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A/N: Hey guys! Sorry about the long wait! I had some serious writer's block, but that's all cleared up. YAY!

I hope you like this chapter, kind of strange, kind of funny, kind of cute, kind of short... Topics for all! Plus, Draco :)

I'm writing a new fic, Not sure when I'll post the first chapter but soon hopefully now that finals are over!

Thanks for reading, commenting, and rating!

Aardvarks are sweet!


He would be lying if he said that the sight of Hermione, out of breath, just around the corner from Snape’s, didn’t make him suspicious. She had seemed twitchy. Draco wondered whether she had overheard his conversation between the potions master and himself. Draco shook his head, paranoia ran in the family.

The dull pain in his back throbbed, he tried to ignore it. Draco decided to pay a visit to the room of hidden things. Of course this meant climbing several stair cases at the peril of his back.  Draco has restrained himself from drinking the last vial that same morning. After carrying Granger the night before he woke to his back screaming in protest when he tried to sit up in bed. He had even purged whatever had been in his stomach into his garbage can. Draco, through the haze of pain, Remembered a spell from one of the secret books, preformed it, and it dulled substantially.

There was five days left of break. He had time. The library had proven useful this morning but reading for hours upon hours became quite monotonous. So he mounted the stairs, each step sent a small shiver of spasms up his back, they weren’t as painful as they would have been if not for that spell, but they were hard to ignore.  Draco continued up after a small rest on the third floor. When he was close to the top of the last, and seventh, flight of stairs he felt it.  Not only did it seem that the spell was wearing off but the stairs vibrated. They lurched towards the left, a low grinding sound emitted from the base of the stairs. They swung around slowly, attaching to a platform and jerking to a halt.

“My life.” Draco announced to no one in particular, stating the unfairness of it all with those two words. Now he was in a pickle, somewhat. He could either go back the way he came, down almost and entire flight of stairs, or continue going upwards only having a few left. In the end Draco used his laziness as an excuse, also his back was truly throbbing now, hot pain like a venom, spread.

So he climbed. The hallway beyond was easy enough to recognize. The Gryffindor common room was just around the right bend and towards the other stairs. That was the chief reason Draco chose to turn to his left. The dimly lit corridor seemed to go on forever and seemed as if his twenty paces were twenty miles. Sweat poured from his forehead, Draco had never had the pains this badly except for when he got injured. The fiery pain engulfed him and Draco fell. He was able to throw his arms out just in time but when he reached the floor he was unable to get back up.  Stupidly, he had forgotten his wand in his dorm room. All he could do was lay there. Spasms of pain would come and go.  He closed his eyes preparing to wait it out.

He heard a woman’s voice, low almost masculine and another, much more feminine. Draco laid there making no sound as he had been taught to do whenever in pain.

“Oh my God!” he heard from his general right direction. “Draco!” there were soft pounding footfalls as the person, who may very well be his savior, neared him. There was the distinct sound of knees thunking against the ground next to him and the odd sensation of warm breath on his face.

“Draco?” He cracked his eyes open to find Hermione kneeling next to him, hands on either side of his body and her worried face close to his. Somehow the sight of her neither surprised him nor discomforted him.

“Hello.” He said in a strained but controlled voice. He watched her face as it brightened with pink as if she had become aware of their proximity and just whom she was leaning over. She withdrew herself from her position, sitting back on her legs.

Draco sighed painfully and closed his eyes again.

“So, why are you laying on the ground?”

“Oh, you know, love the melodic singing of the Fat Lady.”  Weirdly the pain was receding slightly, but too slightly.

He watched as she tried to hide her smile and fail altogether. “I thought only us Gryffindors knew about that.”

“let’s just say her voice carries…”

Hermione’s eyes traveled the length of his body and he knew it was coming, the second round of questions.

“So… Are you hurt or something? Because let’s face it the Fat Lady isn’t all she cracks herself up to be.”

Draco, unable to think of a good excuse, decided to tell her the truth. “My back… Hurt would be an understatement-” Hermione promptly got out her wand and  moved to lean back over him. She was planning on taking him to the hospital wing, he could see it in her face, serious and determined.

“I’ll just levitate-” she was raising her wand as she said this. A shock of fear shot through Draco and his hand reached out automatically to grab her wrist. He bit back a his as a new pain hit him.

“Don’t. Just please, get me to your commons.” It was logical but Hermione looked skeptical still. “I can’t explain to Poppy.”

“Will you explain it to me?”

“Not likely.” He sneered. Hermione made to get up, yanking her arm free of his grasp as she did so. “Please!” He tried to sit up but only got a sixth of the way. “Please Granger, Hermione. Please help me, it will recede fully in about two hours. Just two hours and I’ll be gone.” He needed her help, as much as he hated to admit it. He could see her hesitate then stand up. She raised her wand and levitated him silently down the corridor towards her house.

They were within a few yards of the portrait, and without breaking her gate Hermione called out “Sleigh Bells”.

“This isn’t dignified, I’m not letting you in with that young man, all by yourselves! Scandal!”

“Sleigh Bells.”

“Alright but I’ll be listening!” And the portrait swung open.

Draco was slowly let down on the big sofa by the fire and Hermione settled into a chair close by with a book that looked like she had been reading before she found him. Content with the situation, besides the pain, Draco lay there silently.

Out of the blue he heard the snap of Hermione's book close and her throat clear audibly.

"Considered my debt repaid, Malfoy." And he heard, because he couldn't have moved if he wanted to, her walk out of the room and up some stairs.

Draco rolled his eyes, "women."


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