don't own HP. don't Sue Me *******************~~~~~~~**************** Standing in front of the mirror, Hermione examined her appearance for the millionth time. She normally didn’t care what she looked like, but she had been trying to change that. She had desperately been trying to give off the impression that she was a girl, a fact that was taken for granted by most of the people she knew. Her bushy brown hair had been straightened and given an auburn tint, and somehow she had been talked into pink streaks. She was wearing a black satin corset top that fit her newly developed upper body perfectly. A black miniskirt hit her a couple of inches above mid-thigh. Her velvet thigh-high boots laced all the way up the back with black satin ribbons, which only left a small sliver of skin to be revealed. She had topped of the whole outfit with an ankle-length black suade coat. Hermione turned around once again, still not quite sure of her new look. “Mya, don’t worry. You look amazing.” Hermione glanced at her friend, Kaitlyn, who was lying on the bed, watching her get ready. It was the middle of June, before her seventh year at Hogwarts. Only a few hours after returning home Kaitlyn had invited Hermione to stay the summer with her. At first Hermione was a little hesitant. Although Kaitlyn was her one of her closest friends they were two very different people. Hermione would rather stick her nose in a book and stay there and Kaitlyn loved to go out and have fun. Hermione had to admit she was enjoying herself. The first week she was there, Kaitlyn insisted on dragging Hermione around London so she could discover her “new look”. To her surprise she found one that she loved. She even got her navel and her cartilage on both ears pierced. But after the new Hermione was discovered Kaitlyn had done her best to set her friend up with every guy in sight. At first Hermione had refused, but seeing as there was no stopping Kaitlyn she gave in. None of the guys she went on dates with interested her much. Its not like she could fill the silence with anything about her life. She couldn’t just tell them that she was a witch and she attended a school for witchcraft and wizardry. They would think she was insane. So this was going to be the last date that she was going to let Kaitlyn set her up on. “You really think I look good, Kat?” Hermione glanced in the mirror once again. “Of course I do.” Seeing that her friend was still unconvinced, Kaitlyn called for her girlfriend to come into the room. “Martie!” A girl with an unruly mop of curls the color of a purple Easter egg and a ring through the middle of her nose popped her head into the room. “What is it, baby?” “Tell Mya that she looks good.” Martie slowly looked Hermione up and down appreciatively, making the other girl blush slightly. “He’ll love ya, doll.” “Are you two going to tell me something about the mystery man?” Hermione asked her friends curiously. Just then the doorbell rang. “Looks like we don’t have to. Why don’t you go answer to door?” Kaitlyn suggested as she pulled a giggling Martie onto the bed with her. Hermione took her friend’s advice, rushing out of the bedroom before she witnessed something she really didn’t want to. Checking her appearance once in the hallway mirror, Hermione swung the door open, but nothing could have prepared her for the shock she received when she saw who was on the other side. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Draco stood in the hallway of the apartment building where he was supposed to pick up his date. A blind date. He normally didn’t agree to go on dates with girls he had never met. You never know what kind of freaks you could end up with, but Kaitlyn had talked him into it. He had hit on Kaitlyn a few days ago but she had turned him down, saying that her girlfriend wouldn’t appreciate it too much if she ran off with a guy. He could understand that, but since he was still bummed about being rejected, rejection not being something that a Malfoy experienced too often, Kaitlyn started telling him all about her friend, Mya. If Kaitlyn was telling the truth about Mya then Draco doubted he wouldn’t enjoy this date. Running a hand through his hair, Draco rang the doorbell. After a minute it was thrown open to reveal a very beautiful but very shocked girl. She looked so familiar. Looking into her wide, coffee-colored eyes, he knew he had seen them before. Draco couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but he shrugged his shoulders. He met so many people at parties and engagements that his parents held that there was absolutely no way to keep track of all the girls he had encountered. Extending a hand that held a bouquet of bright pink and yellow butterfly orchids to her he introduced himself. “Hello, I’m Draco –“ “Malfoy.” She finished for him, in a voice that held nothing but anger and resentment. Draco stared at the girl very hard, knowing that he had heard that voice before, knowing that he had heard his name spoken with such contempt before. Then it clicked and the confusion on his face was instantly replaced by hatred. “Granger.” For several minutes both Hermione and Draco could only stare at each other, dislike clearly etched into every rigid bone of their bodies. They both heard the bedroom door creak open and turned to watch Kaitlyn and Martie make their way down the hall towards them. The two girls smiled welcomingly at Draco, who politely smiled back. “So, now that the two of you have met, where do you think you’ll be going?” Draco opened his mouth to say something about how he would never go anywhere with her but Hermione shot him an evil glared and said, “Oh, I was thinking about that new club that just opened up. What do you think, Draco?” Before he had a chance to answer her with some scathing remark, Hermione grabbed his hand and pulled him out the door. Noticing the flowers that were still in his hand she snatched them from him and tossed them at Kaitlyn through the still open door, shutting it behind her as she left.

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