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I yawned and stretched my arms as my eyes focused. It was early morning. There were still five more Horcruxes to find.


I rolled over, pulling the blanket with me and looked over to Harry who was still dead asleep.


I smiled, Harry reminded me of Edmund to a certain extent; tall, dark features with a friendly smile. But Harry was my friend, my brother, Edmund was my other half.


I tugged Edmund's jacket tighter around me and then pulled the blanket even tighter around me.


I hadn't taken it off since Harry and I had left, I just couldn't.


It was hard to say good by to Edmund, it was even harder to actually let him go.


I had to admit defeat, I love him completely and I wanted him to wait for me.


But just because it was what I wanted it didn't mean that was what would be best for him.


I sighed and turned over again, leaning over the bed I pulled out a small trinket box I liked to keep with me.


It was crafted of beautiful cherry wood – the same wood my room in Narnia had been made from – and the burnt crest of Narnia was set in the frame.


I had to smile, the lion reminded me of my two loves: Edmund and my magic, Narnia and Hogwarts. Two complete opposites, two worlds that I loved completely.


My fingers gently traced the lion as I tried to hold back the tears, I missed my safety nets.


The box opened with ease and I smiled at it's contents. A few pictures and my Narnian comb.


I pulled out the comb and fingered it with care. The tears started as I pulled back some of my hair and placed the comb gently in the twist.


Then there were the pictures; the one of Edmund and me in front of the Big Ben, the next of Edmund and I in a snowball fight, you could see Harry in the corner of the picture, laughing at us.


The last one was of us at Bill and Fleur's wedding. It was candid and I didn't even know about it till a couple days ago when Harry gave it to me, I had been moping about and he wanted to cheer me up.


The Edmund and Hermione were swaying from side to side just gazing at each other in love, once in a while Edmund would lean over and kiss the Hermione on the cheek, once in a while on the lips, but they continued to sway – never once letting go of the other.


Like I had done to my Edmund.


I placed the boxes contents back in and gently slid it back into its hiding place under my bed.


The tears still fell as I curled back into my bed, trying to relax myself with Harry's soft snores.


It didn't work, guilt filled my heart as I felt the pain of leaving Edmund. I hadn't even said I love you before I ran off.


What if I never got another chance to say I love you?




'Luna why did you bring me here?' Edmund said exasperated as he ran his hand through his tousled locks.


'I figured you needed to get out, what better way then to a favored place of the Wizarding World?' The young blonde said, bouncing from foot to foot.


Edmund sighed, he would never understand her logic – Harry was the only one that seemed to be able to do that.


'I'm not a wizard though Luna. Remember?' Edmund said, watching the girl as she started to skip around the cobblestone. Edmund ran both of his hands through his hair as he looked around at all who were staring at the two of them.


'She hit her head a bit to hard. It's already, we're heading to the hospital right now.' Edmund said, walking up to Luna and steering her away from the crowd by her shoulders, 'Come on Luna. The nice doctor is just around the corner.'


Edmund continued to lead Luna away from the crowd until they were well out of earshot, 'Get me out of here!'


'Relax Edmund, Hermione won't be coming back for a while – you should get to know her world before you ever ask her to marry you.' Luna said, grabbing Edmund's hand and starting to pull him down the street.


Edmund dug his heels into the ground stopping the young witch in her tracks, 'Wait, Luna, it's not like just after the war I'm going to get on my knees and propose or anything. We're barley adults!'


'Well, you never know. Sometimes life-threatening situations makes you feel like you shouldn't let anything escape by you. Like every day should be a new dare. Even if that means two eighteen year olds getting married!' Luna said, throwing her hands into the air, showing her enthusiasm.


Edmund rubbed the back of his neck and looked this way and that – people were starting to stare again.


'Fine!' Edmund said, exasperated as he pulled Luna's arms down, 'Fine, show me around just—just keep your hands down, ok? Can you do that?'


Luna's smile mirror that of a Cheshire cat's, 'Come on! Let's go!'


Luna grabbed Edmund's arm, and Edmund let the young girl pull him down the street – as onlookers stared.




I fingered the picture of Edmund and I dancing, tears starting to form in the corners of my eyes.




I hurriedly wiped my eyes and turned to face Harry.


'I think I know where to find the others. THe Horxcrues I mean.' Harry said, the Snitch Dumbledore gave him still in his hand.


I stood and walked over to Harry, 'There has to be at least—'


'Five. We have the locket,' Harry pulled out the locket and showed it to me – confirmation to me, and himself, that it was still safe, 'and I destroyed the book Second Year.'


'Now we just have to figure out the way to destroy the rest of them. We don't have any Basilisk fangs just lying around.' I tugged my hair back into a loose ponytail and sighed as I sat back down on my rock, 'So what do you think the others are?'


Harry came and sat down next to me, 'I think that four of them have something to do with the four houses. The locket is definitely Slytherin.'


'Well, I don't think he could have gotten a hold of anything Gryffindor, or at least I hope not. What about Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff? What could come from them?'


'The diadem.' Harry said after a while with the snap of his fingers, 'And...what was Helga holding in that portrait?'


Now I snapped my fingers, 'Her cup! And I bet I know who has one of those!'


Harry looked at me with a puzzled look.


I rolled my eyes and smiled, 'Who I bet it would be a sign of honor for whoever they are to hold something important to him...even if they didn't know what it was. That's why Lucius so willingly gave away that stupid diary. He didn't know what it was!'


'Exactly!' Harry stood up and started to pace, 'I bet Bellatrix has something, remember Sirius saying something about a Black volt down in Gringotts!'


'I guess I know where we are going next, start out tomorrow morning?' I said, standing up and dusting myself off.


Harry nodded and looked out across the frozen pond, 'One step closer to getting back to Luna and Edmund.'


I nodded and held the picture tighter in my hand.


'We'll get out of this. I'll get you back to Edmund – I promise.' Harry said, setting his hand on top of my shoulder.


I placed my hand atop his, 'And I promise to get you back to Luna.'


We stood there for a long while, the tears warm against our cold faces, praying that we could keep our promises.



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