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Chapter 10


After Avalon’s rudeness Leif decided that he would give her the silent treatment for the time being. Well until he figured out his battle plan. But that was all put on hold that morning when an owl he knew so well arrived at the breakfast table.


“What is that?” Ciro exclaimed as a dirty old grey owl flopped down in front of Leif.


“An owl obviously.”Leif said reach out and talking the letter from the owls talons.

 “But whose it looks like it could be 20 years old.” Dario asked watching as Leif fed the small creature a strip of bacon as pay and set it back into flight.

 “It is my house keepers owl.” He said slipping the parchment into his pocket.

 “Is your father an activist or something why don’t you have house elves?” Ciro asked appalled at the thought of an activist.

 “No my grandfather was sadly.” Leif said coolly as he sipped form his goblet. “We have to hire muggle borns and such to do the work. It suits them which should not be a surprise.”

 “Couldn’t your father make him get a new owl that one looked like a health risk?” Ciro said looking about as if the owl would dive bomb into his porridge and fill it with all manner of diseases.

 “He wouldn’t even if my father tried. My house keeper loves Tom. He would rather quit then part with him I think.” Leif said as he stood. The weight of that one page letter felt like a five pound weight in his robes. He knew it would be news he didn’t care to hear but what could he do. It would be even worse if he didn’t read it and reply. The last thing he needed was a howler telling his business to the whole great hall.

  He walked the halls watching the students filter past him his mind centered on the letter till he bumped into something small. He looked down to see the very person he was ignoring. People turned and looked at the sprawled girl on the floor but didn’t pause to help her gather her things. Leif looked down at her as she grabbed up her papers and books watching her fluid movements. She stood quickly and shoved past him her eyes at her feet. It was obvious she took his cool stature and lack of help as a punishment of some sort. He sighed as he watched her go but didn’t bother to go after her and try to explain anything it would be a waste of time so he kept walking.


He put the letter in the hungry fire of the Slytherin common room. He watched the edges burn before it all burst into flame. He pushed his hand through his hair and sighed. It had been all he could do not to read the letter before any of his classes, but he knew it would ruin his day more than just the anticipation of the letter itself, which did quite a number on its own. All the day seemed to blend together in a sick blur. He sat on a plush chair and rubbed his eyes.

 “Trouble with the ladies?” Mikko asked.

“Where did you come from?”He asked without looking up.

 “I come and go as I please, rather like a ghost or a vampire I like to imagine.” He said happily sitting opposite his friend. “Has she been giving you an extra hard time?”

 “No no more than usual.” Leif said looking over at his friend feeling very tired.

 “Well then what is this all about? I’ve never seen you this way.” Mikko said motioning at him.

 “Oh it is nothing just family stuff.” Leif said shrugging.

 “Ah the life of the rich and spoiled, it is a hard road to travel I know firsthand.” Mikko said nodding.

 Leif smiled a sad smile and then perked up visibly. “I found her.”

 “Who?” Mikko asked not liking this sudden shift.

 “Your new girlfriend.” Leif stood suddenly his mind in a better place now.

 “Wait what? Where are you going?” Mikko demanded as Leif strode away with purpose. He had a quest to complete. “Leif this is not funny get back her!”

 “Well don’t you want to see her yourself?” he threw over his shoulder as he strode away hands in pockets. He even now was whistling a jolly tune as he walked. Mikko cursed and ran after him.







 “Well?” Leif asked Mikko’s face in anticipation.

 “Your right she is pretty.” He said his face drooping slightly.

“What is this all about.” He asked poking Mikko in the face. “What is with the frown?”

 “Well….” He started then stopped and looked down at his book.

 “Well what?” Leif demanded.

 “She is a bit too pretty.” He said shrugging.

 Leif smacked the side of his head.

 “What the hell.” Mikko exclaimed rubbing his head. He blushed slightly as people turned to shush them.

 “It is impossible for a girl to be to pretty you dolt.”Leif whispered. “ I thought you would want a pretty girl. You like girl’s right?” Leif said it half jokingly but then stopped and thought. He realized then Mikko never had had a girl friend before.

 “I can see where your mind is going and I can tell you right now it is not true.” Mikko said a little amused.

 Leif looked at him suspiciously. “You sure?”

 “I promise” he laughed. “You must understand it is hard to get a girl with you for a best mate.”

“I know that is why she is perfect. She hates me.” Leif said excitedly.

 “I do like her the more I hear about her.” Mikko agreed as he looked over at the dark haired girl who sat a few tables away from them in the library.

“Right now go talk to her.” Leif said giving Mikko a shove so he fell ungracefully out of his chair. Mikko stood quickly looking around to see if anyone had witnessed his embracement and shot a glare at Leif. Leif merely waved him off. Mikko turned with a sigh and strode over to the table where she sat alone looking over a book and writing quickly. As he drew closer his nerves snapped and he quickly turned and faced a bookshelf looking at its contents as if hoping one of them would fall off the shelf and kill him. He turned to look at Leif with pleading eyes. But instead of sympathy Leif now held a wand and a quill and was directing him toward her like an air traffic controller.

 Summoning all his courage he turned and walked back over to her table and stood like a statue to scared to do anything but stare at her. After a while she felt eyes on her and looked up to see a rather red and sweaty Mikko.

 “Umm.. Hello.” She said a bit nervously.

 “Hello.” Mikko all but yelled. People turned and glared at his outburst and he wanted to sink into the floor.

 “Can I help you with something.” she asked a bit worried he might be having a fit of some sort.

“Aah I was wondering… well you see I was wondering if if .. I could barrow your quill sharpener.” He finally got out.

 She smiled a bit and turned to dig into her bag. She turned back to him and held it out on the palm of her hand. “Sure here you go.”

 He reached out and snatched it rather like a hungry wild animal and turned and just about ran back to his table.

 Leif was trying not to outright laugh in Mikko’s face but it was a challenge. “Mate you looked like a genuine stocker.” He said his voice muffled but laughter.

 “Oh shut it.” Mikko told him quickly sharpening his still sharp quill.

 “This time now that you know she won’t bite you, you have to ask her to Hogsmeade.” Leif said gathering himself.

 “What if she says no? She thinks I’m a freak I just know it.” He said his confidence gone if it ever was with him.

 “Of course she does you stood there and stared at her for like ten minutes.” Leif said stuffing another bout of laughter.

 “I’m not doing it.” Mikko declared.

 “Oh yes you are because if you don’t then I will go over and do it for you and that will be much worse I promise you.”Leif said starting to rise.

 “Fine stop I’ll do it you ass.” Mikko said turning in his chair looking at her his heart sinking. With a deep breath he stood and was before her again.

She looked up quickly this time but her demeanor had changed. “Are you friends with that wanker over there.” She asked bristling.

 “Umm.. in a manner of speaking.” He said his voice cracking like a pre-teen.

 “You got a lot of nerve to come over here. Did he send you over here as a messenger to tell me how great he is?” she demanded.

 Mikko looked like he had just been told his mother had died and he stuttered and spluttered. “No he didn’t send me over here.”

 “Then what are you doing here?” she asked.

“Umm well I was wondering if you… you know if you are not too busy and if it would not be too much trouble or if you already had plans I would understand.” He rambled off.

“What?” she asked trying not to sound too harsh because the kid looked like he was in a living night mare.

 “If you would go to Hogsmeade with me next trip.” He blurted. After the words left his mouth he wished he could take them back but there they were sitting in the open dangling awkwardly.

She sat rather stunned not quite sure what to say. “Umm Hogsmeade?” she said now she was feeling rather dumb.

 “Yeah Hogsmeade.” He said shoving his hands in his robes pockets.

“Sure I guess.” She finally said smiling up at him.

 For a moment he thought he was going to pass out he even had to grab the table edge so he didn’t collapse on the floor. “Really wow that is really great.” He gushed. “I will meet you in the court yard at 10 is that alright?”

 “That sounds fine.” She almost laughed at him but didn’t dare. “Oh will he be joining us?”

 Mikko turned to see Leif looking at them then suddenly noticing they were looking, he quickly looked away quite obviously. “Oh him.” Mikko said his voice dropping. “He just might be.”

 “So it is like a double date.” She asked looking back to Mikko.

 His throat almost closed when she said the word date. “Yes yes it will.”

 “I can’t wait to see what tart he brings with him.” She said her voice filled with distain.

 Mikko almost laughed his nerves forgotten for the moment.  He turned and smiled at her. “No I think you might be surprised by who he brings.”

 “What is your name by the way.” she asked putting out her hand for him to shake.

 “Mikko.” He said taking it. “And you”


 “Well Lucy I am looking forward to next week.” He said releasing her hand and putting his back in his pockets.

 “See you then Mikko.” She said and he turned back to his table.




Leif wandered down the darkened hall way his mind on the day he had had. First the letter from his father then Mikko’s success it had been a roller coaster to be sure. He stopped and looked out a window and saw in the distance a figure making its way into the forest. He smiled as he watched her go. Then his smile faded. How was he going to get her to go to Hogsmeade with him now? How was he going to get her to talk to him again period? He put his hand on the cool window pane and sighed as he watched her disappear. This would be much easier if he didn’t feel like his heart was going to leap out of his chest every time he saw her.  

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