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Return to Hogwarts by reduct72
Chapter 6 : Return to Hogwarts
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Tears fell from Hermione's face and dried on their own. Ginny, who was sitting with Hermione, eventually wiped them with her handkerchief. 

She was mortified that Ron would choose that blasted little skank, Lavender Brown. Her tears continued to escape her eyes. 

She finally smiled at the thought of them being at Hogwarts any minute. Maybe she could get revenge since public embarrassment wasn't enough.

Ron felt terrible for what he had done to Hermione. He knew about her aversion towards adultery and cheating. He didn't know if he was prepared for the animosity that would soon come from his ex.

The Slytherins had surprisingly welcomed him into their compartment with open arms after a fight ensued between Hermione and him.

Lavender had already ran away after Hermione had came back out of her hiding place and hexed her.

Draco and the others were laughing about something they were saying. Draco stopped and looked at Ron.The blonde stood up and exited the compartment. He motioned Ron to follow.

Ron did as told and followed Draco to the nearest empty compartment. They both took seats on opposite sides. They both relaxed and began to chat.

"What's the matter? Are you still unhappy about that Mudblood?" Draco spat.

"You still haven't changed Draco, have you?" Ron chuckled slightly, "That word gets  you nowhere. But listen, I can't think straight since then."

"Since five minutes ago?" he asked.

Ron actually nodded. It sort of felt odd to talk about Hermione that way, especially since they had just broken up.

"Well, it's OK. If she has them, then you still have me," he comforted him, sitting next to him. He then leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

Ron was taken aback, but he kissed back anyways. It was semi-bizarre kissing him, especially since they were enemies for seven years. He didn't fight back so all he could do was surrender into the kiss.


The train abruptly stopped after an hour or so. Hermione wondered what Ron was doing. She shrugged it off and started her way to Hogwarts for the first time in the longest time. It felt like her second home. Well, besides the Burrow.

She couldn't really give up Ron. It kinda sucked; although it just happened, she still missed him.


Draco pulled away, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that." 

He scrambled up from his seat and unblocked the doors.

Ron gave him a puzzled look. Confusion flooded his mind. It was so sudden, but all he could do was blush.

"It's... okay," Ron said, timidly. Draco chuckled at that.

Ron and Draco stopped speaking and exited the compartment after most Gryffindors cleared. Draco left first, leaving Ron to follow along.

Draco jumped off the train and looked at the marvelous castle. He was amazed of how clean it was since the last time he had seen it. But the last time he had seen the castle was during the War, and that was not a highlight of his 18 years.

He hated life then. Everyday was a nightmare. He wanted to quit. He wanted to erase those 3 years after Year 4. He knew that it would be terrible. But it wasn't his choice to be a Death Eater. It was his father's, who was locked up in jail with the other followers of Voldemort.

Voldemort -- such a simple word. It wasn't back then. It was completely complex and dark then. That name was extremely powerful. But then it withered away since his passing. Everybody was... happy now. 


Harry slithered away from Hermione and her rants about Ron. Even it was getting away from Ginny too, he didn't think it was really worth it right now.

"Harry Potter! It's Harry Potter!" someone shouted behind him, "He killed the darkest wizard since Grindewald!"

Harry nearly cried from that. He couldn't even bother with the anonymity of his feelings from the war. He decided that he wouldn't talk about it for a long, long time. It was a rather touchy subject. He wished he could bury it in a hole with all of the magic in the world.

If only, Harry thought.


Ginny watched Harry sneak away. She stammered on yelling at him and then thought it wasn't worth the fight. She rolled her eyes and stayed with Hermione's bitching. She wanted to cast the Silencing Charm on Hermione without her noticing.


The castle looked fantastic. The Entrance Hall was so intriguing that it was as if the War hadn't been set in there.

That was Draco's first thought. He stepped inside it's glorious courtyard that was completely familiar.

Professor McGonagall stepped out, pulled out her wand, and cast the Loudening spell on her throat.

"Students. Your classes will be the exact same as last year. For example, if you were a seventh year last year, you are again this year. Students need to finish their education the right way this time. Please proceed through the door and enter the Great Hall," the Professor announced.

Draco and Ron stepped into the Great Hall and sat at any given table. They ate with the other Slytherins as an owl flew through the window for Ron. 


Ron looked at the paper that the owl carried. He saw the heading. Percy Weasley is named Minister of Magic. 

He jumped up and found Ginny to show her the paper. She gasped and grinned widely. She knew Percy would make it big one day.


Harry, Hermione, Luna and Neville gasped along with Ginny. It was so shocking. Hermione's mouth was automatically covered by her right hand, which had food in it. She choked a bit, and everyone laughed.


Ron sat back down next to Draco, who rubbed his leg under the table. Ron didn't do anything about it but enjoy it. He smiled and listened to McGonagall's speech about the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher who was now, none other than, Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Ron was somewhat surprised, but he guessed it wasn't too bad that one of the best Order members was the new teacher. 

The lights in the Great Hall flickered. Bellatrix Lestrange's ghost appeared and shrieked with laughter. 

"Draco?" she asked, "Is that you? With Weasley?"

"B-B-Bellatrix, leave." Draco spat, petrified by the appearance of his aunt's shrill voice. 

Professor McGonagall stood up and paced towards the ghost.

"You are not welcome to this school! Leave, immediately! Or I will banish you myself!" she screamed, getting out her wand.

Bellatrix laughed, "This isn't the last time you've seen me! Or my master!"

Voldemort's ghost had just appeared. Professor McGonagall didn't give the ghost time to speak before making it disappear along with Bellatrix's.

In Harry's perspective, his scar didn't seem to burn at all. He actually felt sorry Draco though. 

Draco began to cry as he set his head on the hard, wooden table. He didn't care if his head was buried in food or not.


Hermione looked at her old enemy. She pitied him. It must suck. She wanted to hold him in her arms. All of those stupid rivalries/arguments didn't matter anymore. He was in pain. He needed saved. He needed a friend.

Hermione decided no matter what that she would be the one to help him, even if Ron was with him right now. She walked over and sat next to him and patted his back while attempting to calm him down.

Author's Note: I'm so sorry for being so long. I hope you will forgive me with this. :)

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Return to Hogwarts: Return to Hogwarts


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