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Chapter II ~3 Powers, 5 Suspects~
nape walked up to Harry, when Harry came in, and said "So, Harry? What powers would you like?" "How did you know I needed powers?" asked Harry. "I got an e-mail from my girlfriend saying that there was going to be a person come to me and ask for powers. And she said it was you." said Snape. "Well how does she know all that?" asked Harry. "She is like Raven, from the show that's so Raven, she has visions of the future." said Snape. "Oh, awesome." said Harry. "Now, what powers would you like?" asked Snape. "Um......." "I KNOW!!" said Snape. "You may have these, they just for some reason seem like they would be the best for this mission you have. Okay, they are: 1. Ability To Fly, 2. Super Strength, and last, 3. Transformation." said Snape. "Wow!" said Harry. "When do I get those powers?" asked Harry. "As soon as I tell you the 5 suspects. Let me look into this crystal ball. Hmmmmmmm.......I see................Professor McGonagall, Draco, Draco's Father, Myrtle from the bathroom, and the guy in the movie theatre." said Snape. "Okay, thanks!" said Harry. "Is there any way I can repay you, Snape?" asked Harry. "Actually, yes, there is one thing, could you leave, NOW?!!" siad Snape. "Okay?" said Harry with a preplexed look on his face. "I don't really like you, well, no, I just like to pretend I hate you." said Snape. What a loser!!! thought Harry as he flew out the door. "Go get 'em googley bear----------I MEAN HARRY!! Feush!" said Snape. (Monsters Inc.) Author notes: I know this one is kinda short, but it tells a lot!

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