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Yep, they were pissed.

It took all of the strength Lucius and Blaise possessed to hold back Draco who was furious beyond reason with the way Harry and Ron had treated his Airibella.

He and the rest of the Slytherins had always assumed that while she gave them help, she had been treated like she mattered, and to now be told that she was treated badly by the Slytherins, to Draco’s shame, but for Harry and Ron to have ignored her in her hour of need.

All he was capable of thinking as he was held back was that she deserved better, and he wanted to get to her. He knew from her letter to him that she did care about him and wanted to be with him, and that knowledge made what he had just heard that much harder to take. He wanted to get to her, to protect her, and take away the pain that they had all caused her.

“Let me go, I’ve had enough. I need to get to her, Merlin, let me go. I need her,” Draco cried out pulling at Lucius and Blaise.

“Son, please, you have to calm down. You have to calm down. Control your anger, Draco, PLEASE,” Lucius said, “Daemian, Blaise, get my son outside and calmed down. Then you boys go flying or something, and I’m putting up wards so that you can’t leave the grounds by any means.”

Daemian and Blaise dragged Draco outside as Lucius pulled Severus aside and asked,

“Is it wise to keep him away for 3 days? Severus, I think he is beginning to suffer from skin ache. He just keeps saying that he needs to get to her- that she isn't safe.  I mean they were friends when they were younger, but how could they be mates now? The spell covered up Airibella's veela blood and abilities? How is it possible?”

“I don’t know. All that would need to happen for them to be mates would be for them to have some sort of contact with Airi's Veela blood riding close to the surface. I mean i had only met Katie once before, and we became mates,” Severus said, "I don’t think 3 days is a good idea, now that I think about it- not for any of us. We all have Veela blood in us, and, with the stress we have all been under lately, I don’t think any of us need to be away from our mates, least of all my daughter and your son. I honestly think we need to get them together and then leave them be- putting them in public together without letting them at least begin to bond is probably not a good idea. As it is, their separation has started to make Draco more than a little edgy, and I still have no idea how Airi is handling things.”

In a Muggle Boutique in Paris…

Airi was out shopping with her sister Veelas and their mothers. She knew she was perfectly safe, but she found that, as time passed, she felt less and less secure. She kept thinking that someone was going to get her, and her skin felt like it was starting to burn. Her mind kept wandering to Draco, and how badly she wanted to be near him.

“Airibella, what’s the matter”, Lette asked, barely skimming her fingers along the girl’s shoulders.

“Don’t touch me, it hurts. I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m on fire,” Airi cried as she jumped sky high at her Veela Aunt’s touch, “Why am I hurting? I’m scared too-like I’m exposed and unprotected, and I’m worried about my Draco.”

“I think we need to get you home, Airibella, and I don’t mean to the Hotel. I want you to wait here, and I’m going to go get the others from the dressing rooms. It’s ok, sweetheart. Your Mum can explain it all to you soon, but for now we need to get you somewhere private. I’ll be right back,” Lette said.

Lette watched as Airi turned back to stare out the windows and began rubbing her hands up and down her arms and along her shoulders, and she knew for sure that Airi was suffering from the beginning stages of Skin Ache. It was a potentially deadly illness that Veelas and their mates suffered from. Veelas were naturally very physical beings, and they absorbed the pheromones that their mates put off through physical touch of any kind.

It was the reason they were only going to be alone in Paris for three days, and even that was a stretch as none of them had ever been separated for longer than a week. Even Sev and Katie made a point of seeing each other at least every other day because Katie took a house in Hogsmeade during the school term, and she, Cissa, Lucius and Rico never parted unless they had too- meaning that they were always together unless the men were at work. When Veela mates were separated for an extended period of time, they would both become sick, craving the touch of their mate.

It could drive one or both of them to madness, and it was for this reason why most Veela parents were so unconcerned when they found their children curled up with their mates in positions that most parents would find upsetting. It was natural for Veela mates, once they hit puberty, to stay close to their mates, and sex of any kind wasn’t always even part of the relationship.

It was usually possible for young Veela mates to wait until after the wedding, unless there were extenuating circumstances. It was the general rule within their own group, that as long as the children were able to keep their needs and desires under control in public, then they could do as they pleased- it was easiest that way.

The problem with Draco and Airi was that it had been almost 8 years since they had been separated, and the only reason they were able to keep from going insane is because the spell kept their base needs for touch and each other’s presence suppressed. With Airi finally reawakened, there was a good chance that, if Draco and Airibella weren’t allowed near each other soon, they might both lose their minds or worse.

“Katie, we have to go. Airi has skin ache, and its bad. I brushed my fingers across the top of her shoulders, and she nearly came apart at the seams. She told me to stop touching her, and she kept saying she felt scared- Exposed. We need to get them both away from the public eye, and they need to be left alone. It can’t wait 3 days,” Lette said to Airi’s mum as she rushed to Katie’s side as she was staring at a pretty little number that showed off her back, knowing her Sev would appreciate it.

“Are you sure, Lette,” Katie asked turning to face her with concern.

“More than,” Lette responded nodding her head briskly.

“I’m going to take Airi to the hotel, and then send a Patronus to Severus. If Airi is like this then Draco is probably as bad or worse. I think we should send them to Venice- the Villa there is protected and won’t show too much magic expulsion. I think that will be best, don’t you,” Katie said.

“I think it’s perfect, Kat. We’ll see you soon,” Lette said.

Katharine found her daughter at the front of the store staring down the street, but Airi looked bad- like she was trying to hold herself together by digging her nails into her upper arms.

“Airi, come on sweetie. I’m going to take you to the hotel, and then I’m going to send for your Daddy. We can…”

Katie was interrupted as her daughter burst into tears saying, “No, I don’t want Daddy. I want…I need Dragon. You have to take me to him, Mum, I’m in pain and only he can make it stop- I just know it. Please.”

“I know you are in pain, princess. You have skin ache. It means that your body is quite literally aching or starving for his touch, and he is probably aching for you too. We had no way of knowing this would happen, if we had we would have sent you and Draco off together straight away, but we are going to fix it now. We are going back to the hotel, and then I’m going to work everything out with your Dad. You will see Draco before the day is out- I promise. Then we are going to leave you two totally alone so you can be together and get well, just hold on okay? I need you to let me touch you so I can apparate us away once we get to the alley around the corner from here, okay,” Katie said to Airi in her most reassuring tone.

“Just, please, don’t hold me too tight, it hurts, Mum,” Airi begged.


Malfoy Manor- Draco’s wing

“Lucius, I finally got word from Katie. Airi is as bad off as Draco is, and getting worse by the second. We are going to pack up some of his things, and let him go to the Villa in Venice, and then leave them there alone. We have to hurry though, Katie says Airi has started to shake,” Severus said to Lucius in the hallway outside of Draco’s room.

“Draco is too. Let’s get him packed and then get him gone,” Lucius said.

“Wait, don’t go in yet- I need to hear that Katie has left Airi in Venice first before we tell Draco. Airi is weak and has already started to feel abandoned which means that if we just let him go then you know what he’ll do and it won’t matter whether he’s in public or not, Lucius. Better to let him go to her on his own, and find her alone waiting for him, than for us to cut him loose, and end up pinning her to a wall in the middle of Paris, right. Draco’s only desire and thought right now is to get to her and hold her. He needs her touch, and she needs his. Draco won’t care who is there; he won’t be able to control his temper. Katie is going to leave Airi outside of the Villa by one of the pergolas, and then we are going to let Draco apparate to her. He needs to take care of her, and she needs him to do it. If it were one of us, we would want it the same way”,

Severus said, just as a beautiful Swan Patronus floated up to him and said in Katie’s voice,

“She is there. Let Draco go, and hurry, she started crying almost hysterically just as I apparated away. Hurry, and then go ahead and come to Paris- I think all of us girls are feeling a bit nervous at the moment, and we need you, please?”

Severus and Lucius didn’t hesitate and had already decided privately to themselves that they were going to Paris- three days away from their wives by choice was nuts.

“Let’s go.”

“Sooner we get your son on his way, the sooner we can get to our girls. I should never have agreed to time apart, but I just couldn’t tell them know, Luc. I’ve always been weak when came to KayKay, you know, and bloody hell, if my daughter doesn’t have those same Jade eyes as her mother- two sets and I apparently can’t say no.”

“I’m the same way with CiCi, Sev. One look and it’s over for me, Merlin, I’m getting hot and bothered just thinking about it, let’s get my boy to his mate, and then go find our own.”

“Works for me.”

Lucius opened the door to his son’s room, and what he saw hurt him inside to see. Draco was lying in bed, fully clothed, with his body as tense and taught as a bowstring. He was shaking, and Dae, Blaise and Rico looked worried about him. Severus put his hand on Lucius’ shoulder and moved to magically pack a couple of bags for Draco.

Lucius stepped to the foot of his son’s bed and said,

“Son, Airibella is at the Villa in Venice- waiting for you. She is not doing very well at all, but we have done what we can as quickly as we could- she has progressed through skin ache very quickly, and you need to get to her…”

Lucius stopped mid sentence as Draco sat bolt upright in bed, with his eyes glowing an almost iridescent white as he rose from the bed moving as if one touch from any one in the room would set him off.

“I’m going, and I’m going alone. No interruptions, or else. Leave us alone till I bring us both to the Manor outside Paris, until then, we are to be left alone,”

Draco said in an almost growl. Severus approached the bed cautiously and dropped the two bags he had packed for Draco on the foot of the bed before saying,

“Fine. Take care of my daughter, Draco. She is most precious to me.”

Draco nodded his head and looked to his Veela brothers who simply nodded their heads in agreement, and then to his father who cocked an eyebrow and nodded his head in a general direction as if to silently say ‘Move your ass boy’, but what he really said out loud was,

“The 10 of us will be there waiting on you- Quidditch World Cup Series starts in six days, try to meet us in three, Go.”

Draco summoned his cloak and a very ornately carved box made from teak with two large, jade dragon-heads facing each other inlaid into it, placed the box carefully into one of the bags, stepped away from the other men and apparated to his mate- who, he sensed, was very weak, frightened, and in excruciating pain. It didn’t matter- he would take care of her like he should have always been able to.

Airibella had collapsed in a heap after her mother had apparated away, and she couldn’t help but feel as if she were slowly falling apart. She was still wearing the dress she had bought at the first boutique she went to with the girls. It was white and jade with a corset like bodice that had silver accents, and the skirt hung down hugging her hips and then flowing out in a beautiful butterfly skirt and fell just below her knees. She was wearing her jade dragon on a long chain tucked into her bodice; pair of silver chandelier earrings, silver bangle bracelets, silver stiletto heeled shoes and a white jacket with silver accents. Her hair hung long and glossy with huge curls in it.

Airi was almost completely delirious with pain, and it was almost funny. She had been through so much since she had met Harry and Ron, and she was suddenly totally unable to function in any way. She couldn’t focus on anything except trying to keep herself sane, to make matters worse, she felt like she was on fire. There was a light breeze and instead of it feeling good on her irritated skin, it felt like she was being singed.

Draco apparated to the center of the garden in the Snape family’s Villa in Venice, but he could have cared less about the beauty surrounding him. He wanted to find his Princess, his RiRi, and she was so close he could almost taste he fear and pain. He paused in motion only long enough to send his things inside the manor before taking in a deep breath with his eyes closed so that he could locate her.

Seconds later, Draco launched himself to the right and headed to the pergola just behind the Phoenix fountain, and he found her collapsed on the floor holding herself like she was trying to keep from breaking into pieces. It made everything in him tighten in anger that she was alone and in so much pain.

RiRi was shaking from head to toe when she suddenly felt everything in her give one hard convulsion, and then strong, solid arms were wrapped around her waist.

“Hermione, I need to hear you tell me you don’t hate me. Please,” she heard Draco whisper in her ear with just a hint of desperation and pain. She sobbed quietly and moved her hands to the arm wrapped snuggly around her waist, and as she sobbed lightly, she felt Draco’s arms tighten around her waist and shoulders.

“Draco, I’m not mad at you. I’ve spent the last several years feeling like part of me is missing, and now I know that you were the one that was missing. This fits, Draco, and it feels right. I’ve missed you so much, and I didn’t even realize it. I know you, I feel you, and I need to be near you. I’m proud of the things you have accomplished, and I just hope you’re proud of me too, Dragon. I don’t hate you, love. Even before the War- I didn’t hate you, I just disliked you because of the way you treated me. Don’t call me Hermione though, ok. Its not who I am, at least not really, I’m RiRi. I’m YOUR RiRi. The one who was taken away, but I guess I’m Hermione Granger too. I Love you so much. I want to be a family- the Grangers were kind people, but they ignored me most of the time.”

“I feel you too, princess. You’re right- I missed you, too, and I didn’t know it. Merlin, RiRi, I can’t let you go. You feel like everything I’ve needed, missed and wanted all rolled up into one beautiful package. I’m proud of you too, baby, you’re brilliant, beautiful, loving, honest, strong, true, and the bravest women I know. You should know I never hated Hermione Granger, but I did hate Harry and Ron because they had the kind of girl I dreamed about. When your Father told me how they had been treating you, I went right over the edge because I can’t understand how anyone would treat you as anything less than a goddess, and the fact that they didn’t sends me right over the edge. You should also know that I’m not letting you get away again, you belong to me and no one else. You have a family now too, by the way. The 6 of us are a family, and that won’t ever change, baby,” Draco spoke into her ear.

Draco buried his face in her neck and breathed in her scent before pulling her to her feet, and she turned into his chest, nuzzling into it and breathing deeply. Draco held her to him as tightly as he could before kissing the top of her head, and then saying

“Hold on to me- I want to get you out of the wind.”

RiRi did just that and suddenly felt warm all over, and the next thing she knew, they were standing in a beautiful bedroom.

It was decorated in rich jewel tones of red, gold, blue and green, and there was a large window seat against the far wall that looked out over the canal. The bed was a huge- king size with silk sheets of gold and white, and the bed and the other furnishings were of a luxurious and streamlined type, but neither RiRi nor Draco really noticed the room furnishings.

They only noticed each other. Draco still had his arms wrapped around RiRi, but now his hands were roaming up and down her arms, and she was doing the same.

“How are you feeling now, Ri?”

“I still feel shaky, and my skin still feels like it’s on fire- not as bad, but still, it hurts, Dragon. How ‘bout you?”

“Same. I think we need to do something definite about the pain. What do you think?”

“I think you’re probably right, Draco. We’ve been separated for a long time, and I think it’s time we put our lives back together again, yeah?”

“Absolutely. How far do you...think…we should…um…Oh hell…”

“Why don’t we follow our instincts Draco- we’re part Veela. Our bodies know what to do naturally, I think.”

Draco chuckled, “You’re right, love.”

Draco and Airibella both took deep, settling breaths as he pulled her back to his chest-which must have been exactly what she needed because she moaned out loud as her body connected with his. Her reaction had an instant effect on him, and Draco’s control snapped completely at the same time as Airi’s did as their Veela fangs extended for the first time- instinctively they both knew there was no turning back.

Suddenly, making up for nearly 8 years worth of touching, kissing and connecting became the only thing that mattered. Their lips meshed together in a battle that had no determinable winner, biting and nipping at each other without reservation, and their hands were running up and down each other’s bodies- touching and warming as they went.

Draco still had Ri pressed flush up against his body, conquering her mouth and body, marking her as his own. He moved himself back toward the bed, pulling Ri with him, as he pulled her jacket off of her.

Ri ran her hands up Draco’s chest and then down his back taking his white over shirt with them, and then off his arms completely after he tossed her jacket. Draco couldn’t seem to keep his hands of Ri for longer than a couple of seconds at a time.

Doing anything but pulling her closer took serious concentration on his part. Draco sat on the bed, pulling Airibella with him into his lap as he began to kick his boots off and pull her shoes off at the same time. Their lips were doing a dance that, if it were anyone else, would have ended the world. Ri was fully focused on getting as close to her Dragon as possible.

Draco tossed her shoes at the same time Airi tossed his belt. They never stopped kissing for more than a couple of seconds at a time. They both reached for Draco’s t-shirt at the same time, and some thing about that moment made them both pause, look at each other in the eyes for a second, smile and then start laughing as they pulled the shirt over his head.

Draco wrapped his arms around Airibella- putting his hands on the back of her shoulders and pulling her down to him as her arms wrapped around his neck. He breathed in the natural scent of her body- like spring in the middle of April, and she thought he smelled like summer rain.

Draco wrapped himself around her, trying to feel as much of her as possible all at once, and Ri just couldn’t seem to be able to get enough of him. He turned Ri around so that her back was to his front, and then he slowly began to unlace the corset like bodice of her dress. He kissed and ran his fingers down her back as he pulled the laces and freed her from her dress.

“Draco, this feels so right, ya know?”

Hermione turns in his arms now completely naked save her Dragon star pendant and her white lace boy short panties.

“Uh huh, I know Ri.”

Airibella placed her hands on his shoulders, and shivered with pleasure as he ran his hands from her calves up her body to tangle in her gorgeously soft onyx and gold hair, while staring her in the eyes- fascinated and lost in them at the same time.

“What’s that look in your eyes, my Goddess?”

Draco pulled her to him kissing her lightly, and they both suddenly felt like they were home for the first time in a very long time as Ri found her nearly bare body pressed sensually against Draco’s naked chest. Airi found herself running her hands and nails up and down her Dragon’s torso learning its muscled surface, and thinking to herself that she suddenly had a new appreciation for Quidditch and anything else that he had done over the years to earn his very gorgeous six-pack abs and the chest she was currently considering tasting just because she felt like it.

“I’m worried about school, and the others and…”

Draco let himself fall backward with RiRi on top of him still running his hands all over her, but with her lying on top of him, his mouth went dry with the need to taste her.

“Stop worrying, Granger. You’re thinking and worrying when you should be letting me drive you crazy with lust and making you feel better.”

Draco flipped them over, and began running his hands from her neck down her body, skimming, palming and squeezing in all the right places with his lips following-his only thought to make her mindless with her want. Draco knew his Princess needed that. She had spent 8 years being made to worry, think and feel for and about everyone else, and now he wanted her to worry about them- just them and herself. He wanted her eyes to glitter and her cheeks to flush, and he wanted her to smile his favorite smile because he had seen her give it to others but never to him.

“I…Oh my Merlin… um that’s…um”

Draco smiled, thoroughly enjoying the way her body responded to him and the knowledge that she was focused solely on them- success was sweet.

“Ha ha. Thought you’d like that, still worrying?”

Airi felt herself beginning to let go- to feel whole in Draco’s arms. She felt warmth, safety and suddenly a driving need for Draco to lose it just like she had. RiRi moved her hands from Draco’s six-pack to the top of his pants and began undoing his zipper, and, as she let her hands begin to remove the last of her Dragon’s clothes, Ri allowed her lips to kiss, nip and tongue the chest and abs she had already memorized with her hands.

“No… Dragon… I need you.”

“Oh, Merlin… Airi… baby… please, don’t stop… I need you as much as you need me, love…my Princess”

Ri’s hands reached him and from there neither of them were able to do anything, but follow their instincts.


“Merlin…Ri…you’re…oh god… you feel”

“Dragon…I want…need…please…Draco”

“I know…Granger… let go…I’ll… catch you”

“Malfoy…I… can’t…I”

“I’m Here…Princess…Fall… for me…I’m with you”



“Airibella… I Love you, baby," Draco said as he wrapped himself around his RiRi as tightly as he could, pulling the sheet around them in the process.

“Love you too, Draco," Airi said as she snuggled tightly into Draco’s chest, knowing that he would be there with her for the rest of her life as they both drifted off into the best sleep either of them had had in 8 years.

Draco and Airibella found themselves lost in each other as they made love time and again for the next 3 days.

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