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Saturday was a beautiful day, ice coated every part of Hogwarts. McGonagall even surprised us with a trip to Hogsmeade. I guess Christmas Spirit was in the air.


Snow still fell lightly as students came and went. I continued to walk up and down the street – every once in a while going into a shop, never once did I stop marveling at Jack Frost's workmanship.


I smiled to myself, never had I thought Jack Frost was real. Well, I sure did now.


'Snow in Moscow by 9.' I smirked, he had said it so casually. As if, I'm going to go pick finish my Potions essay.


'Oy, Looney, talking to your self again?' A girl called from across the street.


I tightened my arms around me and continued on my way, trying to ignore her.


Never once though did I let the smile leave my lips, no one could let me loose my amazement at the scene around me.


'Aye! Who ye talking too?' Another girl in the group called.


'She's talking to me. Piss off.' A light Welsh accent said behind me. I froze. I knew that voice.


I turned – there he was, his Cyan-blue hair and all. I turned then to look back at the girls who stood – speechless. Why would a cute boy be talking with Looney? They must have been thinking, or maybe why was his hair blue.


What I was wondering was why he had a Welsh accent. Wasn't he a worldly work-person? Shouldn't he have a...well...more everywhere accent.


I turned to look to see where Jack was but before I could an arm linked with mine and I looked up to see the Ice-Boy himself.


Jack waved the other girls away with his hand, 'Shoo, shoo, no one wants you here.'


The girls didn't know what to say so they walked away, mouths wide open.


I looked up to Jack, whose hair was now Periwinkle. Jack's grey eyes sparkled as he smiled.


'Oy, never seen blue hair before?' Jack pulled me into the first shop he saw, Three Broomsticks. I breathed a sign of relieve when I saw no one else really in there, mostly couples to preoccupied by each other then to notice Looney Lovegood and a blue haired boy standing together.


Jack pulled me over to a booth in the corner and we took our seats. The waitress came over and took our orders – two butterbeers – and winked at Jack.


I couldn't help but feel a slight twinge of jealousy – he was my childhood daydream, not hers. I didn't really want to share him with her.


Jack didn't seem to take notice of her and continued to turn and talk to me as she walked away – slightly annoyed at her failed flirting techniques.


I smiled.


Jack smirked and his hair went Dodger-blue.


'Your cute when you are jealousy Luna Lovegood.' Jack said, crossing his arms on the table top.


I started to say no but a new thought dawned on me, 'I didn't tell you my name—did I?'


I couldn't honestly remember. Had I? Well, how else would he know?


Jack smirked, 'I control the worlds snow fall, you think I wouldn't know something about a Hogwarts Witch?'


I tilted my head and studied him in curiosity.


Jack shuttered slightly and instantly his hair turned to an electric blue.


'There, why does it do that!' I said, practically shouting as I pointed at his hair.


Instantly his hand was over his mouth and his hair was Sapphire.


' don't need to tell the whole bloody world!' Jack pulled has hand back and was instantly composed as the waitress came back. She tried her flirting attempt again, leaning over the table this time with one-to-many buttons undone on her top.


I grimaced and turned to look at the wall.


Jack smirked and finally dared to look at the waitress, 'You know, its going to be snowing for the next day or so, might want to button up.'


And that was all he said. The girl huffed and stormed off.


I looked back at Jack once I was sure she was gone and his hair was back to the Dodger blue.


'You promised to tell me why your hair does that, remember?' I said, in a whisper.


Jack nodded and took a sip of his drink, 'Wow, that's...disgusting...well—' Jack wiped his upper lip with his shirt sleeve, '—Its just something I've head forever. My hair color shows my emotion, its a very long and confusing list of things because the color changes when the emotion heightens....well, except when I'm embarrassed.'


I took a drink and wiped my lip with a napkin, 'What happens when you are embarrassed?'


'My hair goes from Electric blue and slowly lightens until its white. When its white I'm to the highest point of embarrassment I can get too.' Jack took another sip and gagged, 'Enough of that.' And he pushed the glass away.


'How many times has that happened before?' I asked, taking another sip.


Jack shrugged, 'Once or twice my entire life. Nothing really embarrasses me.'


'SO me studying you made you embarrassed?' I said smirking.


Jack shrugged, 'I guess. Whatever. I don't like people staring.'


I nodded, 'I agree.'


'Why do you let people mock you then?' Jack asked, snapping his fingers as if he were simply tapping them on the table, the difference was it made no sound at all. And instead of accomplishing nothing like tapping the quiet-snaps created a small snowflake that would float down to the table and melt from the heat of the room.


'You said you know everything.' I said, leaning back and looking slightly towards the window. My light-reflection looked back, wow—I really didn't look that great today.


'The war.' Jack said, getting me to look back at me, 'Oh, and you look fine, great even.'


I looked at him with curiosity but he continued on before I could ask any questions.


'You don't care what they do because as long as they have some sort of smile in the world it's worth it to you. Your wrong.' He said, crossing his arms and his hair changing from Dodger to Ceil. I watched this time, it couldn't have been but a few seconds but it seemed an hour as the Ceil-blue went up from his roots to the tips of his tousled hair.


I titled my head and kept quiet. I hadn't even been bothered by the fact he had called me wrong.


'They are smiling at nothing but mockery. They aren't happy or even seeing the hope anymore. They are becoming cruel, because its not helping anything. They continue though because you let them and they think it might get better with time.' Jack said.


I took a sip of my drink, thinking over his words.


Jack patted his stomach and stood up, 'Let's get out of here.'


I threw some money down on the table and instantly followed him out the door. I was surprised how easily I could give into my curiosity and forgo logic.


You aren't suppose to talk to strangers or follow a strange boy around. But he wasn't a stranger and he wasn't strange – well unless you counted his changing hair color and the light dust of snowflakes that never melted off his lashes even after all the time we had spent inside.


Jack stopped quickly and turned around me, I barley had time to stop, 'Wales is expecting a hard snowfall in ten minutes, can you leave your window open tonight? There is something I want to show you.'


I should have said no, it wasn't safe – I'd be breaking rules, it wasn't smart in the slightest, so many things could go wrong—


'Yes. What time?' I said, shifting from foot to foot.


Jack smiled and his hair changed to a Royal Blue, 'One-ish.' Jack jumped slightly and was instantly a foot in the air, 'I got to go.'


'Hey wait!' I called as he started to move. He stopped, and turned to look at me – not in annoyance but in patience.


'What does that color mean?' I said, picking up a strand of my hair to try and gesture what I meant.


Jack smiled, 'That I'm happy.' Jack looked at his wrist and smiled at me, 'Nine minutes now. See you at one.'


And with that he was gone.


I couldn't help as I practically sprinted back to Hogwarts.


I was up to my room in no time with pen and parchment, a few pages of parchment, questions scrawled all over it.


I liked answers, I liked knowing what was going on.


What I liked even more was that I was going to get more time with the famous Jack Frost.



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