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Hero of War by Sirius Black Dog
Chapter 40 : Refusal To Lose
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Chapter 40

The summer break was coming to an end and before anyone knew what was happening they were on Platform 9¾ waiting for the Hogwarts Express to leave.

Harry had said his goodbyes and was boarding the train with Ginny, Hermione and Ron. Mattie had said her goodbyes as well but had one more before she could board the train.

‘It’s not going to be the same without you there.’ Mattie said her arms around her boyfriend’s neck while his where around her waist.

‘It’s your last year, Matt, enjoy it!’

‘But I won’t get to see you,’ Mattie whispered.

‘Oh don’t worry you won’t be able to keep me and George away for too long and you know it.’

‘There won’t be any pranks this year,’

‘No probably not but you can always take over that for us.’

‘I could I did once turn the Slytherin’s first year’s tongues into snakes.’ Mattie said smiling as Fred snorted remembering the day well.

‘The train’s going to leave soon, you should go.’ Fred said looking into her blue eyes.

‘You better visit I don’t think I can go too long without those lips of yours what are they chocolate flavoured?’

‘I’ll pop in; I’ll need a Mathead fix every so often.’ Fred said smirking. The train started its engine as Mattie kissed him quickly and pulled away only to be pulled back and kissed hungrily by her boyfriend.

‘I love you, Fred Weasley.’

‘I love you, Mathilda Black.’ Fred said as he kissed her cheek before she ran to jump on the already moving train.

Mattie walked into the compartment where Harry, Ginny, Neville, Luna, Shelby and Ainsley sat talking.

‘Where’s Cora?’ Mattie asked.

‘You’ll never guess,’ Ainsley said laughing.

‘Cora’s Head Girl,’ Shelby said.

‘No! Seriously?’ Mattie asked laughing as she sat across from Ginny who was snuggled into Harry who was leaning against the window. The ride to Hogwarts passed quickly until they soon arrived at Hogsmeade station.


Mathilda sat in her favourite chair in the common room, reading another muggle novel she had been sent. Her attention was solely on Her Fearful Symmetry when Harry came down.

‘Matt, what are you doing? It’s past midnight.’

‘I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d read for a while. Why are you up?’

‘Couldn’t sleep either,’ Harry said as Mattie put her book down and leant forward.

‘Wanna help me with something for tomorrow night?’ Mattie asked.

‘Sure, what do you need?’

‘Well I’ve been thinking since I saw a photo of a Halloween prank the Marauders played and well I think we should follow in their footsteps and do a prank of our own.’ Mattie was grinning at Harry who nodded happily.


Harry had told Mattie he’d meet her in the Gryffindor common room instead of going to his last class; potions. Mattie saw him come through the portrait hole and jumped up with his invisibility cloak in hand.

‘What are you missing?’ Harry asked as they pulled the cloak over them and made their way down to the Great Hall.

‘Ancient Runes, but I’ll catch up. Now let’s do this and so it well.’ Mattie and Harry closed the large oak doors and set to work.


That night the Great Hall was lit up with floating pumpkins while everyone waited for the Halloween feast. Before dinner could be served Harry and Mattie winked at each other. Mattie flicked her wand and a long cat walk formed between the two middle tables which happened to be Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. As the stage finished forming a shriek from the other side of the Hall echoed throughout the vast cavern. Everyone’s attention turned to the Slytherin table where all the students were either completely red or completely gold.

Laughter filled the room as Harry and Mattie pulled out their wands with complete discretion, causing a gold Draco Malfoy and his two red cronies Crabbe and Goyle to stand and start singing ‘Man I feel like a woman.’

The three Slytherin’s made their way to the cat walk and started strutting their stuff as they belted out the lyrics. Draco yelled raising his hands above his head, clapping; ‘Let's go girls! Come on.’ The Hall was filled with laughter as some joined in, singing from their seats, but not loud enough to drown out the threesome.

‘I get totally crazy, Can you feel it, Come, come, come on baby, I feel like a woman!’ As the last line of the song reverberated off the stone walls all the pumpkins in the room, those floating and those on the table, burst, showering red and gold glitter down on everyone. As the glitter fell the spell was lifted and Draco, Crabbe and Goyle became themselves, fuming to find themselves on stage.

Mattie was laughing so hard she fell backwards off her seat and onto the floor, her laughter never ceasing for a minute. As the glitter dispersed everyone could see that the stage had vanished and glitter was floating above the staff table forming words.

‘Junior Marauders’

Dumbledore stood up, his arms out to quieten down the Hall. He waved his wand but found he couldn’t return the Slytherin’s to their normal colour.

‘Thank you Mr Malfoy for that display you and Mr Goyle and Mr Crabbe may be seated. Mr Potter, Miss Black could you please return these students to their original appearance.’

‘Sorry Professor the spell lasts till the end of Halloween,’ Mattie said now sitting back in her seat, smirking.

‘I see, well in that case everyone enjoy the feast. Mr Potter and Miss Black I wish to speak with you later this evening.’ Mattie and Harry nodded laughing before turning and digging into the large feast before them.


Unfortunately like Mathilda had said the spell had ended at midnight returning the Slytherin’s to their normal state. It was just a good thing that the first Quidditch game of the season was Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw oppose to Slytherin.

It was the morning of the game and Harry stood in the changing room with his team before him.

‘Ok, guys it’s Ravenclaw we can beat them easy. So let’s get out there and show them why Gryffindor has won the cup the last two years excluding the Triwizard Tournament and will win it again!’ Harry said been met by loud yells of agreement. They grabbed their brooms and walked out onto the pitch. As they walked they heard Ainsley Wilcoch announcing the teams.

‘For the Ravenclaw Team we have beaters Thomas and Malin. Keeper Poppet. Seeker Barry and Chasers Lynn and Nover. And captain of the Ravenclaw team is Race Gordon, Chaser. And on the Gryffindor team today we have beaters; Coote and Peakes. Keeper; Weasley. Chasers; Black, Weasley and Bell. And captain and seeker Potter.’ Cheers met them as Harry shook hands with Race and they all mounted their brooms.

The game began and Mattie passed the quaffle quickly to Ginny who passed it to Katie who passed it back to Mattie.

‘And Gryffindor scores 10-0.’ The match continued for another hour with Harry and
Michael Barry trying to find the snitch.

James and Sirius sat watching in the stands as Harry dived. The score was Ravenclaw 160-140 and Harry needed to catch the snitch before Michael did. Harry’s eyes were solely on the gold spec that zoomed towards the ground but a part of him wasn’t too worried, dives were his specialty. Harry saw out of the corner of his eye Michael nearing him but Harry levelled his broom, catching the snitch firmly in his hand.

Meanwhile the game had continued above with Ginny flying towards the goal, quaffle under her arm. Malin saw that Harry had caught the snitch and smashed the nearest bludger angrily, sending it pelting towards Ginny who like the rest of the players was flying to the ground, happily oblivious.

‘Ginny!’ Mathilda screamed speeding up on her broom but not fast enough as the bludger hit Ginny in the back of the head, sending her falling the short way to the ground, with a loud crack as her skull cracked from the bludger. Harry jumped off his broom running towards her but James caught him around the chest.

‘Let Madam Pomfrey heal her, Harry.’ Harry’s breathing was uneven as he relaxed slightly in his father’s arms. Ginny was put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital wing, while the rest of Gryffindor went back to the common room to celebrate.

‘Good match,’ Sirius said his arm around his daughter’s shoulders.

‘Yeah it wasn’t to bad was it, until the end that is.’ Mattie said smiling softly.

‘Fred mentioned he would try and come but I guess he was busy,’ Sirius said.

‘Yeah he sent me an owl this morning the shop is keeping him, George and Remus busy.’

‘Oh by the way, we’ve been meaning to tell you well done!’ Sirius said looking at James who nodded.

‘What for?’ Harry asked.

‘For that prank you played on the Slytherin’s. Very nice done if I do say so myself,’ James said chuckling.

‘It was bloody brilliant. Albus thought we’d enjoy seeing it so he sent us his memory of it.’ Sirius announced.

‘Of course this was after we both received a letter from McGonagall but even she seemed impressed.’ James said.

‘Really? Well I saw a photo of a prank you guys pulled on Halloween like a million years ago and thought me and Harry should follow it some how.’

‘Well we were proud, Lily not so much but I think she enjoyed it to a degree but god knows she won’t admit to that,’ Sirius said laughing ‘Anyways we should get back to the Ministry, it’s bloody hectic at the moment. Good match, bub.’ Sirius said kissing her cheek. ‘Some great flying there, Harry, no wonder they made you Quidditch captain.’ Sirius said clapping him on the shoulder and waiting for James to say goodbye.

‘Go see Ginny. Great match, son, you too Matt.’ James said smiling before he followed Sirius towards the front gate.

‘Come on Harry,’ Mattie said leading Harry towards the Hospital Wing. Mattie left her god brother by the entrance and watched as he walked in.

‘Gin?’ Harry said as he sat on the chair by her bed. Harry refused to leave and so sat by her side until she woke early the next morning.


‘Hey, you feeling ok?’

‘Yeah, bit of a headache though.’

‘I bet.’

‘Cheer up, Harry. I’m ok,’ Ginny said gently taking his hand in hers. ‘Harry, can I ask you something?’


‘You have to kill him don’t you, that’s what the prophecy meant, right?’

‘Yeah, either I kill him or he kills me.’

‘Thought so. Well don’t worry ‘cause I’ll be by your side the whole time.’

‘No! Ginny, you can’t.’

‘Why not?’ Ginny asked her temper rising.

‘I couldn’t stand losing you.’

‘And you think I want to watch you die?’

‘It’s different.’

‘How is it different, Harry. Enlighten me.’

‘Because it’s my fate not yours and I’ll be damned if I let you die just because so lunatic wants me dead.’


‘No, Gin I’ll do a lot of things for you but I will not ask you to die for me.’

‘And what about Ron and Hermione? And Mathilda?’

‘Ron and Hermione are the only ones who can help me but I’ll be making sure they don’t die I promise you that. And Mattie well she’s already got them after her,. For slightly different reasons but she’s bloody powerful, Gin.’

‘But…’ Harry looked at her brown eyes.

‘Ginny, I won’t lose you.’ Harry said before he leaned forward and gently kissed her on the lips

‘At least let me into that head of yours ok?’

‘I will,’ Harry said before Ginny pulled his shirt closer to her and kissed him again.


Lily lay on the sofa late one evening her head on her husband’s lap. Her hands lay on her swollen stomach. It was the end of November and Lily was six months pregnant.

‘James, did Albus tell you what he was doing with Harry in these private lessons?’

‘No, just that it was necessary in what Harry has to do.’

‘Oh,’ Lily said as she closed her eyes.

‘Don’t worry, Albus will make sure Harry’s ok. Meanwhile you need to sleep.’

‘Mmhmm.’ James moved her head up before he picked her up. ‘James, I can walk. I probably weigh a tonne.’

‘Nah you’re light as a feather. Plus I’ll do anything for you as long as you do the actual giving birth to our child thing,’ James said as he lay his wife down on their bed before climbing in himself and pulling her close to him.

Meanwhile in the house next door, Sirius and Terra were trying desperately to get there newly seven year old son to bed.

‘Joe, you can’t sleep with your broom,’ Sirius said looking astounded.


‘You can ride it again tomorrow, ok? But for now it’s time for bed, it’s late.’

‘Fine,’ Jonah huffed as he let his father take his broom out from under the bed covers.

‘Happy birthday, baby,’ Terra said kissing his forehead before she stood waiting for her husband.

‘Night buddy, you need your beauty sleep, been seven has made you get these new wrinkles,’ Sirius said poking his son’s forehead, Jonah laughed before he stuck out his tongue.

‘Night, daddy.’ Sirius smiled and walked to the door.

‘Happy birthday, mate.’


It was early morning on the first day of December when Sirius Black woke and made his way downstairs. He made himself some coffee and sat at the kitchen table thinking. His thoughts had drifted from his newly seven year old son to the prophecy concerning his godson when there was a knock at the door.

He stood and walked through the living room, opening the front door to reveal Fred Weasley standing before him.

‘Fred, what are you doing here?’ Sirius asked as he moved to the side to let the red head pass.

‘Sorry I know it’s early but the shop gets so busy during the day that I had to come now, I hope I didn’t wake you.’

‘Nah, I was already up. Want something? Water? Juice? Firewhisky?’ Sirius said smirking as he sat across from the nearly nineteen year old.

‘No, I’m fine.’

‘What’s up, Fred you don’t seem like yourself?’

‘I came here to ask you something.’

‘Ok, shoot.’ Sirius said relaxing into his chair as he watched the nervous looking
prankster before him.

‘Ok, on Christmas Day Mattie and I will have been together for two years. And after everything that’s been happening with her dying and been kidnapped and having to deal with Henry, I realised life is too short.’ Sirius nodded at Fred. ‘I came here tody because i love your daughter and I wanted to ask you if I could ask her to marry me.’ Fred finished quickly looking at Sirius who looked stunned.

‘You want to marry Mathilda?’ Sirius said more to himself than anything else but the Weasley twin across from him nodded.

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