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I whirled around, looking at Astoria. Her face was filled with fear. "That was Pansy!" She said loudly.

"Then that must mean..."

"They were stupid and opened the door." Potter finished off Granger’s sentence, in his own words.

"You don’t know that! What if R-Blaise and the others broke down the door!" It sounded like Granger was about to say Weasley’s name, but then seemed to be too pained to say it.

So much adrenaline had coursed through my body, and now it had started to die down. I suddenly felt a throbbing pain in my nose and reached up to feel it with my fingertips. I winced as felt the cartilage. It felt distorted and hurt with every slight touch. I couldn’t remember how I had broken it. I continued to feel down my face as Potter and Granger started to come up with a plan to get back to the others. There was something sticky and half dry just under my nose and around the outline of my lips. Blood I guessed. I desperately wished for a mirror. "I’d love to find our wands and fast. My nose hurts like hell. Who cares what we do, we just need to get to the basement."

"I agree. How about you guys go check on the others and Draco and I can head downstairs. The faster we get the wands the better." Astoria said.

"But how would we come and find you then? There’s only one map." Granger replied. "And It’s better to stick together."

I wasn’t looking for a debate, or an argument. I didn’t want to plan out anything. All I needed was my wand. Without waiting for anyone to speak, I walked over to Ginny, removed the map from her hands and went to open the door. I stepped out into the hallway. "I don’t know what you guys are doing, but I’m going to go find the entrance to the basement."

"But Malfoy! What about the others?!" Granger followed me out the door.

"I don’t care. This is life or death here. Do you want to live or do you want to die?"

"But they’re our friends!"

"I don’t consider anyone who wants to eat my flesh a ‘friend’." I started to walk down the hallway, ignoring her protests.

"Draco! Can’t we just check?! Please!" Astoria was out of the Janitors room now. I stopped walking and turned around, her pleading face was directed right towards mine. I really wanted to say no, but wherever she went… I felt like I needed to be there beside her. She took a few steps closer towards me, her eyes filling with worry and fear as she got closer.

I didn’t say anything at her as I stared back into her light blue eyes. They held little golden flecks; something I had not noticed before.

When I didn’t make a move to walk away, Astoria took that as a cue saying that I was staying with them. Potter walked over to my side and I lifted the map up so that we could both look at it. He was the one to indicate where we were at that moment. "So since we’re here, then they must be around there." His finger trailed across the map, landing on a room that seemed to be just down the next two hallways. It wasn’t that far from where we were at all.

"Wouldn’t that mean that those things are pretty damn close to us then?" I asked a little too loudly. I looked up from the map. My eyes found Granger’s, but before she could say anything, another scream emitted from somewhere close by. "Pansy." I whispered. Astoria’s eyes widened and she suddenly was running towards the direction where the scream had echoed from.

I let the map go, not bothering to see if Potter had kept hold of it and pushed my legs after Astoria. I could hear someone starting to run behind me, but kept my focused on the corner where Astoria had just veered towards. She was out of my sight for two seconds before I turned the corner and she was gone. SHIT! I thought to myself as I skidded to a halt in the middle of the hallway. There was blood splatter on the wall to the left of me, and a shoe on the floor to the right. Furniture had escape its rooms here as well, and was broken and trailed all down the hallway. I wondered how Astoria had managed to get through all of this so quickly. There were tables and chairs stacked on each other, flipped over and broken and blocking the path.

Someone came flying around the corner, but didn’t have enough time to stop. Whoever it was collided into me and we both went hurtling into the desks and chairs. An office desk leg jabbed me in the side while a wheel of a chair clipped the right side of my head. The rest of my body landed in the massive pile. Whoever was on top of me was now grabbing the back of my cloak and was lifting me up and slamming me back into the furniture, my side slamming into the desk leg each time while the rest of my body protested as it collided with other hard objects. My face met the door of an armoire, jackets spilling out of it, landing on top of myself and whoever was attacking me, their hangers finding their way into the fight as well.

I yelled in pain each time something came in contact with my body, and thrashed myself around as hard as I could, finding that it wasn’t helping at all. I managed to rip the jackets off of me and my attacker and tried to elbow whoever it was. I loud hissing sound erupted from them and I wondered where the hell the others could have gone. Were they not just right behind me?

I felt the person struggle as it tried to lift me up again, but then suddenly it’s hands were gone, and I collided into the pile of blunt objects one last time. I could feel the bruises forming, and my side was searing with pain. With a load of difficulty, I managed to push myself up and I slid myself down to the floor, my entire body aching with agony. I looked around to see what was going on and found Goyle on the floor, spitting and sputtering blood. A humongous gap was in his neck, and blood was pushing its way out of the wound. Potter stood over him with the crowbar. Both him and his weapon were drenched in Goyle’s blood. He didn’t look at me as I stared up at the boy who had just rescued me from one of the people who was supposedly my "friend".

I couldn’t find it in me to thank him, and it didn’t look like he wanted me to say it either. I looked away, clutching at my side and doubled over, feeling the urge to vomit from all the blood and all the pain that was coursing through my body. I’d rather have that stupid Buckbeak thing attack me twenty more times than to go through the pain I was enduring at this moment. My nose was bleeding again from it being bashed into whatever it hit again, and my ear was throbbing like it was some sort of ear-ache, except ten times worse. I had a feeling it was bleeding. My side felt like it was being cut open with fifty blades, and I expected to have a few broken ribs. My knee was on fire. I felt like I was just falling apart. I wouldn’t have minded at this particular moment.


Astoria’s voice was suddenly right beside me. I was in so much agony that I hadn’t realized that everybody was now at the scene of the attack. I felt someone’s hands on me, and I winced as they touched my shoulder-blade. It felt like that was on fire too, although that was where Goyle was grabbing me and shoving me into the pile. I guessed that it was from his fists when they crunched into my bones when he shoved me forward with all his strength.

"Are you alright?!" It was Pansy speaking now. I wondered where they had found her. Clearly I had gone the wrong way.

"What happened?" I managed to choke out. It hurt to breathe, and speaking was no picnic either.

"When Astoria turned the corner, she ran into the first room she found, which was right before the blockage right in front of us. Pansy was in there hiding from Goyle, who was right in front of you before you turned the corner. How did you not see him? He’s pretty huge." Ginny was speaking from somewhere behind me. "So he went berserk and jumped after you, and right behind him was Ron and Blaise, who started going at us. We managed to hold Blaise off while Harry came to your aid."

I was about to ask what happened to the Weasel, but when I slowly raised myself to look over at them, Granger was silently crying, tear streaks running down her face. I understood what had happened now. All the blood covering Potter couldn’t have just come from Goyle. I looked away from the three and turned towards Pansy.

Before I could ask, Astoria got to the question first. "What happened?! Where is everyone else?"

She looked away from everybody, looking terrified. She shook her head, her eyes filling with tears. "I don’t know..." She whispered. "One minute we were waiting for you guys to come back, and the next the door was being pounded open by at least ten of those monsters. It was as if they somehow knew we were in there! The furniture barricading the door flew in all directions, and we all scattered as the entered the room. I hid in the small crawl space I found at the back of the room..." She trailed off and a tear escaped from her eye. She hastily wiped it away before picking up where she left off. "T-they b-bit most of them." Pansy suddenly burst into tears, throwing her hands over her eyes in embarrassment of crying. Astoria removed her hand from my throbbing shoulder-blade and threw her arms around Pansy.

It was a couple of minutes before she spoke again. She was surprisingly calm again. "Goyle came back into the room, and I screamed because he startled me. But before he could find me, he heard something outside and ran back out."

"That must’ve been me." I mumbled. My breathing was insanely painful. I felt the sensation to vomit again and threw myself back over.

"Draco! Are you okay? You’re hurt! You’re ear is bleeding like crazy, and I can see bruises all down your neck!" Astoria was panicking now and she was suddenly groping towards me. "C’mon. We have to find the basement. We can heal you up with our wands!" She grabbed one of my arms, which ached as she threw it around her neck, slipped a hand around my waist and started to slowly help me up to my feet. As we slowly rose, the others made silent gasps at the sight of me. I guessed I looked pretty torn up.

“Where now?” Ginny asked, looking over Potter’s shoulder when he picked up the map from the ground and began to examine the area. He must’ve dropped it before attacking Goyle.

I watched Potter’s eyes scan over the directions a few times before he said, “The easiest way seems to be down that hall way, and then taking a left all the way over to the other side of the facility. It’s not the fastest but it’s more direct. After the end of the hallway there should be a door indicating that it leads to a stairwell. That’ll take us down to the basement.”

“The only flaw is that there are now more of them, and less of us.” Astoria said.

“It doesn’t help that Draco is also nearly in pieces.” Pansy observed, looking me over, eyes filled with worry.

“We’ll manage. But let’s not hang around much longer. I’d prefer to not kill anymore familiar faces. Regardless if they want to kill me or not.” Potter turned on his heel and started to walk down the other hallway, the one that wasn’t barricaded with furniture.

The rest of us followed silently, everyone too frightened to speak in case something came out and jumped at as. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears, and I couldn’t help but wince every time I took a step. I felt bad for putting a load of my weight on Astoria, but if it wasn’t for her supporting me, I’d probably be crawling, or lying on the floor curled in a ball. This was the most pain I had ever felt in my life. It was almost numbing.

The pair of us hobbled down the not-so-white-anymore hallway, trying to keep up with the group. I hated being in the back, especially when I was in this condition. Hopefully no one would find us. Potter lead us to the left turn he had mentioned earlier and we continued walking, each of us a little more alert than before. Something was bound to happen.

It felt like forever as we walked. My feet dragged on the linoleum, my body starting to feel weaker by the second. I reeked of blood, my clothes were wet and sticky and my hair was plastered to my face because of the blood my wounds produced. I felt the sensation to vomit again, but I forced it down. I wanted to live. Throwing up more blood was not an option.

“This is strange...” Granger whispered lightly, when we were half way down the hallway. “Nobody has shown up yet...”

“Don’t let your guard slip.” Potter whispered even more quietly back.

We continued to walk. I couldn’t feel my body any more. All I felt was cold. I was shivering non-stop, and I felt absolutely exhausted...

The next thing I knew I was falling. Astoria’s voice seemed to echo after me as she called my name. My body collided into something hard and no matter how hard I tried I could make myself move. It was like my body refused to listen to me, and just couldn’t go on any longer. All sounds seemed to have disappeared, and the world had gone black.

Was I dead?

A/N ;; Hey guys it has been SUPER long since I actually wrote something. So I got bored with life for awhile and had an urge to write. I found my half finished chapter on my computer and decided to finish it up. I was going to make it longer, but then decided that I kind of like the last part. Total cliff hanger. haha don't hate me. =)

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