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An Upchuck Weekend

James always appreciated the first weekend of school. It always made him realize how he took sleeping in for granted during the summer. This first weekend though, he woke up to something different; something that twisted and turned in his stomach and made him immediately start running for the restroom. He fell to his knees at the toilet and before he could hold it in any longer started throwing up.

"No!" he moaned before being forced to shove his face back into the toilet.

"Oh, Prongs that's vile!" he heard Sirius say from the door.

James tried to throw a sarcastic remark back at him, but again couldn't get the words out before he felt himself regurgitating.

"That's not good," Remus joined Sirius, plugging his nose.

"What'd you eat last night, James? Did those stupid house elves feed you bad food?" Peter asked with his voice in a slight panic.

"Don't call them stupid," Remus reprimanded him.

"I doubt they've cooked anything wrong in their lives," Sirius scoffed.

"There's a first time for everything, you never know," Peter defended himself.

"Maybe for your hundred year old house elf," Sirius laughed.

"It belonged to my grandmum," Peter muttered.

Finally James had a break from the constant gagging and pulled his head around to face his mates. "I appreciate your desperate attempts to help, but get out!" he managed to say, hoping they caught his sarcasm.

Sirius laughed and pushed Peter outside the room before following behind him.

"Let us know if you want a bucket so you can walk to the Hospital Wing," Remus hung back.

"Thanks," James mumbled.

He listened from the bathroom as his mates got dressed and headed down to the Common Room. He leaned up against a wall and frustratedly let his head fall back onto it. What a waste of a weekend this was going to be...

Lily patiently sat in the Common Room with Marie while she waited for James to come down from the boy's dorm. Marie, it had seemed, didn't want to waste any time not looking for someone to take her to the Hogsmeade trip in three weeks.

"Don't you think you should start concentrating on school instead of boys?" Lily laughed, "I honestly think if you don't have an idea of what to do with your life by Christmas holiday your mum is going to kill you."

"I've got my whole life to find something to do with my life, Lils!" she said optimistically. She scooted further to the edge of her seat to say, "What if the boy I go to Hogsmeade with is the man I spend the rest of my life with?"

"Come on, Marie, do you really think you're going to find a guy here who you'll spend the rest of your life with?"

Marie shrugged moving further back onto her seat, "I don't know, it's possible. You found James, didn't you?"

Lily twirled a piece of her hair thinking about that statement, "Yeah, but I never said we would last forever."

"Oh please, everyone knows you're going to stay together, even if you don't."

Lily rolled her eyes, and was saved from the conversation with the Marauders coming down the stairs.

"Morning, Evans!" Sirius said jumping down the last few steps, "Beautiful morning, isn't it?"

Peter followed after him and took a seat next to Marie. "If you could call our wake up beautiful," he chuckled.

"Why? What happened?" Marie asked.

"Prongs has the flu or something. Can't seem to get his head out of the toilet."

Lily grimaced and stood automatically going towards the boy's dorm room steps. She was met by Remus though who blocked her from going up.

"I don't think you want to see that," he warned her.

"He's taken care of me plenty of times! I think it's only fair that I return the favor," she complained.

"Let her go up, Moony! They're going to have to see the best and worst versions of each other eventually," Sirius said.

Remus moved to the side for Lily to get through, "You're choice."

Lily nodded and walked up the stairs, knocking on the door before she entered.

"James?" she softly called into the room. She walked in a little further and saw a breathing figure in one of the beds. She walked closer and smiled when she saw James looking as peaceful as a green faced boy could with his glasses just to his right on a bed stand.

She sat down on part of the bed and brushed his hair out of his face. His forehead was hot, but he had his blankets wrapped tightly around his body as if he was cold. She didn't want to wake him so she pulled out her wand, tiptoed to the bathroom, grabbed a cup that was on the sink and transfigured it into a bucket. She borrowed a piece of parchment from his book bag and wrote, "Go to Madam Pomfrey. I'm sure she has a potion for this.

She left soon after not wanting to catch whatever it was he had and walked down the stairs only to see that Remus was the only one who had waited for her.

"Everyone else was ravenous apparently so I said I'd wait for you and they could head down," he explained to her frown wrinkled face.

"Oh, okay," she finished walking down the last steps.

Remus stood and they left the Common Room beside each other easily making conversation about Prefects and their classes.

"I can't wait to see Snape's face at the first official Prefect meeting. Having to listen to James give out instructions is going to kill him," Remus laughed.

Lily stuffed her hands in her robe's pockets and anxiously scrunched the material in her hands. It was nothing against James, but she felt bad that Severus didn't get the Head Boy position. Together they had worked hard to get Prefect positions so that they could eventually become Head students together. Obviously in their fifth year the plan fell apart, along with their friendship, but it didn't take away the hard work he had put forth.

"Yeah, it'll sure be an event!" she forced herself to chuckle.

Remus looked up sensing her anxiety and asked, "Have you talked to him since that run in with James and Sirius?"

"No," she mumbled, "I think he finally realized he wasn't going to get another chance out of me, and I mean that's good so we can both move on with our lives, but it," she said not able to think of a better way to describe it. Remus sighed and threw his arm around Lily's shoulders for comfort. "It's hard to talk about it with James. It's like the moment he hears Severus's name he goes crazy!"

"Can you blame him? You chose Snape over him for practically five years! I think he deserves to be a little territorial over you when it comes down to him."

"Territorial?" Lily laughed.

"You know what I mean. Protective."

The two turned a corner and stopped when they almost ran straight in Naomi. Remus casually took his arm off of Lily's shoulders, but it didn't stop Naomi from raising an eyebrow at the two.

"Well, hello Gryffindors," she smirked.

"How are you, Naomi?" Remus asked politely.

"Getting better as the day goes on! I see you two are having a leisurely time."

"Actually Remus was just helping me with a rather difficult situation, but it's nothing to worry about," Lily tried to make Naomi understand.

"I hope it's nothing between you and James. I mean, old habits must die hard, right?"

"Not at all!" Lily tried to say lightly, "A completely other subject. Like I said though, nothing you need to worry about."

"Right, I won't be keeping you then! Have a fantastic weekend!" she said in a voice that made Lily's senses wake up.

She glimpsed behind her to make sure Naomi was out of earshot before muttering, "I really don't trust her."

"She's changed a lot this year. She used to be civilized when it came down to that little competition between the two of you, but since you got the Head Girl position it's like she can't accept it. She's still trying to find a way to be better than you," Remus agreed.

Lily shuddered, but put the thoughts aside as they reached the Great Hall. Remus held the door open for her and they made their way to the Gryffindor table, where as shocking as it sounded, looked like the two groups of friends were getting along!

"So you're telling me that you were able to convince Binns to let you skip detention if you could name the medieval Goblin tribes in alphabetical order...without any kind of cheat sheet?" Danielle asked wide eyed.

"Yep!" Sirius said proudly, "He never imagined in his wildest dreams that I would be able to do it."

"How did you?" Lisa asked.

Sirius leaned in at his question, looking them both in the eye. "Remember the test we had on Goblins earlier that year?" The girls nodded. "Well, it took us a while, but the Marauders made up a song that helped us memorize alphabetical order!"

"Ah, yes. We titled it 'Goblin Alphabet'," Peter said.

"Wow, you guys put a lot of thought into that one, didn't you?" Marie rolled her eyes.

"The title didn't matter as long as we had the song," Sirius defended it.

"How does the song go then?" Lisa asked looking intrigued.

"That's for the Marauders to know and you to maybe find out one day."

"I call bullocks on the song until we hear it," Danielle said.

"Fine! Don't believe me! It exists though, and comes in handy for exams every time."

"Remus?" Lisa looked to him, "Does it exist?"

Remus grabbed a piece of toast and started buttering it, "Who do you think came up with the idea for it?" He pointed to his own chest before taking a bite out of the bread.

Marie gave Remus a questioning look, but then turned her attention to Lily. "How was James?"

"Green," she said, "He definitely has something."

"Poor guy," Lisa nodded her head.

"He'll get over it," Danielle shrugged.

"Ouch," Peter laughed.

"I'm sure it's nothing a Marauder can't handle," she slightly taunted the guys.

"We knew that," Sirius said in an obvious tone, "But being denied his first weekend of freedom is just wrong. It's not even like a detention where only part of his time is taken away. Being sick sucks."

"I left him a note to go to the Hospital Wing, but I don't know if he'll wake up and feel like going," Lily rested her chin on her palm.

"He probably will. James can never stand being sick longer than he has to, especially on a weekend. If it was during the school week he might try to milk it," Remus laughed.

"That I can understand," Danielle nodded.

The group continued eating their breakfast making Lily wonder if her friends realized they were actually getting along with the boys. She didn't say anything out loud though incase it ruined her good luck.

When the meal was finished the two groups went their different ways: the boys to the Quidditch field and the girls to the lake where they planned to get some reading done. When the girls were out of earshot from the boys Lily decided to point out how their breakfast had been their most pleasant moment with the Marauders.

"They aren't so bad once they warm up to you, are they?" she said.

"Yes, yes, we've always known that they're charming and handsome and funny," Lisa raised an eyebrow, "That's exactly what got us in trouble the first time."

"Except this time you're prepared for it," Marie said, "They're nice to have as friends."

"No, they're not so bad I guess," Danielle admitted, "Sometimes I can't help but want to snap a response at them though. It's too much of a habit."

"I was kind of like that with James at first," Lily shrugged, "I really wish you all had gotten to hang out during the summer with them. Then you'd probably already be best mates with them!"

"That's a little more than optimistic," Lisa laughed.

The girls reached a tree near the bank of the lake and dropped their books to the floor. They each took the time to roll up their jeans to just below their knees before sitting down themselves and took a few minutes to enjoy the broken sunlight coming through the tree's branches.

"Weekends are the greatest," Danielle said lounging back.

"What better way to spend them than to read our schoolbooks?" Lisa laughed picking up her Charms book.

"I'll tell you how," Marie dug through her book bag, "The new edition of Witch Weekly." She pulled it out and waved it in front of her friends faces.

"Out of all of us you should be the one reading for your classes the most," Lily chided her.

"I'll get around to it tomorrow. Right now I have to read up on all the gossip we're missing out on in the real world!"

"You would call that the real world," Danielle laughed, "Everything in that magazine is staged just so celebrities can get some attention."

"It's entertaining nonetheless," Marie muttered flipping it open to the first page.

Lily shook her head. She didn't understand how Marie could stand no knowing what she wanted her career to be and still not take any initiative in her schoolwork. What if she was reading her Transfiguration book and a chapter made her realize that she wanted to study Transfiguration?

'It's not your life,' she thought to herself. She opened her Potions book to the chapter they would be studying in their next class. She needed to enjoy the fall sun while she could!

It took him a while, but James finally found the energy in himself to wake up from his flu stupor. Trying not to move any body part he didn't have to, he reached his arm out from his blankets and reached for his glasses on his bed stand. Instead though, his hand bumped into something cold and he was forced to turn his head and see that someone had left him a bucket. Leaning against it was a note. He put the bucket and note on his stomach and then reached for his glasses.

It made him smile that Lily had come to see him and inspired him to get up and make the journey to the Hospital Wing. He slowly lifted himself up from the bed and rested in a sitting position. Already he could feel his stomach moving around, upset that he dared to move.

He reached under his pillow for his wand and pointing it to his closet. "Accio robe," he muttered.

He put his arms through the sleeves and with a deep breath slid his legs over the side of his bed and stood. He took a few steps towards the door, and as an afterthought went back to his bed to grab the bucket Lily had so nicely transfigured for him.

Down in the Common Room a few students hung around the tables playing a game of Wizard's Chess, but James walked past them all not wanting to waste any time. He could probably walk to the Hospital Wing in his sleep if he wanted to given all of the times he had been injured from Quidditch, his own recklessness and the times he and the Marauders had visited Remus during the full moons.

As he walked down the hallways with one hand on his stomach to keep it from getting too shaken up, James nodded hello to a few students, shaking his head when they asked if he was okay. With one look at the bucket they wished him well and kept on with their own plans.

When James was just a few hallways away from the Hospital Wing though, his stomach took a turn for the worse, and he doubled over being forced to shove his face into the bucket.

"Oh my gosh! Are you okay, James?" he heard a worried voice behind him.

He waved his arm above his head as a signal for them to leave him alone, but the person walked to him and started rubbing his back soothingly. With a quick glance he saw that it was Naomi.

"I'll be fine," he said gruffly. The acidic vomit was starting to burn his throat. "I'm almost to the Hospital Wing."

"Why didn't you have anyone walk with you? You could've fainted half way down here and really gotten hurt!" she said.

"The boys went to breakfast and I was asleep when Lily came to see me," he explained.

"She and Remus really should've waited for you. It's kind of inconsiderate if you ask me."

James wiped his mouth with his sleeve and straightened himself into a standing position. "Her and Remus?"

Naomi shrugged before answering, "Well, yeah, they walked down to breakfast together after all. They were having a pretty personal conversation from how it sounded."

"I see." James tried to keep his voice relaxed, but he couldn't help the small knot in his stomach. 'Why couldn't the girls have walked down with Lily? And what personal thing could she possibly be talking to him about?'

"I'm sure she'll talk to you about it later," Naomi said seeing his furrowed brow, "Lets get you to Madam Pomfrey."

She grabbed James's arm (carefully avoiding any throw up that may have gotten on him) and directed him the rest of the way.

Naomi tried to get him talking by asking him about his summer. "Did you and your friends plan pranks for throughout this year?"

"No, actually," James tried to laugh. "I was actually working at a muggle marketplace. That's how me and Lily got together; it's owned by her parents."

"I remember her mentioning they owned one once. Did you get yourself hired there for that reason?"

"I had no idea she worked there until my first day. It was my mum who got me the job, so I guess it was fate."

"That's sweet," she said almost sarcastically.

They turned a corner and James could finally see the doors to the Hospital Wing. He sighed with relief and turned to Naomi ready to part from her.

"Thank you for walking me the rest of the way," he pulled his arm out of her grip.

"Anytime," she lightly smiled.

James gave her a nod and walked down the hallway and through the doors. Madame Pomfrey promptly came out of her office and placed a hand on her hip when she saw him. "I was wondering how long it would be until I saw you in here."

He couldn't help the smile that spread on his face before sitting himself down in a chair, ready to feel better.

The Quidditch field was zooming and whizzing with students from a variety of the Houses. On one side was Sirius, Peter, 7th year Ravenclaw named Drew and a 6th year Hufflepuff named Sarah. On the other was Amos Diggory, a 5th year Hufflepuf named Luke, a 6th year Gryffindor Eddie and a 7th year Ravenclaw named Alan. Riding around to keep an eye on the game was Remus, the acting referee.

On the sideline sat the brooding Slytherins, upset that no one had chosen them to be on their teams. They were impatiently waiting for the Quidditch game to be over so they could have their own turn, which thankfully would be decided by which team scored first to fifty points.

The game was about half way over at 20-30, and Sirius was not happy that he was on the losing team.

"This is bullocks!" he yelled as Amos intercepted a pass between Drew and Sarah.

With his bat at hand he hit a bludger in Amos's direction and only missed him by inches. He bit his tongue from cursing and instead watched with wide eyes as Sarah flew under Amos and punched the quaffle out of his arms. It flew above them both where Drew was waiting. He didn't waste time grabbing it and flying in the opposite direction towards Alan. Quickly dodging both Luke and Eddie he aimed and shot the quaffle against his fellow Ravenclaw. It soared into the right post tying up the game.

"There we go!" Sirius gave Drew a high five as he circled around. "You're not bad for a Puff!" he yelled over to Sarah. The girl rolled her eyes, but reluctantly laughed at Sirius's handsome grin.

A whistle sounded from Remus at the bottom of the field and all the players looked down to see that James had come to join the game.

"Thank Merlin," Peter groaned and flew down from his Keeper position.

"Alright, Prongsy!" Sirius cheered, "Which one of you two is better at keeping?" he asked Drew and Sarah.

"I'll try it out," Drew shrugged.

"That's not what I asked. Are you good at it?" Sirius flew a little closer to Drew and muttered, "I cannot lose to Diggory."

"I'll do it," Sarah flew near them, "I'm decent at it, and I'd love nothing better than to piss off Diggory. He didn't add me to the team because I'm a girl."

"Revenge is the greatest kind of motivation. I like it. Take the goal," he ordered.

"Oy! Hurry it up, will you? We can't be waiting all day for this bloody game to end!" Regulus Black shouted from the sideline.

"Shut your hole, we're going!" Sirius yelled back.

James straddled his broom and flew into the air where Sirius and Drew were floating.

"I'm surprised to see you here instead of with Evans," Sirius scoffed.

"I saw the game from the tower when I was done with Pomfrey. I couldn't resist!" James winked.

"Lets get to it!" Amos yelled from his side of the pitch.

Drew nodded to the pair and flew to the middle of the pitch to get ready for the start.

"I especially couldn't resist him."

"Oh yes, you also have revenge for Diggory. The bookstore incident?"

"You bet."

Sirius laughed and floated backwards into his position near Sarah at the keeper's post while James joined Drew in the middle with Amos and Luke. He nodded to them both in greeting and watched intently as Remus threw the ball up into the air.

James spun into the air catching it with his right hand, but only flew with it for a second before throwing it to Drew who waited in his original position. When the ball touched his fingertips he sprinted forward before the other Chasers could catch him, or Eddie the Beater could hit a bludger his way. With an apologetic look to his fellow Ravenclaw, he shot the quaffle into the middle hoop. They took the lead in the game 40-30 and only had to score once more to win.

"Woo!" James cheered.

Alan grumpily retrieved that ball and threw it with all of his strength to where Amos was. James tried to intercept the pass, but Amos easily caught it and started for the goal. Sarah hung in the air prepared to dive whichever way Amos tried to go. The arrogant boy smirked and dropped his hand low. He pitched it into the air and the quaffle went through Sarah's hands and into the center hoop.

"Don't badgers use their tails to smack things with?" Sirius asked, "Use your broom if your hands can't reach it."

"That would be a beaver," she snapped, squeezing the quaffle in her hands, "You could've helped with a bludger."

Sirius sent a small glare her way before warning her, "You better not let another go in."

She threw the quaffle to James who had to immediately drop because of the fast bludger coming straight for his throwing arm. He could hear Drew shouting out his name to be passed to, but it had been so long since James had scored a goal that he wanted to take this one for himself.

Luke flew up beside him and was trying to reach over to pop the ball out of his grip, but James securely locked the quaffle between his arm and hip. When Amos came up on his other James realized he hadn't thought his technique all the way through. The two players sandwiched James in the middle, but below them James could hear Drew yelling, "Drop it!"

As a leap of faith he did, and Drew was able to catch the ball and avoid also being sandwiched because the two Chasers didn't trust to leave either of the players alone. Drew practically flew circles around Luke, which made it hard for Eddie to shoot a bludger over without hitting his own teammate.

Drew made an attempt to throw the ball in from further away than he usually would, but its lack in power allowed Alan to catch it smoothly this time. With James already pushing Amos in defense and Drew still flying circles around Luke, Alan decided to take the run for himself.

"Get ready for this, badger!" Sirius yelled to Sarah. She nodded and began flying from side to side in anticipation. "Don't fall the for the same trick as last time, okay?" She waved a hand at him to shoo him away. Alan was coming at her fast. "Stay in the middle! Don't favor either side!"

Sarah let out a huff and turned to Sirius, "I KNOW HOW TO KEEP!" she yelled. Alan zoomed by her and flicked the quaffle into the left hoop. "Dammit!" she hit her fist on the broom handle.

"What the hell was that? You didn't even try!" Sirius complained.

"Maybe if you would shut your trap for a second I could've been paying attention. You're like an annoying bug flying around my head!"

James shook his head and floated to the ground where Remus was already resting on a bench with Peter. He figured that the loss didn't matter much to him because he had only been playing for the past fifteen minutes. At least that was until Amos made his way towards the boys.

"Hey there, Potter," Amos greeted James who merely nodded his head in return. "Good game up there!"

"Thanks, you too," James replied.

"Listen, I've been meaning to apologize for the Flourish and Blotts incident with Lily. It was an honest mistake!"

This caught James's attention and forced him to look up hard at Amos. "I don't see how grabbing my girlfriend's ass can happen on accident."

Amos started scratching the back of his head nervously. "Well, that part I meant to do, but I thought she was joking when she said you were her boyfriend," he laughed.

"Uh, oh," Peter mumbled.

"I'm not seeing how that's funny," James crossed his arms. Remus stood sensing that Amos obviously didn't know how deep of a hole he was digging himself.

"Come on, look at your history. No one thought you'd get together, so I thought I'd take the time to get in there myself! Congrats to you though that you finally got her. Most the guys here were starting to think she was being pretty selfish not giving anyone a chance. We're all dying to know what's underneath the robes!"

James uncrossed his arms and drew back a fist. Amos tried to get his wand out of his pocket, but he wasn't fast enough to avoid being hit.

"Agh!" Amos groaned stumbling backwards.

James followed him and shoved him hard to the ground, this time pointing his wand at him.

"Do it, mate!" Sirius yelled flying towards them.

"James, you're Head Boy. He deserved the punch, even though I doubt McGonagall will like it, but doing anything more will be begging for your badge to be revoked," Remus said.

James closed his eyes and cursed under his breath that for that small moment he had forgotten about his badge. He withdrew his wand and instead walked away from the scene.

"Oy, Lupin!" Amos stood from the ground, "You better take some points away from Gryffindor for that!"

"Get off your high horse, Diggory. You knew exactly what you were getting yourself into the moment you opened your mouth," Remus waved him off.

"Yeah! Suck it, Diggory!" Sirius yelled running past him and to his friends. "What'd he do anyway?" he caught up.

"Laughed at the idea of James and Lily being together," Peter filled him in.

"And more," James muttered with a clamped jaw.

"Was revenge as sweet as expected?" Sirius asked.

"No. Now I want to kick his ass even more! Stupid prick."

They were walking around the side of the castle and could now see the lake with Lily and her friends sitting under a tree on the bank.

"Are you going to tell Evans?"

James shrugged looking over at the girls. Marie saw the group and nudged Lily to look up and see James. She waved to him making him smile and change his path towards them. "Maybe later."

When he reached Lily he forced her to put down her Potions book. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and kissed her temple. The boys were forced to explain their failed Quidditch game, but they left out the punch ending for James to tell later.

Finally, James had gotten the weekend he had imagined.
Author's Note: Hello my dear readers!! Forgive me for taking so long to update!! I hit a small writer's block, but I finally got it done! Phewf! haha!
I hope you enjoy and don't forget to Review!

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