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In the next few days, an uproar tore through Hogwarts like wildfire.
Ashley and I played our parts perfectly, though Hermione blushed whenever our eyes met.

I did, as Ashley had predicted, see Harry far more often, which of course was a plus. If I had been straight, as well as Ashley, we would have made the ultimate couple. Not only because we had the same mentality, but we were both equally as sexy. We had become the Slytherin Golden Couple, people parted like the Red Sea whe we walked down the hallways. It was a good feeling.

But, of course, this was not the case, but we made a fabulous fake couple, Hermione was not too happy about the idea, but warmed up to me eventually.

Apparently she, for some reason, thought that Ash and I had some chemistry, which was obviously ridiculous. Although Ashley was nice, gorgeous and really funny, she was, and always would be, a girl, which obviously struck her off the list for me.

As our ‘relationship’ progressed on, I found myself spending time with Ash and Hermione, and though them; Harry. Of course, I could make a move on him, because of Draco, prying eyes and of course my ‘girlfriend’. But the was flirting, my god was there flirting.

Every instance we got, we would basically be having eye-sex behind everyone’s backs. It was more than fun.

Of course, since my encounter with Draco, he had been a tad frosty towards me but as soon as Ashley and I began ‘dating’, he was surprisingly friendly. Like, too, friendly.

“You know and I know that you and Ashley aren’t the real deal,” began Draco, cornering me as I sat in the Slytherin Common room, my nose buried deep in a book. I looked up with a feigned, clueless look; “I don’t know what you mean, Draco.”
“You are gay, self-admitted, have had relations with me, full blown gay, Q, and Ashley, well, everyone knows what she's like. So there is no way in hell that you guys are dating. But until I figure out why, I couldn’t care less.”
I smiled, “whatever you say, Draco.”

But it was on our one month anniversary on a Friday when Ashley and I went on a ‘double date.’ Hermione brought Harry and Ashley and I, being the loved-up couple that we are, went together.

Well, Harry of course knew that Hermione was with Ash, and also knew that we obviously weren’t dating, so I predicted that this would make for an interesting evening. First, we headed to Hogsmead for dinner and then we detoured off to the WizPlex, a movie theatre for Wizard Movies. As we bought our tickets, I spotted Draco lining up a few feet behind us, leaning over to Harry I whispered, “Harry, your boyfriend’s here.”

He snorted, then looked back at Draco, who had yet to notice us.

“You know he’s not my boyfriend, Harry,” he breathed against my cheek, I laughed, “I have a girlfriend, Potter.”

He nodded, “and I’m on a date what’s your point?”

“Hey, Q!” I sighed and Harry tossed me an amused look, a rough hand grabbed my shoulder, “what the actual fuck are you doing here?” he ground out.

“I’m on a date,” I said truthfully, “with my girlfriend. Remember.”

His eyes narrowed, flicking between me and Harry, “I thought I made myself quite clear – ”

“Excuse me, Draco, but you are kind of threatening my boyfriend, so if you wouldn’t mind…” Ashley came to my rescue and placed a hand on my shoulder, staring down Draco with a gaze that could have melted glaciers, I was proud of her.

“Your what?!” Draco laughed, I knew that this would be bad.

“My boyfriend, dude, am I talking to fast for you?” she snapped.

“Bullshit!” cried Draco, still chuckling under his breath, “everyone knows that you don’t fuck guys, Ashley .”

She started, then slipped her hand off my shoulder, tossing her hair over her shoulder, she walked straight up to him, smiled sweetly and said, loud enough for everyone to hear; “and everyone knows that you prefer dicks to chicks, Malfoy.”

There was a burst of laughter from behind us, “now, Malfoy, would you please leave me, my boyfriend and our friends alone.”

His face reddened, “he is not your fucking boyfriend! He is gay for Merlins sake!”

Throwing me a quick glance, Ashley grabbed me by the arm, pulled me to face her, then planted her mouth directly on mine, after a split second of shock, I realized what she was doing and played along; wrapping my arms around her waist and she slid hers up around my neck. I had kissed girls before, and this was no different, I enjoyed the softness and fullness of her lips and the way she moved them carefully over mine.

Hermione is pretty lucky, I thought, Ashley was a fantastic kisser.

Our tongues darted playfully with each others, we could have won an Academy Award for our acting skills, everyone was buying it.
After a suitable amount of time, we mutually pulled away, panting and smirking, both of us laughing on the inside as we stared at Draco, who looked dumbfounded, “satisfied, Malfoy, now if you excuse us, our movie is about to begin,” she turned to me, grasping my hand, “come on, honey, I feel like popcorn and butterbeer.”

I followed her obediently, casting a small smirk over my shoulder to Draco as Harry and Hermione followed suit.

As soon as we were out of earshot both Ashley and I burst into gales of laughter; “did you see his face?” she gasped though the giggles, “I thought he was about to shit bricks!”

I nodded my agreement, unable to speak at the moment.

“And the look on his face after we kissed!” she laughed, “it was like he was going to have a heart attack, the poor guy!”

We both roared in laughter, even Harry chuckled at this.

“That was not funny.”

We both turned, Harry was smirking, but Hermione looked furious, “why would you do that, Ash?”

Straightening up, she frowned, “because of Malfoy.”

“Q didn’t need help and you certainly didn’t need to kiss him!” she cried, looking both crestfallen and angry at the same time.

“Look, Hermione – ” I began, she cut me off with a sharp glare.

“Why are you so angry?” Ashley demanded, stepping towards her.

“Because,” she murmured, a small tear running down her cheek, “you enjoyed it.”

I frowned, as did Harry and we both looked at Ashley, who seemed as though someone had just accused her of murder.

“I did not!” she looked at me, apologetically, “I mean, I enjoyed it, but not like romantically or anything. No offence, Q.”

I smiled and nodded, “I know exactly what you mean, Ash.”

“How am I supposed to feel when I have to watch you tongue fucking a gorgeous guy who just happens to be ‘pretending’ to be your boyfriend, in the lobby of the WizPlex where everyone can see!?”

Drawing Hermione away, she and Ashley headed to a corner where after a few minutes of talk, they hugged each other closely, appearing to have made up.

“Come on, Q,” Harry called, heading into the cinema, “the girls have their tickets.”

I followed him in, quickly glancing at the girls to confirm that everything was alright; then quickly caught up with Harry in the dark cinema.

The movie had already started as I seated myself next to Harry, he leaned over, “so, tell me, Q, is Ash a good kisser?”

I spluttered on the butterbeer I had been drinking and coughed a few times, “uh, yeah, she’s rather good actually,” I admitted rather sheepishly.

“The best you’ve had?”

I thought about this momentarily, the smirked, “perhaps, why?”

He simply smiled and diverted his eyes to the screen, placing a hand on my thigh. I jumped at the contact, but he did not move his hand, I stared at him but he kept his eyes on the screen, I focused my eyes on the screen as well, concentrating on the movie intently. A masked villain came into view, brandishing a wand, he launched into a monologue about how he would get his revenge on everyone who had hurt him.

Harry’s hand moved to my upper thigh, rubbing in small circles.

Jumping again, I looked around but the theatre was empty.

The villain cast a spell, blowing through a wall, and landing right into the arms of three Auora’s.

His fingers quested downwards, between my two thighs and I squirmed; “Harry, for Merlin’s sake, stop it!” I hissed.

Leaning into my ear her whispered; “don’t you like it, Q?” then licked the shell of my ear. I squirmed again, biting at my lip, “that’s beside the point, Harry! We’re in public! Anyone could walk in!”

He laughed softly in my ear, “I know, exciting isn’t it?” As I opened my mouth to respond, he slid his other hand to my face, forcing me to face him, “keep your eyes on mine, Q.”

It wasn’t a request, it was a command. I nodded, feeling slightly giddy.

This was weird, I was never like this. Never submissive. I was always in control.

Bloody Harry Potter

He pushed the dividing arm of the two chairs up and caught my face in his hands,  “we shouldn’t be doing this,” I hissed.

“Yes, yes we should,” he dipped his head low and brushed his lips against mine, in what I assume was meant to be a teasing gesture, but I caught him off guard, sweeping my hand up to the back of his head, keeping our lips locked together, moving together slowly. His teeth bit down on my bottom lip, hard enough to draw blood and I gasped.

Harry growled, our tongues fought, teeth scraping, breath coming in ragged gasps, we were too wrapped up in our own erotic, heated world to notice the two girls enter the theater.

Ehem…” hastily, we separated, but both breathed a sigh of relief as Ashley and Hermione stood before us, both smirking.

“Well, well, well… it seems as though our ‘boyfriends’ are cheating on us…and with each other!” Ashley cried, looking hurt.

Hermione feigned a gasp, “oh, Harry! How could you?”

I chuckled, drawing myself from Harry's grasp as Harry shrugged sheepishly.

“Perhaps we should do the same?” Ashley piped up, turning her head towards Hermione, she nodded with a small grin, “what a marvellous idea, Ashley.”

Taking her hand, she pulled Ashley close and wrapped both hands around her waist, Ash grinned and twined her arms around Hermione’s slender neck. Slowly, they both leant in, lips meeting in a gentle, loving kiss.

If I had been a straight man, this sight; two of the most beautiful girls in all of Hogwarts, sharing a kiss and holding each other so close, would have given me enough stimulating visual images to last me a lifetime, but my attention went immediately back to Harry.

He leaned over to my ear, “meet me tonight in the Astronomy Tower.”

I nodded as the girls broke apart in giggles and seated themselves beside us, cuddling close together, all drama now forgotten. I smiled at their loving gazes towards each other. I had missed that, the loving companionship that came with a boyfriend.

Since I had left Werthintons, though Austin was a slut, for lack of a better word, we did have lovely times together; holding our hands in the hallways and tender kisses on cheeks in public.

I longed for that, but secretly of course.

I looked at Harry, who’s gaze was now wholly focused on the screen, I suddenly a pang of crushing loneliness struck me.

I slowly stared back over to the screen as the hero of the movie was pushed roughly from behind, a cry tore from his lips as he tumbled down the icy cliff. His attacker smiled, pulling off a hooded black cloak to reveal the face of his long time side-kick and fiancé. 

With a cruel smile, she turned away from the grisly sight of her soon-to-be husband’s body and into the arms of the movie villain, whom she embraced before they both pulled their cloaks back up, shielding their faces and swirling off into the night.

I peered at Harry, he didn’t turn towards me nor did he smile. I reached for his hand but he pulled it away and nonchalantly scratched his cheek before crossing his arms across his chest tightly.

As the unfamiliar sense of rejection set in, I began to wonder if I had perhaps made a mistake in choosing Harry.

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