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Two young boys were playing in front of an old stone house, in the edge of a forest. They kept waving a twig each and yelling strange words in what seemed like Latin. One of the boys, a small blonde and thin child, threw himself backwards on to the dirty ground.

Stupefy!” he raised his twig towards the other boy.

“I duck that,” the second boy rolled on the ground. He looked older than the first boy, but they could almost pass as twins, same blonde hair and grey eyes.

“That’s not fair, Alfred. You always duck when I cast the spells!” the younger boy got up and cleaned the dust and leafs from his clothes. “That doesn’t happen in a real fight!”

“Well, this isn’t a real fight and I’m older,” Alfred laughed and twirled the twig on his fingers. “When our baby brother is old enough you can do the same.”

“When Osmond is old enough, I’ll be too old to play with twigs and fighting make believe battles,” the little boy broke his twig in frustration.

“Alfred, Salazar, come inside for supper!” a woman was standing on the doorway to the old house, carrying a baby in her arms.

The two boys ran towards the house. The apparently small house was bigger on the inside, big enough to accommodate three families. It was warm and it smelled of food.

Two girls were already setting the table. Like the two younger boys, they looked identical, with blue eyes, pale skin and dark blonde hair. The only way of distinguishing the two was by the freckles that covered the face of one of them.

Salazar and Alfred sat, hungrily waiting supper. Their mother had made porridge as usual. Salazar frowned at the thought of it, he knew that food was always scarce, but it wasn’t an excuse to be eating the same thing every day.

“Mam, where’s Da?” Salazar asked. His father was one of the most popular men in the village. He was a very humble man that liked helping others. Being a wizard was another reason villagers often came to their home asking for potions and spells. He would, sometimes, return with some coins or small animals as a way of payment.

“Your father is helping Wilfred Carpenter cure his sick wife,” Salazar’s mother replied. She sat at the table next to him and began feeding the little infant in her arms. “He should be home soon.”

A few seconds later the door opened and in came a tall bearded man. He had grey hair and sparkling grey eyes. He was carrying two dead rabbits on his back, which he hung on a hook net to the entrance door.

“It was a difficult one,” Salazar’s father said, sitting next to his wife and cleaning a drop of sweat from his brow. “But I think she’ll recover soon.”

The arrival of the patriarch meant it was time to start eating. Salazar’s stomach was rumbling, so, despite being tired to always eating the same thing, he ate happily. The two dead rabbits that his father brought mean they would be eating meat the following day and he couldn’t wait.

Salazar and Alfred went to sleep earlier than the rest of the family. Spending the day playing and running around always left them too tired to stay up with their parents. Their father had told them not long ago that soon they would have to start working and that they should enjoy it while they can.


The next day the two brothers woke up early. Their father had already gone out probably to help some other Muggle and their mother was preparing the rabbits to cook them later. The two twin sisters were already on the fields working to get some money for the family.

After eating some pears for breakfast the two boys run out of the house eager to play with the rest of the children from the village. There were always dozens of kids around, so there was always something to do every day.

They saw a small group of boys talking with each other, near the lake. When Salazar and Alfred reached the boys, they became quiet all of a sudden and stared at the brothers.

“What?” asked Alfred, frowning.

“My Da said we shouldn’t play with you anymore,” the tallest boy of the group said, turning his stare to the ground. “They say that your family is no good.”

“Our family his what?” Salazar raised his voice. He didn’t like when someone talked about his family that way. “Answer me!”

“Your family is no good,” the boy said again, now looking Salazar in the eyes. “My Mam says that you are Lucifer worshipers and that you are evil.”

Salazar and Alfred threw themselves onto the boy. Each of them punching and kicking as hard as they could. The rest of the boys around them joined in on the fight and soon the two brothers were struggling to defend themselves, so they kept on kicking and punching.

Salazar felt himself being lifted, but he kept fighting, until he noticed that he was being carried by the waist by his father. His brother was on the opposite side of the tall man yelling to be put on the ground.

Their father took them to the house and finally let them go. Alfred ran to the door, but was stopped by his mother, who was blocking the door.

“What happened with your faces?” she asked with her hands on her hips.

Salazar cleaned something wet from his lip and noticed that it was blood. He looked at his brother and saw some gashes on his face and the collar of his robes were ripped. They were both filthy from rolling on the floor, fighting.

“John, the son of Wilfred Carpenter, said that his father wouldn’t let them play with us,” Salazar said, staring to the floor, ashamed.

“And you thought it was wise to pick a fight with Wilfred’s boy because of it?” the father asked.

“No. We thought it was wise to punch him when he said that our family worshiped the Devil and that we were no good,” Alfred looked defiantly at his father.

The boys’ mother gasped in terror. “Why would they say that?”

“John said that his father had told him that,” Alfred replied.

The parents looked at each other shocked.

“Go clean yourselves,” their father ordered them and turned to his wife. “Why would he say that? I helped him yesterday.”

“I got an owl this morning about Wizard families having to go into hiding, because of some proclamation the Muggle Pope sent,” Salazar heard his mother say, before closing the door of his room.

A/N: I know that in my other stories I always get to the action on the first couple of chapters, but in this one I want to introduce the characters and how they live. Hope you liked it, though ^^

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