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New story, yay? Yall will all probably hate me for distracting myself from Poison and Wine. Oh well.
Let me tell you a little about this story. Yes, it's another one of those cliche James/Lily stories. I love James and Lily though, so who cares? I hope I can change up the plot a little bit and make it a little different. It will probably end up being a Novella, and I've just finished writing chapter five.

Merry Christmas Eve, and I hope yall like it! It'll get more interesting, I promise. Everything starts of a little bit boring, doesn't it? Like school. Except school stays boring...


You know, I didn't always hate James Potter.

Actually, we used to be best friends in First Year. How, you may ask? Well, it's kind of a funny story.

We were eleven, on the Hogwarts Express for the first time and about to begin our first year of magical training. As you know, most eleven-year-olds are kind of gross. Most of them had very stringy hair, pit stains, and jacked-up teeth. But not me. And not the Marauders.

My teeth were perfect, straight and white. My hair was perfect, shiny and red.

I was perfect, or so I thought.

There were four other eleven-year-olds who fell into the perfection category with me.

I'll give you four guesses as to who those other four were.

That's right. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, JFK, and Merlin.

HAHA. Just kidding. I like to joke. Hard to believe, right? I, Lily Evans, like to joke.


No but really, the other four were the exact boys you're thinking of: James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. That day on the Hogwarts Express, they became friends. Not Marauders yet, but friends. And even at the age of eleven, they had been highly attractive.

"Can we sit here?" I had asked, poking my head into a random compartment. Severus Snape, my best friend at that point in time, was tugging on the sleeve of my robe. He didn't want me to talk to these boys.

A boy with messy black hair and glasses had nodded and scooted over. A boy with long dark hair in the corner kept staring at me. It had freaked me out.

That's how I had met the Marauders. There was no yelling or hair-ripping involved. I became close to James that year because Sirius Black had a crush on me.

It was just a crush, and nothing more, and I was flattered. I was only eleven, so I honestly wasn't interested in a relationship, but at that point Sirius was already taller than half the boys in the Third Year and quite the heartthrob.

James and Sirius were attached at the hip. I had a small crush on Sirius as well, so we were together a lot. And wherever Sirius was, James was. At the Gryffindor table, I sat beside Sirius and James sat across from me and next to my friend Ellen. Remus sat on my other side, and Peter across from him.

I thought James was funny. He made me laugh until my eleven-year-old sides ached. I grew to realize that I spent more time with James than I did with Sirius. Sirius knew it, too. We stopped liking each other. We were only First Years, after all.

By the end of the first semester, I knew a lot about James and he knew a lot about me. I knew his mother was named Joanne and his father was named Phillip, and they both worked for the Ministry of Magic. I knew his favorite Quidditch team was the Magpies and his favorite ice cream flavor was Double Chocolate Chunk. I knew he had a passion for Transfiguration and had a barn owl named Kenny.

He knew I was Muggle-born and had a sister named Petunia. He knew I didn't know very much about Quidditch, so he explained it all to me so that it made sense. I started to follow the Appleby Arrows. He was the only one who knew I had seven freckles on my left shoulder that made a smiley face. He knew I loved Charms and had a tabby cat named Tabs. He told me I was very good at making up original names and I had hit him.

Sirius hadn't even known I'd had a cat, much less about my freckles.

Throughout the year, I watched James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter grow to become best of friends. They pulled pranks together, and came up with a name for themselves: the Marauders. By January they had more detentions individually than all of Gryffindor House put together.

I had friends, too, of course. I had Ellen and Leigh and Brooke, plus my other two roommates who I didn't talk to much. And I had Sev.

Sev was sorted into Slytherin. The Marauders hated him. I didn't know why.

But I do now.

At the end of First Year, I told all of my friends to write to me. That summer, I got letter from my girlfriends and the Marauders, but mostly from James. It was like a nonstop conversation. He was well on the way to becoming my best friend, and Sev wasn't happy.

That summer something happened – I don't exactly remember what – but James stopped writing to me all of a sudden. Sev told me to forget about it, but I couldn't. We returned to school for our Second Year, and James was an absolute git. He had skyrocket upward, and he was quite the handsome twelve-year-old. His ego was so big it kept him company, and he got his first girlfriend. She was a Hufflepuff in our year named Susie. I liked her, but not him. James and I didn't talk much that year.

Second Year, Remus and I became friends. I hadn't really talked to him very much the previous year, and I felt bad about it. One night when I saw him sitting alone in the common room looking slightly ill, I went up to him and asked him what was wrong.

"Oh, it's nothing," he had said. "It's just that my mother is ill, and I'm terribly worried."

I had proceeded to comfort him and offered him some chocolate. He took it hastily and all but shoved it into his mouth. I had laughed and told him to calm down, I had more.

By March of my Second Year, I had discovered that James had a small crush on me. I was confused with this knowledge, and angry: he was the one who had stopped talking to me. And now he liked me? I hadn't known what to think, so I just let it be and pretended like I didn't know about it, nor did I care.

In May, James asked me out for the first time. It was cute, since we were twelve, but I had managed to stutter out an apologetic "no." My face was bright red. I didn't want a boyfriend. I was mad at James, and he was annoying and conceited. Besides, I had needed to do well in my classes. I had big dreams, even in my Second Year.

He asked me out again three days to the end of school. I had said no again, more sternly this time. James hadn't seemed bothered.

Remus and I wrote quite a bit that summer, and I went to Brooke's house for two weeks with Leigh and Ellen.

Third Year passed rather uneventfully. James asked me out nearly once a month, and each time I declined, my responses growing harsher and harsher. I had a crush on Remus. Peter got a girlfriend. She was a First Year.

Fourth Year, Remus and I dated. We went to Hogsmeade together once, and then decided that our relationship was too weird and we broke up. James asked me out about once a week.

Fifth Year, Remus and I became Prefects. It was good, because Remus and I worked well together. The Marauders still ran around and wreaked havoc on the school, but I sometimes let them slide when I saw them in the hallway on my patrols. James asked me out about once a day.

He was still the only one who knew about my freckles.

In December of my Fifth Year, I dated a Sixth Year Ravenclaw named John Schroeder. He was my first serious relationship. We held hands in the hallway and kissed behind tapestries. James hexed John. I hexed James. We both got detention: my first, his four-hundred and eighteenth.

My first detention was spent with Professor Slughorn, who adored both me and James. As much as I hated to admit it, the Marauders were brilliant and charming, and all the teachers loved them. We didn't do our detention. We went into Professor Slughorn's office and drank butterbeer. I had fun. It reminded me of the times James and I had when we were best friends, when I knew the real James, not the egotistical one.

James didn't ask me out that night, but he did ask me about John.

We were climbing the staircase out of the dungeons in silence when he sprung it on me.

"Evans, what do you see in him?" he had asked.

"What are you talking about, Potter?" I had said, stopping and putting my hands on my hips.

"Schroeder. Why are you with him?"

"Because he makes me happy," I snapped.

"I can make you happy, Evans."

I had snorted and stuck my nose in the air. I had thought I was too good for people like James Potter. I had thought I was perfect.

I now wish sometimes I could go back in the past to times like these and watch James, see the sincerety in his eyes or the heartbreak on his face. But no amount of magic could transport me back to my First Year, or to my Fifth, or even to my Sixth. I just had to live with my guilt and remember what I could.

"No, you can't," I had replied. "You can't do anything except make me miserable!"

"I don't mean to!"

I had rolled my eyes, thinking he was just being an idiot like usual. But he had meant it, and somewhere, deep down, I knew it.

"All you do is bother me and ask me out. You don't even like me!"

"How do you know that?" James had asked angrily. "How can you be sure?"

"Because I just know!" I had exclaimed in typical fifteen-year-old fashion. I was perfect. I knew everything. I had known that James hadn't liked me, he just liked to annoy me. He had girls hanging on to his every word, Sixth and Seventh Years, as well. James had it all. Great friends, a great family, money, brilliance, girls, everything.

But he didn't have me.

I had thought it was a chase. It wasn't, but I hadn't known that. I still don't know that.

"You don't know anything!" James had shot back. "I love you!"

I was rattled. "You don't," I had said. "Don't say that, you're such a prat!"

"I love you, Lily."

He called me Lily. It was weird. He looked serious. It was weird. "Stop saying that! It's freaking me out."

I had run up the staircase and hid behind a statue on the second floor. Somehow Remus found me (I'll never know how they always seem to know where everyone is, all the time), and talked to me about it. I told him James was an arrogant twit and I hated him. Remus accepted my answer with a sigh and we walked back to Gryffindor Tower together.

Moving on to the summer leading into my Sixth Year, I went to John's house for a week and met his family. His older sister Natalie took me shopping, and I changed my style around. I bought more bright skirts and colorful shirts. I liked it. So did all my friends. John didn't. We got into a huge fight about outward apperances and our lack of communication and he even yelled at me about James.

"If you think Potter is actually a part of my life, maybe we shouldn't be together!" I had said, angrily grabbing my suitcase and heading to the front door. "You're a jerk, John Schroeder! We're over, and don't every try talking to me again or I'll get Potter to hex your face into the next mellinium!"

I took the Knight Bus home. When I clambered on from John's house, I was surprised to see Sirius Black sitting on one of the beds by himself. I cautiously sat on the bed across from him.

"Hey, Black," I had said. "What brings you here?"

"I'm heading to the Potter's," he had answered, swishing his hair out of his grey eyes.

"Oh. Cool." I probably should have said something like "groovy," which was a word that was in style in the Muggle world, but I thought that was stupid, so I didn't follow the trend. Hogwarts didn't really follow the fads of the Muggle world, anyway.

"James really does like you, you know," Sirius had told me.

"I know," I answered, surprising myself. I brushed my hair out of my face and tucked it behind my ear.

"Why won't you give him a chance?"

I thought about it for a moment and smiled. "Tell him to mature a little. Stop hexing people in the hallway, and stop asking me out every day. We'll see what happens."

Sirius grinned. "I'll tell him, but I'm not gauranteeing anything."

I didn't reply. I looked out the window and tried not to throw up as I watched buildings and mailboxes leap out of the way. I had never liked things with much motion, and I still don't.

Even though I still support the Appleby Arrows, and James is still the only one who knows about my freckles.

My Sixth Year was even less interesting than my Fifth. My classes were harder, and Sev and I didn't talk at all. I glared at him in the corridors, and he glared back. I was fine with that. I didn't miss his company.

That year, I figured out Remus was a werewolf. I had accepted it without any tears or drama or anything like that, but I was worried about him. I was also upset that he never told me and kept lying.

"Your mother was ill, honestly," I scoffed, remembering his lie. I smiled slightly so he knew that I was joking.

He beamed. I think Remus was glad to know that I knew. It was one less thing for him to have to worry about.

"It's hard sometimes, but it's good that James, Sirius, and Peter can help me," Remus had said, looking into the fireplace in the empty common room. "And now it's good that you can help me, Lily."

I had grinned at him and gave him some chocolate.

James still asked me out, at least three times a day. He had new tactics now, though, such as giving me flowers or trapping me in corners or asking me right after I was done yelling my sodding head off at him.

He was an idiot. He still is.

I hated him. I still do.


It'd be great if yall would review! I'll probably post chapter two in a few days. Please enjoy the holidays!


Edit: When I first posted this on FF, it was Christmas Eve...... haha? And I had to post it in plain text, so some things might be messed up with the italics.


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