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'I wish we could be in Narnia.' Edmund lay on his bed, I lay next to him – just listening to his heart beat.


'Why Narnia?' I asked, looking up to him. I knew he loved it there, but he couldn't choose when he went back and not. None of them could.


Peter lay sprawled on his bed looked up to us, 'It should be springtime there, everything in bloom and such. It would be a perfect place for the wedding.'


Edmund looked down to me and brushed his fingers through my hair, 'I promised you the perfect wedding.'


I smiled and snuggled closer to him, if that was possible, 'Our wedding. And you being there will be what makes it perfect. But anyway, you guys always go to Narnia by accident – there is no way of telling when you can go back.'


As I finished a rushing wind – sounding very similar to a lion roar – sounded.


Edmund and Peter both smiled from ear to ear.


'Aslan.' Peter said, he walked over to the window and threw it open. Wind came flying in, it seemed like an hour but was only a couple minutes.


Peter turned to Edmund and I, who were now on the edge of the bed staring at him.


'Hermione, who do you have to have at your wedding?' Peter asked, almost as if a plan had been told to him but not us.


'My parents are in Australia with wiped memories till the end of the war, so probably only Harry and Luna, with you and Edmund.' I said, sort of dumb struck.


Small, soft, pink and purple petals flew in from the window and started to swirl around us.


I looked this way and that, 'What is—'


Edmund took my hand and gave it a squeeze, 'We're going to Narnia.'


It was so sudden, such an unexpected thing for me to do. Me, Hermione Granger the planner and prefect was running away to get married. Actually, being taken away to be married to my Prince.


I laughed as the petals closed in around us and colors swirled by. I wasn't scared a bit.


Another roar sounded and the colors dissipated.


'Welcome Kings of Narnia.' The large Lion said.


Edmund and Peter started to laugh as they walked around.


'Ed, I was right! It's just in the middle of the season!!' Peter said walking around looking everywhere. Both boys were walking around as if they had never been here before.


'Hermione of Hogwarts Armeg is here to assist you. In your room you will find everything you need.' Aslan said to me, a large lionish smile on his face. Armeg came up to my side, smiling.


'Luna and Harry?' I asked, taking Edmund hand.


Aslan smiled, 'They will be here shortly. Best prepare now, Luna will be sent up when they arrive.'


I gave Edmund a quick kiss and went off with Armeg, a large smile across my face.


'Edmund, follow Peter. He will help to assist you.' I heard Aslan say before Armeg led me into the castle.




Edmund fidgeted with his coat awkwardly, 'Can you believe I'm getting married before you?'


Peter walked over smiling and helped Edmund fix his tie, 'Don't rub it in.' He said playfully.


'You found the perfect girl first is all, maybe Hermione has a sister.' Peter said playfully, moving to the mirror to fix his own tie.


A knock came on the door and Peter called for the person to enter.


Harry Potter stuck his head in, smiling, 'So Luna was left in charge of flowers. I have your boutiques. Sorry.'


'For what?' The two Kings asked in unison, taking a small step backwards.


Harry smiled and walked in.


'What are you wearing Harry?' Edmund asked. Harry wore a strange tux like outfit only the coat was very long with large sleeves.


'Its called a Wizarding Dress Robe. It's the wizards version of a suit basically.' Harry said, and pulled out two very odd colored roses, their tips were red then faded to orange in the middle and yellow at the end.


Peter burst out laughing, 'From all that I've heard of this Luna girl, those seem exactly what she'd pick!'


Peter helped Edmund put the his on and vice-verso.


'So you ready to marry our Hermione?' Harry said, clasping his hand on Edmund's shoulder.


Edmund smiled, 'Always.'




Luna played with my hair till she got it the way she wanted it, up with a few strands coming down with small baby's breath throughout it all and small crystals.


No makeup, I wouldn't allow them, Edmund loved me the way I was – why would I try and cover anything up. The hair was more so to please myself then him though. It was my little secret, Luna's and Armeg's too.


'Would you like to wear the Narnia crest?' Armeg asked, holding up a thin silver chain with the familiar black Narnian crest hanging from it. A small tear-drop opal hung from the bottom tip of the shield.


'Of course.' I said with a large smile.


Armeg walked up and placed it around my neck, 'It's perfect.'


'Well one more thing is needed.' We both turned to look at Luna.


Luna smiled a Cheshire cat smile, 'Your dress of course!' Luna held up my dress and I couldn't believe its beauty.


A simple strapless A-line with a beautiful beaded bodice, a sheer covering split and hung from under the bodice line – a silver piece of ribbon separated the bodice from the outflow of the dress.


'Thank you so much,' I took Armeg and Luna's hands and gave them a slight squeeze, 'What would I do without you two?'


'Nothing! Now come on, Edmund's waiting!' Luna said in her daydreamer’s voice, 'Besides its not like this will be your only wedding!'


I looked at Luna confused as I stepped into my dress.


Luna pulled my dress up and zipped it into place and scoffed, 'You are going to want a wedding with your parents and his there, and then also a double-wizarding wedding with Harry and I!!'


I laughed, 'I think I'll stick with one!'


Luna snorted, 'Not if I can help it.'


Armeg stepped in then, fixing everything to perfection, 'This is your wedding Hermione. The others will be confirmation to the world and such – this one is strictly about you and Edmund. Enjoy it.'


With that she handed me the colorful bouquet of sunset roses – as Luna called them – and we headed outside.




The sun was setting as we stepped outside, the stars were shinning and the garden was swaying in the warm-breeze.


All I saw was Edmund though.


Edmund took my hand as I came up to him and he smiled.


I smiled up to him before we turned back to Aslan.


'Today is an important day, the day these two make a promise to keep forever. People will accuse you of being to young, naïve for the promise you are making, but only you two are the ones that truly know how you feel. And you two are smarter then most adults are.'


Edmund gave a small laugh and squeezed my hand.


'Edmund do you swear to love, honor, and cherish Hermione. Caring for her when its hard, protecting her always, and trusting her with your whole heart.' Aslan said, not taking his eyes from Edmund. Edmund looked as serious had he ever had before.


Edmund looked to me, his eyes swearing that he would always do what he promised, 'I do.'


Aslan turned to me next, 'Hermione, do you swear to love, honor, and cherish Edmund. Caring for him when its hard, standing by him always, and trusting him with your whole heart.'


I looked up to Edmund, tears starting to sparkle in my eyes, 'I do.'


'May what as been promised here today never be broken by anyone. You may kiss your bride King Edmund.'


Edmund leaned down and kissed me. I heard all of the clapping but all I could think was of the love I had for the man standing right in front of me.


'Aye, so whose next?' Peter called, getting a round of laughs.


I saw Harry look to Luna, and I smiled, 'What about you two?'


Luna shook her had, 'Tomorrow. Tonight is your night.'


'The honeymoon will have to wait though, you two.' Harry said, 'We have some planning to do.'


Peter turned to Harry, 'We can wait a night Harry. Edmund and Hermione deserve one night alone together.'


I couldn't help but blush.


Armeg walked up and bowed slightly, 'I have a room prepared, follow me if you like. I will serve dinner to you later.'


Edmund took my arm and we followed, Peter whistled and Edmund threw a mock-glare over towards his brother.


But I could see the blush that started to form.




Dinner was perfect and we lay on the bed just talking, we had so much to catch up on. We had been apart for what seemed an eternity, but our love was still strong.


I sighed, getting up the courage to say what I wanted to next, 'Edmund?'


'Hum?' He mumbled into my hair, gently stroking my temple.


I leaned up on my elbows to look at him, 'I think we should wait.'


Edmund looked at me confused, 'Wait for what?'


I blushed and bit my lower lip. Edmund's eyes grew and he got my meaning.


'Oh, on that.' He ran a hand nervously through his hair as he looked up to me. The color in his eyes sparkled in the firelight.


I sighed, not wanting him to take it the wrong way, 'I love you. And I want to be with you, but...'—I took his hand, and kept my eyes there—'...there is war. I don't want to admit it but there is war. I want to be able to enjoy our time together, not rush everything.'


Edmund stayed quiet in thought, making me think he was upset.


'Are you mad?' I asked pulling back slightly to look at him.


Edmund looked up at me confused, 'Mad?'


He pulled me closer to him and kissed my forehead, 'Not at all, I agree. And also, what if something was to happen to me? What if you were pregnant and left alone?'


I bit my lower lip, that was another reason in my head.


Edmund laughed, 'That was another reason, wasn't it? You are to easy to read my love. Well, I do agree with your reasoning full-heartedly.'


I smiled and buried my head into his shoulder, 'So you are alright with waiting?'


Edmund nodded, 'Yes, and actually we have two honeymoons to look forward to anyway!'


I looked up to him, eyes wide, 'Luna got to you too?'


Edmund let out a loud, resounding laugh, 'Sort of, she used Harry. So one for our normal parents and one for our magical friends?'


I nodded and laughed along with him.


'Ahh, well, we best get some sleep love. Tomorrow reality sets in, tonight, let us just enjoy the presence of one another.' Edmund pulled up the covers and snuggled me closer to him.


'I love you, so very much.' I said, kissing his arm.


Edmund continued to play with my hair, 'I know. I love you more my beautiful bride.'


It felt like this was where I was suppose to be my entire life, like this was where I knew I was always going to be forever more.


'Never leave me. Please don't.' I whispered, I thought he was already asleep so I curled in closer, not expecting a response.


'I won't as long as you never leave me.' Edmund whispered back, I smiled and almost instantly was asleep



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