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After our fight, I tried to avoid him as much as possible. Al wasn’t dense so he knew something was wrong between me and Scorp but he never pressured me into telling him. He knew better than to be involved in our fights. So here I am now sitting in a compartment on Hogwarts Express now with Hugo and his friends. Fortunately or unfortunately-I don’t know which but Hugo heard my conversation with Scorpius.

I was crying in my bed after Al, Lily and Scorpius left. Thank god, no one heard the conversation. I already lost Scorpius, I can’t deal with losing Al, Lily and Hugo too. When I screamed about the kiss, Scorpius was scared. I saw fear in his grey eyes but he wasn’t afraid of hurting me but rather that Lily would hear the conversation. He told me to be quiet. How can the one boy I ever had any romantic feelings toward do this to me? How could I let this happen? I shouldn’t have let myself feel anything towards him.

“He’s not worth it” Hugo stated and I was shocked

“Who’s not worth it?” I asked faking ignorance and wiping my face free of tears

Hugo sighed and sat down on the bed beside me “I heard everything Rose. You and Scorpius….?”

I didn’t know what to say. Hugo will hate me now. But I cannot lie to him. I have never been able too. Like Scorpius said ‘it was a mistake’ and now I have to repent for it. “Yes” I didn’t know how to explain to him but I had to say something before he got the wrong idea “But it was an accident. It was a......mistake”

“For him or for you?” He questioned gently

I lost it. I broke into tears. He put his arm around me and pulled me close “I love him Hugh. I still do. I had feelings for him since last year. When it happened I wasn’t ready for it but I was willing because I thought he might like me a bit too. But the next day he got together with Lily. When you told about them in the morning I understood that...he never liked me” I stopped to catch my breath and continued before he could say anything. “I am not going to hurt Lily Hugo. I promise”

“Shut up!” He screamed taking his arm away. He got up and paced around in my room like dad does sometimes when mom is not trying to understand what dad is saying. “I love Lily. Yes! She’s my best friend and my cousin” I waited patiently for the blow “But you are more important to me than her” I looked up not believing his words and he softened his tone. “Rosie, No one’s more important than you to me. Most sisters never let their kid brother hang around them and their friends. But you always did. You never let me feel alone. When I started Hogwarts I was a loner. Lily made friends and left me alone, but you always made sure I had company. Sure the protectiveness annoyed me. But you cared for me like no one ever has. You made time for me. Finally when I made friends you gently let me go. But you still look out for me from time to time. No one has done that for me expect you and no one ever will”

I looked at him with a fresh set of tears. His words made me feel so special “I will always care for you Hugh’s”

He smiled and hugged me “That’s the problem Rose” He said speaking into my shoulder “You care for everyone a bit too much. People take advantage of your kindness. Besides just like you care for me, I care for you too. Everyone comes second in my life compared to you...even I come second in my own life”

“I love you”

“I love you too sis. Don’t cry over that idiot. If it makes you feel better, I never liked him” He said grinning.

“What? Why?” I asked confused

He gave me a sheepish smile “well....don’t laugh but I don’t like the attention you gave him. Even over me”

I laughed. I couldn’t control it but when I looked at Hugo I got serious looking at his sad face “He’s never going to take your place Hugh” He nodded and I started teasing him “No need to be jealous, little brother”

“I am not” He said trying to sound serious but we both knew it was a lie and suddenly a smirk covered his lips “Can I kill Scorpius now?”

So that’s what happened. Hugo from that point on made sure I was never alone with Scorp. He even punched him on New Years when Scorp tried to talk to me. I was at the Potter’s house and I went to the washroom. Scorpius followed me and tried to ‘explain how I was being stupid and obsessed about him’. His words, not mine. Hugo heard that and punched him. Usually I don’t like violence but it was one hell of a punch. My kid brother is very muscular for his age and he’s taller than me. I was always jealous of that fact but now I cannot complain. Hugo and Scorpius were the same height so the punch was something. After that Scorpius left me alone. It’s good to have a strong younger brother. I see the advantages now. They will kick the guys who hurt you.

“We need a lead Singer Hugh” Shan Harper said. He was one of Hugo’s close friends. Most of the time, he is practical and serious. One of Hugo’s adviser as he liked to call him.

“A hot lead singer” Aaron Nikolai joked. He’s the comic relief guy of the group. Most of his jokes are cheesy but I love cheesy jokes. But even though he jokes a lot, Hugo and his friends respect him.

“So what are we gonna do now?” Neil Sharp asked angrily. This guy is the angry one of the group. He gets pissed off easily but he’s still a great guy, with temper issue.

“Guys relax!” Hugo said calmly. That’s my brother. A bit of all his friends. He is practical, funny and well you know about the punch. He can definitely get angry. “We will figure it out”

You might be wondering what they are discussing. Well, my brother and his friends are making a music group. Don’t laugh. I mean it. They are amazing. Hugo plays the guitar (he is so good that you will deeply fall in love with him if you hear him play). Not that he needs to play. Hugo is a heart throb. Many girls are already in love with him. He has a great body, Quidditch player, and he is in Ravenclaw so he’s smarter than the average person. You might think I am just saying that because he’s my brother but really he is an incredible guy. My best friend Megan says that if he was older or she younger she would date my brother because he’s so snoggable. Anyway let’s get back on track. What was I saying? Yes, the music group. Shan plays the drums (he is always so serious and he takes his drum playing just as serious. He is crazy good). Aaron plays the violin (the joker is an awesome violinist) and Neil plays some wizard instrument. It sounds really amazing though, I have to ask Hugo the name later. Together they are the best. But now they need a lead singer. What’s a music group without a singer?

“Rosie” Hugo smirked looking at me. Actually all of them were looking at me mischievously

“What?” I asked raising my eyebrows.

“Rosie dear, you are hot and sexy” Aaron said slyly

Hugo hit him on the head “That’s my sister you are talking about idiot”

“You didn’t have to hit me so hard” Aaron said rubbing his head.

“Well don’t say that about her” Hugo said looking pissed off

“Stop being so protective Hugh” Neil said breaking up their fight “What Aaron meant was Rose; you need to be our lead singer?”

“What!” I exclaimed. They had to be joking

“Come on Rose. You are a good singer” Shan said looking very thorough and practical.

“No” I said stubbornly folding my hands

“Rose please” Hugo asked me with a puppy dog face. He knew I wouldn’t be able to say no to. I was a sucker for those faces.

“Hugo” I sighed “I don’t know. I am not that good”

“What do you mean you are not good?” Aaron said shaking me “Remember all the summers you spent singing these muggle songs. You are awesome. We wouldn’t ask you if you weren’t good”

“Please Rose” Hugo asked again.

I exhaled knowing I would give in. Saying ‘no’ isn’t really my strong point. “Fine” They all grinned like crazy idiots “But if I suck, you guys cannot blame me”

“That won’t happen Red” Neil smiled

“Red?” I questioned uncomfortable

“Yeah, Malfoy calls you that and I have a feeling we are all gonna be tight since you joined our group. So we have to have a nickname for you” Neil explained “But if you don’t like us calling you that. We won’t”

“She doesn’t like it. Don’t ever associate with Malfoy again” Hugo warned Neil

“No. It’s ok” I said which earned me a weird look from Hugo “James calls me that too and that’s where Scorpius learned it from. I don’t mind”

Neil nodded “Great. We are going to have a lot of fun”

“Yes” Aaron agreed “So what now?”

Shan took out a parchment “Sign this Rose. It’s our contract”

“What?” I asked laughing. Wow, Shan is really practical.

Hugo shrugged “Shan’s being an ass and making this more work. He said he wants us to sign to show our loyalty”

“Well, I am not sure about you Ravenclaws. But I am a Gryffindor and Gryffindors are known for loyalty” I teased.

Neil laughed “Whatever proud lioness. Now sign.”

I took the parchment from Shan and was reading over it when Aaron shook his head “Merlin Hugh! Your sister doesn’t trust us. This is going to be a bit hard”

“I don’t blame her. Even I wouldn’t trust you guys” Hugo joked handing me a Quil.

“It’s not that” I said signing “I am looking to make sure everything is in place”

“Don’t worry, the king of perfection wrote it” Aaron said pointing to shan

“Shut up Air!” Shan said taking the parchment from me and putting it in his bag. “Thanks Rose. Welcome to the group!”

I smiled and Aaron put an arm around my shoulder “Now Rose, being part of the group means no secrets, you have to give us advice on girls and maybe hook us up with your friends”

I laughed shaking my head “I am older than you idiots which means so are my friends”

“We like older girls” Neil smirked

“Yeah! Your friend Megan is hot” Aaron added

I laughed again. Megan has to hear this. I was enjoying myself with their chatter when Shan said “Not all your friends are older. You have some friends who are younger. You have relatives too. Lily, Roxanne, and Molly”

“Lily is already taken.” Aaron told Shan “So I guess Roxanne and Molly are left”

“Guys, that’s enough!” Hugo exclaimed noticing my discomfort when Lily was brought up.

“Sorry Mate” Aaron apologized “I forgot they were your cousins”

“You can try my cousin’s mate” Shan suggested and the uncomfortable atmosphere was gone.

“Red, I have some good looking cousins in sixth and seventh years who would be very interested in you” Neil told me to annoy Hugo.

Hugo sighed in frustration and I laughed. I didn’t need Scorpius. Things may be rough between Lily, Albus and me. But I have Hugo, Aaron, Neil, and Shan. Something tells me that’s all I am going to need. It’s true what they say, to gain some, you have to lose some. I am a lead singer now. Everything will be fine. I don’t need Scorpius Malfoy.

A/N: So what do you guys think? Hate it? Love it? Please comment. I would love to hear your opinions. Thanks to becky and kerri17 for reviewing. I really appreciate it.

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