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Chapter 11

Hermione felt paralysed. Usually she knew what to do but now she failed. She knew that magic didn’t work in Dracula’s Castle, her wand was useless. She couldn’t count on Jasper, he could hardly control even himself, his hunger and sharp teeth…

She closed her eyes. She gave in. She tried to imagine herself as a vampire, a pale vampire witch, hungry for blood, living forever and getting lonely… But she will have Jasper. She can have him and he can have her, there will be no more walls between them. They will spend the nights together till the end of the world, making love, and Jasper will tell her the story of each scar on his body. She sighed. If this was her destiny, she was ready to accept it.

Suddenly someone grabbed her arm. She opened her eyes and saw Malfoy, dragging her away and throwing something into the crowd. The vampires started to fight for that thing madly, and while their attention was distracted Malfoy and Hermione could approach the door.

’Take her to the portkey, I’ll try to stop them,’ Jasper shouted to Malfoy while pushing away a bearded vampire. ’I’ll join you when I can.’

Malfoy nodded though he didn’t care whether Jasper would join them. He could happily imagine his life without that guy.

After Hermione punched an agressive vampire countess in the nose and Malfoy tripped a growling, pale and bespectacled young man, they could get out of the fortress. They ran through the forest and stopped only on the small field, by a bush. They could hardly breathe, still holding each other’s hands.

’Where’s the portkey?’ Malfoy asked.

’In the bush,’ Hermione gasped and pointed at an old boot. ’And you? How did you come here?’

’Apparated,’ he answered and pulled the girl closer.

’We used the portkey because Jasper cannot apparate,’ Hermione explained though Malfoy could probably find out the reason himself.

’Were you out of your mind?! To come here… To the headquarters of vampires… Where you are the only human and magic does not work… It’s crazy. You are crazy, girl.’ Malfoy pretended to be very angry with Hermione but actually he was angry with Jasper.

’You know what, Malfoy? For the first time in my life I admit you are right. It was a crazy thing to do. Are you satisfied now?’ Hermione looked into the bluish eyes. He nodded. He didn’t want to tease the girl. He wanted to hold her in his arms. He drew closer and his hands encircled her waist.

Hermione didn’t protest. The last night of October was really cold and she was wearing a thin, off-the-shoulder evening-dress. She craved for the heat radiating from Malfoy.

’And how did you find me? I mean, how did you know I was in trouble?’ She stammered.

’Longbottom told me,’ Malfoy answered and started to unbutton his cape.

’What are you doing?’ Hermione asked, her teeth rattling in the cold.

’Warm your body,’ he whispered and pulling the trembling girl into his chest he wrapped the cape around her without taking it off. The warmth immediately enveloped her and she buried her face in Malfoy’s pullover. She didn’t know what to do with her hands, finally she snaked her arms around his waist.

’What did you throw in the crowd?’ She asked when her shivering began to lessen.

’A blood-stained handkerchief.’

’Whose blood was that?’


’What?! Where did you get that handkerchief?’ Hermione was shocked and lifted her head to look into Malfoy’s eyes.

’In the hospital wing. When I took your parlysed body there and helped Madam Pomfrey to wipe the blood off your face…’

’And you kept it as a souvenir?! It sounds a bit bizarre…’ She scowled.

Malfoy knew it and felt uncomfortable so he changed the topic.

’You should be grateful. You haven’t even said thank you though I saved your life.’

It was true but Hermione felt too proud to do so.

’You didn’t save my life, Malfoy. On the contrary. You prevented me from becoming immortal.’

’And you and Hale could have lived happily ever after… Oh, come on, wake up. Do you really think he is in love with you? Don’t you see that it is the scent of your blood that drives him crazy?’

That question really hurt Hermione. Malfoy could see the pain in her eyes.

’You say things like that just because you are jealous… Because I don’t feel anything for you.’ Hermione tried to stay calm.

’I can’t believe you don’t feel anything for me…’ Malfoy pulled Hemione tighter to him.

’Malfoy…’ She gasped when felt his warm hands sliding up her back.

’Why did you choose him?’ He whispered. ’I can give you so much more…’

Their faces were close, his eyes bore into hers.

He cupped her cold face into his warm hands.

’Can he touch you like this?’ He asked quietly.

Hermione closed her eyes and didn’t answer.

’Can he…’ He stared at her slightly parted lips longing. ’Can he kiss you like this?’

And then his mouth closed over hers, passionately, impatiently, he could not wait anymore but slid his tongue inside to taste her kiss, to prove her what a good kisser Draco Malfoy was and to make her forget about that damned vampire forever.

He shouldn’t have.

Hermione pushed him away angrily.

’You were right, Malfoy, I have feelings for you. You make me feel furious,’ she gasped but couldn’t finish the sentence.

’Sorry to butt in but we’d better hurry,’ they heard Jasper Hale, running towards them from the forest.

A second later the trio grabbed the old boot and the porkey took them back to Hogwarts.


End of Chapter 11


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