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Je t'aime by Sarah_Bee
Chapter 18 : Epilogue
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“Penelope! It's time for bed!” I called out as I walked down the hall into the living room.

I smiled upon seeing the little five-year old blonde haired girl curled up on the couch. She pouted, “Five more minutes, mommy!”

“Honey, it's already past your bedtime-” I sighed, walking over to her.

“Why does Penny get to stay up?” I groaned hearing my three year old son's voice.

Turning around, I saw him standing in his pajamas, clutching his blanket and rubbing his eyes. I picked him up, “Penny is going to bed, just like you should have done, Theo.”

He put his arms around my neck, clinging to me and I kissed his head. I looked at Penelope, “Sweetie, I know you want to stay up until daddy comes home but-”

“I'm home,” I heard the front door open and shut along with Louis' voice.

Penelope smiled, running to the door, “Daddy!”

Louis barely had time to take off his coat before picking up his daughter. She giggled and he kissed her forehead, “What are you doing up so late, angel?”

“Mommy let me,” She smiled innocently.

Louis looked at me, grinning, “I'm sure she did.”

I shook my head, “She's impossible!”

Louis laughed a little and set Penelope down, “Why don't you get in bed and I'll be right there?”

“Okay,” She sighed, going upstairs to her room.

Theo was practically asleep in my arms and Louis took him from me, “Hey buddy.”

Theo yawned and nestled his head on Louis' shoulder. I smiled, rubbing my baby bump, “I'm only a couple months pregnant, Louis.”

“I know,” He shrugged, kissing my cheek and leading me upstairs.

He walked into Theo's room and set him down in his bed. Theo hugged him goodnight and then me. I kissed his head and we quietly walked out of the room, shutting the door. Penelope was sitting up in her bed, waiting. Louis smiled, “I think it's time to go to sleep, angel.”

“Can't you tell me just one story? Please?” Penelope pleaded, giving a cute pout lip.

I knew she had Louis wrapped around her little finger ever since she was born. He looked at me, “What do you think?”

“Fine, one story,” I smiled, sitting on the edge of Penelope's bed.

Penelope smiled in delight and Louis asked, “What one?”

“How did you propose to mommy?” Penelope asked Louis curiously.

Instantly, my cheeks reddened and I hushed her, “How about we save that for another night-”

“But I want to know!” She stated stubbornly.

“What made you think of that?” I asked curiously.

“Well at Emma was telling me all about how her parents got married and how the boy gives the girl a ring and they get married,” Penelope mentioned.

Louis scratched the back of his neck, “Maybe we can save that particular story for when you're older.”

“Why?” Penelope asked innocently.

I bit my lip, looking at Louis, “I suppose we could tell her.”

“Stephanie-” Louis sighed.

“Oh come on, Lou, it's not like she doesn't know about how we dated and whatnot. You were always romantic-”

“Fine, fine, I guess it's alright,” Louis shook his head.

Penelope grinned and I smiled at Louis who was leaning against the wall, “Do you want to tell her?”

“Oh no, go ahead, by all means, love” Louis smiled, sitting next to me.

Penelope curled up to my side and I started to think of how to start the story. It had been about seven years ago. “Well, it was on a beautiful summer day and your dad took me out to the countryside...”

“Louis, where are you taking me?” I asked as he was about to apparate us both.

He grinned at me, “Can't I surprise you every now and then, Stephanie?”

“You give me surprises all the time,” I stated.

Louis kissed my forehead, “I don't see anything wrong with that.”

I sighed and he apparated us. I clung to him and after we landed, I found myself in a beautiful green meadow with daisies everywhere. Louis kissed my cheek, “What do you think?”

“It's beautiful. Where are we?” I looked at the place in awe.

“The countryside in France, one of my favorite locations,” Louis shrugged as he grabbed my hand, leading me along the edge of a breathtaking pond.

We walked for awhile and I swung our entwined hands back and forth. I couldn't believe we had been together for nearly two years. It seemed like an eternity. I smiled to myself, recalling how I'd slipped on a patch of ice and he'd helped me up. Louis looked at me with curiousity, “What are you thinking about?”

“Oh nothing,” I shrugged, still smiling.

Louis pulled me closer to him, “I know you're thinking about something, Stephanie.”

I giggled, “And what makes you think I'll tell you?”

“Oh I don't know,” He shrugged then grabbed me around my waist, “I happen to know you're awfully ticklish.”

“Louis-” I started to say but before I could stop him, he tickled my sides, making me squeal.

I squirmed in his arms and broke free from his grip, laughing. He chased after me and I ran as fast I could through the flowers and the field. Louis ran after me and just as he caught me, I stumbled, causing us both to tumble to the ground. I lay on my back, laughing as he lay next to me. I turned my head, my eyes meeting his blue ones, “I was thinking about the day we met.”

Louis smiled, “J'aime penser à ce jour” (I love thinking about that day).

I got up and stood, waiting for him to get up. He gazed up at me, softly whispering, “Vous etes la plus belle pour moi. Vous le savez?” (You are the most beautiful to me. You know that?”

My cheeks reddened, “Louis, please, use English.”

“Désolé (sorry), it comes out when I'm nervous,” He bit his lip, still gazing up at me with such tenderness that made me melt.

Nervous? I frowned a little, “Nervous? For what?”

He slowly sat up and said, “Something I've been waiting for a perfect moment for.”

“You aren't breaking up-” I slowly started to ask.

Instantly, Louis protested, “No, non jamais que. Never that, mon ange” (no, no never that. Never that, my angel)

My heart started to race as he got up on one knee, his fingers taking mine. His eyes never left mine as he spoke tenderly, “Tu es belle. Depuis la première fois que je t'ai vu, je savais que je devais être avec vous. You're beautiful. Ever since the first time I saw you, I knew I had to be with you. Stephanie, L'amour de ma vie, diriez-vous m'épouser?(Love of my life, would you marry me?)

I bit my lip, my brow furrowing as I didn't understand his French, “Louis, I don't know what you're saying even though I'm sure it's lovely..”

Louis blushed a little, “I asked you if you would you marry me. Would you marry me?”

My heart stopped and I could not help but smile and nod, tears in my eyes. Louis looked at me, “Yes?”

“A thousand times yes!” I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him.

He kissed me back and pulled away, softly saying, “Je t'aime plus que tout autre chose dans ce monde. I love you more than anything else in this world.”

“Je t'aime,” I whispered against his lips and kissed him again.


“And then you lived happily ever after and got married!” Penelope exclaimed happily.

I smiled, “Yes, we did.”

“How come daddy doesn't talk to you in French all the time?” Penelope asked curiously.

I blushed and Louis looked at the ceilling, “Pourquoi at-elle poser tant de questions?” (why does she ask so many questions?)

Penelope yawned a little and I smiled, “Alright, time to go to sleep now, sweetheart.”

“Do I have to?” She pouted, “I want to hear more!”

“There isn't anymore, honey. We got married and we had you and Theo,” I grinned.

Penelope sighed, “Are you sure?”

“Of course I'm sure, now get into bed,” I kissed her head.

She crawled under the covers and Louis kissed her cheek, “bonsoir chérie” (goodnight sweetheart).

Penelope yawned, “Bonsoir.”

I hugged her goodnight and we quietly shut the lights off and the door behind us. Louis put his arm around me, kissing my cheek, “Je t'aime.”

“I love you, too.” I smiled as we walked to the living room.

Louis sat on the couch and pulled me onto his lap, “vous sentez-vous bien?” (are you feeling well?”

I sighed, “Louis, you know I can't understand half of what you say, even if we've been married more than seven years.”

“Je pensais que maintenant vous devriez être en mesure de me comprendre,” Louis laughed a little. (I thought by now you should be able to understand me).

I turned my head, looking at him, “Not funny.”

“Sorry, love,” He smiled, kissing me.

I pulled away slightly and his fingers stroked my baby bump. I smiled, placing my hand over his, “It's fine. You know you did intrigue me from the very beginning with the French.”

Louis kissed my forehead, “ Tu es dans toutes mes pensées.”

I rested my head on his shoulder, closing my eyes. He put his arms around me and I could feel his heart beating beneath his shirt. His breath was warm on my cheek as his angelic voice whispered, “You are in all of my thoughts.”

“You're in all of mine,” I smiled, snuggling closer to him.

a/n: and now it is done!!!! and i'm going to go cry because this is probably my favorite next generation fic that I've ever written. I am not going to do a sequel for all those who are curious. I have tried sequels and they never turn out as good as the first story... so I gave you a good snippet of their future married life.  :) Thank you so much to everyone who has followed this story and read and reviewed! You all are amazing people! I would not be here without your support! and I finally wish to thank my beta. She's been so wonderful. Thank you everyone. Je T'aime. <3

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Je t'aime: Epilogue


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