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AN: I don't own anything from Harry Potter. I also want to warn anyone that this chapter has some substance use in it so be aware of that.

**AN: Hey everyone, okay so I set this chapter up a little differently then the rest. Instead of it being told from Hermione's or Draco's perspective it's going to be told from Ginny's and Pansy's perspective. I tried to split it up so it's easy to follow. But it's going to go back and forth between Ginny's pov and Pansy's. Starting with Ginny's. I really hope you like and please review and tell me what you think.




“Hermione! Hermione, oh my god! Please wake up.” Ginny screamed as she watched, almost in slow motion as Hermione collapsed on the tile floor of their kitchen. She didn’t know what happened. “Harry! Come quick!”

Harry came barging down the stairs seconds later, “What is it? Is it the baby? Are you hurt…what…what happened? Why is Hermione on the floor?”

“I don’t know what happened?” She started crying. “Hermione called me from Malfoy’s party crying so I came and got her, then we apparated away and…she just keeled over…I don’t know what happened, she won’t wake up. I think she might have splinched.”

“Honey calm down, are you sure she didn’t just pass out?”

“If she fainted, surely she would have woken up by now. Oh Merlin, I don’t even think she’s breathing. We need to take her to St. Mungo’s now!”

“Ginny, you need to calm down. Go to the loo and see if we have any pick-me up potion and I’ll see if I can wake her.”




Ginny scrambled into the loo, frantically searching the cupboards for pick-me up potion. All she could find were potions to reduce fevers and children’s potions they had for Lily. There was also so muggle medication Hermione gave her to reduce cramps. But no pick-me up. Damn it, she grabbed the potion to reduce fevers just in case, then ran back to the kitchen.

Harry was carrying Hermione into their living room and onto the sofa. “I sent an owl to St. Mungo’s saying we need immediate medical attention.”

“Immediate? So you do think it’s serious? Was I right? She did splinched, didn’t she?”

“I don’t know Ginny, the only time I’ve ever seen anyone splinched was Ron and when he did, it almost tore his arm off. As far as I can tell, I don’t see any open wounds and she doesn’t seem to be in any pain. And yes, she is breathing and has a pulse, but it’s faint. That’s why I sent the owl. I’m afraid to take her ourselves because if she did splinch, we wouldn’t be able to transport her anywhere without hurting her even more. Are you sure nothing else happened before or during apparating?”

“No, like I said she called me all upset. So I went to pick her up. When I saw her she was crying and her dress was ruined, so I didn’t ask questions, I just left thinking it would be best just to get her out of there as soon as possible. And get answers later.”



Where the bloody hell is Draco? Pansy thought. I’m going to kill him, he finally had something good going for him and he blows it. She huffed and wiggled her way through the crowds. Nobody seemed extremely urgent to get out of her way. She wanted to scream ‘move your bums people, pregnant lady trying to get through,’ couldn’t they tell that she wouldn’t be able to get by unless they pulled up their chairs a few millimeters. Her belly was the size of Jupiter for crying out loud, you think someone would take pity on her. She was just a hair shy from making a scene when someone grabbed her arm.

“Jeeze woman, where do you think you’re going in such a hurry?”

“Blaise, where is Draco? I need to kill him.”

Blaise laughed, “And why is that love?”

“This is no joking matter. I’m being serious.” She said as she tried to yank her arm free.

“Okay, what’s the matter? What happened that you find the need to hunt and destroy Draco?”

“I don’t know, that’s what I need to find out.”

“Um…okay, I’m totally lost now.”

She huffed out a sigh. “Draco did or said something to Hermione and now she just left the party crying her eyes out and her dress was completely ruined. I tried to stop her and find out why she was so upset, but she wouldn’t say, only that she had to leave immediately. And I don’t know about you but I’m not going to just stand by while the only woman Draco’s ever been involved with that actually makes him happy runs off upset because of something he did or said. And whether you like it or not, she’s probably the best thing that’s ever happened to him.”

“Besides us of course,” Blaise joked then got serious after she shot him a glare. “Okay, okay I believe you. But honey you need to calm down. Remember what the healer said, you can’t allow yourself to get worked up for the baby’s sake. So you just need to relax a bit. I promise we’ll find Draco and sort this entire thing out.” He said as he gently kneaded the tense muscles in her neck.

She sighed, “Okay. So do you have any clue as to where he might be?”

“Um the last time I saw him, he was talking to Astoria…”

“Astoria? I bet anything she had something to do with making Hermione upset. Where did you see them?”

“Out by the fountain in the front yard.”

“Good, come on.” She grabbed his hand and headed towards the front yard.



“I’m sorry Mr. Potter, but I don’t know what’s wrong with her. She isn’t responding to anything I’ve been giving her. I can’t even get a scan of her skeletal form or her inner organs from my wand. It’s almost like it can’t even pick up her essence.”

           Ginny heard the healer explain as she chewed on her fingernails trying to stay out of the way. When something he said caught her attention. She pulled Harry aside.

“Harry, Hermione told me the other day that she feared she was turning into a muggle with this curse that she and Malfoy are under. She told me that she was afraid she would lose everything and turn into a muggle permanently. What if she’s not responding to the healer because her body doesn’t recognize any of the magic coming from it? Maybe she needs a muggle doctor or something?”

Harry took some time to think that over, then turned back to the healer. “You wouldn’t happen to have any muggle medicine with you? She’s a muggleborn and maybe her body isn’t responding because she needs muggle medication.”

The healer took his glasses off to pinch the bridge of his nose. “We have some supplies back at St. Mungo’s; I can have a mediwizard send some over right away. Or perhaps it would be best if I had them send over our transportation vehicle so we can bring her there instead. I’m afraid it might be our only resort. I’m not sure how much more time we have, her pulse is getting weaker and her breaths more shallow.”

“Oh god, Harry it’s all my fault.” She cried.

“Shh honey, it’s not. She’ll pull through. She’s strong, always a fighter.” Harry hugged her to him rocking her back and forth hiding her face away so she wouldn’t see just how worried he was about this. 



“I swear to Merlin if Astoria had anything to do with making Hermione run out of here I’m going to kick her skinny as…”

“Baby chill, let’s not go start making accusations before we know exactly what went down.”

            They both stopped when they heard giggling coming from behind a couple of bushes. Blaise creeped up to it silently before pulling back the branches. They both gasped and pulled back from what they saw.

“Draco! How could you? You git!” she shouted and started to march towards him before Blaise pulled her back.

“Draco man, what are you doing?” Blaise asked.

Draco sighed, “Can’t anyone get it through their thick heads that we’re in the middle of something and want to be left alone.”

“In that case why are you out here where there’s a party a few meters away instead a bedroom or something more private.”

She hit Blaise on the back of his head. “Don’t give him any ideas.” Then turned to Draco, “What the bloody hell did you do to Hermione? She ran out of here crying her eyes out.” She gave a hard glare when Astoria giggled.

“I don’t know what Granger’s problem was I just told her the truth.” Draco explained looking annoyed.

“Yeah he told the mudblood he didn’t want anything to do with her and that he choose me instead.” Astoria replied while Draco stared dreamy eyed at her.

            Oh dear Merlin, he was under a love potion. She looked over at Blaise and he seemed to caught on to that little fact as well.

“Blaise darling, go take Draco and sober him up while I have a little chat with Astoria.”

Blaise sighed, “Fine. But please Pansy for the sake of our unborn child please don’t do anything drastic.”

She patted his cheek, “Don’t worry I have it all under control,” she gave Astoria another hard glare as she pulled out her wand.

Blaise shook his head and turned to Draco. “Come on mate lets go get a drink.”



           Harry and the healer decided it would be best to take Hermione to St. Mungo’s where they could have access to immediate medical supplies, if Merlin forbid anything more horrible happened. They only issue was that they needed a way to transport her there. Apparating was out of the question and she didn’t even want to attempt the floo network. Neither her nor Harry owned a muggle car, let alone knew how to drive one. The healer had a mediwizard coming over bringing their version of a muggle ambulance, which was scary just thinking about. Who knew the last time it was used.

            The healer still had no idea what happened to Hermione, the only conclusion was that she was stuck between splinching and not splinching whatever that meant. This was all her fault, she shouldn’t have apparated away so quickly. She must have not given Hermione enough time to prepare. And now she wouldn’t wake up and they were taking her to the hospital. Oh Merlin, she felt sick.

The fireplace lit with green flames, seconds later her mother walked through. “Oh Ginny dear, where is she?” She pointed to the couch where Hermione laid unmoving. “Oh my, did they figure out what happened?” Mrs. Weasley went over to Hermione’s still form and laid her hand across her forehead.

Harry walked over to her and whispered low. “The healer thinks she might have splinched. That’s why we’re taking her to St. Mungo’s.”

“Oh dear, that’s horrible. Where’s Lily?”

“She’s sleeping in her bedroom.”

“Ok good well you and Ginny go be with Hermione. Stay as long as you need to. I’ll looked after Lily.”

Harry leaned down to kiss her cheek. “Thanks Molly.” She patted his cheek.

            The healers arrived with their automobile which looked like it was made the year cars were invented and smelled and sounded like it belonged in a traveling carnival.

            She stood by her mother and watched as the laid Hermione on a gurney and loaded her up in the back of the vehicle.

Her mother squeezed her hand, “Go. I’ve got everything covered here.”



“If you just wanted to talk why do you have your wand out?” Astoria asked warily, slowing backing away.

Pansy noticed and flicked her wand, sending a binding spell to Astoria. Astoria screaked when veins shot out of the bushes, binding her wrists and ankles so she couldn’t run away.

“Pansy you can’t do this. There’s a no magic rule here at the party.”

“Says who?” Astoria was about to answer but came up short and was left opening and closing like a goldfish. “That’s what I thought.” Which only made Astoria glare at her. “Now tell me why you put a love potion in Draco’s drink or whatever you put it in?”

“What makes you think I gave him a love potion? Is it too hard to believe that he might actually want to be with me?”

“You know I might have actually believed that, if he didn’t arrive tonight head over heels in love with Hermione Granger.”

“She doesn’t deserve him. She’s not one of us. She’ll never be good enough for him. Or fit in with the Purebloods. She’s a mudblood for bloody sake. Why would he choose her? Why?” She practically screamed. “She probably only wants him for his money. I would be perfect for him. Physically as well as publicly.”

She snorted. “I think you just want him for his money.” Which she only received a sneer from Astoria in response. “Now tell me where did you get the love potion because I’m not buying that crap about him realizing suddenly that you’re the one for him.” Astoria looked away attempting to cross her arms then realizing they were still bound and couldn’t move them so instead she just gave her the silent treatment. “Okay let’s do it this way. If you tell me then I won’t be forced to use the bat-boogie hex on you.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” Astoria glared at her.

“I don’t think now would be a wise time to test me.”

            Astoria continued to give her the silent treatment. She tapped her wand in her hand.

“No? have nothing to say?” She faked a sigh. “Well have it your way then.” She began to flick her wrist.

“Wait!” Astoria shouted. Attempting to hold up her hands in defeat. “Fine. I’ll tell you.” She said through gritted teeth. “But do you promise to let me go afterwards?”

“I’ll only let you go if you tell me the truth and if you promise you’ll never go after Draco again?” she gave a hard stare in Astoria’s direction, wand still pointing towards her.

After a few seconds hesitation she spoke, “Fine, I’ll tell you. Yes I slipped him a love potion in his fire whisky when he wasn’t looking. But the truth is, it wasn’t my idea to begin with. And before you say anything. Yes I’ve always wanted to be with him. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be with him. But before tonight I would have never gone to this length to achieve that goal.” She took a deep breath. “The truth is…Lucius Malfoy approached me earlier this evening. And handed me the vial of love potion and told me to do anything and everything in my power to get Draco to break-up with Granger.”

“And what was in it for you?” she asked.

“The opportunity to be with Draco.” Astoria skirted her eyes away from hers. “…and 30 gold galleons.”

She snorted, “Figures.” She shook her head in disbelief. And stepped closer towards Astoria who had the decency to shrink away in…fear? Of her? Ha! “Speak of this to no one. And stay the hell away from Draco and Hermione. If I catch you coming near them again I will hunt you down and make you wish you were never born.” She pulled back a bit to look into her face. “Do we have a deal?”

Astoria nodded her head. “Yes.” She whispered.

“Good not go home, I think you have over stayed your welcome here.” She said as she released her bounds.

            She waited until Astoria scurried away out of sight before she checked on the boys. Haha this was kind of fun, she thought. Maybe she should try her run at being an Auror; taking down the bad guys and putting them in their rightful place. Ha yeah, her husband would love that. She thought as she made her way into the manor.

            She walked into Draco’s old bedroom, just as Blaise was giving him something to drink. Probably the counter-curse, she thought.

Blaise saw her enter. “How did it go?” he asked.

“Fine. Everything is taken care of.” His eyes narrowed at her. “What? I didn’t do anything to her…much. We just talked. I can be very persuasive you know.”

“Oh I know and that’s what scares me.” Blaise smirked at her.

“Apparently Lucius bribed Astoria and gave her a love potion to give to Draco and do anything and everything to get him away from Hermione.”

“Merlin’s beard.” Blaise cursed and scrubbed a hand down his face. “I’ve never liked that man.”

“Mmm, so what’s happening here?” she asked.

“I’ve just finished mixing up a potion to counteract the love spell.”

They both watched as Draco drank the last dropped.

He blinked then his shoulders sagged. “Ugh, what happened?” Draco said rubbing his eyes.

Before Blaise could say anything, she sprang on him like a banshee and went in swinging. “You idiot! How could you be so stupid! What is wrong with you?”

“Ahh, what the bloody hell Pans!” Draco shouted as he tried to cover his face from being hit.

“Jeeze, Pansy calm down. Let the man adjust first before you chew him out.” Blaise said as he pulled her away from Draco. “Here drink this.” He handed Draco a glass of fire whisky.

Draco took it and drowned it in one gulp. “Now will one of you tell me what the bloody hell is going on…without beating me to a bloody pulp.” He shot a glare at her, and she glared back.

“Maybe you should sit down mate.” Blaise said.

“Just tell me what is going on,” he looked around the room. “Where’s Hermione?”

“She’s not here, she left.”

“Left? Why where did she go?”


Blaise gave her a look, she knew from experience that this meant he wanted her to take over. “Astoria Greengrass slipped you a love potion sometime when Hermione was on the dance floor with your father. And Hermione saw you two together and you and Astoria said something to her…at least that’s what I assumed happened. She wouldn’t tell me” Draco sat down in the chair with a thud and ran his hands over his face and through his hair leaving it to stand on end. She walked over to him, the anger disappearing when she saw how upset he was over this. “She was really upset Draco, she ran out of the party crying.” She laid a hand on his shoulder.

“What have I done?” she heard him murmur to himself.
She stepped back a little when he suddenly sat up.

“Wait, you said she left? How?”
Blaise looked at him, “What do you mean how?”

Draco ran a nervous hand through his hair. “She…um she left her wand at home and she can’t fly by herself. So she couldn’t have left alone.”




 Okay clearly he wasn’t telling them something since he stammered on the first part, she thought. But then she remembered something Hermione said as she was rushing to get away.

“I think she said that Potter’s wife, Ginny was waiting for her to take her back or something.”

“Thanks Pansy, I have to go.” Draco said as he stood up and starting walking towards the door.

“Wait mate,” Blaise stopped him from leaving. “You should know your father bribed Astoria to give you the love potion and get you away from Hermione.”

            She watched Draco clench his teeth; nostril’s flared as he gave a curt nod towards Blaise. Then stormed out of the room.     



AN: Wow you guys I have over 40,000 please keep it up!! keep reading and please keep reviewing. There is only a couple more chapters left before it ends :( which is sad but exciting at the same time. I'll to update as soon as I can!! 

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