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Chapter 12



He sat down next to her in the library and smiled as she didn’t even try to hide her sigh of misery at his appearance. “Oh you.” He said happily tapping her head like one would do a small dog.

“I thought I got rid of you.” She said crossing her arms on her book and leaning over it to hide its pages.

“Nope.” He said happily pulling out his books. He flicked his throat so it made hallow sound. “You didn’t crush it merely bruised it.”

 “My mistake. I won’t be so careless next time.” She said trying to hide the smile that was fighting its way to her lips.

 “You better not smile.” He said leaning closer to her over the table. “It will ruin this whole facade of you hating me.”

 “A facade you say.” She noticed then how close their faces were and she quickly sat back blushing.

 “Don’t be bashful love.” He laughed. “I already know you are crazy about me.” He sat back in his chair and crossed his arms purposefully showing off his arms under his white shirt.

 “What ever helps you sleep at night.” She said going back to looking at her book.

 “Oi what is that.” He asked quickly grabbing from her.

 “Hey.” She hissed not wanting to draw any more attention to their table.

 He looked at the spine of the book and whistled. “The restricted section, dangerous.” He opened the book to a random page and read out loud in an animated voice. “The mutation potion is a difficult potion that takes various different elements to create. The largest and rarest ingredient is the blood of a wizarding baby that has been cut in half by the light of the full moon then drained into the cauldron within moments of being severed.” As he read the last sorted details of the potion his tone changed to that of mocking to that of confusion and disgust.

 She reached over and tried to grab it back but he jerked it away just out of her reach. “What the hell are you reading this for? It’s creepy.”

 She jerked it out of his hold and put it into her bag. “I am not using that potion, I am studying another.”

 “I am guessing because you are not telling me the details of that spell that it is also creepy and in some way involves a dead baby.” He said standing as she stood.

 She brushed past him but he followed her. “It is not a dead baby.” She said but he was not convinced.

 “Is it worse, is it a dead puppy.”

 “A  dead puppy is worse than a dead baby.” She said looking up at him like he was rather mental.

 “Yes.” He said as if it was an obvious fact of life. “Babies turn into people who are okay but puppies turn into dogs which, as we all know, are amazing.”

 “I never would have guessed you were a puppy man, is that even a kind of man.” She said shaking her head in mirth.

 “It is a kind of man. The best kind of man.” He said happily grabbing her hand quickly before she had time to hide it away in her robe’s pockets.

 “I wouldn’t quite call you that.” She said quietly.

 “What the best kind of man?” He asked

 “No,” she said a smile playing on her face a man. “Not a man.”

 He pulled her into a deserted aisle and backed her up against a book shelf surrounding her with his body a grimace on his face. “You know I don’t like it when you are mean to me.” He growled moving his face close to hers. Her breath caught in her lungs as her eyes flew to his. His green eyes bore into hers and were filled with something she had never seen before. He drew even closer till she could feel the heat of his lips on her own.

 Then suddenly he pulled back laughing, he patted her cheek and smiled. “I knew you wanted me.” Then he left her still pressed up against the shelves trying to catch her breath. She should have fought him off kneed him in the junk but she never expected him to smell so good. It was like he had paralyzed her. She shook her head to clear it and glared at his retreating back. Next time she would be ready and she would show him how much she “wanted him”.




Leif walked into his dormitory and heard the sound of all his mates’ hushed voices. “What are you wankers up to?” Leif asked standing over the huddled group who looked up startled.

 “Merlin’s balls Leif you scared the shit out of us.” Ciro said grabbing his heart as all the boys sighed in relief that it was only him.

 “What are you doing that is so mischievous?” Leif said now interested.

 “It is from my brother.” Ciro said handing Leif a piece of parchment. Leif took it and scanned the letter most of it was bull about his time with England’s world cup team which was short lived because he loved females and the drink more than the game.

 “What am I supposed to find in this letter?” Leif asked looking down at Ciro from over the note.

 “Flip it over, it is a spell.” Ciro said impatiently.

 Leif flipped the parchment over and found the spell. “Almost like real tattoos.” Read the explanation.

 “My brother said they are the closest to the real thing that you can get. Only one counter charm can get rid of it and you make it up so no one can remove it but you. He said he does it for every girl he meets says it gets them in the sack faster than anything.” Ciro said reaching up and grabbing the letter and looking at the spell like it was the key to every girls underpants.

 “I think people will notice if you go around with a different girl’s name on your arm every other week.” Leif said skeptically. He knew his way around females and knew that although they could be easily tricked they were not completely stupid. Well some that is.


“Oh yeah.”Ciro said rather crescent fallen.

“I don’t care I’m getting Megean’s name on me. Maybe then I can get her to touch my willy more often.” Allen said his voice sullen. It seemed that the Allen and Megean love train had taken a short pit stop and he was not pleased with it.

 An idea sparked in his head. “You know what Allen that is not a bad idea.” Leif said rubbing his hands together. “How good do these things look?” he asked sitting around with the other boys as Ciro tested it out.



 Leif walked out onto the pitch after tryouts had finished. The feeling and energy in the air made his heart sore. This was the place he was meant to be. From the feeling of the soft turf under his feet to the smell of fresh cut grass this was all a part of him. Alone he sat down and looked up at the setting sun and smiled a real true smile something he had not done in a while. He let the constant burdens he held slip off his shoulders let the mask he always wore come down for this moment. He lay back and used his arms as a pillow and looked up at the darkening sky. He wished that it could always be this way. That he could just be Leif Haroldson and not Leif Haroldson dirty hot Slytherin sex machine.

 “Who is this Leif Haroldson then?” a voice behind him asked. He whipped around to look up at Avalon.

“Tell me I have not been yammering on to myself.” He demanded as his cheeks turned crimson.

 “I never took you for a blusher.” She said quite pleased with his discomfort. She sat down beside him and pulled up pieces of the turf obviously now she was the one uncomfortable.

 “What are you doing out here I thought you hated Quiditch?” he asked trying to snatch the upper hand.

 “I don’t hate it I just have never watched a match is all.”She said with a shrug.

 “Then what are you doing out here.” He asked.

 “I just I … umm..” she mumbled.

 “You didn’t come out here to find me did you?” he asked glee in his voice. He knew he shouldn’t feel this happy about her coming to find him but something deep inside him stirred something that he had never felt before.

 “No.” she declared a little too quickly.

 “Methinks the lady doth protest too much, my dear.” He said taking her hand in his and pulling her closer to him. She begrudgingly came closer but then realized what he had said.

 “What did you say?” she asked turning on him not only had it been educated it had been muggle.

 Leif’s face flashed horror for a moment when he realized but he quickly put the façade of calm cool and collected back on. But Avalon had seen the truth behind the mask.

 “Where did you hear that.” She continued.

 “I heard it from Macgonagall.” He lied easily looking away. “It seems like something she would say doesn’t it.” He said with a forced laugh.

 “Your very good at that you know.” She said studying his features.

 “At what.”

 “Lying.” She said simply. “I never noticed before but now I see the tale tale signs.”

 “What I’m not lying.” He said looking back at her.

 “Yes you are.” She said happily knowing she now had a new trick to use against him.

 “How can you tell that.” He demanded more interested then anything.



“When you lie your eyes get all vacant for a moment. Like you are no longer in there.” She said, her hand reached out and pushed his hair out of his eyes on its own accord. She jerked it back and turned away from him it was her turn to turn red. Her display of affection made his heart jump and he could not resist her any longer. He sat up next to her and turned her face to his. As he leaned in to kiss her, her hand reached out and stopped his lips. He opened his eyes and looked at her.

“I knew you wanted me.” She said her voice dead serious filled with emotion. It sounded like she was almost on the verge of tears.

 He laughed out loud to her surprise and he wrapped his arms around her and dragged her back onto the ground with him. “Why you little weasel.” He said. “I promise I shall never underestimate you again.”

 She let out a sigh of relief. The moment that they had been sharing had felt so real so fantastic that she almost couldn’t say it. She thought instead of mirth it would be his anger she now felt. But that was what she wanted wasn’t it? She wanted to be so angry that he didn’t come back, right?

 “You know I’m glad you agreed to go to Hogsmeade again with me this trip. It will make the double date a lot more fun.” He said after his laughter had died down.

 “I never agreed to any of that.” She said lifting her face to look up at his.

 “Of course you did. I will meet you in the Great Hall after breakfast and we will go from there.” He pulled her even closer to his warm body till they were pressed together chest to chest.

 “Oi love birds clear the pitch.” Leif knew that voice. Damn Allen and his stupid jealously.

 Avalon turned scarlet and tried to pull free from his arms to take off running but he held her firm until she stopped struggling. Then he pulled her up with him and he walked with her back to the castle his arm draped over her shoulder. He got this feeling as they were walking, that his arm was always meant to be there wrapped around her, keeping her close to his side shielding her protecting her.

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