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Chapter One - Alle, Alejandra!


Today is definitely a normal day in the life of me.

I hurried down the corridor with my head down and my books hugged tightly to my chest. Tears were streaming down my face and my cheeks were red with embarrassment. I pushed people aside with my shoulder, but it seemed like nobody notices. I hurry around a corner and up a narrow flight of stairs, into the shadows of a remote corner of the seventh floor. The common room is only a couple of corridors away and finally I can stop hiding myself. Nobody should be in these corridors at this time of day, not when classes were about to start. I had of course already decided to skip class, as was customary for me when these things happen.

Let me tell you, life as a slightly crazy girl with her own personal tormentors is tough. You would think that after a while I would get used to hanging upside down from the ceilings and flashing everyone my kitten-printed knickers, but no. The embarrassment (and pain in my ankles) never seems to fade.

A normal person, and that's probably you, would ask why and who would do this to me. Well, let me tell you.

Why. Well, I'm not exactly sure. I think its because in second year Peter Pettigrew asked me out and I turned him down with a resounding no, even though I knew I didn't have a chance with anyone else. I mean, he's a nice kid - when he isn't stringing me from my ankles with his irritating friends - but he has some issues he needs to work out. Even I am not desperate enough to date a boy who rarely washes his rat's nest hair and smells like rotten cheese. And that was before I knew he humiliated innocent girls for recreation.

Which brings me to the next question, who. Well, that would be Pete and his friends, who labelled themselves fittingly as the Marauders. They are a group of four blokes in my house and year, who are loved by all, except for the few of us who see through the charm and fit bodies - minus Peter. But even though they are bigger and more skilled with spells then I am, they still harass me and I have no clue why.

Oh, just so you know, the dictionary marks marauder as a synonym for assaulter. I thought it was good information to pass on.

Anyway, back to the plot line. I'm rushing down the corridor toward the Gryffindor common room with tears running down my face. After tripping repeatedly over my own feet and a foot a suit of armour stuck out to trip me, I finally arrive at the port hole and sob out the password to a severely overweight and habitually pissy Fat Lady.

I slowed my pace when I crawled into the common room, finally a bit more peaceful. At least I knew they weren't in the common room -


James Potter.


Okay, I take that back. One of them is here, and he happens to be staring at me with a sinister smirk on his handsome face.

"Hey there, Alejandra."

I kept on walking. Maybe if I ignore him, he'll go away.

"Alejjjjjjandraaaaa!" James droned again, and this time I took the bait.

"Don't call me that! My name is Alle, for Juniper's sake!" I whipped around, my scruffy mess of strawberry blonde flying into my face.

"Nah," he continued, strolling lazily toward me, "I like Alejandra better."

"Well I don't and it's my name, Potter, so drop it!"

"Wow, the last name. I always knew you were original, but I just didn't know you had so much imagination!"


"So did you have a talk with the guys?"

"What do you think?" I gestured toward my rumpled clothing and the way my skirt's pleats were all screwy. Honestly, I had always thought it was impossible to make a skirt look this bad, but the Marauders found a way.

He nodded, pursing his lips in consideration. "Have you seen Lily?"

"If I did I would probably jump off the astronomy tower sooner then tell you. She'd kill me."

"Ah, she wouldn't -"

"She totally would," I answered, flicking some hair away from my eyes. Lily was known for her temper and even I wasn't exempt for that, even as her friend.

Another nod. "Point taken."

There was a long pause, and I knew what it meant. It was the pause, the pause that always seems to come after these not-so-rare instances.

"Wanna snog?"

I hate the word snog.

"Merlin, James, do you honestly have to ask?"

Now hold up. I know, I look like the biggest screw up on the face of the planet. And I know, I know - snogging your worst enemy who levicorpus-es you every chance he gets with his mates and is in love with one of your closest, okay the closest, friend you have seems a little odd. Most people would even call that trait as a turn off, but oddly enough I don't really care. Neither does James.

It's just sort of our... thing.

Not that anyone knows about it! Nobody does, honestly. On the outside, we hate each other to bits and on the inside we both know that every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and some Saturdays are the designated snog days. It's pretty great, actually. I mean, I don't want a relationship, much less with James and James is too ashamed of snogging me to ever admit it to anyone, even his best mates. I actually like this deal, and I think he does too.

Yeah, enemies with benefits is a great deal. No attachment or emotional crappage and all of the snogging in broom closets you could ever want. It's the best of both worlds, without a doubt.

Well, okay, a few doubts. But anyway...

I said it. You know I did. I love having a guy to snog every once in a... day. Even as a girl, who typically wants a relationship and some meaningful junk, this is a great deal. Honestly, I just adore it.

Okay, okay, so maybe I'm feeling a bit guilty deep, very very very deep inside. The sort of deep where it's nearly not there, but I suppose it still is. Deep inside I feel guilty for lying to Lily and also for acting like a dirty slag. But I can't help it! He's a very good snogger and I am very attracted to the stupid douchebag, even if whenever we aren't snogging each other rotten he is having me hung from the ceiling like a Christmas ornament. Yeah, but its fine. In fact, its sort of fantastic, not only for the kissing, but for the ego.

My ego, as you could probably guess, is about the size of a fleck of dust, but that fleck is primarily there because of James Potter. Yeah, before we started this deal a few months ago over the summer holidays, I had zero confidence or ego. At all. But with a little bit of James-snog and the fact that he actually seems to be attracted to me, it's grown just a bit.

Yeah, I know. The fact that I have no ego in the first place is because Peter, one of James' closest friends, was attracted to me. The reason its grown is because James seems to find me pretty. What is the difference? Well let me just tell you, there is really one thing. (Disclaimer: it is tremendously shallow.)

James Potter is one of the sexiest men I have ever met, and he wants to snog me.

Oh my Morgana!

I get jittery whenever I even think about it.

Right. So I can guess what you're thinking: Alle, you are totally blowing this out of proportion! Well, no. The one, single time James and I have talked at all about what is going on, it happened. Yeah, he was actually honest. And you know, the difference between bullshitting James and truthful James is a snap to read. I could see the truth in his eyes when he told me that I was beautiful and - I kid you not - 'amazingly sexy, and foxy and ugh. I don't know, just awesome!'. At first I didn't believe it, but after a while of hearing it every other weekday, it's gotten to me. And I've actually said it back too, just so you know.

Yep, that's how much ego I have.


I think I just ran out of things to ramble about.

And anyway, I'm a bit distracted. Let me just tell you...

The familiar softness of his hair between my fingers and ran them through was comforting. It made me relax. The memory of the way he always moved his lips was hypnotic. It made me forget. The firm but gentle grasp his rough hands had on my waist was controlled. It made me trust. Everything about snogging him somehow made the fact that I was humiliated again... better.

"Alle," he murmured, his lips brushing my jaw and he kissed me lightly. He knew me too well, because he knew that made me squeak desperately ever time. I shivered, mewing a bit as my back arched. His lips flicked into a smile, and I felt his teeth gently scrape my neck. "You are so beautiful... Alle, Alle... Alejandra, bloody -."

"Mmm," I acknowledged, running my hand down his back as I twisted to kiss him deeply. "James -"

I love when we have intelligent conversations together. Hah.

He growled deeply. I giggled because the sound was so primitive, but I liked it. I was feeling particularly flirtatious. He pulled away abruptly, pulling off his shirt the rest of the way. I pouted a bit, but I got what I wanted. Usually I took it off though, so it was a small let down. I let him take control my unbuttoning by blouse a bit more, but not too much. We never got past the sixth button, it was the rule. We have two to go, I counted, before we run.

"OH!" I gasped a bit, my head tipping back to allow him my access. "Jay..."

Another growl.

Merlin I love -

The door flew open with a blast, and everything was bright and blinding.


"What the hell, Prongs?"


OHMYGOD. "FRICKING HELL!" I shrieked, falling backward on the desk I was propped up against. Then it fully sunk in.

We jumped away from each other, and we forced each other to glare. We couldn't take our eyes off of each other, even with the Marauders standing in the doorway, with a piece of dirty parchment and astounded, horrified looks on their faces. James and I had our eyes locked, and I read the horror and embarrassment and the apology in his eyes.

I scrambled to my feet and started looking desperately for my tie. I was in the middle of plucking it off of the statue of Chiswald the Plumber - the greatest of all gnome plumbers, and an important icon of Wizard History - when I heard Black finally speak up again.

"Prongs, you have awful taste."

I spun about, not bothering to fix my tie or my blouse as I seethed at Black. He stood pompously shaking his head. James didn't do anything but frown slightly and throw me an apologetic look. He didn't say anything back, and didn't even try to defend me. So much for Gryffindor loyalty.

"Sirius, isn't that a bit much?" Lupin asked, his usual lecturing tone just as annoyed as before. I did appreciate the small gesture of defence, though.

I was getting uncomfortable again. This was unbelievably awkward, especially because I have no idea how they found us and Peter is staring at me, with my blouse unbuttoned. I quickly fixed it and ran a hand through my own hair, before sprinting past them and down the hall without looking back.

Well, so much for a normal day.


Oh my Merlin, that was a good snog.

Shut up


Author's Note: Weird? Definitely. I hope you liked it anyway! Any compliments or critiques are welcome, so please review!

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