his body since their days in school. Ron had always been an imposing man, but now that he trained everyday, he was a rock. She loved playing her fingers along the edges of his muscles, which she did as she took a set next to him at the table.

“Hey,” Ron said looking up from his paper and smiling. “Sorry I woke you up.”

“Its ok, do you want some breakfast?”

“Yeah, if you don’t mind.” He knew she loved to take care of him and since it was summer, she had the time. During the school year, the family moved into Hogwarts, but in the summer months, they lived at home in Godric’s Hollow, not far from Harry’s old house.

Hermione got up and began to make her husband eggs and some bacon, Ron just admired the view. Hermione took great care of her body and Ron always told her how much he appreciated it. He was amazed she could make it through the school year without some seventh year attempting to ask her out on a date, but Hermione kept them in line. She was a tough teacher and an even tougher Head of House. When McGonagall asked Hermione to come teach at the school she was also in need of a new Head for Gryffindor house. Hermione being the multi-tasker she is took on both positions.

“Today is the vote in the Wizengamot to make the changes at Azkaban permanent,” Ron said looking back down at the paper.

“Good, you know Kingsley really took huge strides in getting all that legislation passed.” Hermione was a big fan of the current Minister of Magic.

The year after he became the permanent Minister of Magic he pushed the Wizengamot to make sweeping changes in the way prisoners were handled. Using his alliances with the Department of Mysteries and the friendships he made over the years, he totally revamped the island prison. The Dementors were removed and replaced with all wizard guards, which created almost two hundred new jobs in the community.

The Department of Mysteries provided Kingsley with a spell that locked the magical powers of the person in prison. There was only one person who could release them from the spell, the person who put them under it. Since they wore hoods when casting the spell in court, no one could be sure which Unspeakable bound them.

“Yeah, Dad’s gonna make sure everything goes smoothly. I don’t see any problems with it going through.” Hermione could tell he was in a good mood, so she decided to push.

“Talk to Harry lately?” Ron stopped, lowering his paper. She knew he couldn’t talk about on going operations, but she decided to push the limit this morning.

“I haven’t spoken with Harry or Ginny in three months, but the patronesses were at the tomb, so I assume everything is ok. I miss them too, Mione,” he said deciding to tell his wife what he knew.

“I wish they would keep in touch more.”

“Mione, living the way they do is not easy on us, or them. They are fighting a war that no one knows about. All my sources tell me the fight against the ADK is heating up in Eastern Europe, and as far as I know, Harry and Ginny are the only ones fighting them. When they feel cornered they will reach out for help.” Ron looked back down at his paper hoping she would leave it at that. She did not.

“Its funny, no matter how much understanding I have of the situation, I can’t help but think the worst. McGonagall is worried about them, she says Albus knows something, but his portrait won’t say anything.” The portrait of Albus Dumbledore was a treasure of information, but whenever asked about Harry and Ginny’s situation, it immediately shut down.

“Good, this is a very sensitive situation. Especially after they were accused of killing the ex-German Minister of Magic. It was all lies of course, but the German Ministry still thinks they were involved.”

Truth be told Harry and Ginny were involved in the Ministers death, but they were attempting to speak with him before he was killed by the ADK. The fact that the German Ministry still accused them made Ron wonder who was actually in control, but that was another subject entirely.

The room fell quiet after Hermione handed Ron his breakfast. She took his paper and scanned through the articles as he ate. There was an interesting article on the War Orphans charity and its distribution of funds. Not many people knew that Draco Malfoy started the foundation, or that Molly Weasley ran it.

Draco had done a complete turn around after his parents were sent to prison. He used the Malfoy fortune to fund the program and he got married to a muggle he met in a bar. She was a wonderful woman who Hermione had the pleasure to meet more than once.

Ron and Arthur were so impressed with the turn around Draco made that when he applied to work for the Ministry, Arthur recommended him and backed him to become an Auror. The year after becoming an Auror his wife was killed in a muggle car accident, but Draco had taken it all in stride. He buried his wife and after the shock of it all wore off he got on with life by working hard and helping kids who were orphaned in the war.

The article called for the founder to come forward and be recognized for all the wonderful things they had done, but Hermione knew Draco was not in it for the public recognition. He was happy funding the project and letting Molly Weasley do as she saw fit. Draco was a great Auror and was part of a class that included Ron, Hermione, Luna Lovegood, Seamus Finnigan and Susan Bones. This group breathed new life into a department that was ravaged during the war.

Hermione looked up and jumped as a bright white light filled the room. She began to move for her wand before a large white Stag appeared next to the table. Both Ron and Hermione dropped what they were doing and stared, it was obviously Harry’s patronus. The stag smiled and bowed before opening its mouth to speak.

“Second T, at the rocky doors stability. Witching hour.”

The stag bowed its head again before disappearing as fast as it came. Ron smiled, but Hermione stared at the place where the Stag had been.

“What was that all about,” Hermione asked her husband.

“It means I get to see Harry tonight,” he told her with a smile. Hermione’s face twisted with confusion as she thought about the message, then it clicked.

“Thursday, Stonehenge, 3 in the morning,” she said with a smile. Ron was impressed she just broke their code in less than thirty seconds. No one ever said his wife was slowing down, if anything teaching made her sharper.

“When you see him remind him that the Defense Against the Dark Arts position is still open, and I'm sure Minerva would love to have him come teach.”

“Mione, he’s an Untouchable, he’s not gonna quit doing what he’s doing to come teach at Hogwarts,” Ron said laughing, but Hermione just smiled.

“You never know,” she said as Ron got up and kissed her on the forehead.

She watched as he left out of the back door and headed off to work. He worked hard and loved his job, so Hermione didn’t complain about the hours he kept. He often came home so tired that all he could do was fall asleep on the couch while Emily tried to play tea party with him.

The innocence of their youth was gone and the reality of age had set in. Hermione understood that there would always be another conflict or crazy wizard wondering around trying to kill everyone. The only way they were ever going to have peace in their lives was if someone like Ron and his group of Aurors enforced that peace. Harry and Ginny was a completely different situation.

They had an objective that ran along those same lines as the Aurors, but they went about their missions differently. There were no laws holding them back or regulations they had to follow. In the list of all time Dark Wizards and Witches there was Morgana, Slytherin, Voldemort and Grindelwald. To let any one of them loose on the world again was not acceptable, and Harry and Ginny were doing everything in their power to prevent it. She knew they went off to get specialized training to combat a group of Dark Wizards that would make the Death Eaters run for cover, but it didn’t make it any easier that she couldn’t help in some way.

She had no idea that her life was about to change forever and that the catalyst of that change was the one thing she wanted most.

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