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Picking Up The Pieces by TheGoldenKneazle
Chapter 2 : The Great Weasley War
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 Chapter 2 – The Great Weasley War



When I woke up for a third time, it was only Madame Beauvoir who was anywhere near me. This in itself shouldn’t have been a relief, but when I had no idea what I thought of anyone any more, it was.



“Ah, you’re awake. Well, I’ll get some more of this in you, and leave you with this sheet. I think it was delivered by Rose Weasley”, she said in a friendly manner, shovelling multicoloured medicines down my throat at the same time.



Oh, the joys of being a bludger magnet. 



“Also, due to your memory loss – the last 31 months, I think your cousins said – we’ll be having a visit from one of the Memory Healers at St. Mungo’s. They’ll give you all sorts of tricks, and talks about how to get your memory back, but until then, I recommend dreams!” Here she beamed, and folded her hands neatly in front of her.



 “They’re the best way to remember, although a bit distorted by other aspects until you get the true version clarified…” Looking slightly disturbed, Madame Beauvoir paused and moved down the ward to a girl in her first year who had accidentally eaten a cupcake that made her skin turn green. It had been a sixth year prank for their friend, not this poor girl.



 After eating my breakfast, I stared at the ceiling, bored. Everyone was in lessons, and Rose had visited me before them, while I was asleep. Absent-mindedly, I picked up the sheet she had left for me. It was actually quite helpful, and she had been very nice in making it for me. You see, written on the sheet was all of the family connections (which I knew), which house they were in, their year, age, and ‘other info’. Mostly, as it turned out, these were fights I had been in with them, and why we had made up.



 I didn’t fail to notice that most of them I had started. Why had I been so fiery-tempered? Something must have seriously pissed me off.



 Thinking back to what Madame Beauvoir had said about dreams, I thought back to mine. Only Fred and Dominique had been in them. So, flipping through all the little pieces of paper, I first found Dominique’s. And gasped.



 Oh, boy. No wonder she hadn’t been anywhere near my hospital bed.



 No, I would not have wanted her there for anything! Total bitch! It was quite like in my dream. Apparently we had been gnashing at each other for quite a while, with different ‘rounds’ (what does that mean?), including her managing to dye my hair bright orange – and I mean bright, neon orange – but I managed to remove it with some help, apparently, but left the ends orange because it looked good, I said.



 Looking down at my hair, it does look good.



 But apparently, after a bit more of nastiness on her part, I pushed her straight into the lake at Lucy Gibberd’s fifteenth. And also, somehow the giant squid got involved.



 That would explain the dream. But Rose’s notes were so brief, how could I tell what it was about in the first place? Dominique was a naturally testy and quick-tempered kind of person.



 I needed details. By the sounds of it, this was a very public battle. Hopefully (or unfortunately, depending on the as-of-yet-unknown outcome), other people would know about it, as gossip. It would be totally inflamed, but there had to be some truth in it, surely.



 As I planned, I realised that the first person to go to would be Madame Beauvoir herself. She would certainly know of any injuries we had caused each other. Then I would ask the other patients, who would know gossip – mostly about the injuries, of course, but it would hopefully be a little more than that.



 I wasn’t relishing talking to the mega-reprimanding woman, yet there was no other way. I sighed and heaved myself up, head spinning again. Ugh.



 I looked around, and tried calling her, but now, when I actually wanted the woman, she had abandoned me. Lovely. Now I had no starting point, and almost nothing to go on!



 Feeling cross, I contemplated my other options. Asking the first-year down the end seemed to be the best way to go. I knew her name was Megan Gibberd – the younger sister of Laura Gibberd whose party we had been at with the lake incident… So, she would hopefully know more about it than a random first-year.



 I carefully sat up, then v-e-r-y--s-l-o-w-l-y half-straightened up, and shuffled at snail speed across the ward. I was taking NO chances with my messed-up head. Megan lay watching me heading slowly towards her, and sat up herself for me.



 I slowly seated myself on a bed beside her, and sighed deeply. That had not been a pleasant experience, but unless I wanted to repeat it three times faster whilst being shouted at by Madame B for being out of my bed, I had to get this over and done with as fast as possible, no matter how much I wanted to recover.



 I straightened up, and prepared myself for battle. “Hi. I’m Roxanne Weasley, and you’re Megan Gibberd, right?”. The poor green girl nodded once at me, looking slightly worried. I hoped it had more to do with the fact that all fifth-years are scary to first-years, and not that I had done something really evil and stupid.



 “Huh… you’ve probably heard about how I don’t remember stuff from the last three years?” I asked. I knew from experience (that I had no idea of, now) that you knew everything about everyone in the hospital wing after being in there just a few hours. She probably heard them all talking to me, and Megan nodded to confirm it.



 “Well, I want to know… what you know about what went on between me and my cousin Dominique.” She looked scared now, and reluctant. “It’s just that, any information at all would be helpful… because I know nothing about her, and me, at all. Apart from that at your sister’s party, I pushed her into the lake. And I don’t know why.”



 Her face had cleared, and she coughed once, before shyly admitting, “Yes, I heard a little, from gossip and my sister… After all, it all went round again, once you were Basilisk Girl!” Seeing my shocked face at that name, she quickly carried on, apparently not wanting to expand on that particular point.



 “Well, I know there was a fight during a quidditch match with the two beaters, which was probably you, considering that it was a Gryffindor-Ravenclaw match, you’re both beaters, and you got knocked out by a bludger in this last Gryffindor match… and Lauren said that you and Dominique were duelling by the lake when Dom was drunk, and… you pushed her in.”



 Megan had really opened up, and for that I was glad (and surprised), but I wanted to know how the squid was involved, and what happened after. We were starting to get to the heart of it now, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hear it - although I inevitably had to – but I couldn’t have stopped her if I tried.



 “Um, well, my sister didn’t say anything… but there was a rumour around the school that you got the squid to eat her, and only the Scamander twins jumping in saved her!” She looked up excitedly through her lashes at me, eyes bright. “And then, there was a giant battle, and you were graffiti-ing about each other and in their rooms, and stealing each other’s stuff, and your hair went orange” (she stared at my orange ends) “but the school started taking sides, you know? It was really cool though, because one of your cousins started selling ‘Roxy’s Sexy Team’ and ‘Dom’s Stompin’ Team’ badges, and banners and stuff! It was so cool!”



 She was all into it now. It was nice to hear about it from an unbiased point of view (except from the biasedness of Rumour). But I was going to kill whoever started selling those badges.



 Although I may have to buy a banner and put it above my bed in the dorm (if Lily hasn’t already put one there).



 I was dying to know who was on which team, now. And what was the deal with Fred, and Molly? And how did this start anyway? Unfortunately, I couldn’t risk asking any except the last question to little Megan, so that was what I did. She took a deep breath, her strawberry blond frizz standing out around her head, and actually setting off the greenness of her skin quite nicely.



 “Well, nobody knows! Because she was hitting a couple of bludgers at you during the game (where it started), but then after half-time, you were sending them right back at her! And then there was the whole quidditch brawl thing, but” she shrugged, “the only link anyone saw was, apart from the cousinly thing, your brother. Because, you know, he was kind of best friends with Dominique and two other cousins of yours, I think. And all the quidditch stuff was in the first match in October, when your Fred disappeared after the first couple of weeks in September. Nobody knows why! I was hoping you did, but obviously, you don’t, because you need me to tell you this stuff…” Megan trailed off, looking a bit crestfallen. I wanted to please her, but I couldn’t.



 “How do you know all this stuff?”, I asked. It was confusing how she knew so much about my family.



 “Well everyone knows all this stuff! The Weasleys provide the most gossip in the whole school!” She beamed at me. I took this to mean that it was a good thing, to be living in the spotlight, not a bad one. Hm.



 Were we a kind of celebrity family, like all the Brangelina kids, in Muggle magazines? Or was it a more Big Brother-ish everyone-hates-everyone thing? I hoped not.



 “Hang on, all of the Weasleys? And how do you know about-“. I was unceremoniously cut off at this point by Madame Beauvoir sweeping me up, off the bed, past the three or four beds in between mine and Megan’s, and dumping me in it.



 “And for that, you can have extra repairing-medicine!” she told me. I groaned.



 I really hoped they didn’t make those black-and-blue-medicine beans anytime soon. ‘This medicine had got to be the worst thing I had ever tasted’ was my last thought before the sedatives in it met my own exhaustion and swept me into unwanted blackness. Again.



 (When will people stop forcing me to sleep?)






 Roxanne’s Memory Book



So, these are all Rose’s jottings about my family. I think they speak for themselves.



 ‘Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour’s kids






* 2nd year away from Hogwarts                                                 


* Ex-Ravenclaw, Prefect                                                                              


*Not really any particularly significant fights.                                                                                                  





*6th Year




*Kind of team-war. Lots of fighting, in rounds, her dying your hair orange, you pushing her into the Lake at Lauren Gibberd’s fifteenth – giant squid!





*3rd year


* Ravenclaw


* He always hangs out with the Scamander twins, despite them being fifth-years. They are rubbing off on him!



 Charlie Weasley is too busy with dragons to have kids.



 Percy Weasley and Aubrey Wood’s Kids






* 7th Year


* Hufflepuff


* Only a tiff about what side she’s on. Made up because “she shouldn’t have to pick sides”. Strictly neutral, but hangs out with Dom.





* 3rd Year


* Hufflepuff


* Not really any arguments. Keeps herself to herself (unlike meddling Potters).




George Weasley and Angelina Johnson’s Kids (Fred Weasley RIP, 1997)






Would-be 7th Year


* Gryffindor


*Ran away in second or third week in September this year, reason unknown.





* 5th Year


* Lost memory from 31 months. You should know this, though – it’s just proof.



 Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger’s Kids





* 4th Year


*Gryffindor, thankyou very much ALBUS


*Not really any I can remember… only one where we ended up buying each other Honeydukes sweets by the dozen to say sorry. Reason unknown.





*2nd Year




*Frequent fights about who gets that particular chair in front of the fire in the common room! (you don’t much like him sitting in ‘your revision chair’)



 Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter’s Kids





*6th Year


* Gryffindor


* Lots of arguments, about brooms and quidditch mostly, but also about his arrogance, his mean-ness to girls, and most of the things in his life, to be honest. It’s good for him.





* 4th Year


* Gryffindor (contrary to James’ opinions)


* A couple of arguments, just about homework and wrong decisions. Also about Dominique.





*2nd Year


* Gryffindor


* Just two major blaze-offs, both in the last two summers, about rooming stuff. Made up quickly and easily. Also, about the team colours.



 As you can see, we have quite a large and complicated family, not even counting the ‘extras’, who are effectively part of the family – The Scamanders, Teddy, Scorpius depending on where he’s at with Al and I. I will deliver THOSE notes tomorrow or later, depending on how time goes. Sorry about briefness, Rose x'



 Pretty cool, huh? But I can’t actually remember much about my opinions on my individual cousins, because those would have changed… and I don’t know why. I have to re-learn my family.








*A/N: So, how’d you guys like the second chapter? I hope it went ok!! Sorry there wasn’t much happening, but you got a little hint of what Roxanne’s gonna have to sort out there… Eee!



Please just leave a review for me, because I’ve never done anything like this before!!*

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