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I fit the floor with a dull thud and groaned as I sat up, rubbing my back, 'A simple, Hermione I need to she you something wouldn't have sufficed?'


'Not when I found a Horcrux!' Harry held out his hand, a gold ring with a very large red-stone set in it rested in his palm.


I grimaced and moved back a little, 'Harry, it—it's evil. Be careful.'


Harry rolled his eyes but smiled anyway, 'Relax Hermione. It just makes us a little crabby.'


'Harry, put it—just put it in my bag, ok?' I grabbed my bag and tossed it at him – the sight of it just made me sick. I was closer to Edmund, I was even closer to death.


'We need to get the cup today.' Harry said in a nonchalant voice as he stuffed the ring away.


'Yes, and—I have a plan.' I stood and walked over to one of the cupboards and opened the door.


'Will Polyjuice work?' Harry said.


I sighed, 'Let's pray it does.'


Harry sighed and gripped something in his pocket, 'Alright. I'll be right back, I just need some air.'


I was worried it was the ring but the ring was in the other pocket. I was close to asking him what it was but he disappeared out the flaps before I could.




Edmund woke up facing the window. It was pouring outside. He yawned and stretched before slowly tarting to get up.


He grimaced as he felt a sore muscle.


Diagon wasn't very busy at all, what with the war and everything, but being drug around by Luna sure could hurt one's shoulder.


Edmund moved his shoulder in a circle before yawning once again, 'Bloody witch was trying to kill me.'


'No I wasn't.'


Edmund turned and fell right onto the floor.


Edmund lifted his head from the floor to look right at Luna Lovegood, her arms crossed and her eyes a bit harsh, 'I just wanted to help.'


Edmund though she was going to hex him or whatever witches did when the looked bloody pissed.


Edmund sat up, rubbing his head, 'Yes, you were helpful, my shoulders just aren't in a very thankful mood. Was it necessary to scare me though? To get me up, that is.'


Luna smirked and held out a small note, 'I got this today, thought you might want to see it.'


Edmund took the note and started to read it:


My Dear Luna,

I miss you and I love you. We're safe. Tell Edmund if you can, Hermione misses him – a lot. She loves him, she's just too stubborn to admit it. We'll be home soon.




Edmund looked up at Luna, 'I thought they weren't suppose to contact us in anyway?'


Luna shrugged, 'It's very dangerous, and he shouldn't have, but I guess Harry needed to let us know.'


Edmund knew it was dangerous, but having Harry get him the message that Hermione loved him – well, it seemed worth it. Hope had started to fade over the past month, this made the hope stronger then ever.


'Can we...well, can we send one back?' Edmund asked shly.


'I don't think we should Ed,' Luna said, coming and kneeling next to Edmund, who had pulled his knees up and wrapped his arms around them 'I don't want anything to happen to either of them, and I know you want Hermione back safe. Its just to risky. And it hurts, so very much to not but we need to think of whats best. You know?'


Edmund nodded, barley hearing what she said. He was focused on what might happen to Hermione. He was not going to be the cause for that.


'I know.' Edmund said. Luna touched his arm and the two sat in silence for a while.


'Edmund, can you come down for a bit?' Mrs. Pevensie called.


'Coming Mum!' Edmund called, he turned to Luna with sad eyes, 'Luna...'


'I know, I miss them too.' Luna gave him a quick hug before standing and turning to Apparate away.


Edmund stood and headed towards the stairs – what could his Mum want to talk to him about?




The Polyjuice worked perfectly, we looked just like two goblins.


'Why do goblins smell so weird?' Harry asked from my side. We grew quiet and solemn as we walked past a few other goblins.


'Hey, it was better then being in the Ministry – it was just creepy in there.' I said, shuttering at the memory of having to go in there, the Polyjuice hadn't worked perfectly so Harry was iffy about using it this time. So far, so good though.


'There, a cart.' We hurried to it and pulled out our – well, the goblins we were pretending to be – and set off. Thankfully I had remembered the right curse to knock those goblins out for hours – no one should bother us anytime soon.


We got down stairs with no problems.


'Harry, something's wrong.' I said in my goblin voice as we stood outside the vault.


'There's been no problems!' Harry said back in his gargled voice.


'That's it. Something's wrong, it's too easy.' I said.


Harry opened the door with his card and we froze, 'Hermione, I found the problem you wanted.'


I nodded, 'You remember how to take down a dragon?'


The Dragon was huge and a dull white. He looked ragged and like he had lived here his whole life. Pity filled my heart.


Harry shook his head no, 'You got your wand?'


I pulled mine out, as Harry did as well.


'Split up, I'll get him to go after me. You grab the vault.' Harry said. I nodded. There was nothing else to do.


'Don't hurt him.' I said. Harry nodded.


'GO!' Harry took off and I flew towards the door. The card worked easy but a new problem showed itself.


There was not just one cup, but three.


'Oh great.' I felt the Polyjuice slowly starting to wear off, 'Better hurry.'


I looked out to see where Harry was. He was back to normal and doing pretty well.


I turned back to my own problem and began to think. Bad things always came in threes.


'Go with your gut.' I said, Peter, Edmund's brother, had adopted the saying and Edmund had trusted in it as well.


I closed my eyes and grabbed. Slowly I opened one then the other – nothing happened.


Then the ground started to shake.


'Must have gotten the right one.' I yelled and took out from the door, 'HARRY WE GOT TO GO!'


Harry nodded and headed towards the cart but rocks broke free and we were trapped.


'Apparate?' Harry grabbed my arm and turned.


I shook my head, 'It won't work.' I turned to the Dragon. He looked just as scared, if not more, then us.


'We can't leave him.' I said.


Harry sighed, 'Fine, try and get on then.'


The Dragon was so scared he probably didn't even notice we were on his back. Our spells broke his chains and we were up and out.


'Harry – I still hate flyyyyyyyyiiiiiinnnnngggg!' The Dragon flew at a top speed and before we knew it we were back in the forest. We slide off before he noticed us.


'Harry...He wouldn't have noticed us anyway. I think—I think he is blind!' I walked over. The Dragon's once blue eyes were cloudy, and he was trying to move away from the sunlight.


'Poor thing...maybe...' I started to walk towards him. Harry stood a good distance away.




Too late. I walked over to him, cooing slightly. He freaked a bit but once he figure out where I was he calmed slightly.


'Just...going to fix your eyes....' I pulled out my wand and started to climb up a tree.


Harry ran his hand threw his hair, 'What happened to Hermione? Oh she climbed a tree trying to help a Dragon that then proceeded to eat her! Yes, Edmund will just love to hear that!!'


I threw a spell and the Dragon screamed but he shook his head a second later – appearing to be alright.


I hopped down from the tree, 'See that didn't hurt anything!'


Harry stood pointing behind me with his mouth open.


I turned slowly. The Dragon stood with his teeth bared.


'Nice...Dragon...' I held up my hands.


The Dragon dropped to the ground, his head resting on his clawed hand and just looked at me.


Harry smirked, 'I think you made a new friend.'


I smiled, 'I think so too!'


'Dobby thinks so too!' Harry and I turned so fast we almost fell over.


'Dobby!' Harry yelled and ran over to the house elf, 'How did you find us?'


'Elf power. Dobby think you need this.' Dobby held out a sword. Harry gasped, I couldn't see it clearly – so the importance of it was lost on me a bit.


'It's made of simple steel – it won't help anything.' I said, crossing my arms and walking over to the two. The Dragon followed me.


Then I saw why it was important, 'The sword of Gryffindor!'


'Hermione, pull all of them out! Now!' Harry turned to me and helped me to start digging around in my purse.


Soon the locket, cup, and ring were placed in front of us.


'Oh, one more!' Dobby pulled out a diadem, 'Dobby find in Headmaster's office.'


Harry turned to me, 'Something from Ravenclaw.' Dobby placed the diadem next to the others.


I stood back as Harry took the sword up. He came down hard on each of them – hitting all of them with one blow. They screamed and shrieked, the Dragon didn't care for it to much and flew up to rest in the tree.


'Snake made that sound! Snake made that sound!' Dobby said, jumping up and pointing at the pile of ash.


'What snake Dobby?' Harry said, his voice really excited.


'His snake! Neville hit him with my sword! He went EEEEEEEEEEE!! Like the pile!' Dobby said, point at the pile again and jumping up and down.


Harry turned to me, 'The book, the ring, and cup.'


'Nagini, the diadem, and the locket. Harry that leaves one more.' I said, tears starting to well up. I figured it out.


'I want to see Luna before we go to Hogwarts.' Harry had already known.


I nodded, 'What are we going to do about him though?'


The Dragon still sat in the tree, eating some birds as they flew by.


I grimaced.


'Cinaed. It means born of fire. I guess he needs a home – Hagrid will love him once this is all over.' Harry said, reaching over and touching my hand, 'We're going home.'


I nodded, my throat was holding back a sob but my eyes had no problem letting the tears flow.


Harry whistled, 'Here Cinaed, come here Dragon.'


Cinaed drifted down from the tree. He let Harry easily get on and Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me up.


'Dobby, tell everyone we're coming back. They need to be ready.' Harry said, 'Thanks...for everything Dobby.'


'Dobby do anything for Harry Potter.' Dobby snapped his fingers and was gone.


'Ready Cinaed?'


I swear the Dragon nodded his head.


'Hold on Hermione!' Harry yelled as the Dragon shot up in the air.


My arms tightened around Harry's waist and I buried my head in his jacket.


Cinaed slowed down a bit once we got up high enough and I loosened my grip. I grew brave enough to look around – the sun was setting and the sky was painted with bright pinks and purples.


I sighed and smiled before leaning against Harry again, 'Edmund, I'm coming home.'



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