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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter!

Chapter 10

In Which Molly is Distaught

Molly was distraught as she made her way up to the Ravenclaw tower, heads turning as she quickly passed through people on their way down to the grounds for a day of no class lectures.  The only thing processing in her mind was how much of a wanker Finn was.  She had misread him all wrong, thinking he really was changing and that he truly liked her.  By the time she had reached the brass door knocker and solved the riddle, Molly might as well be running as she raced through the common room so fast she did not even register Erin and Mathis sitting at a table in the corner doing homework, but they sure did notice her as she sped up the girls’ staircase to the seventh year dorm room.

“I’ll go see what’s wrong,” Erin said as she quickly made her way up to the dorm.  Upon reaching the door, however, she discovered it was locked.  While she could have unlocked it with magic, Erin felt she should show Molly more respect than that by allowing her to let Erin in before busting open the door.

Molly heard a knock on the other side of the door.  “Go away!” she shouted through her pillow, voice betraying the tears that were sliding down her cheeks.

“Molly, it’s me, Erin,” Erin said through the door.  “May I please come in?  I just want to know what’s wrong.”  Erin tried to sound as coaxing as she could, but one could only be so gentle while wishing her distressed friend would open the door.  “Does any of this have to do with Harper?”

Molly said nothing, though Erin could tell by how much quieter it got on the other side was a strong indicator that Harper did in fact have something to do with this break down.  Cursing the seventh year Slytherin, Erin magically unlocked the door and entered the dorm to find Molly in a heap on her bed.  Shutting and locking the door, Erin hurried over to Molly’s side and wrapped her arms around Molly, whose face was already red and blotchy from crying.

“Please, tell me what he did?”

Molly hiccupped, trying to regain enough composure to speak, though she could not and continued to cry as her shoulders shook.  She was a wreck.  Whatever Finn Harper had said or done to her had obviously affected her greatly, the great sodding git.

“Molly, please,” Erin said, brushing Molly’s hair out of the girl’s face with her hand.  “What did Harper do?  I’d like to get the full story before I tell Mathis to go beat him up.”

Molly immediately started to shake her head as though that was the last thing she wanted.  It was odd that Molly did not want to hurt Finn anymore than he had hurt her; she really had too kind a heart for her own good.

“Please talk to me, then,” Erin said.  “I can’t help you if you don’t talk about what’s the matter.”

Molly sniffled, sitting up as she slowly reigned in control of her emotions.  It took a few minutes before she had calmed enough to say anything.  Brushing aside the tears that still ran down her cheeks, Molly sighed,

“Finn finds it hard to believe that he could ever like me.”

“That toadstool,” Erin blustered, causing a short giggle to escape out of Molly’s mouth momentarily.  “Why I’m going to ring him around his ears for saying such words.”

“Please, don’t Erin,” Molly said, distressed. 

“Well how else is he going to learn to behave if someone doesn’t teach him a lesson when he does something exceedingly rude and pompous,” Erin said.  “I’m sorry, but I really don’t see what you are seeing in him all of a sudden.  He seems like the same prat he has always been in the previous six years we’ve been going to school together.”

“I know,” Molly said, albeit sadly; all the fight had left her completely.  “But I really thought he had changed, you know.  I wanted him to have changed.”

The expression on Erin’s face made Molly bury her face back into her pillow as it made her feel like she was being judged in the strictest of scrutiny.  She knew she should have kept her guard up with Finn, but it never helped to dwell on what one should have done when something had already happened.  In truth, Finn had been in the wrong here as far as Molly was concerned as he had led her on in believing he had changed for the better.  Not to mention how he had begun to treat her as though they were truly friends; he seemed so sincere, looking back, in every one of his actions he had shown her in the past few weeks.

If Molly was not so gullible to believe in the best of people she would have seen through Finn’s niceness straight away before it was too late.  By too late she obviously meant before she started to fall hard for Finn; now, because she had not been better on her guard, she had crash landed in a heap of tears.  She was a mess.

There was another knock on the closed door, followed by the voice of one of their dorm mates telling them that Mathis wanted to know if everything was alright up here with Molly.  Erin quickly said they were sorting it all out and would be down shortly before turning her complete attention back to Molly. 

“Molly, I know you want to believe the best in Harper but perhaps you’re falling too easily into his trap.  Did you ever think that this was his plan all along?  To coerce you into thinking he really did like you and want to be friends?  He is a Slytherin after all; you can’t say that the thought isn’t too farfetched.”

Molly sighed.  “I think I’d know if someone wasn’t being completely honest and sincere to me; I may have fallen into Finn’s trap, but I’m not gullible enough to let someone completely take advantage of my feelings.”

“I know,” Erin said, “but what I’m saying is that by trusting Harper you let a bit of your guard down, and by letting down your guard you opened up a chance of Harper hurting you.  You should never trust someone as Harper, especially since he’s made of fun of you mirthlessly over the years in only a matter of a couple weeks.”

“So you’re saying it’s my own fault; that I should not have trusted Finn at all?” Molly asked sounding hurt as she sat up and hugged her knees to her chest.

“No, I’m not saying that either,” Erin said, still appearing sympathetic despite the words she was speaking.  “All I’m saying is maybe you put a bit too much faith in trusting Harper too soon.”

“I think I’d like to be alone now,” Molly said, closing off as she wrapped her blue Ravenclaw duvet around her in attempt to secure what little security remained in her body.  She felt weak and small.

Erin stood and started for the door, but turned before she left.  “I’ll be downstairs in the common room when you’re ready to talk.”

Molly heard the door click shut, but it did not process fully in her mind that she was alone until several minutes later.  She felt as though she were having a mere out-of-body experience, like she was viewing herself from across the room as she sniffled with tears still leaking out of her eyes.  There was no doubt in her mind now that she had started to form a mutual understanding with Finn in the last few weeks as they got on well together.  While at the same time she felt Finn had betrayed their friendship when he told her he could not fathom liking her.

The minutes flew by but she was unaware of how fast for Molly had fallen asleep from sheer exhaustion after she had run out of tears.  It was a few hours later that Molly awoken to a migraine pounding in the left temple lobe above her eye.  She also found she was quite ravenous after skipping dinner due to being upset and crying herself to sleep; and it was all Finn’s fault.  If he had not upset her so by saying he could not believe he actually liked her by implying they were moving into friendship quite quickly than she would never had missed supper to begin with, thus her irritation at the Slytherin who had tore her heart out only hours ago.

Sighing, Molly sat up in her four-poster bed, trying with all her might to ignore the throbbing in her temple the best she could.  She glanced down at her watch to see it was nine-forty, which explained why the dorm was still empty as most everyone stayed up in the common room studying and socializing until around ten-thirty every evening, especially the older students.  She really did not want to be around people, but she was hungry and would have to pass through the common room at the very least on her way out to head down to the kitchens to beg some food off the house-elves. 

Molly slowly made her way out of the dorm and down the spiral staircase that led through a doorway which opened up into the Ravenclaw common room.  The first thing she noticed was the statue of Rowena Ravenclaw with her diadem fixed atop her head reading ‘Wit Beyond Measure is Man’s Greatest Treasure’, the Ravenclaw slogan.  Then, the next being her two friends, Mathis and Erin, who were seated at the table in the corner with their books before them and quills scratched over parchment.  Upon Molly’s approach of the table they each looked up with expressions of relief that she had finally emerged from her cocoon amidst her blankets.

“How are you fairing?” Mathis asked, with concern etched on his face.  “Erin told me what happened with Harper.  That’s really low of him to do, even for a Slytherin.”

“I’m alright, just really hungry,” Molly said as she took a seat across from her friends at the small, rounded table.  “Not to mention I have a monster of a migraine, but I suppose that’s from all the crying I did earlier.”

“Which you have every reason to be upset with what that toerag Harper did to you,” Erin fumed.  “He really is insensitive when it comes to the opposite sex.”

Mathis piped up.  “Not to mention how utterly rude it is to lead someone on for weeks before suddenly dropping off by telling said person they never wanted to be friends to begin with.”

Molly really loved her friends.  She could always count on them to cheer her up even when she was upset, which did not happen often but when it did she could always count on them.  Never mind she was still upset about Finn leading her but for now she did not care about what had transpired in that empty classroom with him presently.  She would undoubtedly see Finn in Potions first thing Monday morning, but she would cross that bridge when she came to it.  In the meantime, however, Molly felt she needed to put some food in her empty stomach before she fainted as she was starting to feel lightheaded from her pounding head.

“Do you need a headache potion?” Erin asked her, noticing the pale pallor of Molly’s face.  “I have a bottle upstairs in my trunk; I’ll go get it for you.”

“Thanks,” Molly said, choosing to wait while her friend when to go retrieve the bottle.

Erin came back down and poured out a small portion into one of those small cups used for measuring doses of medicine before handing it over toward Molly, who gulped it down in one swallow.  Molly had never quite liked the taste of medicine, but sometimes it was unavoidable.

“Now, let’s head down to the kitchens to get some food in you,” Mathis said, standing up and waiting for the two girls to stand before they all left the common room.  If it were not for her friends Molly would most certainly starve when she was going through a boy crisis.


Monday donned bright in early far too quickly for Molly as she made her way from the Great Hall after breakfast toward the dungeons.  She was not ready to see Finn.  In fact, she would be perfectly happy not to see him ever again if she had any say in the matter.  But that was not an option as they shared a few classes together, in addition to being partners in Potions.  In other words, Molly was going to have to interact with Finn whether she liked it or not.

Groaning as she rounded the corner with Erin and Mathis, Molly’s eyes fell immediately on Finn as he leaned his shoulder against the stone wall outside of the classroom.  She could not help it as Molly had grown accustomed to searching for Finn the last couple weeks that her eyes just automatically sought him out within seconds of coming into contact with him.  It was bad enough he had such an effect on her despite the fact he had flipped the switch off for them to continue being friends; now, however, he was controlling her without even realizing he was, which was far worse.

Molly forced herself to look away as she turned toward Professor Holt opening the door to let them in for the morning’s lesson.  Dragging her feet, she made her way into the classroom and over to the work table she shared with Finn, who was already setting up their station.  Upon her approach he grinned, but it quickly slid from his face when he noticed the infuriated expression on her face.

“Look, Molly, I’m sorry,” Finn said, attempting to clear the air between them.  “I never meant to hurt you.”

“But you did, Harper,” Molly said steely, choosing to call him by his surname.

Finn sighed.  “I know, and I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t get the image of you crying out of my head.  I really am sorry, you have no idea how much I am sorry.”

“Whatever,” Molly said, taking her seat on the stool beside him.  “Let’s just get on with brewing today’s potion so we can get on with the rest of our days.”

The class went by exceedingly slow, too slow for Molly, but when all the partners had turned in their stoppers with the brewed potion in it she could not have been happier to be rid of Finn.  Never mind the fact she would see him again in another class that day, but for now she was able to escape his presence until their paths crossed again.  Though, it seemed Finn had other plans in mind as he caught her arm just before she turned to leave the classroom.

“Molly, do you think you’ll ever forgive me?”

The look on his face was pained and Molly found her resolve slowly cracking.  Why couldn’t she stay mad at him?  He had insulted her by basically saying they had no future together, not even as friends.  Not to mention this was after he had led her on to believe he really enjoyed having her for company.  Did she really want such a guy in her life?  The answer was no, but Molly was finding it extremely difficult to say as much the more she looked at Finn’s distressed appearance.  Then Molly made the mistake of meeting his eyes with her own and their fight from the other day was all ancient history as she nodded.

Author's Note: All done! And I'm dreadfully sorry for the delay in posting this, but hopefully it won't be long for the next chapter update. Hope you all enjoyed and I'd love to hear what you all thought and any criticism is good, too. Thanks for reading! :)

This chapter has been beta'd by calfornialove (Alice).

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