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The next morning was the earliest I’ve ever woken up on a Saturday. I woke up as soon as the sun had peaked through our curtains. It bathed our dorm room in a cozy auburn hue and while I wanted to enjoy it, I couldn’t. My muscles were screaming and my throat was sore from the shouting at practice yesterday. I could barely move as I forced myself out of bed. My legs were stiff and my ankles were slightly swollen as I grabbed my bed post for balance. The girls didn’t even notice me leave as I moaned and groaned all the way to out bedroom door. I barely could pry it open as I wobbled out into the empty hallway. I started to make my way to the shared woman's lavatories and showers, gripping the wall as I walked. I cursed Potter’s filthy name as I winced and gritted my teeth. When I finally settled into one of the showers I turned the shower knob, but the water was freezing and I flinched from the shock of it. It caused my muscles to spasm and cramp but I gripped my fists and dealt with the pain. The water eventually grew warm and I finally felt my muscles begin to relax. I leaned onto the wall and let the hot water rush down me as I pressed my forehead to the wall. I tried to clear my thoughts but I continued to hear Potter’s haunting voice criticize me. That voice followed me throughout breakfast and most of the morning. It wasn’t until the argument between my friends that I even realized we were outside by the lake gossiping under our usual willow tree.


“-and you just need to keep your mouth shut, that’s why we can never get through a practice.” Ally said to me as my mind let me enter reality again. They all looked at me with wide eyes as I blinked rapidly.


“I-I uh…sorry I’m…it’s-” Ally slapped the back of my head. “Ow.”


“What’s wrong with you today?” Krissy said quickly moving to me and checking my temperature by placing her hand on my forehead. “Are you not feeling well?” I blew a taunting raspberry noise loudly in her direction before shooing her away from me.


“No, I just…couldn’t sleep much. My bloody legs are killing me.” I said stretching them out and rolling my ankles. “I’ve been out of it all day.”


“We’ve noticed.” Ally said taking a little bit of pity upon me. “I mean…I think he was pretty brutal.”


“Thank you.” I said finally as I motioned to my predicament.


“I honestly think Harry gets a sick pleasure from torturing you.” Krissy laughed loudly as Ally giggled with her. “At least he keeps you in shape!”


“Sod off!” I said jokingly as I tried to swat at her again. “Wait…where is Hollie?” I asked noticing that she wasn’t sitting with us.


“I think she’s with Won-won in the paddock.” She giggled as Ally and I looked at one another and then to Krissy.


“Won-won? As in Ronald Weasley?” I said shocked as we neared Krissy like a little group of gossiping girls.


“I heard that they were flirting in Charms class yesterday.” Krissy said informative as she had a huge smile on her face.


“Gross!” Ally shouted as I snorted loudly.


“That’s only what I heard.” Krissy said in a low voice.


“Always!” I smiled as they both laughed at me mischievously.




I walked into the castle and adjusted my jean pockets as I smiled at Dean and Seamus. They gave me a usual head nod as I passed them. I walked through the castle noticing the lights gleaming in through the windows of the castle and everyone seemed to be beaming as I passed. Even the Slytherins were on good behavior, bloody hell. Ron has weirdly been missing all day and I had about enough of Hermione today. I left her in the library with Ginny hours ago. As I made my way to the Gryffindor tower, people were less frequent. Who would want to be inside on a day like this?


“Password?” The fat lady knocked me from my thoughts as I smiled at her.


“Raspberry Tart.” She smiled and the portrait swung open. I went to my dorm and changed into practice clothes. Such a nice day, might as well spend it practicing outside. I know it sounds awful and kind of practical…but there’s always something nice about a quiet broom ride around the stadium especially since yesterday's practice ran rather terribly. I hardly had enough time to practice myself with all of Goodwin's nonsense.  As I rushed back down into the common room, not a soul was lurking…almost haunting. I hurried back down to the paddock and more friends greeted me as I made my way to the pitch.


“Harry practicing…really!” Ron teased me as I passed him and Hollie Alderton. “What a total shock.” I laughed with him as Hollie smiled at me.


“Haven't seen you all afternoon." I retaliated and he began to blush. "Where’s Goodwin? Detention I presume?” I joked turning my attention to Hollie.


“You would think.” She giggled before she shook her head.


“Then she’s up to know good. Guess I’m safer in the stadium.”


“Don’t practice too hard Harry. The game is in a few weeks.” Ron said seriously.


“Yeah, yeah.” I said brushing him off.


“Honestly Harry!” I went through the doors as his voice followed me. The sun was shining again on me as the nice breeze cooled off the heat. It hasn’t been this nice in a few days. The heat lately has been unbearable, even during practice. More due to Goodwin constantly riding my ass, but the heat makes it seem more awful at times. The day that I can kick her off the team will be the happiest day in my life. Just the thought of making her cry slightly brings a smile to my face. It’s hard to make her cry…well at least I’ve never succeeded. Yet, I can’t deny her abilities on the field. I honestly can say it would be easier to get her off the team if she wasn’t already a bloody fantastic chaser. The bloody wonders of Charlotte Goodwin with a side dish of the trials and suffering of me, Harry Potter. As I walked through the dark hallway of the stadium I suddenly heard the sound of feet running. I paused for a moment before continuing on again. I shook my head as a figure emerged from around the corner. I reached for my wand in my pocket, but then I saw her.


“You.” Her voice was like a dump truck smacking into my face.


You!” I mocked almost as we moved closer to each other. “What are you doing here?”


“I could ask you the same.” She spat back as I glared at her. We were silent for a few moments as we stared each other down.


“I’m about to practice.”


“Really?” She laughed before placing her hands on her hips. “Practice? What do you even practice? How to annoy your teammates with insufferable nonsense-”


“Why are you here-”


“Honestly Potter, I really want to know. What do you practice?”


“You are avoiding my question?” I raised my eyebrows at her as she scoffed at me.


“No I’m choosing not to answer your question. There’s a difference!” She said harshly pushing past me.


“Did you do something to the field with your-” She interrupted me with her loud laughing as I grew impatient with her.


“Yeah I uh-put-no…I hexed the locker rooms with Cornish pixies and the-uh-oh they can only be stopped by saying ‘God save the queen’ three hundred times!” She joked sarcastically as I faced her. She was walking backwards and making silly gestures with her hands as I gripped my fists tighter.


“Goodwin you insufferable-”


“I know, I know…I’m always up to something.” She turned and continued to walk down the corridor as I tried to catch up with her.


“You usually are up to something.” I felt my patience waning as her laughing subsided.


“Well, you’ll surely be the first to know now won’t you?” She stated evilly.


“Conniving, wicked-”


“Spare me the lame insults Potter!” She mocked me before I roughly spun her around to face me.


“I’d rather not be part of this prank, tell me if you did something-” She struggled against me as I tightened my grip on her. Then she squealed slightly before our eyes met coldly. “Goodwin I swear-”


“I didn’t do anything Potter!” She said defensively as I noticed her demeanor change. “It may be surprising to you but my agenda here today had nothing to do with you or causing harm or injury to anyone else for the matter.”


“No exploding bleachers or sinking sandpit?” She shook her head and I loosened my grip before she jerked away. “No hordes of narlacks or pigmy-”


“I’m not a hoodlum Potter! I’m actually a nice person.” She interrupted as I snorted slightly.


“Nice! The only nice thing about you-” I stopped myself and gulped heavily.


“What?” She questioned as I felt embarrassed. “What?!?!”




“What, what were you going to say? I’d really like to know!” She said angrily as I backed up slightly.


“Nothing I was just…I was just going to say-” I gulped heavily again as I felt my heart racing unexpectedly. “I-I’m pretty nice too…sometimes.” She looked at me weirdly as I shook my head stupidly. I’m a sodding retard.


“What? That’s not what you-” She stopped herself and gave me another weird look as I breathed out nervously. “Wait…did you just say that you’re nice?” She let out a stifled laugh as I felt my cheeks start to burn. “To who? You’re not even nice to Granger!”


“That’s none of your business, but I forget that one of your best friends invades other people’s business-” She pushed me roughly as I stumbled back slightly.


“Coming from a guy whose best friends consist of a bitch and a simple-minded fool.”


“And you said that you’re nice?” I laughed as she pushed me roughly again. “I should start practicing.”


“You do that…prick.” She spat before she started walking away again. I couldn’t help my deceiving eyes as they traced up her tan, fit legs to her…enough!


“Ruddy chaser.” I said to myself as I ran my hand though my hair. What just happened?  I’ve never been deterred by her before. She just caught me in a good mood, a really good mood. As I looked down the corridor again I shook my head before walking back to the quidditch pitch. Damn that girl and her wicked mind-games of trickery on me.

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