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Sirius Black wasn’t a bad guy.


He could be arrogant, or immature, or take things a little too far, but he wasn’t a bad guy.


So why did he feel like one?


After all, Melora had kissed him. She was always the one who had initiated the kissing; he could remember that much from that night those long three months ago.


Sirius let out a bark of laughter and leaned into the soft maroon fabric of the couch he was currently occupying in the Gryffindor Common Room. The fire in front of him crackled and danced in amusement.


Three months ago? Was that really how long it had been? To Sirius, it felt like a lifetime. 


His fingers inched towards his lips. The swelling from his snogging session with Melora had gone down not long after it first appeared, but the feeling had haunted him for the past few days.


Sirius scowled and dropped his hand. The fire continued to dance, as though making fun of him. A lifetime ago, indeed. A lifetime he wished he could get back. Oh, to go back to leaving girls without a second thought. To when his girl problem was whether or not Wendy What’s-Her-Face and Susan Something-Or-Other knew he was snogging them both.


The teen sighed and ran his hand through his long hair, absently wondering if he should trim it soon. He wished he could talk to James or Remus, or even Peter about his problem, but for some reason he couldn’t admit to them what happened between Melora and him. Despite James’s questions and Remus’s curious looks, he remained silent past saying that she was avoiding him.


And she definitely was. He hadn’t seen Melora beyond catching a flash of blonde hair in the halls or during meals. Sirius couldn’t have confronted her even if he wanted to.


But Sirius didn’t want to confront her. He didn’t want to yell at her or demand anything from her. Sirius Black wasn’t a bad guy. He had stayed faithful to Melora these past three months even though, technically, they weren’t in a relationship.


But she snogs him, and he’s supposed to act as if it never happened? Sirius crossed his arms and glared angrily at the fire, which seemed to shrink under his glare. Fine, he could do that. But she couldn’t have her cake and eat it too. If they weren’t snogging, they weren’t dating, which meant Sirius could do whatever he pleased with other girls.


Sirius turned away from the fire and observed the common room. Most of its occupants were doing last minute homework before classes tomorrow, or chatting among friends.


One group of sixth year girls caught his eye, or rather, one sixth year girl. Blonde locks curled just perfectly and wide blue eyes, Sirius couldn’t remember her name (It definitely started with an ‘E’), but when she met his eyes, she wiggled her fingers at him and he smirked. She giggled and he raised a brow and nodded towards the portrait hole.


The blonde shot up from her friends, who burst into giggles when they saw whom she was making eyes at, and flounced over to portrait hole where Sirius met her with a wolfish grin.


“Care to help me with my Charms homework in the library?” He asked, “I hear you’re quite good.”


She fluttered her lashes at him. “Love to,” she said.


They headed out together, carrying neither a book nor a quill. 

Melora avoided Sirius like the plague after their snog in the hallway. Despite questioning from both Bea and Lily, she told no one what had happened beyond that they had an argument. And since Lily was asking, Melora assumed James didn’t know and therefore, Sirius hadn’t told anyone either.


Thankfully, Melora had other things on her plate to deal with. She was going into her second trimester, and had another healer’s appointment coming up. Her schoolwork was also increasing, and, thanks to a letter from her mum, Melora remembered also she had to look into parents wanting to adopt her baby.


So, it was fairly easy to avoid Sirius with the excuse of work, and Melora chose the library as her main hideout.


“What about these two?” Melora glanced up from her Potions paper to the picture Mary was showing her.


“What do they do?” Melora asked.


Mary flipped the photo of the young couple hugging one another lovingly. “He’s in the transportation department of the ministry and she writes for the Daily Prophet,” she read.


Melora nodded approvingly, but Mary suddenly shook her head rapidly. “Oh dear, never mind.”


“What’s wrong with them?” Melora reached for the picture, but Mary pulled it out of her grasp.


“Let’s just say this photo was probably taken when Dumbledore was a baby.” Mary replied.


Melora groaned.


This had been the case with numerous couples Mary was helping Melora go through. It wasn’t always age that was the problem, but there seemed to always be something, just one thing, that sent the couple spiraling down into the ‘no’ pile.


Bea had been helping before, but Remus had stopped by with another book he thought she might enjoy, and the Hufflepuff had eagerly run off.


“I’m not being too picky, am I?” Melora asked Mary as the brunette picked up the next couple from the pile Healer Jacoby had sent over the day before.


Mary shook her head, “Of course not, you just want the best for your baby.”


Melora smiled at the other girl gratefully. 


Mary hadn’t been lying when she said she loved babies. She seemed to know everything there was to know about children and pregnancy. Lily said Mary was hoping to become Healer, but Melora thought the Gryffindor girl would make a perfect mother.


Melora smirked as she imagined Mary adopting her baby, but shook her head of the thought quickly and tried to focus back on her essay.


But two loud whispers from several meters away distracted her again. Mary looked towards the noise, from the sounds of it, a snogging couple, hidden behind the Herbology section.


“Absolutely disgusting,” Mary sniffed, “I mean honestly, people come here to study.”


Melora ignored her friend’s whispered complaints and tried to focus on the voices. One of them sounded eerily familiar.


Suddenly, the girl let out a loud gasp and the sound of a light smack echoed to Melora’s ears. “Oh Sirius stop!” the girl giggled loudly.


Melora sucked in her breath quickly and grasped tighter on her quill, pressing it down hard against her parchment. Mary fell silent and looked over at the blonde nervously. Sirius shushed his female companion and their whispers and giggles faded away.


Neither girl moved until the voices were completely gone. Then, the loud snapping noise of Melora’s quill breaking from the pressure of her grip broke the silence and they both jumped in surprise. Ink began to spread across the parchment and onto the table, but Melora just stared at it.


Mary bit her lip. “Melora? Are you alright?” She asked, grabbing her wand and waving it over the table, clearing the ink just before it reached the pile of couples looking to adopt.


Melora’s head shot up. “Who? Me? Oh yes, I’m just fine. Just peachy. Why wouldn’t I be?” she replied, voice slightly higher than usual.


“Do you want me to get Beatrice?” Mary said quietly.


Melora shook her head quickly. “Why would you need to do that?” she replied with a shaky laugh, “She’s been waiting weeks for Remus to talk to her again.” Melora looked back down at her essay; Mary’s cleaning spell had smudged a large portion of it away. “I should get some fresh parchment,” she glanced at the broken quill, still dangling in her right hand, “And probably a new quill too.”


The blonde stood and began collecting her things. Mary stared at her helplessly.


“I’ll see you later Mary.” Melora said, swinging her bag over her shoulder.


“Melora,” The girl turned back at the sound of her name. Mary swallowed the lump in her throat. “I’m sure he didn’t mean to—”


“I’ll see you later Mary,” Melora repeated, cutting the brunette off and hurrying out of the library.


“Wait,” Mary stood up, “You forgot your possible parents!” she called.


But Melora was already gone.

Sirius knew, at least somewhere in the back of his mind, that Melora was most likely in the library. And later he would admit that perhaps he was aware of this when he suggested the stacks to the sixth year girl and maybe it had been on purpose.


But he still thought Mary slapping him was a little uncalled for.


“Why’d you do that?” he exclaimed, nursing his injured cheek with his hand.


“You know why,” she hissed, narrowing her eyes at him, “How could you do that to Melora?”


Their fellow Gryffindor seventh years gathered around the two quickly, cutting off the curious eyes of the younger students.


Remus moved Sirius’s hand to examine his bright red cheek. James let out a whistle, “Merlin she got you good Padfoot.”


“Why’d you do that Mary?” Remus said with a frown. The brunette was normally quiet and well tempered. It definitely wasn’t in her character to go around slapping people.


Mary took a step towards Sirius, “Because he deserved it!”


“What’s going on?” Lily asked, assuming her Head Girl position quickly and grabbing onto her friend’s shoulders before Mary attacked again.


“Ask Sirius,” Four sets of eyes swiveled to look at the dark haired boy, “Ask him what he was up to this afternoon.”


Sirius shrunk back at the sudden attention. “What were you doing mate?” Peter asked.


“I was in the library,” he said evasively.


“Doing what?” demanded Mary, “Tell them what you were doing only a few meters away from the girl you got pregnant!”


Sirius’s eyes widened. “I didn’t know she was there!” he exclaimed. It was a lie, but only partially. Sirius never thought Melora would be so close.


Mary snorted. “What were you doing?” Remus asked, although judging by the looks on the other Gryffindors’ faces, they all had an idea.


Sirius said nothing and stared at his feet, and Mary answered for him. “He was snogging another girl!” Sirius didn’t need to look up to see the disappointed faces looking at him.

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