I sat in the kitchen, stunned by the scene that had just unfolded. Scorpius Malfoy, pinhead extraordinaire, was really in my house, at my sink, doing dishes. We had really actually just- well I suppose I'll get to that in a moment.

He was standing at the sink, his black dress shirt hanging in a bunch out of his jeans. I stared solemnly at the back of his blond head. Had I really just let this all happen? Were Malfoy and I really... for lack of a better description, together?

He turned off the water, picked up a towel, dried his hands, and spun around to face me. There was a devilish smirk on his face that made the fact undeniable. This was not a dream, not a test, not some kind of practical joke, this was reality. Scorpius Malfoy and I had just danced the dirty tango. To understand why this issue is so perplexing, let's back up this soul train. I say that quite literally, as the story between Scorpius and myself began on the Hogwarts Express.


Dad, Mum, Hugo, and I had just crossed the barrier onto platform 9 3/4 my first year at Hogwarts. Most of the kids were wearing sweaters and jeans, but Mum had insisted I put on my robes straightaway, as I had, and still have, the tendency to forget very important aspects of what is required of me. I spotted Albus and James, my cousins and bounced over to them with a toothy grin plastered across my face.

"Good Morning, Rosie," a familiar, deep voice sounded from behind me just as I was about to start gushing to Al about how great first year was going to be. I spun round quickly and saw an older version of the boy I had just been facing, identical except for the faded scar stretched across the older one's forehead.

"Uncle Harry!" I squealed, jumping into his outstretched arms. Harry Potter,  the-boy-who-lived, one third of the golden trio (the other two-thirds being my parents), was my godfather, and his wife, my blood-aunt Ginny, my godmother. He squeezed me and I felt my right pocket grow heavy with money. He always slipped money into my pockets when he was around. "If your parents refuse to spoil someone as precious as you," he would say. "Then I will."

"Buy yourself something sweet on the train, dear Rose," his eyes smiled at me through round framed glasses. I nodded and he winked at me as my father walked up and placed his arm around Harry's shoulders. My father was at least six inches taller than his best friend, and easily more built, making him seem like a glowing giant. I had always been a Daddy's girl, but sometimes his size intimidated me, especially when Uncle Harry was not much taller than I.

"You'll never guess who I just saw on the platform, mate," my father directed at Harry. I gazed up at the pair, wondering if by any chance I knew the name they were about to say.

"Malfoy? Yeah he walked in right in front of Ginny and I. Apparently his son's a first year too,"  Uncle Harry retorted. I immediately lost interest. Malfoy was a name I could recall having heard around the house numerous times throughout the years, and in the stories my family told us about their days at Hogwarts. However I never knew the bloke first hand, and didn't care.

I turned to Albus who was now shouting about Teddy and Victoire snogging on the platform. Teddy was his godbrother, and Victoire, our cousin; her parents were Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur. I laughed, he was so behind on the news. I'd known about Teddy and Victoire since Easter at least, but Teddy had persuaded me with a chocolate frog featuring the ultra-rare Ptolemy card to not say anything. Even Dad only had one of him, and that's saying something, as he's been eating a chocolate frog a week for nineteen years. "Albus!" I called, running a few yards over to him as the whistle on the train blew signalling we had just ten minutes before it left the station. "Albus, please sit with me on the train, would you?" I pleaded. His brother James, a year older than both of us was standing with him.

"Firsties all sit together anyway," he replied coolly. James had a knack for acting as if he'd always known everything. If I didn't know better, I'd swear to it that Ron was his father, and not mine.

"James Potter!" Aunt Ginny's voice scolded from behind him. "I gave you specific instructions to sit with your brother. He's nervous enough thanks to the Slytherin comments you've been making all week."

"But Muuuuuuuuuuum," James whined, something else he was incredibly good at. "I can't be seen with anyone who isn't a for sure Gryffie yet."

"James Potter, you irritate me to no end some days. You will sit with your brother and Rose for at least part of the trip."

"But M-"

"That's final James. What your mother says, goes." Uncle Harry chimed in.

The whistle blew again. Five minutes. I rushed over to Mum and Dad, my stomach suddenly filled with nervous butterflies. Dad was holding my trolley which carried my trunk and owl, Agrippa.  Mum was crying. She squeezed me tight, and was choking out reminders as we walked toward the train. "Don't forget to take the ink out of your robe pocket before the house elves wash it! Wear your house scarf to the Quidditch matches! Let us know if you run low on parchment or quills!"

I smiled half-heartedly as Dad helped me onto the train and handed me my things. "Your mum's just worried about you. We both are. Have a good year princess, write me tonight and let me know what house you're in!" he hugged me one last time, and bent down and kissed my forehead. The train let out three long whistles. He hopped off the express as it began to chug away. I rushed to the nearest half-empty cabin where Albus was sitting with another young boy. I rolled down the window, leaned out and waved frantically to my parents and godparents as they began to grow smaller.

I spun around, wiped my eyes, and examined the occupants of the cabin in front of me. Albus was talking to a blond boy with a pointy face, the two of them comparing wands. Someone else had entered in my frantic good-byes. My cousin Roxanne had entered the cabin. She was a first year as well this year, and my best friend. I was relieved to see that she was clad in her school robes already, as well. I swear it's almost as if Aunt Angelina and my mum share a brain stem.

"Didn't see you on the platform, Roxy!" I smiled at her, hugging her tightly. "Uncle George late again?"

"You know, it's amazing Dad manages to be late all the time, he wears seven watches on his left arm alone!" she giggled as we both took our seats opposite Al and the mystery boy.

Before I had time to say another word, James poked his head in the cabin door, looking at the four of us. He glared heavily at Al and I "You write to Mum about me not sitting with you, and I swear you'll wish you were never born!"

"No worries, big brother," Albus sneered. "I didn't want you to sit with me anyway, you'd just spoil the train ride." James made a face and the slammed the cabin door shut, accompanying another boy about his age off in the direction of a solidly scarlet and gold cabin.

"Will you and James ever learn to get along?" Roxy asked Al pointedly.

"Doubt it," he laughed. "I sort of want to make Slytherin just to spite him."

"I know I'll make Slytherin," sighed the blond boy. He didn't look to be as excited as the other three of his cabin partners. "Even if I don't want to."

"Why would you say that? Mum says Slytherin is a perfectly good house." I piped up, picturing the look of disgust that had crossed my father's face when Mum made this assertion.

"Dad said he'd disown me if I made Slytherin," Roxy laughed. "He was only joking of course. At least I hope he was. It's a bit hard to know for certain when he's being serious, it happens so rarely." A faint smile crossed her face, no doubt she was thinking about her life growing up in the large home above Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. I nodded my head in understanding, as my father had done the exact same thing only moments ago.

"Dad said he'd disown me if I didn't," the blond boy muttered, more to Al than anyone else. There was a pause in which we were all most undoubtedly thinking of what houses we would be in, and what the next seven years of our lives would entail.

I pulled my trunk out from under the bench, where I had stowed it for the journey. Mum had magically expanded it for me so I could pack all of the books I wanted. Dad never understood how, but was incredibly pleased with the fact that I had developed my mother's skillful abilities and love of books. I reached deeply into the trunk, and felt for the familiar binding of my favorite book. Scrunching up my face I grabbed it, and pulled it out, causing a few things to knock out of their place.

I pulled my feet up on the seat, placing my head against the wall and cracked open the binding to A History of Magic Volume II: The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries written by my mother; she was overwhelmingly flattered when we received my letter of acceptance and the book was on the required reading list for History of Magic class.
I leafed through the pages to find my favorite part- the part about my parents and godfather. I was deeply immersed in the story, reading the intricately detailed Battle of Hogwarts scene, when a voice cracked through the silence, and my concentration. Al had gone off to change into his robes, and Roxy was off to find the treat cart, leaving only one voice left to be the one speaking to me.

"That's a bit strange, don't you think? Reading the text before we even get to the school?" The blond boy laughed, a smirk crossing his deep pink lips.

I shook my head, unable to think of a response. It had always occurred to me as a bit off that my cousins didn't read nearly as much as me, but I figured they were the ones that were a little funny. Apparently I was wrong. "Who are you, anyway?" I spat, a little peeved that I was being insulted by this half-pint. Admittedly, I was tall for my age, and no doubt he was bound to catch up- but he was still a half-pint in my eyes.

"Malfoy. Scorpius Malfoy," he answered in a mutter.

"I'm strange for reading a text book? Have you heard your name?" I laughed, and a light flush rose to his cheeks.

"At least I'm not a Weasley!" he glared at me.

"You do realize that Roxy and Al are both 'Weasley's too, don't you?" I scoffed.

"Yes, but neither of them have that awful color red hair!" he countered.

A sound of disbelief escaped my throat. Who did this Scorpius boy think he was? I touched my hair self-consciously. I had always been proud of my curly red locks. They were the same color as Dad's and curly just like mum's, only less frizzy. Whoever this boy was, he sure was about to get it. No one insults Rose Weasley and gets away with it.

Just as I whipped out my wand and pointed it at him, Roxy entered the cabin again, a bit of chocolate smudged on the left corner of her lip. A look of utter bewilderment was plastered on her face, examining the scene of the Malfoy character and her favorite cousin pointing wands at each other, not that either of us knew how to use them. She sputtered out various sounds for a moment, drawing the attention of both the Malfoy boy, and me. "We- It- Erm- Ugh- Hmm- I expect that we'll be arriving soon," she mused finally, lifting her foot to take a seat, but then the train came to a sudden halt, causing her to fall directly onto Scorpius. There was an audible snapping sound while she was floundering about trying to stand up. Once she had, it was visible to the three of us what the noise was.

Malfoy held up his wand, which was now split in two distinct halves, held together only by silvery hair which was beginning to snap and fray. His jaw dropped, and his eyes welled over, making them appear orb-like and glossy.

"You.. you... UTTER BAFOON!" he shouted at Roxy, who had already been crying before he had opened his mouth. I was at a loss whether to laugh or comfort the boy who had just insulted both Rox and myself.

I wasn't sure if it would work, but a spell came to my mind. I'd seen mum use it on Hugo's toys a million times. I doubt it would work, however I may as well try. Even if I really had no clue what I was doing. I held up my wand and murmured "R-r-reparo," and the wand snapped back together, but the moment Malfoy waved it, it fell to pieces again. 

Albus slid the door open, a bright smile on his face, his eyes glimmering. "What are you all still doing sitting in here?" He half-shouted out in obvious excitement. "We've arrived! We're at Hogwarts!" I gathered my things quickly, as did Roxy, and the two of us hurtled out of the cabin, more to escape the awkward situation that was unfolding rather than out of any sort of excitement. My stomach lurched into my throat as I heard Al talking to Malfoy behind us.

"What happened to your wand, Mate?"



A/N I don't own any of the characters or any of the wonderful settings. ALSO: I love this story oh- so much. I already have a few chapters written, just have t have them validated. I would appreciate feedback, though :D

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