Chapter 2 - A little game


Gryffindor, Hufflepuffs, Slytherins and Ravenclaws

Sirius Black stood up in the great hall and asked me to tell him everything that I know about the Marauders,

which happens to be a lot.

Black has got a disease that I like to call 'I need to be trained'

So girls who are willing to test this out, you need to train Black.

Teach him right from wrong show him what to do and how to eat.

As long as you follow these rules you will become what Black wants.

1.Speak to him slowly

2.hold his hand/make sure he holds on too

3.discipline him such as: no snogging no shagging or no food

4.if he screams at you or tells you its over he doesn't mean it

5.Keep an eye on him if he's with another girl he's only trying to make you jealous

6.Black loves a girl who always wear too much perfume and make-up

7.Black also loves a girl who is all over his brother.

8.if Black is with a another girl go snog one of his best mates right in front of him

9.if you want the relationship to last long always be with him never leave his side also loves a girl who walks around fully clothed but on Mondays he loves girls walking around with bathing suits on.

Follow these steps and you'll have Black head-over-heels in love with you

Don't you think so Black?

As for the Marauders, there four idiotic morons who don't think with the right 'head' and as for their secrets that they keep, I really don't know any, but I promise you this I will find out what there hiding.


P.S. I want to play a little it's called 20 questions. You can send in your questions and if I like the question

I will answer it if I don't then no I won 't answer it.



Remus sat at the Gryffindor table chuckling to himself and shaking his head.

Whoever wrote this surely had a bone to pick with Black.

Maybe an ex? Maybe just a girl who hates when there best mates are head-over-heels in love

with the man-whore?

Remus starred at the last line of the article. 'Would she be willing to meet me?' He asked himself.

He then pulled put a piece of parchment and a quill and started writing.

"Hey Mooney, what you writing mate?" Sirius Black asked.

"Padfoot, (Remus looked up from his writing and handed his mate the magazine) you shouldn't be worried about what I'm writing about but what she's writing about" Remus told one of his best mates.

"Why, should I care, as long as doesn't concern me, then I shouldn't worry" Sirius said all cocky like.

"Oh, but Padfoot, it does involve you".

Sirius looked at Remus then at the magazine, he then opened it and turned to Sinder3lla's article.

He sat there reading it.

"Oh, no she didn't!" Sirius said standing up and now mad.

"Oh, yes she did!" A girl's voice that Sirius Black knew all too well considering his best mate loves her Lily Evans


"Who and what did they do?" Lily asked

Black handed her the opened magazine, Lily started reading then burst out laughing

"Finally, she writes something worth reading." Lily said laughing

"I hope, she writes something as funny about this about Potter next." Lily said still chuckling

"What about me?" a voice asked Lily knew that voice all so well, the voice that made her angry, the voice that made her heart skip a beat, the voice that made her blood boil. Potter's voice.

"Potter" Lily said angry

"Lily" Potter said

"So what are we talking about?" James asked

"Lily, wants Sinder3lla too write something about you like she did for me" Sirius answered for Lily

"Oh, and what exactly does the article say about you?" James asked his best mate feeling cocky was once again

"Prongs, it's nothing to get excited about, it's more depressing more then anything" Padfoot told his best mate

"Here" Remus said handing James the magazine

James sat there and read through then tried to hide his smile from behind the magazine.

"I'm sorry Padfoot, but that's funny" James said threw laugh then they all joined in on the laughter too.

Once James settled down a questions popped up into his mind

"Padfoot?" James asked his best mate

"Yea, Prongs?" Sirius asked wondering what was going through his brain 'Hopefully a prank too play on Snivellus this

year' He though hopefully

"Didn't it say that girls would be walking around in bikinis on Monday?" He asked

Sirius eyes got wide at the thought that girls in barley any clothing walking around

Sirius grabbed the magazine out of Remus's hands once again and flipped too Sinder3lla's article

"Yes, yes it does Prongs" Sirius said smirking up at James

"YOU ARE HORRIBLE!" Lily said standing up from her seat and walking out of the great hall was again angry at Potter

Sirius's eyes scanned the great hall out of boredom but what he saw made his heart skip a beat a pretty red-head in Ravenclaw.

She wasn't an actual red-head like Lily orangey/reddish hair but actual red hair. 'I wonder if it's natural or she dyed it' he


James and Remus noticed he was staring at something. More like someone.

"What are you staring at Padfoot?" James asked trying to find out what exactly he was staring at.

"Ravenclaw, Red hair walking away now" I said dreaminly

Remus turned around and saw who she was. Once he turned back his eyes were wide.

"What's wrong, Mooney?" James asked

"The girl Padfoot over here is staring at is McKenna Sanders, Ravenclaw, almost top student of the whole Hogwarts, she has her own fan club like Padfoot over here but bigger, she has a big attitude and won't stop for anyone unless there in their 1st year, tutors some kids, helps Poppy in the medical office and helps in the library when needed. She's a star student hasn't dated anyone to my knowledge and apparently has had a horrible past." Remus explained

"How do you know this?" Sirius asked his best mate

"I was her potions partner last year, doesn't talk much either" Remus explained

"Hmm, she's interesting, I like interesting" Sirius said with a smirk

"Don't even think about it Padfoot, your just going to get hurt" Remus explained all the while long hopeing his best mate wouldn't fall for the girl he already had a crush on..




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