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' awake?'


My eyes shot open at the Welsh brogue. I rubbed my eyes and yawned, relaxed because I knew who it was.


I hadn't meant to fall asleep but I had, looking at my clock I had a good reason to be asleep.


Jack smiled at me, his hair turning a bright Iceberg blue and the snowflakes on his lashes shinning in the full-moons light, 'Wake up sleeping beauty!'


I turned to look at him, trying to pat my hair down with my hand, 'What color does that mean?'


'When I look at something I find unique and beautiful.' He said it so simply I didn't believe him at first.


I nodded my head though, not knowing how to respond. And I was to groggy to blue or really react to what he said, a smile still played across my face though.


'You ready?' Jack said, moving from his place on my bed, his hair quickly shifting from the Iceberg blue to a excited Royal blue.


'Let me guess, that means your excited?' I gestured to my hair trying to clue him in what I was talking about. It was o o'clock in the morning after all.


'Yep! You ready? You might want to grab a coat or something.' Jack said walking over and picking up my cloak, turning it this way and that, 'I guess this could work...'


I smiled, finally starting to wake up really, 'It's my cloak. Its very warm so yes, it will work.'


Jack nodded and tossed it to me. I threw it over my shoulders and lopped the Ravenclaw crest into place to keep my cloak on.


'Ready.' I said, looking towards the window, 'Where are we going?'


Jack looked at me with a mischievous smile, his hair glowing bright run-of-the-mill blue, 'To Romania!'


'Romania? Jack are you—' Before I could finish my sentence Jack and swung me around so that my arms were around his neck. I was to shocked to say anything.


'Hold on tight.' Jack said he stepped up on the windowsill and let go. I bit my lip and tightened my grip, not wanting to wake everyone else up in the house.


'Luna...air...please...' Jack gasped, setting his hands on my crossed arms.


'Oh, sorry.' I loosened my grip. We must have looked like an odd pair, me flying on the back of a blue-haired boy.


'Jack?' I said, biting my lower lip.


'Hum?' The boy turned back slightly, looking at me with his starry grey eyes.


'Why Romania?'


Jack laughed, it was odd because his laughter even sounded like it matched with the snow, 'You'll find out soon enough.'


'I have school.'


'It's Sunday.'


' on then...' I tucked into his shoulder slightly, the snow was really coming down hard now.


'What happen to your humor?' Jack asked, I was taken a back and he asked again before it dawned on me to answer the question.


'I haven't...I don't think I have...' The question had thrown me, what did he mean loose my humor?


'You don't see any Nargles and Wrackspurts anywhere?' Jack said, throwing his hands up. I couldn't answer because he turned so that I was literally hanging towards the ground as he looked up at the stars.


This time I screamed.


Jack got the hint and turned back around, 'Sorry, not use to a copilot.'


'I noticed,' I said slightly frantically, 'Do-do-don't do that a-again p-please.'


Jack placed his hand on top of mine and gave it a quick squeeze, 'Promise, no tricks...unless you ask for them. No need to worry though – we're here already.'


'Really?' Jack landed softly on the newly snowed ground and helped me get off.


'I'm a magical being remember?' Jack said, 'Which means I can also do this.'


Jack placed his hands together then popped them out quickly. Instantly there was a snow-free spot, 'I can't heat anything but at least here is no snow where we will be sitting for the show.'


Jack walked over and took a seat on the frozen grass, patting the sport next to him, 'Well, come on.'


I shrugged and walked over to take it, 'So we're here for a show?'


Jack nodded and shhsed me slightly, 'Just watch.'


I followed Jack's finger as he pointed to the mountain ranges.


I gasped, the sun was just starting to rise. Slowly casing orange and yellow and red on the snowy peaks while it cast its color in all directions of the sky.


I stole a quick look at Jack and his Iceberg-blue hair. He must think sunsets are beautiful, just like me.


I smirked and turned back to watch as the sun came completely up, I could get use to having him wear his emotions on his sleeve – or, more correctly, his head.


I laughed and Jack turned to me, 'Sunsets make you laugh?'


I shook my head, 'No, the sunsets steal my breath – your hair is what makes me laugh!'


Jack looked at me, his eyes confused and hurt slightly. It was a quick reaction before they turned to a joking manner. Still his hair stayed Midnight-Blue. It must have hurt, guilt showered me.


'Sorry Jack, its not in a mocking way. I just saw that your hair changed to that—well that shade of blue meaning you like what you it did my r-room...I didn't mean to hurt you.' I stuttered, starting to fiddle with my hands.


Instantly his hair turned a very bright Alice-Blue and a smile grew across his face.


I sighed, 'Great, now I embarrassed you!'


Jack laughed and snow started to fall, 'If I was embarrassed it would go from that like Electric blue to white, this color—' Jack picked up a strand of hair and let it drop '—means I'm comfortable. That I-I you...'


'Oh, is that bad?' I asked, tilting my head.


Jack sighed and pulled his knees up to his chest, 'To be honest I don't know, I haven't seen this color since—well, never mind.'


I wanted to know, but I wasn't going to push him – I wanted him to stay comfortable with me.


So I changed topics with a smirk, 'So I have no humor anymore?'


Jack smiled and gave me a playful push, 'You found out I was real and BAM! No more didn't believe in me, so now that I disproved don't believe in anything?'


I thought about it for a moment, I had grown more solemn since meeting him – if you can actually do that within a days time. Well I had stood up to that Greengrass girl for mocking me when I went to the Great Hall for dinner—well last night's dinner—after what Jack said about it not being right for them to laugh at me...I'd have to tell Harry in my next letter to him.


'Oh gosh Harry!' Instantly I was up pulling on my hair slightly.


Jack's hair grew a light Electric blue, 'Y-your boyfriend?'


'No, no of course not. He's my friend! He said he'd send me a letter today but I had to be in my room at a certain time! Oh gosh, what time is it?' I asked frantically, starting to pace.


'Calm down.' Jack lifted me around onto his back again and we were off.


I settled down a bit and relaxed into his shoulders as we flew. Looking up I saw his hair go from the Electric blue to an instant Cyan.


I thought about the color for a minute then it hit me, that was what color it took when he was defending me against those girls.


I leaned up against his shoulder so he could hear me over the wind, 'Thanks Jack, this meant the world to me! I hope we can watch another sunset together, soon.' I said, giving him a light squeeze and snuggling into his shoulder.


I smiled as his hair went from the Cyan to a happy Royal color.



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