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“Hey Dray,” I called cheerily, “what are you doing in detention?”

“Shut up, Q,” he snapped, stalking towards Harry, he backed him into a wall, “what the fuck are you doing?”

“What on Earth do you mean?”

“Are you cheating on me with him?” He demanded, throwing me a hateful glare, I smiled sweetly.

“We aren’t together, Draco.”

“The hell we aren’t!” he yelled, despite my predicament, and the fact that Harry was no doubt upset, I couldn’t help but smile.

“Its just sex, Dray, that's all it is! It’s just a fling for Merlin’s sake!”

Draco’s face paled, and he stepped back from Harry, his mouth opened in a slight gape, “no, Harry, this isn’t a fling.”

Harry crossed his arms; “yes it is, Dray, its just sex. Simple. That's it, and that is all its going to ever be.”

Draco’s hands balled into a fist and I couldn’t help but smile, “when you cant stop thinking about someone all day, when you wonder all night long if they are thinking about you. It’s not a fling when you zone out in class and all you are thinking of is their smile. This is not a fling, Harry.”

Harry seemed taken aback by this statement of obvious affection, and he frowned and looked over at me, I smiled gently, and Draco glared.

“I never picked you for a slut, Q,” Draco spat, turning towards me.

I shrugged, “well, I never picked you for the ‘whipped’ type.”

“What the fuck are you on about, Q?!” he demanded, stepping forward, approaching me. I was still perched upon the table, casually picking bits of dried, blackened residue from underneath my nails.

I shrugged, “well, from the looks of it and the fuss you are kicking up about this, you are clearly whipped.” I peeked up at him through my eyelashes and saw his face redden in anger, “in fact, I would go as far as to say, you are in love with Harry.”

Harry choked on a laugh and Draco went from red to white, mouth tightening into a tight line.

I smirked, “I told you Dray, I can read people.”

“Dick head.”

I laughed at his feeble attempt to hurt me, “whatever you say. I’ll be off now, I’ll leave you two to talk it all out.”

I slid off the table and grabbed my cloak off the back of a chair, I paused at the door, my foot on the first step of the staircase; “oh and, Harry?”

He looked up at me, I smiled, “whatever it was you were thinking, before we were so rudely interrupted, whatever it was that you could have possibly been thinking, I trust we will get together later, to continue that train of thought. Yes?”

Harry smirked, “why not.”

I smiled sweetly at Draco, “see you back in the Common Room, Dray.”

Letting the door close behind me slowly I stood in the corridor for a moment, listening to the squabbling couple inside.

With another smirk I headed up the stairs, humming to myself contentedly.

I was laying in bed, with my iPod earphones in, it had been hours since I had left Draco and Harry in the dungeon, I wondered what they had gotten up to since I had left, I tapped my fingers on my chest along with the beat to the song and, out of the corner of my eyes, I saw the door open. I smiled and shut my eyes, feigning sleep.

I felt the blankets ripped off me and an arm clasping tightly around mine, I was tugged out of the room before I realized what was happening.

Soon my back was against a cold wall and my eyes adjusted to the sudden wash of green light.

“I told you to stay away from him,” from this statement alone, I realized that it was Draco and I simply sighed, this was getting old.

Instinctively I reached for my wand, and yes, you may think it weird, but I slept with my wand under my pillow every night and had grabbed it as I left, or as I was abducted. My fingers tightened around the cool wood and I stared at Draco.

“Look, he wasn’t fighting me off, okay? If he had told me to back off, I would have. But he didn’t. And besides, you heard him; he obviously doesn’t consider what you two have as a relationship.”

“But, it is!”

I sighed, “you’re in denial, Dray, but that’s okay. One day it will hit you.”

“Hit me? Like this?!” and suddenly, my sinuses were on fire. I yelped in pain as my head snapped back and cracked against the concrete wall. I grasped my nose and found blood.

It makes me wonder, what was with the Hogwarts students and punching, someone really needed to tell them that they are Wizards and they have wands for a reason.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

“Making it quite clear who owns Harry.”

“Excuse me, ladies, but nobody owns me,” the voice was soft but immediately recognizable, though the corridor was empty.

“Harry?” I whispered, Draco had backed off and I tapped my wand to my nose, wincing as I felt, and heard the cartilage crack into place.

“Think you’re so tough, huh, Draco?” I heard Harry’s voice hiss.

“I’m defending the person I love,” spat Draco.

“You look like a little girl after a cat-fight,” the source of the voice changed, now coming from my left side, I felt fabric brush against my bicep.

“Do you not care that I’m fighting tooth and nail for you, Harry?” he muttered, seemingly defeated, I felt a pang of empathy for him, seeing how distressed he was. Harry’s head appeared from nowhere, and I realized, somewhat ashamedly, because of my idiocy, that he was adorned in an Invisibility Cloak.

“It’s not that, look, Draco, I can fix this. If you want.”

He nodded, eyes brightening, “yes.”

Draco smiled and reached out for Harry, who, without a second thought, raised his wand and murmured, “Sectius Obliviate,” and a bright green light burst from the tip of Harrys wand, Draco flew back and landed with a thump on his backside, eyes rolling back underneath their lids.

Harry slipped back underneath his cloak, holding a finger to his lips, signalling my silence. As he slid the fabric over his face I frowned and let my eyes glide back to Draco, he looked puzzled, as he pulled himself up from the floor, “why are we in the corridor? And why is your nose leaking blood? Did I hit you?”

“Why, yes, you did. We were fighting about Harry.”

Draco started, “don't call him Harry, Q, I told you that. And why would we be fighting about him?”

Realization dawned on me, I smiled, “because I said he was a better Seeker than you.”

Draco laughed, “no wonder I hit you!”

I smiled, Merlin, Harry Potter, you are a genius.

“And Potter’s got nothing on me,” he said, grinning, “just for the record.”

“Whatever you say.” I laughed, “well, I’ll see you inside, I’ll be right back.”

“Where are you going?” he called as I headed down the hall.

“I have to take care of something. If you know what I mean.”

“Use protection, skank!” he called after me, I simply laughed; “says you.”

I heard him snort and the sound of a door closing, I stopped walking and peered around the dark corridor, looking for any signs of Harry.

“Alright, Potter, where are you?” I hissed, my eyes scanning the hallway.

“Right here,” there was a rush of warm breath on my neck and I shuddered pleasantly. He was behind me, still covered in the invisibility cloak.

“What did you do to Dray?” I whispered as Harry began to run his hand up and down my back.

“A modified memory charm, he remembers nothing about what you found out, or about us or anything like that.” he began to drop little kisses along my shoulder and slowly up to my neck.

“Oh, well, aren’t you the Genius, Mr. Potter?”

He laughed softly, “you tell me,” his hands crept around my waist and I found myself being dragged slowly to a nearby door. I laughed in spite of myself and allowed myself to be pulled back.

“So, Harry, what are you planning now? Are we going to clean cauldrons again?”

I turned to find the room bare, I stared around the entirety of the room, no one was there; “stealth mode… really, Harry?”

Silence greeted me, I peered around, looking for a sign of movement; a rustling drape or an unexplained breath of wind, but there was none.

I crossed my arms, “fine then, I’m leaving.”

Suddenly a hand grasped mine firmly and I was tugged back, all at once I was enveloped in a warm breath and a fierce, fiery kiss. I felt my eyes snap open wide, then fall back closed, two strong arms constricted around me and there was a rustle as the Invisibility Cloak slipped to the floor.

Rough hands tugged at my hair, and teeth bit at my lips until I tasted a hint of blood.

“God, Harry,” I managed to choke out.


Then, all of a sudden, my head was on fire and I opened my eyes; vision hazy.

An attractive girl with bright blue eyes with black-rimmed glasses and black, wavy hair knelt over me, hands on both of my thighs. I was on the floor. My head pounding as I slumped against the cold wall.

“Hey, man, are you okay?” her voice was rich and a tad deep for a girl, but quite sexy. Yes of course I notice girls, I'm not blind to the attractiveness of women and I can appreciate them as easily as I can appreciate the attractiveness of a man.

I blinked my eyes a few times, my throat dry, “what the hell…”

“You and Draco Malfoy were arguing and he hit you, you whacked you head and kind of, passed out.”

I frowned, “how long was I out for?”

“About thirty minutes or so,” the girl said, sliding down next to me.

“Have you been here the whole time?”

She nodded, “what can I say, I’m a compassionate chick.”

I nodded, the pain slowly dulling, I realized I had seen this girl before, she was in my Ancient Runes class and there had been some fierce rumours circulating about her and her sexuality. But after all this, I could not remember her name; “so, who are you?”

“Ashley,” she said, “ ‘sup?” Ashley extended her hand.

“Hey, I’m Q,” I smiled.

She scoffed, “Q? What type of name is that?”

“It’s Quince actually, but everyone calls me Q.” Ashley nodded, knowingly, “hey, you want a smoke?”

My eyes widened, “you smoke?”

She nodded, “filthy habit, but I enjoy it.”

I paused for a moment, “me too, actually.”

She laughed, extending the packet to me, then the lighter. I smiled at her, she was the first girl who wasn’t a total corrupt, hormone-crazed slut. It was refreshing. As we sat in the corridor and the throbbing in the back of my skull subsided, I heard her sigh.

“Okay, look man, I’ve seen you around and how you flirt with Potter and sometimes with Malfoy, so I’m gathering that you’re gay?”

I was taken aback by this, her forwardness didn’t bother me, but neither had it been expected. I will admit I did nothing to hide my attentions towards men, but I wasn’t a ‘flamboyant gay.’

I didn’t turn to look at her, but nodded, “pretty much, yeah.”

In my peripheral vision, I saw her smile, “I see.”

“Does it bother you?”

Ignoring me, she asked; “are you dating either one of them?” then blew a series of little smoke rings, I paused, “not exactly, no.”

“Are you sleeping with one of them?”



I laughed, “I wish, but no.”

She snickered and snuffed out the little stub of a cigarette, “please, honey, everyone wishes that they were screwing one of them.”

I started at this, but I must admit, I was still intrigued as to why this girl wanted to know so much about me; “look, Ashley, is there a point to this line of interrogation?”

As she flicked the extinguished butt down the hall she turned to me with a gleam in her eye.

“Well yes actually, I know you don’t know me, and I obviously don’t know you but I need to ask you a favour.”

I raised my eyebrows, intrigued; “continue.”

As she turned to me she, her eyes seemed cloudy, “well, you and I have more in common than being extraordinarily attractive,” I laughed at this; “okay, so, what’s her name?”

She blushed, “Hermione Granger.”

I gasped, then choked on the air I had inhaled, I coughed a few times then collected myself; “little miss Granger swings that way?” I demanded incredulously.

“Both ways. Like an… incredibly sexy pendulum,” she seemed quite happy with this fact, but then her eyes turned serious again; “but, I need you to be my best friend and do me a favour. Hermione isn’t into the whole public display of affection thing, so we can’t go out on proper dates. So what I want from you, seeing as im assuming you understand the predicament we’re in, what I need from you, Q, is to be my cover.”

I stood up slowly, and realized with an uncomfortable jolt that I was a tad unsteady on my feet, “your what?”

“My cover, well, our cover. You are going to be my fake boyfriend.”

I pulled a face, “yeah, right. There is no way I’m doing that.”

She grinned, getting to her feet beside me, “soon, young grasshopper, you will see the benefits of such an arrangement.”

Bracing myself against the wall, the room slightly spinning, I turned to face her; “Look, Ashley, I don’t even know you, I mean, I appreciate you staying with me, but there is no way in hell I’m going to pretend to date you. I don’t see any point to it anyway. And there are no benefits for me.”

“Well, I’ll explain it to you. Me and Hermione going out in public by ourselves, especially with the rumours that have been going around about me, is bad. And the idea is, if you and I were to pretend to date, you save both me and her from a lot of speculation. Basically, its only for appearances.”

It did make sense, though I failed to see the point or the profit for me, I frowned; “and the benefit for me?”

“Who is Hermione’s best friend?” she smirked, revealing straight, white teeth.

I shrugged and her grin widened; “Harry Potter.”

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