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     [A/N - Hey everyone! Here is the long awaited Chapter Five!!!!]

Thank's to Enchantress@TDA <3

       Hermione slowly opened her eyes; everything that happened the day before slowly came back to her. She had run in here after Ron broke up with her and cried until she became exhausted and let sleep wash over her. She turned her head over to her window and saw a stormy sky. Dark, ominous clouds encompassed her entire window, giving off an eerie glow and making it hard for Hermione to tell what time it was. She brought her wrist to her face and saw it was about ten in the morning. She admired her watch; it was a gift from her father when she had turned seventeen. It was light silver with a dark blue face and every number was either a planet or star. She absolutely loved it and it never left her wrist; she had even found the perfect waterproof spell to protect it during showers as well.

            She groaned as she realized she had to get herself down to breakfast before it ended, especially seeing as she hadn’t eaten since yesterday morning. She rolled out of bed and shuffled to the shower. She was so glad she had her own bathroom. It was made with the most beautiful marble and the shower seemed like someone had glued thousands of pebbles together. She felt the tensions in her shoulders slowly uncoil as the hot water beat across her back. After a few more moments she got out of the shower, quickly dried her hair, and then fixed it to its usual beauty. She threw on a grey hoodie with a Gryffindor Crest on the right sleeve, some black yoga pants, and made her way down to the Great Hall.

            As Hermione guessed, most of the students were leaving breakfast. She entered the hall, thinking of what she was going to eat, when she noticed Lavender Brown hanging all over Ron. She stood there for a minute, willing her feet to turn her around but they stayed frozen in spot. It wasn’t until he looked up and saw her standing there, that her feet obeyed and sent her from the Great Hall. She took no notice of where she was going until she felt a breeze on her face. She walked over to a tree by the Black Lake and leaned against it, playing with the blades of grass around her.

            She closed her eyes and let the breeze play across her face. She was shocked to see Ron with a girl so quickly after their break up, though; it was Lavender Brown she was talking about. She had never truly gotten over Ron in Hermione’s opinion, so as soon as she heard that he was single she probably pounced on him the second she saw him. She didn’t know why he allowed it, though according to him she was incredibly annoying and he was easily fed up with her. Then again he looked pretty cheerful when she saw him at breakfast, laughing at whatever joke she had just told. Oh just forget him. He has clearly moved on and you should too. There’s no use getting upset over someone that clearly has no interest in you any longer. From this moment on I am forbidding myself from sparing two seconds of my time to think of him. She nodded her head once in agreement with herself. She opened her eyes as she heard two bodies sit down and found Blaise and Malfoy sitting across from her, both looking in swell moods.

            “Good morning, Hermione.” Grinned Blaise.

            “Morning Blaise, Malfoy.” She said, giving each one a small nod.

            “What are you up to today?” Malfoy asked.

            “Just relaxing outside, enjoying the weather, you?” she asked. Both boys glanced up at the stormy sky and looked back towards her curiously.

            “Quidditch practice.” Blaise stated, absentmindedly reaching towards his broom, which was laying besides him.

            “It looks like it’ll storm any moment. You two better hurry along before it does, or else you’ll be soaking wet by the time you start practice.”

            “Don’t worry Granger, we’ll be fine.” Malfoy snapped, regretting it once he saw her once soft brown eyes harden.

            “I could care less if you got soaked. I was watching out for Blaise. If he gets sick then I’ll be a partner short on rounds this week and I don’t know what I’ll do without someone to speak with for a couple of hours.” She said, turning to him towards the end with a smirk on her face.

            “Well, then I must hurry off to the pitch; can’t have the Head Girl lonely for two hours, can I?” Blaise smiled. With that both Malfoy and Blaise parted with her and headed off towards the Quidditch pitch, brooms in hand. She grinned when she saw the scowl Malfoys face had acquired after she made her remark. Good to know I make him as angry as he makes me. I just don’t understand, just the other night he was apologizing and then yesterday we had a civilized conversation and now today he’s making some comment, just to make me angry. If he hadn’t used such a condescending voice I might’ve believed him to be reassuring, but he always has to be such a stuck up git. She noticed Harry and Luna walking towards her and pushed Malfoy far from her thoughts. The wind looked like it was having a silent battle with Luna’s hair, her blonde locks blowing every which way, although Luna seemed not to notice. She walked over with a dreamy look and flopped down next to her, Harry closely behind.

            “Hey, how’re you doing?” Harry asked.

            “I’m alright.” She replied, hoping the topic of Ron doesn’t come up.

            “You must have seen Ron and Lavender this morning.” Luna said, observing her pout. “Either that, or Harry and I have interrupted a thought of yours.” She went on airily.

            “Both, actually.” She really didn’t want to talk about him. She had forbid herself from it. Actually Hermione, you forbade yourself from thinking about him. She silently scowled and cursed her thoughts, knowing she was right.

            “Err, you alright?” asked Harry hesitantly.

            “What? Oh, yes. I’m fine. How was your summer Luna?” she asked, quickly changing the subject.

            “Oh, it was wonderful. Father and I searched for another Crumple-Horned Snorkack horn. The one from last year seemed to have disappeared.” Luna ended sadly as Hermione remembered vividly the day it had ‘disappeared’. “I must depart now though, I’ve spotted someone I need to speak with. Goodbye Hermione, Harry.” She said, curtseying to them in turn, before walking towards a fellow Ravenclaw.

            “Are you doing alright?” Harry asked.

            “Yes, I swear I’m fine. He’s obviously over it so, so am I.” she stated.

            “Alright, I trust you. You know we should probably visit Hagrid soon.”

            “I agree. Let’s wait till next week, though. I have too much on my mind right now.”

            “Sounds fine to me.” After that they talked about classes for a while and she was glad he stayed away mentioning Ron. He knew she needed a distraction right now and he did his best to provide one. After a little while Rebecca Adams made her way towards her. I’m quite the popular one today aren’t I?

            “Hey, Hermione; do you think we could do the party planning sometime this week? Just pick a day and I’ll let the rest of the girls that signed up know the day of the meeting.”

            “Oh yeah, that’d be great. What about Friday after dinner? We can all just meet afterwards and go up to the Heads room again. Sound good?”

            “Sounds great. See you later.” And Rebecca left with a smile.

            “Who knew a Slytherin could be so nice.” Harry wondered out loud and she nodded in agreement.


            Draco walked down to the Quidditch Pitch with a scowl on his face. I can’t believe Granger and Blaise. What was she doing smiling at him like that, and then him smiling back! He thought, his scowl becoming more pronounced.

            “What’s wrong with you?” Blaise asked as he noticed his best mate’s grimace.

            “You and Granger, that’s what’s wrong!” Draco spat.

            “Whoa, mate. Calm down there. What do you mean Granger and I?”

            “You know how I feel about her and then you go and flirt with her while I’m sitting right next to you!” He finished angrily.

            “I know you wanted to befriend her, and I wasn’t flirting. Do you like her?”

            “Don’t be ridiculous. Do you?” he asked, a little too curious, which didn’t go unnoticed.

            “No mate. She’s all yours. This year I’m going after that Slytherin Prefect, Adams.” Blaise said and left him to his thoughts.


            Hermione entered the common room and was delighted when she saw the couch across from the fireplace was open. She picked a random book off the bookshelf and laid belly down on the couch, her ankles crossed in the air. She had ended up picking Hogwarts: a History; she had read this book so many times she had lost count. For some reason, she found comfort in this book more than others. She was glad she had finished her homework earlier in the weekend, which allowed her to spend her whole day relaxing. She had just finished dinner, indulging herself and eating to her hearts content. She was glad she was wearing yoga pants, or else she would have had to unbutton her jeans in the Great Hall so the button wouldn’t have popped off.

            She couldn’t even remember the last time she had eaten like that. She only allowed it every once in a blue moon, since she feared she would lose her petite figure. After a little while she realized she didn’t hear anyone come up from dinner and glanced at the watch, which read a quarter after ten. Amazed that she hadn’t heard anyone go to their rooms, she placed the book on the coffee table and sat up. She could feel the heat rolling on her from the fire and put her hair up to get it off her neck. She was so entranced by the fires dancing flames that she didn’t notice Malfoy come down until he was next to her.

            “Hey, Granger.” He said hesitantly.

            “Hey.” She replied, startled by his sudden appearance.

            “How was your summer?” He asked, catching her off guard. She looked at him with a curious expression before replying.

            “It was alright. I spent it with my parents. The war didn’t leave much time for bonding with them, so I had to catch up.” She tried joking, though she knew she failed miserably. “What about you?” 

            “It was good. My mum spent most of it redecorating, so I helped her out.”

            “That’s nice of you.” She said, turning more towards him.

            “I guess. With my father gone it was one of the best summers I’ve had.” He said smiling. She was temporarily stunned. He hardly ever smiled and it caught her off guard. Something about his smile rendered her speechless, but she just figured it was because it was such a rare occurrence.

            “Why are you being so nice to me? You’re sitting here having an actual conversation with me, and smiling.” She pointed out before she could stop herself. He just stared at her for a second or two before standing up and leaving, heading to his room. She sat, baffled, for a moment or two, and then remembering she had class in the morning and hurried off to bed.

* Week Later*

            Hermione refilled her goblet with more Pumpkin juice and looked around her. Harry, Ginny and Neville were all laughing at a joke one of them had just told. She was glad they were so caught up in what they were laughing about, because then they didn’t notice as she let her mind review the past week’s events. In Transfiguration class Monday they were introduced to Professor Vicks. She had found him to be a great replacement; he was one of those Professors that made the class interesting. He gave homework every night, yet he still managed to be a majority of the student’s favorite teacher. He also became the Head of Gryffindor; McGonagall found that she didn’t have enough free time to be both Headmistress and Head of Gryffindor. Furthermore, ever since that night last week when Malfoy had stormed off, he had taken to ignoring her. On one hand she was glad because she didn’t have to waste her time bickering with him and listening to his insults, but then again they were becoming more civil with each other and she couldn’t deny it had been nice to see that side of him.

            Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard an obnoxious cackling down the table. She scowled as she heard it, knowing immediately who the source of it was. Lavender, for some reason, found Ron incredibly funny and deemed it necessary to pierce the low rumble of the Great Hall with her awful cackling during every meal. Ever since the break up, her and Ron had been almost inseparable, though thankfully, they stayed away from the Head’s room. She was just waiting for the day they started dating again. One part of her hoped it would help her finalize the break up while a small part of her wanted it to never happen and have Ron come back, begging at her feet for forgiveness.

            Her friends broke out into another round of laughter and Hermione forced herself to pay attention now. She smiled at her friends, grateful that they had chosen her side of the argument instead of Ron’s. Harry would talk with Ron in the common room but other than that he stayed with her.

            “Hey, Hermione,” She turned to see who it was, only to notice Rebecca had taken a seat next to her, that same bright smile pasted on her face.

            “Hey.” She replied, also smiling.

            “I wanted to remind you of the planning thing tonight.” Rebecca said cheerfully.

            “I didn’t forget. I’m having hot cocoa sent up and asked a fire to be ready so we can have a nice area to get the idea’s flowing.”

            “Oh, sounds great. I told everyone to meet outside the Great Hall after dinner.”

            “Alright.” She replied, now in a good mood. Rebecca stood up and flounced back to the Slytherin table. “You know, she is so nice, I wonder why she’s in Slytherin.” She wondered aloud.

            “I heard she can be really nasty to people she doesn’t like.” Ginny said. Shortly after, dinner was over and she turned toward Ginny.

            “Well, let’s go plan a ball shall we?” she said holding out her arm and Ginny took it, smiling. They walked arm in arm out of the Great Hall until they spotted Rebecca standing with Hannah and Melanie. Melanie had long black hair that was always perfectly straight. She wore glasses with a dark blue frame that matched the Ravenclaw colors in her uniform. The five girls made their way up to the common room laughing and giggling. Before she knew it they were at the portrait and she gave it the temporary password and shuffled in and headed to the couch. On the coffee table was a silver kettle with five mugs beside it and a small bowl filled with marshmallows. They all got their hot cocoas ready and she got out a journal and quill and looked at the other girls, ready for ideas.

            “Alright. I’ll be the first one to throw an idea out there. What about a masquerade ball?” Hannah asked, looking around the group.

            “It’s a good idea for a Halloween Ball but not really for a Christmas one.” Melanie said, sipping her cocoa.

            “How about we do all the schools banners and colors everywhere?” suggested Hannah again.

            “Not it’d be an awful color scheme.” Stated Rebecca.

            “Does anyone know Durmstrang colors?” asked Ginny.

            “I believe they are red and black.” She replied off handedly.

            “Ok, I got it!” Rebecca practically shouted, jumping out of her seat. “Two words, Winter. Wonderland.” Hermione smiled, knowing it was perfect, and judging from the yes’! and perfects! from the girls, they agreed as well.

            “We could have glass tables and make them frozen.” Suggested Hermione.

            “We could bewitch the ceiling to look like it’s snowing!” yelled Hannah.

            “And have icicles hanging from the ceiling and doorway.” Smiled Ginny.

            “We could also have, like, fake snow on the floors and have the walls have snow along the stones.” Rebecca said, positively beaming at the idea.

            “Ok girls. I think we’ve got the perfect ball.” Melanie said smiling. Hermione nodded, smiling, putting her quill down.

            “We’ll have to schedule two Hogsmeade trips before the ball for everyone to find dress robes and dresses if they don’t have any with them. I can do that with Blaise and have McGonagall approve it.” She said. Just then Blaise and Malfoy walked in laughing, carrying their brooms. “Well now that we know the decorations this meeting is adjourned and we’ll schedule another one later on for the actual decorating.” All the girls said their goodbyes and made their way out, leaving her alone in the common room. She looked around for Malfoy and Blaise but didn’t see them. She set her hot cocoa on the coffee table and walked over to the window. It was a calm night, with the branches of some trees swaying gently. The grounds were dimly lit by the moonlight. The moon was huge that evening and she marveled at its beauty.

            “It can be mesmerizing, can’t it?” she jumped at the voice behind her and the hot breath on her neck. She turned around to see Draco standing over her. She looked him in the eyes and noticed how startling grey they were. She couldn’t help but admire his facial features, sharp but incredibly fitting. What are you doing? Draco is mere inches from you, and instead of taking a step back you admire him?

            “You know I’ve been trying to be nicer to you lately.” Draco said, smiling slightly. She just scoffed at this and his smirk quickly faded. He’s got to be kidding. The only thing he’s managed to do was ignore me for the past week.

            “You know, I would really like it if we could be civil to each other.” She only nodded to this. Half of her wanted to befriend him while the other couldn’t stop thinking of them bickering. Draco took another step towards her; they were mere inches away from each other now. He being this close to her was almost intoxicating. Why wasn’t she pushing him away? This was Draco Malfoy, not some other boy, but the one who spent years torturing her and her friends. She shook her head and took a deep breathe and a step back to, hopefully, clear her head. He raised his hand and pushed a small strand of her hair that had fallen out behind her ear. At that moment a quiet cough sounded in the room and he jerked away to see Blaise eyeing the situation. Before any of them could say anything, Draco tore from the common room to his bedroom. She looked shyly to Blaise who just shrugged and headed to his room. She stood, confused for a moment or two before also heading to bed. I’ll figure this out in the morning. I need my rest. With that she pushed all thoughts of him from her head and fell into a dreamless sleep.

[A/N - So what did you guys think of that? I know it took long, but it's finally up! Did you guys like the Draco and Hermione moment?? Just review and let me know!]

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