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    Hey y'all! I'm sooooooooooo sorry about how long I've been out! I tried to abandon this story at first, but that idea didn't ring the right bell with me. I really tried to re-create, even re-edit the story, but in the end, I realized that the best thing to do was to accept that sometimes stories aren't as popular as you predict them to be. This is the final chapter and I hope that those of you who read it.......ENJOY IT! MAKE SURE YOU REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise you it's excellent and maybe some of you will love it like a fat kid loves a cupcake. Like they say in the A1 sauce ads, "Yep, it's that important"










    The gruesome reality stung inhumanely on to the skin of my forehead as I recognized the painful tragedy I'd created in my own path of paranormal destruction.




    On the night filled with excitement, too much eggnog or more over too much vodka in the eggnog, I happened to be drunk enough to spark a row between my best girl mate and the boy who happened to be completely head over heels for the brainy whim.




    That little row arose into such a commotion so quickly that my guy mate, Fred, and I had to dismiss the lick between the two as fast as the time could make it and throw Harrison Fernandez and the blonde headed stick into the farthest corner from the Portrait Hole possible.




    And now as I lay restless in bed, staring into the midst of the open dark ceiling, I wondered where my friend was. Heather was extremely punctual. She always arrived on the dot and never was too early or too late. However, right at this moment, she had passed the twenty minute span. The blonde perfectionist wasn't a hint in sight within the dark dorm room where three other girls seemed to have worried looks clouding over their faces.




    I ran my hands along the silky ribbon of my Lolita doll's dress hem. Could she have engaged in sex-?




    No, I swung my unveiled head from side to side on the fluffy pillow; she wouldn't do such a thing.




    Everyday, Heather's left forefinger sported a silver purity ring with an obnoxious cross carved into the middle. It was the chastity ring of purity jewelry. I honestly didn't get the ring because every kid I'd ever known who wore one of those lost their cherries before they got married and those who didn't wear the circular finger accessory, were the ones who stayed virgins until after the sacred ceremony.




    However, Heather lived up to the oath of the Christian symbol. She wore it no matter how many times I lectured her on the fact that the ring was just going to cause her the fate of doing the deed anyways. When those boys darted their pupils upon the ring, well, boys being boys, they will become tempted monsters. Fred views the chastity ring as if it were the sexiest thing ever.




    "If a girl wears one of those, I swear I won't be able to control myself from actually trying to make her unpure out of marriage."




    Of course, Fred found out that Heather wore the ring and he immediately regretted his comment the moment he saw his ninety-five pound friend wearing the ring the year she turned fifteen.




    Now, drifting back from the momentary thought, I was interrupted by the clang of a heel colliding into the tip of the door.




    "Shit!" I heard the familiar high-pitch tone curse. Heather Glencoe had arrived back home and boy was I going to beat the wankers out of her.




    I clamped my eyes shut and pretended to snore the infamous vibrating sound Viviana complained so bitterly about. My ears froze at the rhythm of her clickety heels dropping to the clack of the wooden floor.




    It troubled my mind that Heather swore. She never ever curse, not even if Voldemort had taken over the castle and was about to massacre all the muggleborns. Never, she was the staunchest Catholic I'd ever met in my entire Muslim career. Something seemed awfully fishy right at the moment.




    "Wow," Heather's voice whispered into my ear,” someone sure doesn't know how to fake sleep."




    I surrendered my cover-up plan to her, “Where the fuck were you? I was worried sick about you- and so was the entire population in this dorm room."




    Heather extracted her wand from her denim pocket,"Oh you know..."




    I snarled, “Don’t give me that. I know it way too well from my brothers and sisters."




    She lit the candle in the room, causing a sudden jolt within the bedroom. Three of the living occupants groaned in disgust at her appearance, not that they despised her, the sleeping dogs just despised the fact that she walked in and interrupted them sleeping.




    "What happened?" I demanded.




    Her temples started to sweat profusely. Those delicate hands that remained so creamy white were darkening to rouge.




    "I was at a m-meeting with Dumbledore..."




    Allah, help me....




    "Heather, have I ever told you that you're unskilled in lying? Where were you?"




    "I-it's none of your business, so shove off."




    I had to keep my temper down or let it implode within while not permit it to explode on the outside,” I’m not shoving off. If you're hanging with Sirius Black, I need to know. All of this room-I went down to a whisper-could have slashed throats by that convict.."




    "Fine," Heather hissed at me, “I’ll tell you!"




    I was suddenly whipped out of the room into the bright light...without my veil on. She quickly grabbed me and took me into the secret closet that was where Fred and I chatted just a few hours ago.




    'What are you playing at?" I asked her.




    "I was with Harrison." She looked down to the ground.




    "So....what's the problem there? You two were working out the fight and trying to get along-"




    "It went beyond that."




    "You're friends?"




    She didn't answer back.




    "More than friends?"




    Her eyelashes flickered just a little bit to indicate a "yes".




    "So you kissed"








    She was as silent as a mouse, still not answering anything.




    "You lost your virginity?"




    A small squeak uttered out of my friend, “Yes..."








    "Wave, shush, people could wake up!"




    I will not stop until I knew all of it.




    "I was getting super aroused, okay? I couldn't stop until it was over."




    I couldn't believe my ears. Little Heather Anna Glencoe just flounced herself in one hell of a sticky situation. Golly, not even Anita Malanera achieved such stardom with the hottest guy on campus. Harrison looked like a timid Enrique Iglesias, but even sexier. He was sweet, fond of music, and loved his mother and being Catholic. First time I ever met him, he was the shortest, chubbiest kid in the class. He wore thick frames at the time and was often hidden behind a book. His ambition in life was to become a monk and move to India where looks (as he thought) were disguarded.


    Before Harrison was Harrison Fernandez, he was Javier Gonzalo Fernan Guittierrez Fernandez.


    We were close friends at the time. We met on the first year of our Hogwarts career..in a compartment. He was the timid boy who didn't have a clue about social graces and had a strong dislike for quidditch. We chummed around a lot since most of the kids thought I had a bomb up my veil and that Harrison was just plain weird.




    But then things changed in the summer before our fourth year at Hogwarts. I traveled with my mum to Lebanon to see Aunt Flora and Jezebel, leaving Harrison to fend himself in Madrid with his cougar of a mother. We became penpals, catching up on the details of each of our vacations..I was enjoying the rays of sunshine at the "All womens beach" where I could take off my veil and wear a skimpy bikini as I pleased while he teemed with busy activities that took up the free time meant in the summer. He wrote mostly about what occurred the newest college muggle "Mum" was dating (she was flawlessly beautiful, even her wrinkles were to die for) and how he was worried about her.




    And then those two weeks were over and he was at some theater camp in London. Things suddenly took a twist.




    At the 9 3/4 Express, I met up in the usual spot and looked around for the familiar chubby face beaming shiny bright green braces and those pants that were about to burst open because he was just so.....corpulent.




    This year, however, I was dumbfounded and implacable. I couldn't find my best friend to save my life and quite frankly, I was a little scared. I knew few people at Hogwarts besides him.








    I whipped my head around. Someone just called my name and it definitely sounded like my best friend with a crack in his voice. Still, no one was here and I couldn't find him.








    By the second time, I began to become very annoyed. I looked around one more time. No one there. Just the site of beautiful girls running about in stupidity like usual.








    Something thrusted me up into the air and took me up by surprise. What the heck?




    I looked around for the last time. There stood a beaming boy...man.




    "Waverly Bhutto, do you not recognize me?"




    "Hell no you creep."




    This stranger laughed, “It’s me....your best friend!"








    "Yes, but not any more.....it's Harrison Fernandez. I'll tell you later."




    Javier or now, Harrison was totally different from what he was before. For the first time, he was bubbly. Yes, the word-bubbly. He could talk up a storm in this strange new outgoing attitude.




    And oh my heavens......




    Harrison blossomed into a swan. His sappy skin was so soft and tan to hug. He no longer wore those horrid glasses; now, those eyes wore contacts and underscored the deep almond hue I had never noticed before. His hair was still curly, but one could easily tell that he had gotten it tamed and took care of it. And those thick eyelashes..good heavens so long and fluttering.




    He grew like a weed. He sprung from a limping five feet tall to a strapping six foot two. It was nearly impossible to achieve such a height in so little time.




    His clothing resembled the typical metrosexual when he wasn't in uniform. But when he came back from the boys changing room, those clothes he wore, fit him so well and beautifully that I almost cried. He was an angel. Somehow, the theater camp cast a spell on the ugly duckling and made him into a godly swan.




    Women went wild for him. Girls begged him to tell them who he really was. However, the polite gentlemen he was, Javier grinned, “Ladies, that's a secret of mine."




    Then we started to see less of each other...he was accepted on to the Quidditch team and I made friends finally with the girls in my dorm and we became incredibly close.




    Harrison and I always spent time in Hogsmeade...talking about what was going on in our lives. Soon Heather popped into the conversation quite frequently.




    "Do you know Heather Glencoe?"




    "Yes, she lives in my dorm and is my good friend."




    "Could you introduce me to her?"




    I sighed, so Harrison and I would no longer plan to marry...blimey.




    I introduced them soon as possible (Harrison kept nagging me to do so and I even think I did it in that afternoon). Things went okay at that occurrence from my perspective but in Harrison's, he was head over heels for her.




    And Heather didn't even know it.




    "Is Glencoe dating anyone?"








    He smiled quickly.




    "How's Heather?"




    "Etta's doin okay."




    "Could you elaborate?"




    "Well, she finally got to see the boy she liked and go out on a date with him. She came back disappointed though. He didn't kiss her and you know, she's never been kissed."




    He would grin quickly again.




    "Wave, I need to tell you something."








    "You know Heather?"




    "Of course."




    "Every time she walks in a room, my heart starts racing and my hands get clammy. Even if she's a hundred meters away, I'm still a nervous wreck."






    "I think you love her."




    “I think I do too."




    And his passionate, caring love for the then eighty-pound wonder sprouted stupendously. For the next two years, this boy would mope over the several boyfriends she had and fight with her just so he could talk to her.








    I was incredulous beyond belief. Harrison achieved the proving of his love with the ultimate affection- sex. I never knew little Javier had it in him, but people change.




    "Heather, did he use protect-"




    "I heard him whisper the spell."




    "Which one?"




    "What do you think? I'm a hooker? I don't know this crass."




    She snorted at me and at the same time, moaned in pain. First timers endure that pain where the sun doesn't shine and from what I know, it hurts like no other.




    "Why'd you go for it? You know you have an upcoming relationship with Will."




    "There was something about Harrison. I don't know, it was like every time I looked at him, I got this weird feeling like I was in love with him ..."




    She groaned,"oh this nonsense, i'm talking daggers again."




    "Nooo, Harrison is in love with you...like he wants to marry you immediately after school ends."








    "I'm sorry if you're creeped out-"




    "I’m not frightened; I think I yearn for the same thing too."




    And that was that. By July, Heather was no longer Heather Anna Glencoe. She was Sra. Javier Olon Fernandez.







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