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The Life and Times of a Future Mrs Malfoy (if I last that long!) by serpens_nocits
Chapter 1 : Train Rides and Tantrums
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As we stood on the platform Jess kept brushing her fingers nervously through her hair, and I couldn’t help but smirk.




“Oh shut up!” she laughs,




“Hey, I didn’t say anything” I reply, she sticks her tongue out at me, her face scrunching up. “Really mature Jess, watch out, the wind might change, and then you’ll have even less of a chance with him!”




This makes her laugh, “I can’t help it” she moans “he’s just so gorgeous!”




“I know I am ladies, no need to tell me” came a voice form immediately behind me, we turn round to find a tall blond boy there, along with a dark boy who could be his exact opposite it they weren’t sporting identical teasing grins. Jess blushed as she saw Blaise Zabini, and his best friend Draco Malfoy.




I rolled my eyes at Jess, “Who said we were talking about you Malfoy? Actually we were talking about…” I desperately scanned the platform in search of inspiration “Ron Weasley”




Malfoy widened his eyes disbelievingly, and Jess stifled a giggle, hastening to back me up




“Oh yes” she trilled in an unusually high voice, desperately trying to keep from laughing “when he walks, he’s so graceful, so poised, it just makes me melt”




“And” I join in “his voice, the way he speaks, so calmly, so gently!”, in unison the four of us looked over at Weasley, who chose just that moment to trip over and start swearing at the top of his voice. This was too much for all of us, Blaise let out a roar of laughter, and soon all of us were doubled over in hysterics. Potter and the Weasel obviously realised that they were the cause of our laughter, and sent us death glares that just made us laugh harder than ever.




“Right” choked Draco minutes later “I think we had better go and find a compartment, ladies?” he turned and offered me his arm. Playing along, I smiled sweetly




“Thank you, kind sir”, just as I was about to take his arm Pansy Parkinson appeared out of nowhere and seized his arm




“Drakie! How have you been? Did you miss me? Are you all right? Your answers to my letters were very short….” She dragged him away still talking, Blaise doing impressions of her behind her back as he followed, whilst Jess and I tried and failed to keep straight faces. Draco cast a last look back before he was dragged onto the train, he rolled his eyes dramatically, and, with a final salute, disappeared from sight.




Me and Jess proceeded to haul our trunks onto the train. Finally we managed to find a free compartment near the back of the train. I proceeded to tease Jess mercilessly about Blaise, until she said out of blue




“He has to put up with her you know. They’re engaged, poor guy”




I gave her a puzzled look, “Draco and Pansy, you idiot” she answered, “she shuddered, I really do feel for him, imagine if you had to marry that sorry excuse for a girl!”




“I would rather not” I answered quite seriously, “I know it’s different for you, but personally I don’t really think about girls like that” and I smirked at her.




She punched my arm and rolled her eyes, “neither do I and you know it”,




“Yep” I replied in a teasing voice “all I’ve heard all summer is how gorgeous Blaise is, so unless you are a very good actor”, I pretended to pear at her over half-moon spectacles and watched as she tried, and failed, to suppress a blush, “which obviously isn’t the case, then I know you are just as obsessed with boys as the majority of girls on this train”




“Not all boys” was the reply “just one boy, he’s just so...” and here Jess lapsed into silence, a dreamy look on her face. I was just about to hit her full in the face with a jet of water from my wand when the door was rudely wrenched open and Weaselette, also known as Ginny Weasley, stormed in.




“What the hell were you laughing at Harry and Ron for on the platform?” she demanded




Remembering the incident just made us smirk as we tried not to laugh, both at that and at the irate little girl in front of us.




“Now Ginny” said Jess in a patronising tone “I think you need to realise that neither Harry or Ron feel that way about you, that they are happy together, and I think that maybe you just need to accept it and move on”




By this time Harry, Ron and Hermione had also arrived, and the three of them stood glowering in the doorway behind Ginny. Hermione, the new Head Girl was just attempting to make Ron lower his wand when an unmistakeably Slytherin drawl came from behind them,




“Four on two, Potter? Well I suppose it’s all you can manage really. It’s just so unfortunate for you that Blaise and I decided to come and even up the numbers a bit” Draco stopped, and turned to me and Jess “Not that I think you need any help with them, ladies, but we can’t let you have all the fun” He and Blaise smoothly pushed past the angry Gryffindors and settled themselves on the empty chairs either side of us. They looked up innocently as another unmistakeable voice came from behind the Golden Trio Plus One.




“Well well well” Snape said silkily as his eyes took in first the Gryffindors raised wands, then the four of us, sitting relaxed with wands nowhere in sight. “Ah, Mister Malfoy, I wonder if you could tell me what exactly is going on here?”




“I’m afraid I can’t Professor” Snape smoothly raised an eyebrow, Draco elaborated “Blaise and I only just got here. We walking down the corridor when we saw them” he indicated the Gryffindors “looking angry and raising their wands so, as Head Boy, I thought that I should come and see if there was any trouble”




Snape inclined his head slightly towards me, “then, perhaps, Miss Elddir can enlighten us further”




“Well Professor, when me and Jessamine walked through the barrier we met Draco and Blaise, Blaise told us a joke and so we were laughing. Just now Miss Weasley stormed in here and demanded to know why we were laughing at her brother. It seems that Mr Weasley fell over just before we started laughing, and Jessamine was just explaining that we weren’t laughing at him.” We all gave him innocent looks.




Snape turned to the Gryffindors “Mr Weasley, I know you have disproportionately large feet, but don’t make other people suffer your presence because of them. Miss Weasley, I think you need to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around you and your sorry excuse or a family. I feel that a weeks worth of detentions with Mr Filch scrubbing the Trophy Room without magic would help you realise your error. Twenty five points from Gryffindor, 10 because of Mr Weasley, 10 because of Miss Weasley and 5 because, Potter, glaring at a teacher is rude and unpardonable. You may leave.” Potter hadn’t in fact been glaring at Snape; he had been glaring at Draco and the rest of us who had been smirking at them behind Snape’s back. Once the Gryffindors had left the compartment Snape turned back to us “Enjoy the rest of the journey, and” he hesitated a moment in the doorway “please tell me that you all had your wands to hand?” We all revealed our wands. Mine and Draco’s slid out of our sleeves and into our hands, Blaise removed his hands from his pocket along with his wand, and, with a quick non-verbal spell, the liquorice wand that Jess had been sucking returned to normal. “Good” smirked Snape and, turning on his heel, he left.


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The Life and Times of a Future Mrs Malfoy (if I last that long!): Train Rides and Tantrums


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