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chapter image by Hysteria @ tda :)



Oh, he’s just so beautiful. I swear, he’s an illusion. An illusion sent from Santa Claus to make me happy because of the sweet Angel I have been all year. Thanks, Santa. You never seem to disappoint me.

Oh, his eyes. His beautiful almond shaped emerald colored eyes, against perfect sun kissed skin. He’s got a scrawny figure, which isn’t really my type, but heck the bloke would be turned into a bottle of toothpaste and I’d still admire him.

No, not Santa, you dolt.

Albus. Potter.

Yes, the Albus Severus Potter - don’t ask me how I know his middle name, please. It was a tragic and horrifying experience, and not to mention I got into double dung of trouble just to find that out. I still have the twig scratches on my knees, actually.


Maybe I should explain before you daft people think I’m a crazy stalker that loves Santa and toothpaste. Which, by the way, I don’t.

Actually, Santa still gets me fabulous presents, so I guess he’s still a cool guy. And toothpaste makes my breath smell good and my teeth all shiny.

So Santa is awesome and toothpaste is good for you. That’s a little reminder for you folks from Susie Clive. Unless you get coal - then Santa isn’t very fantastic in your book. Oh well!

By the way, I’m Susie Clive. Actually, my full name is Susannah Madeline Clive, but I prefer Susie because Susannah is after my Great Grandmother, whose portrait hangs at the top of our fireplace, and I swear her eyes follow me! Odd old photograph of my Great Grandmother that I have never met. You are missed, Granny.

Any who, I’m seventeen years old, and currently live with my parents, older brother (Satan), and my baby sister Olive that I care for deeply. Not my brother though. He’s a meany.

Ugh, fine. I still care for him. He’s a wonderful brother that flirts with my best friends, makes fun of my clothes, and tries to embarrass me in front of the hottie across the street.



We, the Clive’s, reside in a cozy little town in England, just a block or two away from the City streets of London. Dad wanted to move to London a couple of years ago but I immediately obliged.

Who would want to move out of this perfect town, and perfect house to the busy and rat-filled streets of the City? Seriously, we’ve got strawberries in our yard.

In our yard! Now tell me, would you see any of that in London? I think not!

That’s exactly why I wouldn’t want to move. I get to look at the fresh new strawberries when I’m outside tanning beside our garden. It’s peaceful, and refreshing…

When I told Dad that was the reason I wanted to stay, he called me a daft child because whenever I eat just a nibble of a strawberry, I break out in rashes. Ozzie says he loves strawberries because of that. Douche.

Oh, darn it. Fine - that’s not the reason I wouldn’t want to move. I swore to myself I would get lover boy across the street to realize I’m the amazing, beautiful, perfect, but slightly daft girl of his dreams. It will happen one day, I tell you.

One day he will be begging for my hand in marriage, and he will be a Doctor and I will be an Apple Sauce Factory Owner and we will have a dozen babies that look like him.

And I will laugh at your face! Oh, dreams better come true or I will be seriously peeved. Honestly.

Or, maybe he already is in love with me! I’ve been in lov- in admiration, ahem, with since I was a nose picking and pig tail wearing seven year old cutie pie. I was cuter than pie, actually. Mum tells me this.

I was seven when I first laid my cute blue eyes on him. The rents, Ozzie, and I had just moved into town from Liverpool and I was wicked pissed about leaving my then boyfriend. I was seven and he was nine. It was a serious big deal to have an older boyfriend at the time!

Ah, maybe you’ll understand that one day.

I was stomping on the sidewalk with my head down, ignoring my brother yelling out curses from the heavy boxes, and my Mother shouting at him. Dad was probably sitting in the van eating a sandwich. And an apple sauce cup. Who knows?

It was then I heard a couple of kids playing and shouting across the street at each other. It was two boys, around my age, and a small girl that had to at least be a couple of years younger than I. She was crying and she had red hair. Like me. Nobody in Liverpool had hair like I did (besides Mum).

My eyes wandered to the two boys who were wrestling. I didn’t know if they were actually trying to hurt each other, or were just joking around. I didn’t think about that because then I really noticed one of the boys.

Jet black hair and green eyes. I fell in love instantly and ran home to tell the fabulous news of my one day wedding to the boy across the street. Ozzie made fun of me and pulled my hair. He was grounded for a week. Thanks, Dad.

After that day, I kept a close watch on the boy. It was a week and two days that I found out his name was Albus Potter, his older brother was James, and then there was little Lily.

I had never actually spoken to him. I think when I was nine he said hello to me when I was getting the mail, but that could have been a dream that was teasing me. Why do you tease me dreams?

I was eight when I found out we were the same age. He was having a Birthday Party with his family and a couple of boys from the neighborhood, and I might have…possibly… looked in from the window and saw a whole bunch of ‘Happy 8th Birthday!’ signs.

Hey, I wasn’t even invited so that was very rude!

I was just curious…

Although, I do think that his brother saw me, but I’ll never know; I ran the heck out of there after I thought I was caught. But I’m sure I would have gotten the cops called on me if that was the case.

Oh, banana, I really need to be careful next time. What if they put a restraining order on me? I think I’d pull my hair out. Just kidding. Maybe.

For those few years, everyday after school I would watch him play outside. Sometimes, I would even go outside to try and talk to him but of course I would always chicken out.

Actually, I still do. Crud, I suck!

But then the worst thing ever happened. His awful, cruel, and mean parents sent him to some boarding school when the both of us were eleven. I cried for a week and a half straight. Seriously, what parents would do that to a poor girl? Didn’t they know I practically lived everyday just to see him?

But of bloody course, they didn’t know.

Now that I think of it, I should’ve seen it coming; his older brother James was sent to boarding school just the year before, and James is only a year older than Albus. I was still heartbroken though.

You might think that having Albus sent to some boarding school that year was the worst year of my life, but you’re half wrong. That was also the year I met my two incredible, slightly odd, and compatible to me best friends. Also known as, Mia Overton the girly, sarcastic and boy-crazy one, and Chelsea Barton the sporty neat-freak.

We are the Three Very Sexy Amigas. Mia is half Spanish and half India and came up with that name for us when we were thirteen. She’s incredible, but she scares the living crap out of Chelsea and I when she starts screaming in Spanish. Once you get her mad, you will never see day light again, my amiga.

Chelsea is what you’d call a crazy sporty chick. Instead of worrying about what to wear for a date, she’s freaking out about kicking the soccer ball in the net at the right time. She is super pretty with curly dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes (not as pretty as Albus’) and a cute bum that Mia and I catch blokes staring at.

Chels loves sports so much, that she works at Cliff’s Sporting Goods with me. We both love to talk about Mr. Cliff’s rather cute smile and giggle about his hot body. Well, I giggle because Chelsea isn’t much for giggling. But she does love to check Mr. Cliff out with me.

Ah, Mr. Darius Cliff. What a wonderful piece of work, that man is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely hooked on Albus. But, really, that man is gorgeous and you’d be blind to not notice.

He’s thirty-five, with light brown hair and mesmerizing blue eyes. He has a great laugh that just hypnotizes every girl that is lucky enough to be in the same room as him. He’s the reason I have my job at his sporting goods store.

It’s a shame he’s married to Satan’s daughter. Fay is beautiful of course, but she knows it and likes to flaunt it and brag to any woman that walks into the store that she is married to Mr. Hunk. She’s also pregnant, and Chelsea and I hope to God that the child doesn’t turn out like her.

“You’re a dumb shit! You’re a dumb shit!” Did I mention I have a parrot that’s a poop head?

“Ozzie! Stop teaching Alvin awful words, you arse hole!” I scream and narrow my eyes at my pet parrot. I honestly don’t know why my parents bought me this poop head for my fourteenth Birthday. Why do parents always give you something the complete opposite of the puppy that you really wanted?

“Susannah Clive!” I hear my Mum yell my name. Oops, I forgot that I am no longer allowed to scream such absurd words(my mom likes to say), because of the new addition to the family. Well, she’s not that new. Olive is already six months old.

I hear a familiar chuckle at my doorway and see hell smirking at me. Also known as my older, imbecile brother, Ozzie. “Go away, you banana. You just got me in trouble when you’re the one that keeps teaching Alvin curses!” This time I say this in a hush tone; I don’t want Mum to yell at me again.

Ozzie rolls his eyes and messes up his short brown hair. “I think you should be apologizing to me right now.” His blue eyes are dancing, whilst mine are glaring at him.

“And why would I do that, pig face?” I raise one of my red eye brows at him.

He smirks and crosses his arms over his chest. This imbecile better tell me what it is now before I rip his eyes out. I’m a very impatient young lady, and he very well knows that.

“Because I came here to tell you that I just saw the Potter’s get home with your little boyfriend, you tart.”

My blue eyes must look like saucers right now.

He’s home! He’s home! Oh, dear Lord, he’s home for the whole entire summer. He must look hotter than ever! I bet he does. I bet you everything in my piggy bank he does!

I shoo Ozzie out of my bedroom and shut the door in his face. I run to my window and there he is. Standing at his parents car taking out a gigantic suitcase out of the trunk for his younger sister. How. Flipping. Sweet.

He turns his head and I see a perfect view of his face. I think I just might faint. The things he does to me, and he has no clue what the flub my name is.








First chapter:D I hope you all liked it, and thank you for taking the time to read it!

please revieww:)


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